C37—-Patience in teaching


Old George called the doctor in, though it didn’t help much.


Carpenter won the fight, but his face was swollen and the corners of his mouth were broken from the punches he received from Cheng Hao in the ring and from Claude when he got out of the ring.

He couldn’t restrain himself from making a “hissing” sound, and glared at Claude.


Old George gave Cheng Hao a look and told him to take Claude away, and said to Carpenter, “Carpenter, my old man, this boy is a fool, so don’t bother with him.”


Carpenter and old George were old friends, and old George had helped Carpenter in earlier years, Carpenter wouldn’t really take it personally, but: “I was beaten up in your place, you have to pay me for the moral damage!”


“No problem!” Old George happily agreed.


Carpenter took the money, but wasn’t very happy: “Really, obviously I was the first to watch Cheng Ho, and you picked up the bargain ……”


The corners of old George’s mouth suddenly hooked up.


Speaking of Cheng Hao, Carpenter again remembered the man who punched him, other than that, this man’s force was really big ……


If he could train him as a boxer ……

Carpenter’s mind flashed this idea, but he quickly gave up. This person was a bit foolish and even punched him!


Carpenter left with the rich appearance fee, and at this time, Cheng Hao and Claude were eating burgers together outside the lounge.



Cheng Hao had felt a bit guilty towards Claude before, and just now Claude helped him out and punched Carpenter, so his feelings towards Claude were even more complicated. He gave Claude a few of the burgers given to him by others, Cheng Hao seriously thanked him and told Claude not to hit anyone in the future: “You can fight back when others bully you, but don’t hit anyone for no reason, okay?”


Claude nodded, but didn’t necessarily write it down – with his memory, he would most likely forget the words in a flash.


At this moment, there were other people on stage playing, so Cheng Hao watched the game while talking to Claude: “What do you want to do in the future?”


“I want to have a job.” Claude thought about it and said.


His idea was very plain, and Cheng Hao asked, “Why?”


“If you have a job, you will have food to eat.” Claude said.


“Have you ever had a job before?”


“Yes, but not long.” Claude was very lost.


Cheng Hao wasn’t at all surprised by Claude’s answer.


There were many jobs that Claude couldn’t do, he couldn’t even write his own name.


To him, boxing was really a very rare job that would allow him to support himself.


If he didn’t learn to box and couldn’t box, and old George wouldn’t give him shelter to live in, what would become of his life afterwards?


Cheng Hao pointed to the ring, “Boxing is a job, what it does, is to compete with people in the ring, you just have to win, and then you can have a lot of money.”


Claude looked in the direction of the ring and had a glint in his eye: “Can I eat meat every day?”


“Of course you can.” Cheng Hao said.


Claude laughed and took the meat out of the burger and ate it first before eating the bread outside.


Cheng Hao remembered Chester who first scooped out the sausage in the sausage sandwich and ate it, and Lin Yuxun who liked to save the good food for last.


Cheng Hao put the best tasting burger into his arms, then went to say goodbye to old George and get his money for the day.


Although he could only take one percent of the bet share today, a mosquito leg was also meat!


As a result, old George actually gave him a hundred dollars.


“There’s so much money?” Cheng Hao was a little surprised.


Old George said, “Of course not, although there are many people betting on your match with Carpenter today, you can reasonably only get a share of fifty dollars …… The rest is your commission for selling things.”


“The commission of selling things?” Cheng Hao was a little surprised, he knew that he could get a commission for selling the wine, but he had never sold it.


“Since you came, the burgers in the bar have been selling very well.” Old George said.


Cheng Hao: “……”


Old George asked again, “You are injured, are you sure you want to go back? I remember your home is a bit far …… you can stay at my place.”


“My brother is waiting for me at home.” Cheng Hao said.


Old George nodded, “Then you should go back quickly.”


Cheng Hao was late for his match with Carpenter today, and there was a delay after the match, so much so that when he left the bar, it was already after midnight.


On the way, he passed by the community recreation center and saw a large group of young people gathered there, among them there were even many underage.


They wore branded watches, rings and necklaces, double-breasted men’s coats, fur shawls, and alligator shoes, all of which looked out of place in the community.


But they really were the people in this community.


They were all thieves or fraudsters in this community.


They would go to other communities to steal things, and after selling the money, they would all use it to eat, drink and play, and wear colorful clothes to wander around …… They liked it when people looked at them with envy.


Cheng Hao knew that they weren’t good people, but also knew that they didn’t want this themselves.


They were like this, mainly because of the lack of education, whether it was family education, or school education.


Cheng Hao passed by the gathering point of those people not long before he saw many people rushing out from the gathering point, these people were driving motorcycles, they turned the handlebars violently, accelerating the throttle to the extreme, and eventually the whole car emitted a “whirring” sound, whistling through the streets at night.


While driving, they even use stones to smash the glass of the surrounding houses.


Cheng Hao came near his home, and when he looked up, he found that the windows of the house he lived in were still showing light.


Lin Yuxun was most likely still awake.


Cheng Hao touched his injured nose, gingerly went upstairs, and after entering the door, he found the fragrance coming from the house.


Lin Yuxun was sitting at the dining table reading a book and writing something, and in the pot next to him, beef soup was cooking.


“Cheng Hao!” Hearing the voice, Lin Yuxun raised his head happily, then his expression changed again.


Cheng Hao’s face was blue and swollen ……


“Old George arranged for me to fight Carpenter today, and I took a punch to my face.” Cheng Hao explained.


Lin Yuxun bit his lips tightly.


Cheng Hao took out the burger he kept before and the hundred dollars old George gave him and gave it to Lin Yuxun: “Come on, have a burger! A lot of things happened today, and I still want to talk to you about it.”


Hearing Cheng Hao’s words, Lin Yuxun raised his head to look at Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao served two bowls of soup, handed one to Lin Yuxun, and while drinking, he told Lin Yuxun about Claude.


Hearing that Chester’s mother had died, Lin Yuxun’s expression changed: “She died?”


“You knew her?” Cheng Hao asked.


“We used to be neighbors.” Lin Yuxun said, “At that time, my mother had no money, so we found an abandoned building to live in, and they lived in it.”


“Abandoned building?” Cheng Hao was a little curious.


Lin Yuxun pointed to the west, “There are several dangerous buildings over there, which are no longer connected to electricity and water, so if someone can’t pay the rent, they will go there to live, but we didn’t live there for long …… and then my mother earned money.”


When it came to “earning money”, Lin Yuxun’s expression wasn’t very good.



Cheng Hao knew what he was thinking, he smiled: “Then did you meet Claude?”


Lin Yuxun said: “Yes, he was very stupid, he wasn’t young at that time, and he was always looking for his mother. People often bullied him at that time, he usually ignored those people, but if someone made him angry, he would grab those people and throw them out.”


Cheng Hao finished the soup and his whole body warmed up, “Let’s go to bed early.”


Lin Yuxun’s illness has been cured, and the thermometer borrowed from Beverly had been secretly returned, but even if the illness was cured, it was still easily contagious in a period of time, so Danny still slept alone.



Cheng Hao took a shower and got under the covers and asked, “When will there be heat?” It was strang, in this poor community, many people didn’t even have jobs, but the houses they rented basically had heating, as well as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances.


“In a few more days, there should be one.” Lin Yuxun said.


Cheng Hao answered and fell asleep in a daze.


The next day when Cheng Hao woke up, it was already after eight in the morning.


He got up, washed up briefly, then hugged Danny and threw him into mid-air, and then caught Danny as he fell.


Danny laughed out loud.


“Danny has such a nice smile.” Cheng Hao kissed his forehead and then said to Lin Yuxun, “Lin Yuxun, you are getting more and more handsome now too!”


Lin Yuxun smiled and blushed.


Cheng Hao said a few words to them and then went to Old George’s place.


When he arrived at Old George’s place, Arabella was cleaning in the yard, and when she saw him, Arabella opened the door: “Dear Cheng, good morning!”


“Arabella, good morning.” Cheng Hao said, “Is old George up yet?”


“He’s not up yet, but Claude is up.” Arabella said, and as soon as she said that, Claude came out.


Old George’s old clothes looked a little tight on Claude’s body, and when he saw Cheng Hao, he immediately raised his hand, and a big smile lifted up on his face, “Cheng!”


“Claude, good morning.” Cheng Hao greeted him with a smile.


Claude was obviously happy: “Good morning!”


Breakfast had to wait until George Sr. got up, but Arabella gave them each a bacon sandwich, and Cheng Hao ate the sandwich and took Claude to do exercise.


As the night passed, Claude forgot most of what Cheng Hao taught him yesterday: “What’s a push-up?”


Cheng Hao directly got down and did it for him.


Although Claude was a bit dumb and had a bad brain, he could still follow others to do it, and when he saw Cheng Hao do it, he got down and did push-ups.


Seeing this, Cheng Hao trained up with him.


When Cheng Hao finally couldn’t hold on and fell back …… Claude also followed.



Cheng Howe looked at Claude, who was also on the ground, but his face was not red and breathless, while gasping for air, he asked, “Why did you …… S …… stop? Tired? Whew ……”



Claude looked at Cheng Hao blankly: “I’ll follow you and learn.”


Cheng Hao: “…… “Okay ……


Cheng Hao had always been satisfied with the original owner’s body, Cheng Jinhao hadn’t experienced high intensity training before, but his physical quality was considered good.


But he now met Claude.


Cheng Hao found that the amount of training that made him exhausted only made Claude gasp for air.


He was jealous ……



While the two were training, Old George finally came down from upstairs, and they could officially eat breakfast.


Then, old George drank black coffee, ate a sandwich with only a little bit of bacon on it, and looked at the three people in front of him who were feasting on a plate full of bacon with a tangled face: “You three! You have to pay attention to body management, you know? Body management!”


Arabella just pretended not to hear, Cheng Hao said: “Old George, I am very thin, I need to eat more.”


Cheng Hao was really not fat, old George also couldn’t say anything, but at this time, Claude said: “What do you mean by body management?”


Old George: “……”


They had breakfast and couldn’t jump rope immediately, Cheng Hao and Claude went to play sandbags together.

The feel of sandbag wasn’t the same as a person, but a punch followed by a swing made Cheng Hao more and more familiar with his strength, and also made his strength become more and more powerful in training.



Cheng Hao liked this feeling.


But he turned his head and got a little depressed when he saw Claude knocking the sandbag out a long way with one punch.


If he had Claude’s strength, he would have been able to knock Carpenter out last night!


Claude had been punching without any rules, so it was very easy to hurt their own bones, Cheng Hao saw the situation towards him and walked over to guide his movements.


Although after guidance, after a while Claude may forget, he still needed guidance.


And boxing was a sport in the end, it was relatively simple, so when Claude forms muscle memory, he would definitely be able to play well.


With this in mind, Cheng Hao recalled the year Claude appeared in the boxing ring in his last life.


It seemed that he suddenly appeared in the ring in 1985, and then in 1986, he was beaten to the point of paralysis and disappeared ……


Think about it this way… Claude, who had excellent physical conditions and was familiar with the rules, could start boxing now. It would take at least five years to figure it out?



When Cheng Hao thought that it would take so long for Claude to understand what boxing was all about, he immediately gave himself some psychological construction, and then faced Claude with a gentler attitude.


Anyway, it’s already like this, take your time!



Of course, slow was slow, training couldn’t be missed.



Cheng Hao took Claude to train with him, and then probably because his expectation of Claude was too low, he was particularly satisfied when Claude did something small.


“Great, Claude, you have a lot of strength!”


“That’s how you’re supposed to power up, remember, one more time.”


“Very good! That’s it! Wait, I’ll show you one more time.”




Cheng Hao was quite patient, but old George was dissatisfied and said to Cheng Hao, “Are you going to waste all your time on him? Go and train!”


“I’ll be right there!” Cheng Hao went to the side to train, and left Claude to Old George.


As a result, not long after, the only sound left in the room was Old George’s roar: “I’ve told you to box like this, box like this, why don’t you still fight like this?”


“I’ve said it dozens of times! Dozens of times!”


“God! How can there be someone as stupid as you?!”


“Try it again! Do what I say!”


Old George’s voice was very loud, yet it was because of his loud voice that Claude was so dumbfounded that he didn’t dare to throw another punch at all.


In the end, at the sound of Old George’s roar, he carefully and gently extended a fist with no force at all.


Old George slapped his fist: “I can’t teach you! Get out of here!”

Claude cried out at once: “Please, please don’t throw me out ……”


“Old George, it’s better for me to teach.” Cheng Hao stepped forward.


Old George said, “You teach it! I never want to see him again.”


Old George said and left, but Claude stood uneasily in the same place.


Cheng Hao patted Claude’s magnificent shoulder: “It’s okay, Claude, Old George won’t really drive you away.”


“Really?” Claude looked at Cheng Hao.


“Of course it’s true.”


“But I can’t do anything, I can’t do anything well ……” Claude was upset: “He will definitely drive me away, they all drive me away.”


“No, you’re very good!” Cheng Hao said: “You are very strong, you are a natural boxer, you will definitely become the strongest heavyweight boxing champion in this world!”


Claude froze and looked at Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao said, “Come, let’s train!”



Claude had just been scolded by Old George and was a bit afraid to throw a punch, but after Cheng Hao praised him, he slowly got better.


“Awesome! That’s it!”


“Claude, you’re so strong, you’re awesome!”


“You’re amazing!”




Cheng Hao taught Claude for a while, let him go to jump rope, and then continued training by himself.


Old George walked over with his hands behind his back: “I didn’t expect you to be able to boast the ground out against a fool! Just listening to your voice, I would think that he’s not the same person that I taught!”


Cheng Hao said, “Children need praise.”


Old George sneered, “You are three years younger than him!”


Cheng Hao: “……”


Old George added: “Also, didn’t you say you would become the best heavyweight boxing champion in this world? Why are you now saying that he will be the best?”


“……” Cheng Hao said, “Old George, the most powerful two heavyweight boxers in the world were all trained by you, how exciting is it! You must feel happy, right?”


Old George looked at Cheng Hao, he stared at Cheng Hao for a while and suddenly smiled.


Old George seldom smiled, and when Cheng Hao saw him smiling, he was really a bit uncomfortable: “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing much,” Old George said, “There is a very good competition in a few days, I will take you to it, you prepare.”


“Okay, no problem!” Cheng Hao said, “By the way, where is the tournament being held?”


Old George said a location.


“That’s a bit far.” Cheng Hao said.


“So we will stay there for one night.” Old George said.


Cheng Hao suddenly thought of something: “Old George, can I bring my two brothers with me?”


“What will you do with them?” Old George asked.



“I want them to see the prosperity of the big city, and also, my brother should want to go there to buy some books.” Cheng Hao said. Lin Yuxun was a fast reader, and Cheng Hao felt that he would want to go and buy a few more books.


If there was time, he could also take Lin Yuxun to see the school there.


Old George gave Cheng Hao a look, “I am driving there by myself, there are seats, you can take them with you.”


“Thank you, Old George.” Cheng Hao looked at Old George gratefully, “You are really a good man!”


Old George was a little uncomfortable and said fiercely, “I haven’t finished my words! Listen, since you brought the people there, you have to take care of them, make sure they don’t cause me any trouble, I hate trouble!”


“Don’t worry, they are all very well-behaved people, especially obedient.” Cheng Hao said.


Old George “hehe” twice. He had intended to say something about how Cheng Hao kept praising a fool like Claude. His words were hard to believe.


But he didn’t say it.


He stood by the side, watching Cheng Hao do his best to teach Claude, with mixed feelings.


This man was stupid, right? How dare he hollow out his heart and soul to his rival!



Claude’s physical condition was the best he had ever seen among the fighters, but he had a problem with his mind, if no one taught him, he would definitely not be successful in the future, even if someone taught …… Most people wouldn’t be able to teach him without getting irritated.


Fortunately, there was a Cheng Hao who taught him so seriously.


Old George took a deep breath and was suddenly full of hope for the future.


In this world, there was always no lack of good people and things.





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