C40—– Tactic Cooperation



“Did you guys know? Lulu has released another watch.”





“Isn’t LULU coming out with new products a little too fast?” The actress sat on the bench and joined in the chat with her fellow artists.





“I’ve been eyeing the Star watch for a long time.”




“That’s a men’s watch, you can’t wear it.”




“It’s likeperfume, there are girls who use good male fragrances.”




“Don’t even think about it. It’s a limited edition, only one piece. Yesterday, at the premiere of “Hundred Ghosts”, LULU, as a sponsor, gave the watch to one of the male artists in the cast.”







They were filming in the mountains, the network wasn’t good and they were even more lazy to touch their phones, after hearing the news, they became excited.





“Wen Yu, you’re awake. Come and have breakfast.” The female artist saw Wen Yu coming out of the shed and waved at him.




“Good morning.” Wen Yu had a light smile on his face, “What are you guys talking about?”




“It’s about the LULU family’s starry sky watch, Brother Xiang said it was given out yesterday.” The actress said, then she suddenly asked, “You’re not talking about Emperor Gu, right?”




“Harm, I wouldn’t be so surprised if it was Emperor Gu.”




“To hire a top-notch artist, you have to start from seven figures, giving a watch out is equivalent to free publicity, isn’t it more cost-effective than hiring a spokesperson?”




“The LULU family has everything from millions to tens of millions, and giving it away is more eye-catching. So is it for Le Hanfei?”




“No, a little star, what is the name of the star? I can’t remember, anyway, he’s not a familiar face.”



Brother Xiang showed them the screenshots from his phone, three in total, one of him whispering with Gu Yanshen, one of him holding the microphone and introducing himself, and one of him receiving the gift from LULU’s president.



“Is this the newcomer? He’s really stunning!”



“A while ago, there was a very popular variety show “Weekend without limits “. Haven’t you seen it? This is Lu Wenxing, who partnered with Film emperor Gu. Wen Yu was a guest for two episodes.”



Wen Yu, who was named, laughed. “Ah, yes. Is the video downloaded? Can you show me? My mobile phone has no Internet.”



He handed the mobile phone to him, “If you want to see it, you can take it.”




Wen Yu took the phone, because several people gathered around, he adjusted the multiplier, and they started from the beginning.



“Yesterday was May 3rd?”



“Right. Wen Yu is filming in the mountains. He doesn’t know what year it is today.”



“Hahahaha, yesterday’s premiere was just in time for the artist’s birthday.”



Wen Yu was calm and kept a gentle smile on his face. But when he saw Ji Yuan handing Lu Wenxing the gift, his fingers curled up unconsciously.



“This Lu Wenxing’s luck is too good, isn’t it?” The female artist looked at Lu Wenxing in the video with an envious expression, “How many gifts did he receive yesterday? I can’t believe there are sponsors who do this, the gifts Lu Wenxing received add up to be more expensive than my salary.”



“Wen Yu, what’s wrong with you?”




“Huh? Nothing.” Wen Yu nudged his mouth, his gaze as still as water, “Like you guys, I’m also very envious.”



“I don’t believe it. Tell us the truth. Are you a young master of some family?”



“Right, right, right, the kind of person who has to go back and inherit his family business if he’s not popular?”



The corners of Wen Yu’s mouth curved, “You should read less novels, it’s not so exaggerated.”



The fourth was a weekday, Xie Chengfei had to attend classes, because he didn’t go back to school last night, he had to rush back to school for morning reading.



Lu Wenxing slept late yesterday, so Ji Yuan didn’t plan to wake him up and sat with Lu Xiaofei in the dining room to eat breakfast.



Wen Zheng and Wen Huaizhe went to the Yihe orphanage early in the morning, thinking they would go early and come back early to have lunch with Xingxing.




“The directors of the orphanage have all changed, and it’s a little hard to find clues from back then.”



“Now we know more information than before, but it’s harder to find out.”



Because they had been looking for Xingxing, they didn’t pay attention to the orphanage, or did not link the two things together, so they didn’t go to investigate.



Now that Xingxing was back, the focus was on what happened more than ten years ago.




Wen Zheng drove the car to the entrance of the orphanage and found that someone had come a little earlier than them.



“Sheng Chao, I can’t move it.” Qin Siyu rubbed her sore arm and looked back to find a car parked behind theirs as well. She walked over and Wen Zheng rolled down the car window.



“Sorry, we’ll drive away after we unload our stuff, are you guys crossing the road?”



“It’s okay, we’re here to donate to the orphanage.”



Qin Siyu smiled, “You’re here early. We’re also here to deliver the donated supplies.”



“Xiao Yu, just go in and rest, I’ll carry the rest.” Sheng Chao’s voice came out from the courtyard, Wen Zheng got out of the car quickly, “I’ll help you guys.”




Qin Siyu’s eyes lit up and she didn’t push back, they really needed the help. “Yes, thank you.”



The staff of the orphanage also came out to help carry, and soon unloaded all the school supplies and daily necessities in a car.


Wen Huaizhe was a bit shocked, when did his son become so attentive to girls and take the initiative to help?



He also listened to the son of old Qin, he said that a girl had the courage to confess her love to Wen Zheng, but halfway through the confession, Wen Zheng deducted class points for wandering around during morning reading time. Then, until high school graduation, no girl came to confess.



But now …… his son was so eager?



Suddenly enlightened?



But she had a boyfriend!



Wen Huaizhe stared at Sheng Chao for a few seconds, although his son was taller than him, more handsome and richer than him, he couldn’t just rob someone’s lover.



Not waiting for Wen Huaizhe to continue to think out of the box, Wen Zheng had already started chatting with Qin Siyu.



“Do you often come to the orphanage to deliver donated supplies?”



“Not often, once every few months.” Qin Siyu had a good feeling about Wen Zheng who helped her and thought that the other party, with his suit, must be a successful entrepreneur.



“…This gentleman looks a bit familiar.” Qin Siyu’s gaze fell on Wen Huaizhe behind Wen Zheng.



Sheng Chao couldn’t sit still for a long time, his girlfriend and Wen Zheng were chatting ‘hot and heavy’, he pretended to come over to bring water and took the opportunity to separate Qin Siyu and Wen Zheng.



He happened to see Wen Huaizhe standing at one side, and his eyes showed some surprise.




” President Wen.”



Wen Zheng didn’t like to take interviews, but Wen Huaizhe had been on several financial interviews, so there were many people who know Wen Huaizhe.



Qin Siyu’s eyes widened slightly, “You are the president of the Wen Group, ah, looks so young.”



“The little girl has a sweet mouth.” It was only in the company that Wen Huaizhe seemed stern. He was gentle outside and liked hearing people praise his youthful appearance.



“Do you often come to this orphanage?” Qin Siyu thought of what Wen Zheng asked her just now, and asked a question in return.



Wen Zheng shook his head, “Rarely, most of the donations are done through the accounts, today I came to see the environment of the orphanage, I intend to expand the orphanage, so that the children have a better living environment.”



“So that’s how it is.” Qin Siyu smiled, “I can take you for a walk to see.”






Wen Zheng’s words made Wen Huaizhe stare, did his son remember what he came for? Sheng Chao smiled and wrapped his arm around Qin Siyu’s shoulder, “My girlfriend and I are both familiar with this place, you can ask us anything you want to know.”





“Then I’ll trouble the two of you.” Wen Zheng pretended to mention it without thinking, “This orphanage was founded a long time ago, but the facilities now are much better than before.”



“Yes.” Qin Siyu didn’t think much about it, and continued with Wen Zheng’s words, “I slept in a big bunk here when I was a kid. Now the orphanage has six people to a dormitory, compared to the old setting, it’s much better.”



“You said when you were small?” Wen Zheng didn’t expect a connection, “you used to be ……”




“Yes, I’m also an orphan.” Qin Siyu had nothing to avoid, Wen Zheng was here to expand the orphanage, so she also wanted to talk to him a little more about orphanage-related matters.



“Yihe is an orphanage with the most children in C City, so there should be a lot of funding, right? Will there be entrepreneurs making charitable donations regularly?”



“Yes.” Qin Siyu said, “There are also many entrepreneurs who will fund the children’s schooling.”



“Are there many adopted children?”



Qin Siyu nodded and added: “The older children know they are adopted and will return to volunteer at the orphanage when they have time, and those who can will come back to sponsor other children. Generally three or four year old children have little memory, so the adoptive parents won’t tell the children that they are adopted.”



Wen Zheng listened to Qin Siyu’s introduction and thought of something else. Wen Yu was seven years old when he arrived at their home, just the right age to go to elementary school, but it seemed that he had never seen him return to the orphanage.



“How old were you when you arrived at the orphanage?”



“I’ve been in the orphanage since I can remember, and the previous director said I was an abandoned baby.”





Wen Zheng understood, this girl in front of him should know about Wen Yu. “Did you know a child named Xiao Yu?”



The orphanage wouldn’t give the child a surname until the child went to elementary school, it would only be called a nickname, this was for the convenience of the family who adopted the child, they could directly give the child a name and surname.



“There is no one named Xiao Yu.” Qin Siyu thought for a moment then suddenly remembered.



“You’re talking about Xiao Yu, right? He was the best-looking child in the orphanage, and the dean liked him the most. He was very diligent and obedient, and often helped take care of the other children, everyone liked him.”



“All loved him?”



“But after he was adopted, he never went back to the orphanage. When he was small, there were many parents who came to adopt him and took a glance at him, but little brother Yu refused all of them, saying that there were so many younger brothers and sisters in the orphanage who needed his care, and that he didn’t want to leave his mother, the director.”






Qin Siyu lowered her head, feeling a bit lost, but Wen Zheng suspected that the two of them weren’t talking about the same person.



Wen Yu didn’t want to leave the orphanage?



Wen Zheng was only eleven years old at the time, but when he first met Wen Yu, the other party was obviously eager to fit in with their family, and his several attempts to please were very deliberate. However, his mother thought that Wen Yu was frightened because he had been kidnapped, and that his subconscious ingratiation was due to insecurity and fear.



But after listening to what the girl in front of him said, Wen Zheng felt more and more that he wasn’t such a person at all.



“Is there a picture of him as a child?”



Qin Siyu looked at Wen Zheng with suspicion, “You’re here to donate? Why do you know about brother Xiao Yu?”



“It’s like this, my parents once wanted to adopt Xiao Yu too, but he didn’t want to. Then my parents and I talked about it, and it just happened to come to mind so I asked.”



Wen Zheng couldn’t her about the investigation, so he could only tell her a lie.



Qin Siyu seemed to be a frequent visitor to the orphanage, and she was very familiar with where to put everything. Wen Zheng subconsciously asked her, “Were you adopted too?”



“No.” Qin Siyu smiled, “Once, the dean looked for me and said someone wanted to adopt me, but they didn’t want me later.”



The orphanage often had such things happen, so it wasn’t strange, many adoptive parents came then changed their minds.



“This is a picture of little brother Yu.”





Qin Siyu gave him an old photo that had turned yellow, the photo was a photo of two children together, the boy was thin, but his smile was pure and sincere, he half hugged the girl half a head shorter than him, he looked like a doting brother.



Was this really Wen Yu?



It was exactly the same as Wen Yu when he was a child, but with a completely different demeanor, Wen Zheng couldn’t help but ask, “Does he have a twin brother or younger brother?”



Qin Siyu was very confused, “No.”





Wen Zheng’s brows were slightly knitted, looking down at the photo in his hand, his eyes moved from Wen Yu to the little girl beside him, “This girl …… is called Si Si.”



“How do you know?” Qin Siyu was more surprised, how did Wen Zheng know her nickname?





And it looked as if Wen Zheng knew her as a child.



“Why do you remember Xiao Yu so clearly.” Sheng Chao sullenly asked.



“Brother Xiao Yu saved my life, if it wasn’t for him, I would have fallen into the water and drowned when I was four years old, and he also got a serious illness because he saved me.” Qin Siyu explained to Sheng Chao for the first time.





“Sorry. Next time I have the chance to meet him, I’ll definitely thank him properly for saving my girlfriend.”







On the way back, Wen Zheng mentioned his doubts to Wen Huaizhe.



“Dad, can you tell me about the detailed process of adopting Wen Yu?”






“After learning that Sisi was adopted, Xingxing was still sad for a while. That day you went to school not knowing that your mother wanted to make Xingxing happy and took Xingxing with her when she went to the orphanage to donate clothes.”





“There were more children your age in our villa area. Xingxing didn’t have a playmate of the same age, so your mother went to the orphanage as a volunteer, and the orphanage children were very familiar with her. ”






“At that time, your mother was distributing things to the children in the yard. Xingxing followed another teacher to visit the younger children, and the result was that day ……”





“The kidna-ppers didn’t go for the children in the orphanage, their target was him to begin with, they wanted to kidnap Xingxing to blackmail me.”





Wen Zheng heard this and understood, “As a result, they misidentified Wen Yu?”







Wen Yu was different from other children, he was good looking and clean, he didn’t look like an orphan. The kidnappers decided that Wen Yu was the Wen family’s child and took him away directly.




“In that kidnapping case, Wen Yu’s foot was injured seriously. The director of the orphanage said that many families only wanted to adopt healthy children, and if Wen Yu’s foot was not healed, other families would not adopt him.”




“The director of the orphanage at the time also knew about our family’s situation, so he asked us to adopt Wen Yu.”



Wen Huiazhe still remembered what the director said to him at that time.





“Xiao Yu is a good boy, he is very well behaved. If you don’t want him, in case he is left with a disability in his leg, it will be too much damage to the child. He is still so small ……”




Wen Zheng was still confused, because of the kidnapping, his temperament changed greatly? Became sensitive and vulnerable, afraid of being abandoned?





It made sense to say that, but Wen Zheng still felt that there was something wrong.



Wen Yu was seven years old and Xingxing was five.




An adult difference of two years may not see anything, but a child of this age, not to mention a difference of two years, a difference of half a year was particularly obvious.



It just so happened that the wrong person was tied up?




When Wen Yu was young, Wen Zheng’s attitude towards him wasn’t like it was now, which could only be described as unfriendly.




However, over the past few years, he always felt that Wen Yu’s mind wasn’t pure, and as long as Wen Yu was involved, he would be careful.



And the photo was very different from reality. A child’s pure eyes won’t deceive people, but Wen Yu in the photos and the boy Wen Zheng saw for the first time….




Were they twins?







After Lu Wenxing returned to China, Wen Huaizhe didn’t take him back to the old Wen family residence, he couldn’t even tell his father yet until they thoroughly investigated the incident back then, the less people knew the better.






When Xie Chengfei returned to school early in the morning, Lu Xiaofei and Xie Nian went to see him off. Since Xie Nian had to return to B City first for work reasons, Lu Xiaofei didn’t agree to Ji Yuan’s offer to stay, saying that there would be plenty of time to get together later and there was no rush.



If Lu Xiaofei hadn’t been in a hurry, Lu Wenxing could have slept until dinner time, but he still had to get up to see Lu Xiaofei off.



When Wen Zheng and the others came back, they met up with Lu Wenxing at the door.



“Where did you guys go early in the morning?”



“There was something at the company, Dad and I went to take care of it.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t ask too many questions, he didn’t understand the company’s business, “So it’s done?”



“Yes.” Wen Zheng and he walked into the elevator side by side, “I can go to the movies with you guys.”



When it came to this, Lu Wenxing was also very confused, yesterday Wen Zheng promised to go with him, and as a result, he was heard by the passing director Wang.




After all, the Wen Group was the big sponsor of the “Hundred Ghosts” crew, Director Wang said directly without even thinking, “Charter a theater room, those who have time can go together.”



Then ……



Not only the staff, but also the artists in the same group.





Song Jiajia was very interested in the idea of the whole crew going to see the movie thing and said she wanted to participate, pulling Le Hanfei and a large group of people together.





Before the birthday party ended, director Wang also pulled Lu Wenxing and said in a serious tone.



“I didn’t expect Chief Wen to be so approachable, it seems he has a good impression of you, go to the movies tomorrow and perform well. Song Jiajia is an artist of Huayi, let her help you make a connection, it is not difficult to sign into Huayi.”





Director Wang was so worried that Lu Wenxing didn’t know how to explain to him that …… he could sign up with Huayi without a referral.




The group met at the cinema, because Lu Wenxing and Wen Zheng appeared together, even Song Jiajia felt surprised, she heard boss Wen Yan say that Wen Zheng was boring and dull.



But ……




Song Jiajia looked for a few more seconds, why she felt that unlike what the other said, Wen Zheng was …… quite good to Lu Wenxing?





As one of the sponsors Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe appeared together, but they didn’t join Wen Zheng, Lu Wenxing felt that standing with Wen Zheng was too eye-catching, so Wen Zheng said a few words and walked towards the artists of the crew.





“How did you two come together?”





Lu Wenxing, of course, couldn’t say that they came in one car, “I ran into them at the entrance. Mr. Gu hasn’t arrived yet?”



“He ……”



Song Jiajia suddenly saw Gu Yanshen walking over, he changed into a more casual outfit today, carrying two large bags of drinks in his hand, followed by his assistant who also carried two large bags.



“What you want to drink, you can go to the front to get it yourself.” The others excitedly ran to the assistant.





“Ahhhhhhh! Long live the movie emperor Gu.”





“Milk tea and movies are really a perfect match.”





“Get me a can of Co-ke.”





Gu Yanshen held the milk tea and juice in his hand, “I got it for you.”






Lu Wenxing took the juice, Gu Yanshen inserted a straw into the cup of milk tea in his hand and handed it to Lu Wenxing, “Double caramel pudding milk tea.”





Gu Yanshen took his cup of juice from Lu Wenxing again, and then Wen Zheng walked over with the Cok-e Gu Yanshen bought and the popcorn he bought.




Before he opened his mouth, Lu Wenxing had already taken the straw from Wen Zheng’s hand and helped Wen Zheng. His action was very natural, as if he had done it before.




Wen Zheng smiled. He spoke to Lu Wenxing, but his eyes were on Gu Yanshen.




“Will you eat popcorn with me?”




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