C9—- Iron Plate Roasted Tentacles


Xiao Yu dried his body, and waited until he wiped his hair but had a problem.


He liked how Cang Hai tied his hair, but if he wanted to dry his hair, he had to untie it first.


It was too much trouble.


Xiao Yu’s movement stopped too quickly, Cang Hai didn’t need to use his brain to know that the little mermaid was lazy again.


“Come here.”


Cang Hai’s voice didn’t sound happy or angry, Xiao Yu was a little unsure if Cang Hai was still angry, in order not to anger his meal ticket big brother, he chose to obediently move to Cang Hai’s side.


Cang Hai didn’t say anything more, he just untangled his long hair and pulled out the bamboo chopsticks in the middle.


Feeling the towel rubbing back and forth between his hair and occasionally taking care of his scalp, Xiao Yu squinted his eyes comfortably, and when Cang Hai dried his hair, he volunteered, “I’ll rub yours for you too.”


Cang Hai refused without even thinking: “No.”


Xiao Yu just pretended not to hear: “I’m coming.”


The towel was soft and silky, and the feeling after contact with the skin wasn’t annoying.


Cang Hai hesitated for a moment, but still chose to accept Xiao Yu’s service, and didn’t forget to remind him: “Feel free to wipe it. Once it’s done, turn around, I need to change my pants.”


Xiao Yu’s eyes subconsciously moved down.


The movement of his hands didn’t stop, but the root of his ears quietly turned scarlet.


The moist and soft touch of the palm effectively diverted attention, and the towel in hand passed slightly over his full chest muscles and well-defined abdominal muscles, wrapping around the back of his waist.



Cang Hai still had an expressionless look.


Only he knew that his palms had permeated a layer of thin sweat.



Finally to the end, Cang Hai hoarsely said: “Turn around.”



This sulky guy.


Xiao Yu secretly muttered to himself, with a hint of laughter in his eyes. When fighting against Blackbeard Octopus, Cang Hai was like a heavenly god, too powerful and distant. The Cang Hai in front of him was real enough.


Although he really wanted to peek and even more wanted to see Cang Hai’s expression after he changed his pants, he still held back.

After all, he also needed to take care of the dignity of his good brother.



Besides, what Cang Hai had he also had.


No, he really didn’t seem to have.


Xiao Yu lowered his head in difficulty, his abdomen below was covered with tight fish scales, so flat that he didn’t have the slightest idea of what else was wrapped under the fish scales.


The novel didn’t mention the reproduction process of mermaids, it seemed that to know where his second brother went, he still needed to find out for himself.


“Alright, “Cang Hai suddenly said,” Put on this dress and tie the belt tightly so it won’t be so loose.”


Xiao Yu turned around to take Cang Hai’s clothes, which had a very formal design and a style that was more towards a uniform, with a very appropriate cut.


There was also a leather strap around the hem, and Xiao Yu noticed that there was a leather pocket sewn on the waist side of the belt, which could store small items.


When Xiao Yu finished putting on his uniform, Cang Hai handed him the energy gu-n he had used in the sea: “Take this.”


Xiao Yu was instantly flattered: “No, no, this is too valuable, I can’t take it!”


Cang Hai didn’t give him a chance to refuse, and stuffed the energy gun into his leather pocket: “Lest a certain mermaid go down to the sea to save me without thinking of his own life, yet doesn’t even the ability to defend himself.”


Hearing the Yin and Yang in Cang Hai’s words, Xiao Yu was amused: “I was wrong, didn’t I admit it?”


“If you know you’re wrong, you have to change, you don’t know how much you weigh.” Cang Hai felt that the scolding was almost done, and began to teach Xiao Yu how to use the energy gun.



The operation of the energy gun was simple, just press the trigger, the longer you pressed, the more energy the energy ball accumulated.



But the maximum energy storage time was only five seconds, and the shot fired by Cang Hai in the sea was the effect after accumulating energy for five seconds.


If he released the trigger at the moment it waas pressed, the energy ball would form like a beam of light, and of course, its range and lethality would be greatly reduced.

“The launch of the energy ball requires energy, which is stored in the energy tank,” Cang Hai pointed to the indicator lights on the handle of the gun, “When the lights all go out, it means that the energy is exhausted, and needs to be replenished before the energy gun can continue to use.”


Xiao Yu noticed that in the original ten lights, now only five were left on, meaning that the energy gun only half of the energy left?


Not waiting for him to think about it, Cang Hai said again: “Don’t waste energy, because I also have no energy stones that can be replaced.”



Xiao Yu had read the original story, so he naturally knew what an energy stone was.


Energy stone was a universal energy source in the interstellar era, and it could be obtained in many ways, and could also be made into energy stones with different uses according to needs.


It was a bit like electricity on Earth, but more versatile than electricity.


“Your sword is made of energy stones, right?” Xiao Yu instantly understood.


No wonder Cang Hai’s sword emitted a glittering treasure light, but don’t think that energy stones are some kind of stones, generally speaking, the carriers of energy stones were metals that weren’t easily worn out, only that the energy source of energy stones was mostly extracted from minerals, hence the name energy stones.



Cang Hai nodded slightly, and also explained why he didn’t use a gu-n: “Long-range shooting loses too much energy, using a longsword can save energy loss, and when dealing with high-level foreign beasts, the killing power is also much stronger than the energy g-un. So the energy gu-n is not very useful to me, just use it.”


Xiao Yu wasn’t pretentious: “I will use it properly.”


With the energy gu-n by his side, his safety was guaranteed, and Cang Hai could fight strong enemies without distractions.




After another day, the Hidden Wing Mantis meat was consumed, so Cang Hai cut the black bearded octopus tentacles stored in the spatial ring into several sections, placed them on the iron plate, and heated them with the water energy converter as Xiao Yu requested.


The iron plate was found by Xiao Yu from the nooks and crannies in the spatial ring.


During yesterday’s journey, Cang Hai saw that he was curious about the spatial ring, so he lent it to him to play with, and also taught him how to sense the items in the spatial ring.


Xiao Yu followed Cang Hai’s method, concentrating on his mind and emptying his thoughts, and carefully sensing the energy contained in the spatial ring.


Unexpectedly he really sensed things.


He originally thought that the spatial ring was the same as the warehouse, things were placed in it, but the result wasn’t so.



The moment he sensed the spatial ring, it was as if a completely different world appeared in front of his eyes. He saw countless lines crisscrossing and spreading across the entire three-dimensional space.


He told Cang Hai everything he saw, and Cang Hai was obviously a little surprised, but it didn’t stop him from teaching seriously.


Cang Hai told him that the end of these lines was the end of space, and the intersection was the coordinates of the items. Based on the coordinates obtained and then requested, the items corresponding to the coordinates could be taken out from the spatial ring.


Xiao Yu was confused, these coordinates all looked similar, he had to try to take two or three random items.


One of them was an iron plate, even Cang Hai had long forgotten that there was such a number of things in his space.


No matter what Cang Hai thought, the appearance of the iron plate made Xiao Yu ecstatic.


He could finally eat iron plate squid! Oh no, it was iron plate black bearded octopus.


The tentacles of the octopuses were thicker than one another, and the fat content inside was higher than that of the squid.


So Xiao Yu boldly tried not to add any extra oil, using only the tip of the sword to gently cut through the skin of the tentacles, allowing the subcutaneous fat of the tentacles to overflow the skin and sizzle under the grilling of the iron plate, emitting tempting small oil bubbles.



Then grabbed the seasoning and sprinkled it evenly on each tentacle.


The tentacles began to emit green smoke one after another, and the strong aroma, which mixed seasoning and the taste of the tentacles themselves, even Cang Hai couldn’t help but frown. He thought the little mermaid was just playing around and didn’t expect this iron plate to have such a magical effect. After being grilled on the iron plate, the tentacles had a powerful aroma that was hard to ignore.


This cooking method was really novel.


Today people had long used fully automatic cooking apparatus, with just a button, after a short time a dish was made.


When Cang Hai was on missions in extraterrestrial space, in order to reduce the burden, it was rare to carry cooking machines. At that time, he hadn’t yet obtained this space ring, and the most important thing was to complete the task alive, rather than the desire to eat.


This was why he developed an excellent cooking skill.


He thought his ability to take ingredients from the local area was already good, but he didn’t expect Xiao Yu to be even better than him, and even proposed to use fire instead of water energy converter, with the beautiful name of saving energy for him.



“I told you before, the efficiency of the water energy converter is extremely low, so it’s not practical to use it to replenish the energy source of the energy stone. Let’s put it this way, if you want to use the water energy converter to charge the energy gun’s five cells to six cells, you need at least as much water as a Taimi lake. Even if there is sufficient water here, but the capacity of the water energy converter is so small, to convert away so much water, how long will it take?” Cang Hai stopped Xiao Yu’s fantasy in time.


Xiao Yu let out a regretful sigh, it seemed that the energy contained in the energy stone was even more terrifying than he imagined, and no wonder in the original story Gu Xijiao was able to earn a lot of money just by getting the qualification to mine the resource star once.



“By the way, there is one more thing I want to tell you,” Cang Hai said with a straight face, “Do you know about spiritual power?”


Xiao Yu naturally knew, spiritual power was an important indicator of strength in the original: “Spiritual power is a product derived from the development of the human brain, also called intention.”



“Good, since humans have mastered the method of increasing brain utilization, human genes have also begun to undergo subtle changes. Today, people visualize the strength of human brain waves in numerical values, and this value, is the value of mental power.” Cang Hai said.


Xiao Yu nodded thoughtfully, the elaboration of spiritual power in the book wasn’t as detailed as Cang Hai.


However, he still didn’t quite understand: “What are you talking to me about this for?”



Cang Hai was silent for a moment, he thought that Xiao Yu was abandoned in the deserted star.


Mermaids were a swarming intelligent race, the deserted star could naturally breed foreign beasts, but it was impossible to breed mermaids out of thin air.


Of course, mermaid parents wouldn’t casually abandon their young, so Cang Hai thought it was more like the young mermaid was plundered by star pirates and accidentally thrown onto the deserted star. Since the little mermaid didn’t get the complete inheritance, then he, as Xiao Yu’s companion, has this obligation to teach him some common sense of this world.


Xiao Yu didn’t know that his sullen companion, just because he could not open his mouth to ask, actually gave him a complete background in his head.



“Many people can’t feel the presence of spiritual power throughout their lives because their spiritual power is too low, and they are not destined to become top mecha warriors or mecha builders. The more advanced the mecha, the more it needs people with strong enough spiritual power to make and master it, without a certain amount of spiritual power, these are all empty talks.” Cang Hai pondered for a moment and continued, “I don’t know what the situation is there with mermaids, but at least in the Federation, having primary spiritual power means crossing the threshold of military schools.”


Xiao Yu looked at Cang Hai innocently: “So what?”



Cang Hai: “……”


Well, he shouldn’t expect a little mermaid who didn’t know anything to be ecstatic over the fact that he might have uncommon mental power.


“Master Cang, the tentacles are about to be cooked, don’t you want to try Xiao Yu held the bamboo chopsticks and inserted a chopstick into the tentacle meat.



The full meat juice was instantly squeezed out by the chopsticks, fine grease oozed out from the crispy golden skin, the tentacles had reached the best fire, the pervasive fragrance tickled people’s fancy.



Cang Hai opened his mouth to say something, but his mouth couldn’t help but secrete saliva, so he had to accept the bribe of the student and put aside the lecture.


Cang Hai suddenly felt that he had made the right decision.


These tentacles that were selected to be baked on the iron plate were carefully cleaned of barbs and scales by Xiao Yu right from the start, it was many times more delicate than his previous rough stew.


The outer skin had already been roasted to the extent of being charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and with one bite, the crispy outer skin, the tender tentacle meat, and the full gravy burst open in his mouth, and with the bite of his teeth, it blended into a feast on his tongue.


He never knew that the original slightly processed black beard octopus taste could be so wonderful.

As for Xiao Yu, he was even more direct, nodding contentedly while eating. The grilled iron plate tendrils tasted a bit like iron plate squid.


He made these tentacles according to the method of iron plate squid, but he didn’t expect them to be so delicious, mostly due to the delicious meat of the tentacles themselves.


One person and one fish ate contentedly, leaving no leftovers.



Cang Hai finally gave up on the lecture and handed Xiao Yu a green gemstone, asking him to cut it in half without the help of any tools.


Xiao Yu found it unbelievable when he heard the request: “Without the help of any tools, can I break it with my hands or bite it with my teeth?”


“Neither, you can only stare at it.”


Xiao Yu: “……”


Did he look like a fool?


Cang Hai probably also felt that his request was a bit unreasonable, he coughed to ease the tension, “Listen, this is to exercise your spiritual power.”


Exercise spiritual power?


That was a good thing, then he should work hard!


After eating, Xiao Yu climbed on Cang Hai’s back again.


But this time, he only wrapped one hand around Cang Hai’s neck and held the green gem in his other hand, looking at it intensely, trying to see through it.


For a long time, he carefully examined the shiny and new gemstone and couldn’t help but wonder if Cang Hai had made a mistake in the question.


“Cang Hai, what is this gemstone called?” Xiao Yu asked in a depressed manner.


Cang Hai answered truthfully, “Cuidiao.”




Xiao Yu said naively, “Isn’t that one of the hardest gems in the legends?”


It was said that the hardness of Cuidao was comparable to that of diamond, although in the interstellar era, many tools could easily cut hard stones, but Cang Hai actually asked him to stare at a Cuidiao that was almost as hard as diamond.


He indignantly threw the emerald sharpening to the ground, he quit!


At that moment, the ground suddenly trembled greatly, and the violent shock almost made Cang Hai unstable on his feet.



What, what the hell.


What he threw was just a Cuidiao, not a mine, right?




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