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Today was the day of the college entrance examination, Lu Wenxing deliberately chose a hotel close to the examination room, the two of them ate breakfast and walked slowly to the examination room.


They arrived quite early, but there were candidates outside the examination room who were even earlier than them.


“Brother, go back to catch up on your sleep, I will go back to the hotel by myself after the exam.”


There were many people at the entrance of the examination room, although parents may not recognize Lu Wenxing, but the students must recognize it. The weather was most stifling at noon, and Xie Chengfei was worried that he would get heatstroke.


“You worry too much. You want to fill out the volunteer where?”


“C University.”


Lu Wenxing wasn’t surprised, “After the exams, I’ll send you a gift.”


“What? It’s not shoes again, right?”


Since last year, Lu Wenxing had been sending him sneakers every month. Xie Chengfei couldn’t use that much, but Lu Wenxing still insisted on buying it for him. Of course, there were other things that other students had, and Lu Wenxing would also prepare one for him, including tutoring books and test papers that parents bought for their students.


Because the school didn’t allow to bring electronic products, and Lu Wenxing was busy with filming, their free time was difficult to match. But Lu Wenxing knew everything about his recent situation, which made Xie Chengfei a little frustrated.


“No.” “The gift won’t be a surprise if I say it.”


In the last week of school, many students had already started to give each other graduation gifts. The parents would also prepare for their children, Lu Wenxing also prepared a gift for Xie Chengfei, the difference was that Lu Wenxing began to prepare very early.


After seeing Xie Chengfei into the examination room, Lu Wenxing didn’t go back to catch up on sleep, and wanted to find a closer coffee shop to sit and wait. The parents who sharef the same thoughts as Lu Wenxing were also accompanying their children, and Lu Wenxing didn’t even have a chance to enter the stores.



He was walking on the side of the road hesitating to go back to the hotel when a car passed by him and stopped in front of the temporary parking spot. He seemed to have a feeling, Lu Wenxing walked over, the car window was rolled down.


“Mr. Gu?”


“Where are you going? I’ll give you a ride.”


Lu Wenxing wasn’t polite, he directly entered the passenger seat.


“Why is Mr. Gu here?”


“My brother is taking the college entrance exam this year.”


“What a coincidence, my brother is also taking the exam here.”


Gu Yanshen started the car, “I know you have an older brother, there’s also a younger brother?”


“Yes, I was trying to find a cafe nearby to wait for him, but there were too many people.”


“I know a good store, we’ll come back and pick them up when it’s about time.”




Lu Wenxing’s task these days was to accompany his brother during the exam, and there was nothing planned, it was good to have someone to pass the time with.


The cafe that Gu Yanshen took him to was a little far from the exam room, but it was quiet and less crowded.


“The next plan?”


“Power and Strategy” would soon enter the end of filming and was expected to be finished by the end of the month.


Gu Yanshen was asking about Lu Wenxing’s work plan afterwards.



“Sister Rong has booked a few endorsements for me. I heard that there are also variety shows and scripts. When she’s done picking, she’ll send me a selection.”



Gu Yanshen wanted to chase Lu Wenxing, so naturally he wanted to race against time and seize the time he could spend with Lu Wenxing.



“I can help you with references.”


“Teacher Gu really takes me as a student?”


Gu Yanshen looked at him and joked, “You even called me ‘teacher’, I have to do something for you.”


“Hello, excuse me.”


The waiter came over with dinner plates and put down two cups of coffee and several plates of cupcakes.


Knowing Lu Wenxing’s preference for desserts, Gu Yanshen had ordered them on purpose.



A young couple passed by Lu Wenxing’s table, and the girl puffed out her cheeks with so much displeasure.


“You think I’m fat?”


“I don’t.” The boy looked at the girl innocently.



“You say no, yet you just ordered two. Is one for each person?”



The boy choked, ” But I don’t like to eat sweet, I ordered two for us. Last night you said you wanted lose weight, so i ……”


“You just dislike me for being fat.” The girl hummed lightly, “Xiao Ya said when she wanted lose to weight, her boyfriend would stop her, saying she wasn’t fat. When I say I want to lose weight, you are afraid that I will eat one more bite.”


“Look at the boy at the window table, he himself doesn’t eat, but he has a gentle expression watching his boyfriend eat.”


The only table by the window Lu Wenxing: “……”


He subconsciously looked at Gu Yanshen.


Gu Yanshen , as if he didn’t hear anything, cast a puzzled look.


Lu Wenxing shook his head, continuing to eat a small dessert, but the boy seriously asked: “His back is turned to you, can you still see the gentleness?”


The girl justified, “he has a gentle back.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Gu Yanshen laughed lightly, “Why are you looking at me like that?”


“Mr. Gu intends to continue to invest in movies, what about filming?”


“I will continue to invest, and will take on roles when there is a suitable script.” Gu Yanshen took a sip of coffee, “It was a pleasure working with you, I hope there will be another time.”


Lu Wenxing didn’t understand the meaning beyond Gu Yanshen’s words and said with a smile. “As long as director Gu is willing to give the opportunity, as many times as you want.”



“Is that so?” Gu Yanshen’s eyes were shining under his eyes.


“Of course.”


The two of them chatted for a while in the cafe and drove back to school when it was almost time, and there were already many parents waiting.



Midway through, Lu Wenxing also answered a phone call from Ji Yuan, saying that she had booked a table nearby and asked him to come directly after receiving Xie Chengfei.


Ji Yuan and Lu Xiaofei had frequent contact, and on such an important day as the college entrance examination, Ji Yuan wouldn’t forget it. Knowing that Xie Nian was busy working in B city and couldn’t spare time, Ji Yuan specifically asked the driver to pick up Lu Xiaofei to C city.


While at the cafe, Gu Yanshen asked Lu Wenxing to have dinner with him. But when he heard that it was Lu Wenxing’s mother, Gu Yanshhen said that the meal could be arranged another day. Later he would have to meet parents, for now, he had to give Lu Wenxing’s parents a good impression first.

Although the incident happened suddenly, he also broke the promise.

“How about …… Mr. Gu come with us?”



Gu Yanshen was slightly stunned, he didn’t think Lu Wenxing would invite him.


“There may be a bit too many people, if Mr. Gu doesn’t mind.”


Don’t mind.


How could he possibly mind?


But the problem came, it wasn’t polite to go empty-handed, but it was too deliberate to go with gifts.


Right now was not a good time.



“The main character today is my brother, Mr. Gu can bring his brother along, so they can get to know each other and make friends.”


Gu Yanshen was still torn.


Until Gu Yanning came out of the examination room, opened the car door and saw Lu Wenxing sitting on the passenger side, time seemed to freeze.


Lu Wenxing didn’t notice someone approaching, the moment the car door was opened, he also froze for a moment, good thing he reacted quickly and guessed Gu Yanning’s identity.



“Hi, hello!”


“Lu, Lu Wenxing.” Just as Gu Yanning shouted out, Gu Yanshen spoke, “Keep your voice down.”



“Ahhhhhhh! Brother, you are too good, right? The graduation gift for me is to have Xingxing accompany me after the exam?” Gu Yanning was still a bit incredulous and felt hit by a huge surprise.


“Wenxing is older than you, you have to call him brother.”


Gu Yan Ning refused, “Fans call him that, it’s more intimate.”


Lu Wenxing asked him in amusement, “Brother doesn’t sound intimate?”


“Older ones can be brother, but Xingxing is a nickname, it’s not the same.” Gu Yanning said, smiling and looking at Lu Wenxing, slightly coyly.


“My name is Gu Yanning, Xingxing, if you don’t mind, you can call me Ningning.”




Gu Yanshen: “…… don’t think about it.”


Lu Wenxing only felt that Gu Yanshen’s brother and his personality were so different, the younger brother was so much more lively than the older.


“Xingxing, can I take a picture with you?”




“Great!!! Then can I have another autograph? Sign on the clothes.” Gu Yanning said and rummaged through his bag for a pen.


“Put it away.”


“I won’t.” Gu Yanning was used to talking back to Gu Yanshen on a daily basis, “I can’t easily see my star once, why should I keep it? The last time I asked you to help me bring an autograph, you were still grumbling.”


The two of them had forgotten about this matter.


“Mr. Gu said a friend wanted my autograph …… It turned out to be Ningning.”





To Gu Yanshen’s line of sight, Lu Wenxing smiled in response. “I spoil my fans.”


“I’m also a fan.”


The implication was that you can also spoil me.



Gu Yanning felt like he was struck by lightning, he froze and fell into self-doubt.


Fuck! This was too magical.


Was that something his brother could say just now? Didn’t he want his tall and calm character?


Lu Wenxing’s were curved, in the past few days he had become accustomed to Gu Yanshen’s’ astonishing words’, “Teacher Gu is a fake fan.”


The door of the car was opened again as they were talking.

Lu Wenxing sent a WeChat message to Xie Chengfei, telling him the license plate number and location. Xie Chengfei noticed it right out of school.


“Xie Chengfei!?”


“Gu Yanning.”


The two people called out each other’s names at the same time, and Xie Chengfei looked down at his phone to make sure he hadn’t misread the license plate number.


“You know each other, huh?”



As soon as Lu Wenxing spoke, Xie Chengfei quickly got into the back seat and closed the car door before answering, “Not very familiar.”



Gu Yanning refused, “We are in the same school, just the next class.”



“Xingxing’s brother is Xie Chengfei?” Gu Yanning paused and frowned at Xie Chengfei, “How come you didn’t say he’s your brother?”


Xie Chengfei ignored him, not even bothering to give a look, just as close to writing ‘are we familiar’ on his face.


“What a coincidence, Ningning is Xiao Cheng’s classmate.”


Xie Chengfei raised his eyebrows, “Ningning?”


What the hell was that?



Gu Yanshen couldn’t easily find the opportunity to interject a sentence, “Hello Xiao Cheng, I am ……”


“Gu Yanshen.”


Xie Chengfei’s face with little expression revealed a touch of shock. He looked at Lu Wenxing, then at Gu Yanshen, and finally turned to Gu Yanning.


His line of sight fell on Gu Yanning’s face that resembled Gu Yanshen by two or three points, “Your real brother?”


“Have an opinion?” Gu Yanning gave a light hum.


“Gu Yanning, speak properly.” Gu Yanshen corrected him with a cold expression.


Gu Yanning defiantly inclined his face as Lu Wenxing spoke, “Does Ningning want to eat with us?”




No one could refuse to eat at the same table with the person they liked, and he even took initiative to invite him, this was simply the happiest thing in the world.


“Go to Wanhai Road.” Lu Wenxing reported the address to Gu Yanshen.



The thing that just now made him torn, was suddenly so sure, Gu Yanshen couldn’t say what mood he was in for a moment. He was a little happy and a little nervous.



He decided to go back and prepare a gift for Gu Yanning.


Gu Yanning, who was still unaware of silently assisting his brother, was happily posting on Weibo using his Star Chasing account.


[The more exciting thing than seeing my star being invited to dinner by him.]



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