C21 —– You’re Impressive



A sudden sound attracted Xiao Yu’s attention, and as he followed the sound, he saw a black and gold colored foreign beast smashed into the puddle.



Multiple burns could be seen on its body, and its originally magnificent feathers were in pieces, wilting and clinging to its skin.



Through the protective shield, Xiao Yu could see the brilliant golden eagle’s eyes, full of unwillingness and struggle, as well as the light going out.



Its wailing voice was mournful and piercing, and the tail feathers behind it were the only part of it that hadn’t been injured, the tail feathers were colorful and beautifully shaped, so it could be seen that it usually took good care of it and loved it.



However, its tail feathers still slowly drooped in the pattering rain, and eventually fell into the quagmire.



Blood tears flowed from its eyes, but its golden eyes grew dimmer and dimmer, gradually losing their luster.



A warm palm covered Xiao Yu’s eyes.



“Don’t look.” Cang Hai’s low voice seemed to carry endless tenderness.



Xiao Yu blinked, and although there was darkness in front of him, it was as if someone had lit a beam of light for him in the dark, rainy night.



He enjoyed the warmth from Cang Hai’s hand for a moment before he softly said, ”I’m fine, don’t worry about me. It’s just a bit of a shame, it must have been glorious when it soared into the sky.”



Cang Hai didn’t know how to comfort the little mermaid, he handed the small snack of crab leg meat that he had made earlier to Xiao Yu’s mouth, but because of the bad position he held, he accidentally touched Xiao Yu’s lips.



Xiao Yu froze and subconsciously opened his lips.


The fresh and salty taste in his mouth made him immediately understand that it was the snack Cang Hai had prepared for him.


He was still in the high fever stage and was too weak to do anything about it, so he ate the crab meat from Cang Hai’s hand.



In the end, a small half piece was left between Cang Hai’s fingers, Xiao Yu who had his eyes covered, couldn’t see what was in front of him. Without hesitation, he took the air-dried crab meat into his mouth along with Cang Hai’s fingers, and even used his tongue to roll away the remaining.



Only after he had done all this did he realize that something was wrong, the tip of his tongue returned with a touch that clearly didn’t belong to the snack, horrifying him so much that he abruptly stepped backward.



But he solidly crashed into Cang Hai’s arms.



“Mmm.” Cang Hai stifled a grunt and teased, “Your strength isn’t small.”



Xiao Yu had to be thankful that his body temperature was high enough that even if he blushed, he wouldn’t be detected as being wrong, otherwise, with Cang Hai’s keenness, even if he couldn’t guess his small mind, he would at least be suspicious.



“Are you alright?” He silently drew away from Cang Hai’s embrace, pretending that this was just an ordinary accident, “Don’t underestimate a mermaid’s biting power, your fingertips were almost unprotected you know?”



Cang Hai, however, was unimpressed, “If you can bite it off, I’ll count it as it being impressive.”


You are impressive.


It was the highest honor for a male.



Xiao Yu couldn’t distinguish whether he was motivated by his appearance or if his mind was running out of ideas, he even said he wanted to give it a try.


“Childish temper.” Cang Hai shook his head and lost his smile, but his thumb pressed down on Xiao Yu’s lower lip and reached into his mouth.



Xiao Yu: “……”



He couldn’t help but widen his eyes, never expecting Cang Hai to agree to his request to try his bite.



He was so shocked that he forgot to refuse, allowing Cang Hai’s fingers to break into his mouth.


How, what to do?


The panicked Xiao Yu subconsciously went to look at Cang Hai’s expression, trying to see clearly what the other party actually meant.



The result was of course no result, Cang Hai’s face was always as calm as water, making it impossible to tell if he was happy or angry. He could only attribute Cang Hai’s behavior to curiosity – perhaps Cang Hai really just wanted to try his bite.



Could it be that Cang Hai didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with this at all?



Cang Hai even asked Xiao Yu in return, “Why haven’t you tried yet?”


It dawned on Xiao Yu that Cang Hai hadn’t thought much about it at all, and he probably only thought of it as a contest.



The one who won would get the supreme honor, which was ”You are impressive”.


He was the only one who was imagining things here.



Xiao Yu bit down as he let out his anger, he used at least 70% of his strength.



“The bite force is too poor, you won’t be able to hurt me like this.” Cang Hai commented, while withdrawing his thumb.



A silver line linked his lips to Cang Hai’s finger, and Xiao Yu looked straight at it until it snapped due to gravity and ceased to exist.



The tip of his heart trembled, then he pursed his lips tightly and fell into silence.



Cang Hai waited for a long time without hearing Xiao Yu’s response, and after a moment of contemplation, he consoled, ”You’re still young, and your bite strength can be practiced slowly. Also, not everyone’s skin can be as tough as mine, so you don’t have to feel frustrated.”



Xiao Yu looked at Cang Hai in surprise, he was tempted to ask who would feel frustrated because they couldn’t bite through someone else’s finger?


After realizing that Cang Hai’s thought pattern was probably different from his, Xiao Yu stopped obsessing about correcting Cang Hai’s thoughts and instead praised him heartily, “So that’s how it is? Then you’re really something.”



Although Cang Hai still had little expression, the slightly upturned corners of his mouth were enough to express his pleasant mood.



This game was indeed childish, and he certainly didn’t really want to play it, he just wanted to divert Xiao Yu’s attention in this way, not wanting him to be sentimental over the death of the flying bird.



It seemed to work surprisingly well, so he could try it more often in the future.



However ……



Cang Hai withdrew his smile and subconsciously rubbed the bite mark on his finger.



The worst had happened, it was a hot water rain, and flying creatures without shelter could easily be burned by the hot, uncooled rain high in the air, as evidenced by the flying alien beast outside.



More flying alien beasts would die next, and as the hot water rain continued, the temperature in their area would continue to rise, and unless this rain stopped soon, none of the alien beasts on land would be spared.




Unfortunately, it was not to be.



The rain of hot water already lasted for a day and night, and Xiao Yu’s mood became heavier and heavier as he watched more and more Beasts die outside.


He didn’t ask Cang Hai what was going on, he had vaguely guessed the reason but was unwilling to let Cang Hai confirm it.



“Isn’t it a bit boring?” Cang Hai gently tugged Xiao Yu’s long hair, as if he regarded it as a toy for amusement.



Xiao Yu had strangely shaped hair and his expression was dark, “I think that with you around, I shouldn’t be bored.”



Cang Hai laughed sardonically, “Don’t be angry, I’ll restore you to your original state.”



Although he could not see, the movements in his hands were extremely fast, and it didn’t take long for him to clean up Xiao Yu’s long hair.



Xiao Yu wasn’t so angry with Cang Hai over his hair.



It was just that the rain went on and on, making his mood inexplicably irritable and depressing.



He didn’t know if this rain would go on forever, and if that was the case, what could they do?



They couldn’t just stay in the tent all the time and sit around.



He cast his gaze outside the tent, just one day had passed and there were already more corpses of flying beasts on the ground.



However, the other Beasts were turning a blind eye to the free food, Xiao Yu was not a fool, of course he could see that there was something wrong with the rain.



Cang Hai suddenly asked him, “Do you want a change of flavor?”



These three meals a day were all air-dried meat, even if he could endure it, what about Xiao Yu?



The little mermaid was still in a high fever stage, how could he not eat something good.



“No need.” Xiao Yu refused without even thinking, “How many more days can our reserve food last?”



Cang Hai carefully calculated, “Seven days shouldn’t be a problem.”



Xiao Yu: “Then let’s wait until all the food is gone before going out.”



Cang Hai placed the back of his hand on Xiao Yu’s forehead, “The temperature is still so high, following me all the time to eat air-dried meat, can you stand it?”



Xiao Yu didn’t hesitate, “Of course I can stand it, if you can eat it, why can’t I? How delicious is air-dried meat, how many people want to eat meat but can’t.”



“Liar,” Cang Hai hit the nail on the head, “If you can really stand it, why did you cover your stomach in cold sweat last night?”



Xiao Yu froze and stopped talking.



He thought that he had been careful enough, but he didn’t expect to still be discovered by Cang Hai.



Xiao Yu was still trying to muddle through, “I ate too much then. Won’t I be fine after using your disposable toilet later? That disposable toilet of yours is really good, the dirt and garbage can degraded into ……”



“Don’t digress,” Cang Hai interrupted him solemnly, “You know very well in your heart that that’s not a normal reaction, and if you can’t replenish enough nutrients during a period of hyperthermia, it will produce a great burden on the human body’s organs, and even leave behind aftereffects.”



“I’m a mermaid, human rules don’t apply to me.”



“There is no difference between mermaids and humans, and since you are a mermaid Omega, you need more nutrition than humans.” Cang Hai pinched the flesh on Xiao Yu’s face, “It’s not easy to fatten up a bit, all of it has been thinned back.”



Xiao Yu opened his mouth and was about to say something.



Cang Hai covered his mouth, “Be obedient, brother will bring you delicious food back.”



Xiao Yu pulled away Cang Hai’s arm, “I don’t need it, Cang Hai, Brother Hai, I can eat air-dried meat, if you’re worried that I don’t have enough nutrients, I’ll just eat a little bit more, and eat two meals as one, okay?”



He had never hated his fragile intestines as deeply as he did now, if it wasn’t for the unbearable abdominal pain last night, Cang Hai wouldn’t have had to risk his life for him.



“Calm down Xiao Yu, listen to me.” Cang Hai touched Xiao Yu’s hot forehead, and softness grew in his heart that was hard to suppress, “The hot water rain is not harmful other than the high temperature, those dead beasts were all scalded alive by the hot rainwater high in the air. The remains of my mecha can withstand the high temperature, I just need to use it to block the rain and avoid direct contact between the rain and my body and I will be fine.”



Xiao Yu was stunned, “Really?”



Cang Hai nodded slightly, “When have I ever lied to you?”



After much hesitation, Xiao Yu still agreed to let Cang Hai leave the tent, he did need fresh food, and if he could not get through the hyperthermia period safely, then Cang Hai’s success in leaving the Desolate Planet would be reduced as well.



Although he couldn’t be of much help in combat, at least he could show Cang Hai the way and make sure that Cang Hai would not get lost while searching for the spatial rift on the seashore.



Xiao Yu didn’t yet know that Cang Hai could already judge the direction of the land and the sea by the direction of the wind, and Xiao Yu’s presence would, at best, only reduce the time needed to judge the direction for him.



However, he willingly took the risk of leaving the tent to look for food, but not because Xiao Yu could help him.



In the past, he would never have risked his life for a collaborator who couldn’t play much of a role.



Cang Hai, who was below the mecha wreckage, didn’t have the heart to weigh the pros and cons, all he knew was that he didn’t want to hear last night’s agonizing and enduring moans again, and there was only one thought in his mind, and that was to help the little mermaid get through this damn hyperthermia period.



The rain drifted down the cracks of the mecha wreckage onto the back of Cang Hai’s hand, and he could feel the heat of the rain through his gloves.



Cang Hai, however, didn’t even frown, and following Xiao Yu’s guidance, he grabbed the nearest beast by its wings and dragged it back.




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