The photographer had forgotten that he was in the middle of a shoot, but thanks to the tenacious inertia of his body, the shutter sound was not absent.



The theme of the shoot was supposed to be the difference and fusion of an ancient god and an idol of the underworld.



It was a unique form that only the underworld could present.



Having the mortal wear clothes similar to the god and having the god wear the costume of the mortal was what Wan Man had originally intended.



She wanted to present a reversal of identity.



The scene in front of her wasn’t within her preconceptions, but it fit the setting of reversal by mistake.



It was as if she saw a young god being attracted to the red lotus in the earthly world and couldn’t help but stop for it, desire and emotion being born in his cold heart.



Qiong Ren gently touched the petals of the red lotus and slowly stood up straight, the corners of his lips and the ends of his eyes were gently curved.



The lighting technician, photographer, and the forest of people working at the scene also returned to their senses with his movements. The young photography assistant covered her face, her face red and hot.



“Why, am I so shy …… I’m not right ……” she murmured in a trance.



Tong Wenbai exhaled slowly.



In his lifetime, he was an extremely famous photographer, the subject of major magazines competing for invitations to work with him. He had photographed countless famous models and stars.



One of his photos could turn a girl with no name into a fashion icon, and many people were willing to give him everything, just waiting for that chance to become famous.



He had always believed that photography was just like painting or any other video art, he wanted to save the best second of a person’s life and hand it over to the viewer.



But beyond that second, the person may be a hopeless scumbag, a home-grown dr.ug addicted scumbag. No one knew better than the photographer that photographs lied, and he was an accomplice.



There was a time in the latter part of his life when he was tired of shooting, not so much because he had lost his passion, but because he felt as if he was longing for something, yet he could never reach it, nor could he clearly comprehend what he was longing for.



So he left the glitz and glamor for a while and took the camera on many runs. He remembered that he had gone out for a walk one evening, passed through the shelter of the buildings, and saw clouds of extreme beauty.



Pale gold layered across the sky, gradually changing to a diffuse purple. The purple clouds were like a phoenix flying with its wings lifted, running to an unknown place with its golden tail feathers.



At that time, he suddenly realized that what he had been chasing had always been beauty, and nothing else.



Today, he saw pure beauty once again.



Tong Wenbai’s eyes were almost moist.



Qiong Ren turned around, a little embarrassed, “I’m sorry, it’s so beautiful, I lost my cool a little, I guess, sorry.”



A section of the pale gold sarong moistened and Qiong Ren asked, “Does it need a blow dry?”



Tong Wenbai shook his head, “No need, this is fine, you’re fine.”


Before filming, they did communicate that the location would be in the torture warehouse, but they didn’t mention that there was such a beautiful red lotus as a prop, Qiong Ren looked at it fondly and muttered softly, “I want to move it home and raise it, but such a big flower must be very expensive, I can’t raise it at home either.”



King Yan, who was still working in the Yama Temple, suddenly stopped typing.



Yes, he abandoned the use of pen and paper paperwork and switched to computerized office work, and had learned to use five strokes and double spelling, blindly typing at a speed of seven thousand words per hour, a speed that many authors with speeds as low as 500 per hour would have to look at and weep in silence.



“Secretary Nan.”



Secretary Nan poked her head out of the three screens with great difficulty, “Great King.”



“Arrange for someone from the Resident Yang Office to help me buy a house with a lotus pond in Dragon City, and fill in Qiong Ren’s name on the real estate license.”



Secretary Nan: “……”



Following the unprovoked bulk purchase of Qiong Ren’s albums and peripherals, the Grqat King actually wanted to buy a house for Qiong Ren.



What the hell was this for ……



Could it be that the Great King’s recent abnormality wasn’t a case of mental illness, but a case of lovesickness.



Since the office system was fully set up, the workload did drop slightly, so the Great King didn’t have to call all his avatars out to the office lately, and wasn’t there an avatar shooting a cover at a magazine today?



Cover shoot with Qiong Ren.



A cover shoot with Qiong Ren!!!!



Secretary Nan’s heart and mind fluttered, feeling that she knew something very unimaginable!



Could it be that during this period of time, every time the Great King acted strangely, it was because the incarnation was being ……



Gosh, was this something she could think about? This was King Yan, and it was well known that he only liked to work.



Secretary Nan immediately poured her mind clean of thoughts that shouldn’t be there, and she barely calmed down for a moment, calmly answering with the dignity of a political secretary, “Okay.”



While inside the torture equipment storage, Qiong Ren took a few more sets of photos with the torture equipment and the red lotus in the background.



He couldn’t help but ask, “Didn’t you say that King Yan is here? Where is he?”



Wan Man coughed dryly, “He is the Lord of the Underworld, theoretically, he is omnipresent.”



Qiong Ren: “……



“Then the King of the underworld that you guys mentioned when you sent me the planning is also a theoretical King of the underworld?”



Wasn’t this a scam?



He came to work today with the excitement of seeing if his neighbor would drop his disguise or not.


Although his first time shooting the cover of a large magazine was also very exciting, if King Yan didn’t come, Qiong Ren suddenly a little lost.



Wan Man looked at him, obviously the corners of his eyes were red, but he quickly regulated his emotions, and his aggrieved pout quickly returned to a smile, then he and the photographer discussed how the next set of styles should be photographed.



She suddenly understood why Qiong Ren had so many parent fans.


He was really well behaved oh! It made one feel like you had to like him more.



The red Lotus shuddered uneasily.



“Sorry I’m late.”



A familiar voice suddenly appeared, and as soon as Qiong Ren heard it, he knew that it was a voice belonging to King Yan, but it was slightly different from the King Yan he remembered as well as Yan Mo.



He immediately looked over towards the owner of the voice.



The person who came was not, as he had imagined, red-haired and red-eyed, nor did he use the appearance of Yan Mo.



He was wearing a black suit with silver hair and inches. Under the silver eyebrows was a pair of silver vertical pupils, dark dragon scales covering half of his face, and a lotus petal pattern drawn on his eyebrows, again resembling an abstract eye.



His physique was one size larger than both Yan Mo and King Yan, and perhaps for this reason, the suit was slightly tighter, exuding a dangerously menacing and sexy aura.



Qiong Ren: “……”



If Qiong Ren didn’t know that Yan Mo was King Yan, he might really be confused by this very extra non human face.



Although the color of his skin was different, and the dragon scales had even changed the appearance of the upper half of his face, the lines of his jaw and lips were still the same.



King Yan had also worked too hard to not lose his vest!



Wan Man and the others had been dumbfounded, King Yan’s participation in the shooting with his real face had made them go through a lot of trouble to draw up a shooting plan, and now he had actually brought another incarnation, and was pretending that he had come in late.



The King of the Underworld was pretending to come late, what could they do, of course, they could only play along.



But ……


How was it that each of King Yan’s avatars were so good looking!



If King Yan was willing to let each incarnation take a cover, how good it would be? Then the magazine would randomly distribute the goods. In order to collect all the covers of King Yan’s avatars, readers would definitely sell them out!



It might be able to push sales up to ten million!



The employees of the magazine had different thoughts, but they were generally happy. King Yan was mostly shown as a red-haired, red-eyed figure, but today they were able to see his true form and the Dragon incarnation all at once, but why couldn’t this kind of good thing happen once a day?



King Yan was in a chagrined mood at the moment.



Clearly, as long as his true form of the red lotus was used, it was enough to say that it was the King of the Underworld. However, seeing Qiong Ren’s eyes turn red, his mind suddenly emptied, and another incarnation was teleported.



“I’m late. Sorry.” King Yan said to Qiong Ren.



“It’s okay, it’s just ……” Qiong Ren looked at the smooth scales on his face and couldn’t resist, “Can I touch it?”



King Yan: “?”


Qiong Ren: “The scales.”



King Yan said in confusion, “Can ……”



For the first time in his life, he heard such a request.



Qiong Ren carefully touched it.



It was smooth, cool, and hard. It felt better than he expected scales to feel, and it was a bit addictive to touch.



He just touched it for a moment, then withdrew his hand. Beginning to silently think, theoretically, since there were dragon scales, there should also be horns and a tail!



Besides dragons there were also many animals with scales, but since it was the King of the underworld, it made the most sense to be a dragon, right?



Anyway, he’d just assume it was a dragon, so he could still look forward to touching the horns and tail later. Well, the excitement was building!



King Yan looked at the end of his eyes which were still a little red and his eyes were moist.



Qiong Ren turned around and blinked his red eyes, resisting the urge to rub them with his hands.



The eye shadow powder that octopus used for him was too much, and his eyes were uncomfortable. He didn’t want to slow down the progress when shooting, so he had to bear it.



As a result, the consequence of forcing himself to endure was that he was choked to death, and his eyes were definitely red. Today, there was so much makeup on his eyes, once he rubbed it, it would definitely be worse, anyway, he had to remove his makeup and redraw it, so why not just wait a little longer.



Before Qiong Ren went to change, he wanted to take a photo with the red lotus, the next scene was a cozy home life and would certainly not have it, he was reluctant to move on.



He felt that he didn’t need to bother the professional photographer for the group photo, so he shoved his phone to King Yan, his neighbor, with familiarity.



“Take a group photo for me.”


He turned and ran towards the red lotus, opening his arms and hugging it, his arms were only big enough to hold two petals, and his cheek pressed over to rub against the petals.



The scales on King Yan’s body stood up at once! He almost squeezed the phone and blew it up.



The dragon-like’s pupils tightened into a vertical line, almost qualifying as panic. King Yan tried to stop Qiong Ren, but he simply couldn’t explain why at all.


As the Judge, he finally realized that lying would be rewarded.



Qiong Ren rubbed it in and suddenly felt that something wasn’t quite right.



This flower smelled good ……



It was normal for a red lotus to have an aroma.



But he felt that in this world, there shouldn’t be any red lotus that smelled like mint strawberry.



Even if this was a special variety from the underworld, it couldn’t possibly have the same scent as the laundry detergent he gave to Yan Mo.



Qiong Ren: “……”


Qiong Ren slowly, slowly withdrew his arm.



Just how important was this disguise of Yan Mo’s ……



It was worth the King bringing two avatars over.



He suddenly remembered that Yan Mo had solved the Transit Array for him on the first day of his arrival, and since then he seemed to have been concerned about supernatural events on earth.



Could it be that Yan Mo was thinking that the living World Metaphysical Sect or the Special Affairs Division were too useless and wanted to personally combat illegal cases?



The more Qiong Ren thought about it, the more it made sense.



For example, although the case of the ghost devourer was small, the King of the underworld had told him afterward that the defection point of a certain lone soul in the underworld was arranged on line nine. If someone deliberately distributed illegal books and magazines on line nine to lure ghosts to do evil and not go to reincarnation, wouldn’t its fundamental nature be to rob ghosts from the underworld?



When viewed in this way, it was understandable that the King of the underworld himself would take action.



The Transmigration Formation, lust Eating Ghosts and Devouring Ghosts were all things that appeared beside him, which was why King Yan valued Yan Mo as a vest so much, in order to take advantage of his physique that was prone to encountering supernatural malignant events, and to both protect the good citizen, the ghosts’ good friend, Qiong Ren, as well as to strike the other side with precision.


Qiong Ren concluded that he had an epiphany, he was death’s little idol.


But King Yan was also working too hard.



Qiong Ren stood in awe.



If he didn’t have to help his neighbor cover his vest, he simply wanted to shake his hands and say sincerely, “Comrade, hard work. The people will not forget your dedication.”



Everyone unspokenly ignored the matter of King Yan’s tardiness.



Qiong Ren was in the process of reapplying his makeup, and King Yan naturally couldn’t be painted with his dragon scales on top, not to mention that Tony the Octopus would only tremblingly ask him to eat roasted tentacles once he saw him.



Qiong Ren was disappointed, he thought he was special in Tony’s heart, but he didn’t realize that Tony pushed his roasted tentacles on anyone he saw.



Not bad for a sea creature.



Qiong Ren’s new makeup and hair was pretty much the same as his usual look, just with a few details and not forgetting to enhance his tear mole with eyeliner at the end.



That way it was more visible inside the camera.



Qiong Ren wore a wide casual shirt with an empty neckline, revealing his nice collarbone. Originally there was no King Yan in this part, after all, it was too strange for a red lotus and Qiong Ren to take home photos.



Wan Man eyed the wedding photography of Fashion Scratch for a long time, in the past it was she who didn’t have the opportunity to shoot, now since King Yan sent himself to the door, then don’t blame her for not being polite. Even if she was sanctioned by the King afterward because CP fans were flying all over the place, she still wanted to have a good time today before she died.



King Yan’s current appearance would be out of place in casual clothes, and there were no clothes prepared that he could wear at his height.



Qiong Ren then commanded, “Take off the suit. Remove the tie, unbutton a few more buttons, and lift up the sleeves.”



He did as he was told one by one.




Qiong Ren looked at the final effect and silently made thirty-three rows of exclamation marks in his heart.


Why was the fair skin and dark scales of King Yan also so good looking, damn it! After his transformation, there was a kind of strange home feeling of a ferocious beast coming out of the cage but not biting people, but going home to cook for his wife, it was too handsome!



Wan Man’s eyes were looking straight, she suddenly covered her mouth and burst into tears, the joy of taking wedding photos, she, Wan Man, could finally have it today.



The filming scene for the second group was very simple, with a bed and flower spirits making guest appearances in the background, according to Tong Wenbai’s request, they found places to pose.



Qiong Ren climbed onto the bed, holding the soft poofy pillow in his hand, and leaned against the bed with King Yan.



He asked in a low voice, “Great King, if you and I take a picture like this, the netizens will definitely form a CP for the two of us. If you mind, you can still reject it while it’s not taken.”



King Yan: “What’s a CP?”



Qiong Ren: “It’s when they treat the two of us as a pair.”


There was still this good thing ….



“I don’t care.” Silver eyes stared at him, squeezing the pillow in his hand, “Do you mind?”




Qiong Ren: “I don’t care.” Just go ahead and do it. Only someone with fans could get it. As a senior unknown star, the fact that someone used his CP moved his heart only by the fact that he finally stopped being unknown.



King Yan nodded and loosened his grip on the pillow, which poofed out a lot of feathers.



He was calm, “Sorry, this incarnation’s dragon claws are too sharp and poked the pillow.”



Qiong Ren’s eyes lit up.



Hooray! It was a dragon!



He asked haughtily, “Excuse me, does this, the tail …… do you have one?”



Yama suddenly felt like he understood something, and he nodded deeply, “It can be had.”



Qiong Ren: “So, can I touch it? Not now, don’t teat your clothes, let me touch it later if you get the chance.”



King Yan tucked the tip of his tail back in disappointment and nodded.



Awesome! Qiong Ren made a fist under the covers.



The second set of shooting was easy, Tong Wenbai didn’t have too many artistic requirements for this set, easy and natural was good.



Wan Man originally worried that King Yan was serious and harsh by nature and silent, there might not be any sparks at all between the two and they could only rely on their faces to force it.



But what she didn’t expect was that Qiong Ren didn’t seem to be afraid of him at all.



Whether it was looking at each other or interacting, it was all very harmonious.



Although the second was filmed in bed, it was filmed with restraint given that no one dared to command King Yan to do anything.



But the atmosphere was ……



Oddly enough, the King used the incarnation of the Dragon and obviously didn’t do anything, but there was a strange and inexplicable ……



For this beautiful teenager with long curly hair and a simple, soft smile, the man with dark dragon scales could hold him whole in his arms just by reaching out and wrapping his arms around him.



But it was the fact that he could have, but never reached out, that left a burning tug between the two.




Perhaps the silver heterogeneous eyes were too easy to misunderstand, in those seemingly cold eyes, Tong Wenbai saw a deep love.



As soon as Tong Wenbai said “ok”, Qiong Ren jumped up, his wide-legged casual pants merged with the quilt, his left foot stepped on his right foot, and he fell directly into King Yan’s arms.



Qiong Ren couldn’t help but laugh, and King Yan also showed a smile.



This scene was all captured by the camera.


After the shooting was over, the magazine’s people were going to have a celebratory dinner, after inviting King Yan and Qiong Ren to shoot the cover together, Wan Man was sure that she would become the legendary editor-in-chief of The Book of Torture Devices.


Qiong Ren couldn’t attend as a living person and was sent home by HBL2003.


He climbed the stairs and when he reached the door of his house, Yan Mo had just come out of the door.



Yan Mo: “Have you eaten yet? I’ll buy you dinner.”


He had discreetly made up the reason why he had to invite someone to dinner, so that if Qiong Ren asked, he would be able to answer.



But Qiong Ren just agreed without asking why.



“Sure.” Qiong Ren thought to himself, the first big issue cover of his idol career, ending with a dinner with his shooting partner, perfect.



This was his and King Yan’s first shoot celebration dinner now.



The two walked out to forage for food, and already popular, Qiong Ren put on a mask, his voice muffled in it, “I’m craving grilled octopus.”



Yan Mo nodded, “Me too.”



Tony was really good at selling.



After Let’s Go, Friends aired, Qiong Ren’s fans had been growing, and that archery motion picture repost had already passed half a million.



Gradually, there were quite a few resources coming forward, but Qiong Ren currently had only him and his manager, and was severely understaffed, so he could only take his time to pick.



Picking the wrong resources could be fatal to an artist.



In fact, what Qiong Ren wanted to be on the most was still a singing type of program, he loved the stage the most. However, the most popular resource that sought him out was for dramas, about all because they were looking at his face.



It was a crying shame.


On this day, Qiong Ren was watching TV.



Newly bought after making money, a large HD screen with surround sound.


The level of horror when watching ghost movies has also increased greatly, he was better than before, but it often scared him so much that he bit the towel in the middle of the night and shed tears.



He wanted to go on tour in the underworld, he couldn’t just sing and dance on stage holding a fluffy rabbit, so even if he was scared, he restrained himself from relying too much on the fluffy rabbit.



Qiong Ren was watching the whole afternoon news when he heard someone knocking on the door and ran over to look in the cat’s eye, it was actually Li Kui.



“Dad.” Li Kui called out with a righteous and natural demeanor.


Although Li Kui’s shamelessness was something Qiong Ren already knew well, there was a price to be paid for being called dad by him.


“What do you want?” Qiong Ren asked warily.


“I have a psychic variety show, do you want to participate?”



Qiong Ren: “Real psychic or fake psychic?”



Li Kui: “Look at what you’re saying, of course it’s real psychic.”



The word Fu Jiaze came from the TV, and Qiong Ren glanced at it.



Li Kui said, “Fu Jiaze is considered finished, he has now gone in. To the outside world, it’s said that he had repeatedly purchased contraband and was suspected of committing economic crimes, but according to my reliable sources, what he got into was a big deal, the kind of big deal that once you’re in, you can’t get out. The ones who arrested him aren’t ordinary police officers at all, but the Special Affairs Division.”



Qiong Ren thought to himself I know better than you, after all I am the victim.




He was waiting for the Special Affairs Division to come to his door to find out what happened, but it turned out that Fu Jiaze confessed so quickly in order to save his life that the Special Affairs Division didn’t think it was necessary to find him to take a statement, so they just notified him of the outcome of the trial against Jiaze over the phone.



Li Kui’s information was correct, Fu Jiaze would never get out of this life. All of his property had been confiscated, and the Special Affairs Division said that they would use some of Fu Jiaze’s property to compensate the victims according to the provisions of the Special Affairs Ordinance.


The money would arrive next month.



“Dad, how can I say this, you see that I have personally come to the door to invite you, you can’t not give me this face.” Li Kui said, revealing his true purpose, “Do you think Master Yan Mo would be interested in a variety show?”



How could Yan Mo go for a variety show? He was already busy enough, he had to rest.



“He won’t take on a variety show,” Qiong Ren said, “Exactly what kind of psychic variety show, you have to be a little clearer, is it the type of psychic fights like ‘Psychic Battle’?”



Li Kui shook his head.



He said passionately, “Psychic mediums are too common, catching ghosts and finding ghosts to visit shady houses, too common. If I, Li Kui, want to do it, I have to do it differently.”



Qiong Ren became a bit interested, after all, Li Ki was really good at organizing jobs.



“How is it different?”



Li Kui straightened up, facing the east, his hand stroking his chest.



“I’m going to make an original psychic adventure ghost-catching singing and dancing competition program!”



Qiong Ren: “……”


How on earth did singing and dancing and ghost catching go together ah! Wasn’t it hard to believe that you’re going to have an idol group debut on the program, named Ghost Catching Heavenly Troupe 444, singing to exorcise demons and dancing to exorcise evil spirits?


[TN: 4 is an “unlucky” number because of similar pronunciation with death.]

A concert would be a large-scale legal scene?




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