C41 —– Climbing Into The Hot Search List

When the movie started, Le Hanfei wanted to sit in the back row, but when he saw Wen Zheng and Gu Yanshen sitting on the left and right of Lu Wenxing, he took a step and turned towards the front row.



“What’s wrong?”



“I don’t know if it’s my illusion, the atmosphere around them is strange.”


Song Jiajia looked back, Wen Zheng was whispering something to Lu Wenxing, because the movie started, in order not to disturb others, Wen Zheng’s voice was very low, sitting in the front row, Song Jiajia couldn’t even hear people breathing.



The screen light hit his cold face, probably because the cold air was too much, Song Jiajia suddenly felt that the surrounding temperature had gone down sharply.



“Where did you come from?”



Teenage Mo Xu was untying the blo-od-stained clothes for the big devil.



“Don’t move, the wound is bleeding again.”



Seeing the topless Gu Yanshen, the people present couldn’t help but exclaim, but only for a moment, the scene turned to the younger Mo Xu, played by Lu Wenxing.



He was pounding the medicine, he grabbed the green herb and placed it on the wounds.


“I asked you a question?”



Not getting a reply, Mo Xu deliberately tightened the bandage, but the big devil didn’t make a sound, not even a muffled grunt, it was as if he didn’t feel the pain.


“What’s your name?”


“Mo Xu.”


“That’s obviously my name, and you don’t look like me.” Mo Xu tilted his head, not taking the big devil’s words seriously and raised his eyes to admonish him. “You are so badly injured, it’ll take at least a month to get well, don’t use internal force during this period.”



“By the way, since you like my name so much, my master and brothers call me Ah Xu, then I’ll call you Ah Yu.”



Mo Xu didn’t give him a chance to refuse, and decided for him on his own. He guessed that Ah Yu was probably injured and mistakenly entered the windless valley, and since he would leave anyway, he didn’t dwell on the other’s real name.



Time passed quickly, Ah Yu could already get out of bed and walk around, but the wound was in the recovery period, so he couldn’t use internal force.



When Ah Yu looked at his face as a teenager, he wanted to ki-ll the naive him several times.



This was just an illusion he created in order to ‘entertain’ that group of righteous fools, he deliberately created an illusion that allowed people to go back in time, back to the time they most missed.



When he saw the three big words, the windless valley, he fell into self-doubt, how was this possible?


Falling into his own illusion was just as well, but how could the period he missed the most be Windless Valley?



The great devil who ki-lled without blinking shouldn’t have any attachment to the world.



Strong people weren’t allowed to have weaknesses, ki-lling Mo Xu would solve this illusionary realm, what was he hesitating?



“Ah Yu, why are you up again?”



Mo Xu sighed with mature expression, he walked over and closed the window, “Now that the wound is healing, it’s easy for it to get infected.”


“I know you want to leave here early, but how are you going to leave if you don’t get well?”



Mo Xu brought the medicine to Ah Yu, “Today’s medicine is a bit bitter.”



Ah Yu didn’t take it, he suddenly remembered a problem, he had lived here for so long, except Mo Xu, he hadn’t seen anyone else. “Where’s your master and senior brother?”



Mo Xu acted like he didn’t understand what he meant, and frowned in confusion, “In seclusion.”



Ah Yu finally realized that something was wrong, Windless Valley was heavily guarded, how could he just barge in? And he had been here for so long, the head of Windless Valley, that was, his master, didn’t notice?



“What’s wrong with you?” Mo Xu suspiciously asked him.



“Nothing.” Ah Yu’s face went blank again, he reached out and took the medicine bowl, then drank it all in one gulp.


“You can go.”



“No, you haven’t told me a story today.”



“Your brothers must have come back, why don’t you let them tell it?” Ah Yu had refusal written all over his face.



“Didn’t I tell you? They’re all in seclusion.”



“Everyone is in seclusion?”



Mo Xu didn’t understand why he asked that, “What’s the problem?”



Ah Yu impatiently told Mo Xu stories about the outside world, and when the night came, while Mo Xu was asleep, Ah Yu pressed his the sleeping point. After confirming that Mo Xu wouldn’t wake up, Ah Yu jumped out of the window.



The windless valley was dead silent, there wasn’t even summer insects, he could occasionally hear the rustling leaves.



Ah Yu walked towards the living room of his master and brothers, the deeper he went, the more bizarre he felt. This hall included the backyard where the disciples lived, but it didn’t feel half as alive, as if it was dead.


Ah Yu visited several houses at night, each neatly furnished, but the rooms were empty, not as if they weren’t in the house, but more like no one had ever lived there.


This wasn’t his illusion.



The illusion would create the same scenes according to the person’s memory, even more clearly than their memory was, and very real, but now the windless valley looked like a false image.

Who was that Mo Xu exactly?



In Ah Yu’s impression, there was never a collective retreat, everything seemed off, he never suspected that windless valley was really an empty valley.



Ah Yu didn’t go too far away, he turned around in the vicinity and then returned to Mo Xu’s courtyard.



“Where have you been?”



Mo Xu, who had just turned to close the door, was taken aback by the sudden voice.



He closed the door with a beat of his fingers and turned around to meet Mo Xu’s inquiring gaze.



Mo Xu’s pretty face looked especially pale under the moonlight.


Even the staff and artists present that knew about this scene were startled by the background sound of the movie and the deliberately horrific atmosphere created.



Lu Wenxing didn’t want to admit that he was frightened by the movie.



Because the point of view was to follow Ah Yu, it was also easy to get into the scene, it was late at night and empty, then someone suddenly appeared behind him, and he happened to find this was a lifeless empty valley.



Lu Wenxing: “……”



Although Lu Wenxing’s movement was very small, Gu Yanshen happened to put his hand into the popcorn bucket held by Lu Wenxing and felt his light tremble, even if he didn’t see it with his own eyes, Gu Yanshen could imagine Lu Wenxing’s eyelashes lightly trembling.



Just like yesterday’s premiere, when Lu Wenxing asked him ‘what to do’ with a nervous expression.



His light-colored eyes were slightly bewildered, cute and unaware.



Gu Yanshen put his fist against his mouth and chuckled. Lu Wenxing immediately looked at him.



He seemed to know that Gu Yanshen was laughing at him, so he felt a little shy, “Don’t laugh.”



Lu Wenxing’s ears were burning. He wanted to stop him but didn’t know how.


The smile at the corner of Gu Yanshen’s mouth got deeper, but he was afraid of annoying him, so he quickly pressed down the corner of his lips. Lu Wenxing quietly watched the movie, feeling embarrassed.



In the subsequent scene, the heroine Xue Ning [Song Jiajia] was chased off a cliff by A hundred ghosts disciples and also mistakenly entered the Windless Valley, and like Ah Yu, she was saved by Mo Xu.


Ah Yu, who was eager to leave, didn’t hurry to leave after he found the weirdness of the Valley. He believed that it was a trick played by those stubborn fools.



Xue Ning’s impression of the Great Demon only existed in her elder martial brothers’ reports when he went down the mountain for the first time. But since she arrived at the Windless Valley, Xue Ning couldn’t find a way to leave. She listened to her elder martial brothers’ instructions, which was to handle the Great Demon carefully, and convey the situation in the valley to the outside world while ensuring her own safety.



However, in this short few days together, Xue Ning gradually found that the big devil was the blo-odthirsty, unblinking evil ghost leader they said.



He usually didn’t even bother to take care of Xue Ning and Mo Xu, but when Mo Xu pestered him several times to tell a story, although his face showed impatience, he dryly told the unfinished story.



“So the glazed jade that everyone is fighting over can really open the secret treasure?”



Mo Xu’s eyes were filled with curiosity, only to hear Ah Yu sneer, “Ridiculous, it’s an empty rumor, causing unrest throughout the cultivation world.”



“A lot of people died? What a pity.” Mo Xu sighed lightly, “If I can get out of the valley, I will be a great hero and stop this calamity.”



“Naive, you think they are fighting for the glazed jade? But they are looking for an excuse so that they can exterminate the family, and frame the several sects that are interested in the Glazed Jade, to provoke strife and make them suspicious of each other.”



“Hey, big devil.” After a few days of getting along, Xue Ning was no longer so afraid of Ah Yu, “Mirror Immortal Sect and Holy Sage Sect, as well as the extermination case of Wanhua Sect, is it related to you?”



Ah Yu didn’t bother to explain, he coldly looked at Xue Ning, “They all die-d by my hand, if you don’t want to die, hurry up and get out.”



Xue Ning didn’t say she couldn’t get out, now she was more sure that there was something fishy in this matter, because in the past few days, although the big devil always threatened to ki-ll her, he never did it.


Xue Ning also found that as long as it was a bad thing in the world, the big devil didn’t mind taking it on him.


Since the exterminator wasn’t the big devil, he must be from outside the valley. Maybe he was now with people from other sects, pretending to punish evil.


During this time, Ah Yu made new discoveries, such as the fact that every day in the Windless Valley was clear and the hour of sunset was always the same as the hour of sunrise.



On the other hand, senior brother’s initial purpose was to protect Xue Ning, and he gave Xue Ning some immortal weapons for self-defense by transmitting things across the air, but he found that they could really be transmitted.



“Little sister, we have found this space-time formation, and we will soon be able to go in and find you. I’ll give you something, catch it.”



“What is it?”



“Find a chance to mix it in the Great Devil’s food, it’s a colorless and tasteless medicine, he won’t notice.”



Xue Ning didn’t have time to ask detailed questions, Mo Xu was carrying a basket towards her, “I caught a lot of fish, can we still eat grilled fish tonight? I want to eat what you made.”





That night, Xue Ning didn’t have time to take the medicine because Mo Xu’s senior brother Si Yi came.

Her and Ah Yu were surprised, they confirmed several times that there was no one else in the valley, why would Si Yi appear here?



Was Si Yi a person outside the valley, or was he also an illusion in the valley like Mo Xu?



“Little brother, how come you didn’t mention that you have guests?” Si Yi’s eyes fell on the big devil, smiling as he walked over and rubbed Mo Xu’s head affectionately.


“I’ve entertained them well, they’re happy staying here.”



Ah Yu and Xue Ning looked at Si Yi warily, but Si Yi seemed to be unaware, his eyes were on Mo Xu.



“Have you been practicing hard lately?”





Mo Xu nodded without hesitation, ignoring the matter of pestering Ah Yu to tell stories these days.



“You’re so good.”



“So when can I leave the valley?”


“When you can stand ten moves from me.” Si Yi’s eyes were gentle, but the big devil felt that something was wrong.


Did Senior Brother Si Yi treat him like that before? Why didn’t he remember?



Si Yi looked at Mo Xu as if he missed something.

“Si Yi is Le Hanfei?” Wen Zheng suddenly asked Lu Wenxing.



“Yes.” Lu Wenxing remembered that Wen Zheng was face-blind, and asked curiously, “Can you tell who is who when you watch a movie?”






Wen Zheng wasn’t face blind to everyone, he was only face blind to the people in talent shows, if the hair color was similar, he couldn’t tell who was who.



Before the movie started, Le Hanfei walked towards them, supposedly to find Xingxing, but then somehow turned towards Song Jiajia in the front row.



“You and Le Hanfei are very close?”



Lu Wenxing didn’t know what his brother’s definition of good was, and after thinking for a few seconds, he answered, “Not bad?”



Wen Zheng continued, “Then your relationship with Gu Yanshen is also okay?”



Gu Yanshen’s eyes were on the screen, but his ears subconsciously straightened, as if nothing happened, his body leaned towards Lu Wenxing.



In fact, he didn’t hear much of what the two said, but people were always very sensitive to their own names.



He was very sure that he heard his name from Wen Zheng.



“It’s a little bit better.”



Gu Yanehen had helped Lu Wenxing more than once, even this movie was also because of Gu Yanshen, being an exchange student was also because Gu Yanshen and Song Jiajia gave him positive advice.



Hearing these words, the corners of Gu Yanshen’s mouth rose slightly, but Wen Zheng, who was on Lu Wenxing’s right hand side, didn’t look too happy.


After the movie ended, Wen Zheng wasn’t even happy. Xie Chengfei and Lu Wenxing had a good relationship, he has nothing to say, but …… Gu Yanshen?



Because they made a movie together? Or the variety show?



With this in mind, Wen Zheng just wanted to find out the truth as soon as possible. He must deal with the mess before Xingxing returned home. Taking Xingxing home early would help foster brotherhood.


“I have something to do tonight, I’ll leave first.”



“I’m fine for the night, but I’m going to the set tomorrow.”



“Okay.” After the movie was over, director Wang let the crowd sit in their seats and took a group photo before letting them leave.



“Si Yi and Mo Xu, brothers turned into enemies.”



“I really didn’t think the illusion was made by Si Yi, just to protect the carefree and hopeful young brother.”



“When Ah Yu found the windless valley empty, it was really scary, I didn’t expect it to lead to a sad background story.”



“After knowing the existence of the little brother, he scattered his life’s cultivation to visualize a windless valley.”



“Windless Valley’s sun rises and sets at exactly the same time, because time does not flow.”



“Before Ah Yu broke in, Mo Xu was actually repeating the same life.”



After watching the movie, Lu Wenxing couldn’t help but go through the comments on Weibo.



Viewers who had seen the movie couldn’t get enough of it and discussed it eagerly in the comment section.



[Ah Yu finally fulfilled Mo Xu’s wish, but Mo Xu couldn’t see it.]



[Si Yi is protecting the innocent younger martial brother and his beautiful dreams in his youth.]



[I thought Xiao Mo Xu was also an illusion. It turned out that he was a result of Ah Yu’s obsession when he was a teenager.]



[Ah Yu knows that if he agrees with Mo Xu’s request, he will disappear between heaven and earth, but Ah Yu agrees because he doesn’t want Mo Xu to stay in the nihility with his obsession.]



[Did anyone see Xiao Mo Xu’s smile when he finally disappeared? I went to look at the scene for a few seconds again and read it with my tenth lip language. Xiao Moxu is saying thank you to A Yu.]



[Upstairs, did Xiao Moxu find that his world is illusory when Ah Yu appeared? So he is eager to know what is happening outside, not because of curiosity, but to confirm his guess.]



[After knowing Si Yi’s mind, Mo Xu always pestered Si Yi to take him out of the valley every time but he never said he wanted to leave the valley. But he told Ah Yu that he wanted to leave the valley, in fact, he also hoped that Ah Yu could help him get rid of it.]


[Repeating the same day is terrible.]


[Nobody cried for the female lead? My little sister Xue Ning is so miserable. She thought she was loved by everyone, but all the disciples coveted her blo-od.]



[Ah Yu is also miserable. He watched his martial brothers die in front of his own eyes, because he saved the wrong people. He watched the glass fire burn the Valley for seven days, which disfigured him. He couldn’t live or die, harnessing a hundred ghosts in the Valley was just self-torture i]



[ Because Ah Yu himself is trapped in the Valley of A Hundred Ghosts, so he hopes that Xiao Mo Xu can leave the Windless Valley, even if he doesn’t exist in the world, it is better than being trapped in the world by obsession. ]



[A Hundred Ghosts is actually a misery contest, right?]



Nobody expected that the box office of “A Hundred Ghosts” would double again in less than three days. In addition to several leading actors, Lu Wenxing also attracted many fans because of “A Hundred Ghosts”, as well as many career fans, mom fans and girlfriend fans.



Lu Wenxing used to have no works and no exposure. In the eyes of the audience, he was new enough, and because the role he played was heartbreaking, he naturally attracted fans.


[ Is that right? I came to Weibo excitedly and found that he has to leave for a year? Ah! No, I’m so sad that I can’t see Wenxing]



[I went to Baidu Encyclopedia, and there was too little information about Wenxing. I wanted to see his previous works, but there’s none.]



[He went to the variety show ” Weekend Unlimited”, and he was a partner to Boss Gu. Baidu Encyclopedia has more information now. When we first started to publish, except for the name and gender, there was only a paste photo that looked like mosaic.]



[Wenxing’s fans were really aggrieved. We only knew his birthday a few days ago. Mang Cheng Entertainment was too unreliable. I don’t doubt that Mang Cheng Entertainment signed Wenxing to hide him.]



[He’s such a good star, but he doesn’t have good resources. It was said that he was busy, but he didn’t have exposure. He only had print advertisements. How many people are reading magazines and paper advertisements now?]


[Thank you, Emperor Gu for choosing Wenxing, if not for Wenxing being on the variety show, I almost missed such a good star, woo woo]



[Thank you, Emperor Gu.]



That night, the movie “A Hundred Ghosts” was obviously on the hot search list, but also climbing up the hot search list was Lu Wenxing, a topic that fans spontaneously topped up, and quickly rose from the last place to the fifth.



#Waiting for the return of Wenxing#





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