C75 —- A Good Harvest

There was no staff in the haunted house, but the camera was installed, Lu Wenxing understood that to record the program as a film and television CP was one thing, but to really fall in love was another.



They could talk about it privately, but they couldn’t act too much in front of the camera.



“It’s ten o’clock, the tourists have entered the park, first remove it.”


[Wenxing: First remove it, we can go back to play]



[Your reading comprehension is quite good ah!]



[Don’t untie it, it’s good to tie it like this.]



“What are you doing?”


Seeing that Gu Yanshen didn’t move, Lu Wenxing glared at him, the handcuffs and chain issuing a tinkling crunch.



“…… didn’t, they didn’t give me the key.” Gu Yanshen’s momentum instantly weakened.



[hhhh, I’m laughing my ass off].



[Gu Yanshen: we’re locked together, I swallowed the key.]


[No, it’s really funny. Why does brother Shen’s character always fall apart when he’s with Wenxing?]



Lu Wenxing couldn’t maintain his business style smile, and he slightly frowned,” What are you talking about?”



“The handcuffs are just props, the staff said it can’t really handcuff the players, so ……”



With Lu Wenxing’s eyes on him, Gu Yanshen repeated, “They didn’t give me the key.”



Lu Wenxing pulled the handcuffs that joined both him and Gu Yanshen, “It can’t cuff the player …… then you cuffed me to do what?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t respond, he stared at the handcuffs for a while, “Don’t be angry! There’s no key, but it seems like it’s possible ……”



[I’ve been laughing so hard that I can’t close the corners of my mouth]



[In my lifetime, I can actually see brother Shen coaxing his wife.]



Gu Yanshen held down the switch, and with a click, the handcuffs popped open.



Lu Wenxing disgustedly shoved the handcuffs into Gu Yanshen’s arms, and the headset rang.



“All staff members prepare, the first group of players are entering.”



Lu Wenxing hid in the first doorway, their task was simple, there were two doors in the room, one for the entrance and one leading in the direction of the exit.



If the players failed to get out of this door successfully, they could be regarded as being scared, there was more than one exit in the haunted house, but Lu Wenxing could just guard the exit of this place.



He stood behind the flipped stone door, as long as someone pressed the switch, the stone door would flip one side, the process of flipping was very slow, so the player could sneak into the stone door.



At the same time, players would face the passerby next to the stone door, and those who were timid wouldn’t dare enter the door when they heard the out of tune songs and felt the sudden drop in temperature and humid air.



Lu Wenxing was in the third level, in about ten minutes, the first group of players entered.



The switch on the stone wall was pressed down, Lu Wenxing followed the stone door as it slowly flipped over, this group of players totaled five people.



The atmosphere froze for a few seconds, and the stone door turned completely towards the players.



Lu Wenxing raised his half-bloodied face.



One of the boys then howled out after seeing Lu Wenxing’s face.



The four people, who were originally quite calm, heard the boy’s howl and followed suit, as Lu Wenxing smiled, revealing sharp teeth, the ‘corners of his mouth’ opened up to his ears, looking ghastly and frightening.



Shrugging down his sleeve, a fine mist of water fell, and the howling boy was the first to react.



“Ahhhhh! There’s, there’s something falling on me, it’s wet.”



As soon as the words left his mouth, bright red ‘blood’ flowed out of a crack in the stone.



The boy’s wailing stopped instantly.



“I know.” The girl who was hugged by the boy and used as a ‘shield’ analyzed with a slight tremor, “We have to go in before the stone door opens completely.”



“So I’ll re-flip the switch?”



The other girl close to the stone door had moved first, and the stone door flipped again, and Lu Wenxing returned to the room.



Vaguely, the boys could be heard stuttering.


“You, put him in again.”



“You’re stupid.”



Unable to see the faceless face, the girls were instantly less afraid.



“When Xiao Xin presses the switch later, the door will open, we’ll take the opportunity to walk in through the doorway, and after a one hundred and eighty degree flip, that ‘ghost’ from earlier will be shut out.'”



“How clever! You guys didn’t come to play haunted house, you came to play ‘scripted kill’.”



“Now.” The girl ignored his bragging and decisively pressed the switch, the stone door turned again, “Get in.”



By the time the stone door flipped halfway, several people had already entered level three.






The door was slammed shut, and several people turned around to check the tightly closed stone door, only to ……






“Didn’t you say that the ‘ghost’ would be shut out? How did he get in!!!”



“He just hung on the door and didn’t move, I thought he wouldn’t move. He, he came over.”



Lu Wenxing’s wrists loosened and he hung down helplessly, then his head lolled as if he was about to fall off.








Lu Wenxing’s protruding fake eyeballs rolled to the ground, dripping and rolling to the feet of the five people.



“Look, look for the switch.”



A few people headed inside, a ghostly tune rang out, a furry mist of water fell, “I feel blood dripping on my face.”



“Me too.”



Suddenly, the boy felt a coldness in his ankle, something grabbed him.



He wrenched free, “Ah! Foot, foot. He’s got my foot.”



The girl had run to the door she had come in through, and the switch on the stone wall was flicked again, then the door opened.


The five ran out in a flurry.



The stone door closed again.



“They went back the same way they came in, that is, it was success. It’s 15 yuan for one person, 75 yuan for five, and 300 yuan for a two-person rental prop. We have to scare away fifteen more people to pay back the prop money.”



“It’s still early, the haunted house project is located inside, and tourists will start playing from the first places.”



Lu Wenxing had experience on this, he and Xie Chengfei had been to the amusement park a few times, they had to buy tickets and make reservations to enter the park more than a day in advance, although there was a limit to the number of people, there were a lot of tourists on holidays, and they had to queue up to play anything.



The first time they went, the two started playing at the amusement park outside, but only played three projects until the park was closed. At other times, they were either queuing or on the way.



Later, they realized that as long as they didn’t enter the park very late, they could walk to the deepest part of the amusement park and play from the innermost rides, away from the large groups. Of course, they still had to wait in a long line for the outside rides.


But there were a few more items to play than others.



“Room 3, get ready, another player is coming in.”


Lu Wenxiing immediately returned to crouch behind the door, and in no time the stone door was opened again.



The same way of appearance, the same raised eyes, and also still the same blood smeared face, the difference was ……


“Ah ah ah!” The moment Lu Wenxing raised his eyes, the girl screamed before saying excitedly, “See, he has a bloody face, I like it so much.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Don’t say such creepy things in such a cute voice.


“Is that paint, or is that chicken blood?” The girl walked over to Lu Wenxing’s right hand, “Little brother, can I touch it?”



The girl’s best friend was obviously excited as well, she walked over to Lu Wenxing’s left hand side, “Little brother, we’re not here to bully you, we’re here to join you.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”


“Little brother is mine.”


“Ughhhh, is this place camera-ready?” The girl looked up ‘shyly’, “I want to take a selfie with you.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”



Still dutifully playing ‘ghost’, he gave a grimace, and the girl was even happier, “Yes, yes, yes! That’s the way to smile. Later I’ll say ‘eggplant’ and you smile like that.”



Almost unable to tense up, Lu Wenxing: “……”



Looking at the two bold girls in front of him, Lu Wenxing thought in his heart that …… thirty yuan was gone.



No matter how hard he pretended, he couldn’t scare anyone. So Lu Wenxing walked down.



“Wenxing, we’re your fans, it was a joke.”



“No, wanting to take a picture with you is serious, not a joke.”




Lu Wenxing was a bit confused, “How do you guys know ……”



“I bought tickets to the amusement park with my girlfriends a few days ago, and when I was in line to check the tickets just now, I saw the live broadcast of the variety show, so I knew that you’re pretending to be a ghost here.”



“The live broadcast is in real time?”



Gu Yanshen walked out of the room, “There’s a delay of about twenty minutes.”



The girl opened the live broadcast of the variety show, the app was showing the first group of players entering, and the comments were brushing fast.



[I thought that boy was going to protect the girl behind him, but he ended up hiding behind her?]



[Hahahahahahaha, out of the five people, he howled the loudest]



[The moment Wenxing looked up, it scared me too.]



“Wenxing, can we take a picture?”


Lu Wenxing didn’t hesitate, “Okay.”



The haunted house was very dark, but the two of them brought flashlights, which instantly lit up the room. After taking a picture together, Lu Wenxing turned to the girl.



“Hurry up and get out, my next wave of money makers are coming.”



The girl snorted.



“Is it true that if they don’t go through this door, it will be considered a success in scaring people?”



Lu Wenxing nodded hesitantly, and the girl took her best friend’s hand, “Then if we don’t go out from this room and go back the same way it also count as a successful scare.”



Lu Wenxing’s eyes lit up, worthy of being his fans, they were really as smart as he was, but then he felt it was too good to be true, they were here to play in the amusement park.



However, the two girls had already dedicated themselves and showed a horrified look to the camera, “Ah! So scary, I want to go out.”



“So scary, scared this baby to death. I’m going out too.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”


Gu Yanshen: “……”



After the stone door closed, the girl even said quietly, “Go Wenxing! You’ll definitely get rich today.”



When the audience saw this scene, they were already laughing their asses off.



[Worthy of our asteroid, excellent]


[TN: Wenxing’s Fandom name]


[Hhh, I wonder if the host will count them both in.]



[Why won’t he count them? They were obviously ‘scared’.]



[Seeking the psychological activities of Wenxing and Brother Shen at this moment.]



[Wenxing: Keep it simple, send money in a simple way.]


[Hahahahahahaha, those two ladies have a lot of drama.]



At twelve noon, a staff member came to replace the two of them, and Gu Yanshen changed out of his clothes and went to dinner with Lu Wenxing.



Lu Wenxing was in a good mood.



“It didn’t start until ten o’clock, then we made 270 yuan in two hours, there should be more people in the afternoon.”



In addition to renting the prop costumes for three hundred yuan, the show group also gave each person one hundred yuan in advance pay, which allowed them to eat and buy water at the amusement park.



Lu – Thrifty and Frugal – Wenxing: “Save the money, everything in the amusement park is expensive.”



Glancing at the one hundred yuan in Lu Wenxing’s hand, Gu Yanshen fell into deep thought, “How much does a meal cost?”



“With the amount of food the two of us want, we probably won’t have much left over.” Lu Wenxing gave him a calculation of the expenses based on him and Xie Chengfei’s previous trip to the amusement park.



“Buying a bottle of beverage may cost 7 to 25 yuan, eating skewers, having sausages, having boiled eggs or popcorn, and buying some snacks… “Lu Wenxing raised two fingers,” Two hundred yuan per person is enough. ”



Gu Yanshen: “…… “The implication was that one hundred yuan for two people wouldn’t be enough.



“We’ll buy a bottle of mineral water later and leave the rest for lunch.”



Wang Yitong’s group still had to give Lu Wenxing one hundred and seven yuan for rent, last night they stayed on credit, counting today they had to give a total of three hundred and forty yuan.



“What does Mr. Gu want to eat, it’ll be fifty yuan per person.”



“Let’s eat.”



The only thing that was slightly cheaper and filling at the amusement park was boxed lunches, but there was a line to even eat them.



There were a lot of people on holidays, all taking advantage of the break to come out and relax, there were friends who came in groups, there were those who came with their dates, and there were parents who came with their children.



Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen changed out of their costumes, the ‘blood’ on their faces was wiped off, but their makeup wasn’t completely removed, so although it wasn’t scary, it was comparable to a Peking Opera performer whose original face couldn’t be seen.


With a completely different appearance, not to mention the passersby, even the fans couldn’t recognize them.




Very few people came out to play and live stream. If there were fans, they would probably watch the recording after the show was over. Along the way, the two of them attracted a lot of attention due to their ghostly makeup and the cameraman behind them.



After lunch, the two found a place to cool off, then there was a succession of shrieks above their heads, from the tourists next door who were playing trapeze.



Lu Wenxing noticed Gu Yanshen’s line of sight and asked him, “Want to play?”



Gu Yanshen didn’t refuse, “This is my first time in an amusement park.”


Lu Wenxing was a bit surprised, “You never went there when you were a kid?”


“Never been.”



Gu Yanshen didn’t say why, and Lu Wenxing didn’t ask, he took Gu Yanshen’s shoulder, “Then let’s earn more money in the afternoon, and come and play together in the evening.”





Gu Yanshen’s eyes rippled with a smile.



Lu Wenxing smiled in response.



“We’ll earn more so that we have time to play at night.”



The haunted house was much cooler than the outdoors, it was getting hotter.



The two walked in the direction of the haunted house, and suddenly a man in the doll suit blocked Lu Wenxing’s way.



He was also carrying a bag in his hand.


“Meng Ting? Haoxing?”


Lu Wenxing remembered that their group had chosen to wear doll clothes to sell toys, and there were a lot of staff wearing the same doll clothes in the amusement park, but ……



the one with a scar on his face was probably the only one.




The doll bear didn’t answer, just stopped and didn’t let Lu Wenxing go.



It also hugged Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen directly pulled Lu Wenxing out of the doll bear’s arms.



The doll bear removed his headgear, “Wenxing, Teacher Gu.”


“Haoxing, have you eaten?”



“We’ve finished eating.” Zheng Haoxing asked Lu Wenxing.



“How were you sure it would be the two of us and not the other staff?”



“No staff member at an amusement park would draw a scar on a doll bear’s face.”



“I wanted to mess with you, but you recognized it too quickly.” Zheng Haoxing scratched his head.



“Because there are too many doll bears at the amusement park, tourists don’t always look for us when they buy things, so in order to be a bit different, Meng Ting and I came up with this way to attract the attention of tourists.”



“How were the results?” Lu Wenxing asked him.


“Not bad.” Zheng Haoxing bent the corners of his eyes, “We made …… in the morning.”



Meng Ting appeared at an unknown time, wearing the same doll bear suit, and his big bear paw covered Zheng Haoxing’s mouth.



“You can’t say it now, we’re going to be ranked based on earnings at night.”


“We’ll continue to make money, Wenxing, brother Shen, bye bye.”



Looking at Zheng Haoxing who was forcefully dragged away, Lu Wenxing was a little amused.



“Then let’s go too.”



Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen had gained a lot in the afternoon.




Wave after wave of players came in, some groups had seven or eight people, the timid ones would get together in a pile, Lu Wenxing hadn’t scared them much but they scared themselves.



On the contrary, the more courageous, wouldn’t come in a group, they just came in by themselves, and walked out from the second door very smoothly.



“After deducting the cost of renting the props, we have four hundred and eighty yuan. With three hundred and forty yuan for rent, we’ll get eight hundred and twenty yuan in total.”



Changing out of their prop costumes, the two of them removed their makeup and met Meng Ting, who was wearing a doll suit and selling toys.


“Two masks.”


Meng Ting took off his scarred bear head, “You guys aren’t doing the mission?”



“Not doing it, Mr. Gu and I are going to play the high altitude program.”


“On credit, I’ll give it to you when we get paid at night.”



“Pick yourself.”



They chose two masks at random, covering their faces so they wouldn’t have to wear masks.



“What does Mr. Gu want to play?”



“Anything.” Gu Yanshen asked him, “Water?”



“I only have a yuan in my pocket.”



Gu Yanshen turned to intercept the cameraman, “I’ll borrow a hundred yuan in advance.”



“I don’t have any money.”



Then the penniless cameraman pulled out two hundred yuan, “It’s subject to interest.”



Lu Wenxing agreed cheerfully, “We’ll add one hundred yuan for more than 24 hours.”



Camera man: “……”



The interest agreement stopped at nine o’clock in the evening, and the host settled and distributed the wages, not more than five hours from the settlement time, what interest could there be?



Gu Yanshen went to buy drinks while Lu Wenxing waited under the Ferris wheel. He also didn’t forget to get a set of tomorrow’s tasks from the camera man.



“I don’t know.” The cameraman shook his head repeatedly.


Lu Wenxing wanted to continue asking when a man in a doll costume held his shoulder.


Seeing the scar on the doll’s face, he thought of Zheng Haoxing and Meng Ting’s scars being on the left and right.



The scar in front of him was on the left, so it was ……



“Zheng Haoxing.” Lu Wenxing poked his rounded stomach, “Where’s your toy bag?”



Zheng Haoxing had on the doll bear’s head, so Lu Wenxing took the opportunity to play with the bear’s head, then he was led by Zheng Haoxing towards the queue.



“What for?”



There weren’t many people riding the Ferris wheel, and after three or two groups it was their turn.



Lu Wenxing: “Want to ride the ferris wheel? Go find your family’s Meng Ting.”



In the afternoon, Zheng Haoxing was still being dragged by Meng Ting, he originally thought that Zheng Haoxing’s strength wasn’t good, but he didn’t expect him to be quite strong, even when wearing a doll suit with a huge weight, Lu Wenxing couldn’t break free for a moment.



“I’ll wait here for Mr. Gu.” Lu Wenxing resolutely didn’t go up.



Zheng Haoxing shook his head and pointed to the skyscraper, with the obvious intention that he just wanted to sit with Lu Wenxing.



Lu Wenxing: “……”


“Riding the Ferris wheel at night is just right for the night view.” The girl behind him pulled her boyfriend’s hand.



“Want to see the night view?” Lu Wenxing asked.



The bear head nodded vigorously.



“You can go up by yourself.” Lu Wenxing felt something strange.



The staff member stepped forward and asked.



“Hello, it’s stuffy with the headgear, you may feel dizzy, do you want to take off the headgear and go up?”



Zheng Haoxing waved his hand and pushed Lu Wenxing onto the Ferris wheel, which could only seat two people, so the cameraman was unable to get on.



The moment the door closed, Lu Wenxing realized something was wrong.



The Ferris wheel slowly rose.



“Who are you?”



Lu Wenxing took a step back as the man removed the headgear.



“Wen Yu?”




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