C44 —– Interstellar Live Streaming

Every mecha competition would be broadcast live on the virtual network, with countless visual shots encompassing all scenes on the competition field, never missing any details.



Here, you could repeatedly savor the exciting moments of the competition, gush about the interesting events of the competition, and meticulously observe every move of your idol.



For example, right now, there were people who kept switching live streams, in an effort to find their idols.



As the successor of the Elvis family and also the only son of the military marshal, coupled with his strength and outstanding performance since childhood, Adrian had many fans.


Before the competition even began, a new thread was created in the competition section to discuss Adrian’s performance in the competition and to express their strong feelings of admiration for him.



And after the official start of this group competition, all the fans were desperately looking for their idols. After all, the number of people in the competition was too large, and the officials refused to directly announce the personal information of the contestants, so they had to assign tasks and then look for them shot by shot.



[Ahhhhhhh! I finally found Adrian, his competition number is 1687532, pals hurry up and come ah!]



After this comment appeared, the post was instantly quiet as everyone immediately ran to watch their idol on the live stream.



But after a few minutes, the thread instantly became lively again, with intense discussions piling up the thread higher and higher, and the popularity of the thread grew.



Fan #1: This contestant number 605739 mecha warrior is really funny ah, his spiritual energy and mecha operation ability is only class A and he even dares to stand out, it is too funny! ╮(╯▽╰)╭



Fan 2: I saw thatvguy with black hair and black eyes again. My God, his spiritual energy level is only F, isn’t it too low? Σ (°△ ° | | |) Why did Adrian form a team with this person?



Fan No. 3: Am I the only one who sees him being pampered? It is clear that his spiritual energy is only level F, but he can form a team with Adrian and be treated like this. I really have never seen him so gentle! I want to be spoilt like this
_ (: з」 ∠)_ .



Fan #4: pampered +1, while expressing envy and jealousy, looking at Adrian’s smile, my heart is melting, but it’s a pity that this smile is not for me!



Fan #5: Pampered +2, envy +1, why am I not the one teaming up with you!?



Fans: Shut up, will you! By teaming up with someone with such low qualifications, Adrian will definitely be affected! What if Adrian doesn’t get the title this time? This guy who is teamed up with Adrian is so annoying, he knows he is so weak, but he is dragging Adrian down, he shouldn’t be in this competition at all!



Fan #6: That’s a bit much, isn’t it? Although this person’s qualification is really low, since Adrian agreed to team up with him, we should support him as much as we support Adrian, after all, they are now partners in the competition together.



Fan #7: Yeah, and although we are Adrian’s fans, we have absolutely no right to interfere with his personal decisions, let alone bash the partner of his choice!



Fan #8: +1 for supporting Dada’s choice.



Fan #9: Support Dada’s choice +2.


Fan who was looking for trouble: Enough! Don’t you guys know that if it wasn’t for the existence of this person, the person who should be teamed up with Adrian would be the Great god Elisa Brandt? The Brandt family is a family of rune card masters, and Elisa is also very good at making rune cards, if she teamed up with Adrian, they would definitely win the championship!



Fan #10: I think you’re the one who should shut up. I’ve never heard Adrian talk about teaming up with Elisa, so if you bring this up at this time, aren’t you deliberately trying to discredit him?



Fan #11: I think so too, and if you really like Elisa, you shouldn’t mention her in this kind of place, she has her own partner now and is also participating in the competition, I don’t think this kind of talk will do her any good.



Fan #12: Yeah, can’t we just watch the game properly? If you don’t support him, please don’t say anything, otherwise, your behavior is hurting him.


Fan looking for trouble: I’m obviously thinking about Adrian, but you guys don’t agree with me and you’re saying this, you’re all going too far! I’ll just wait and see what you have to say when Adrian loses! I won’t be a fan of Adrian in the future anyway, I’m so disappointed that he chose such a partner!



Fan #13: Good riddance, you’re not really a fan of Adrian then.



Fan #14: Good riddance +1, by the way, please take your last paragraph with you, I don’t think Adrian will lose, and I don’t think he’ll be a sore loser.



Fan #15: Good riddance +2, even though I like Adrian, it doesn’t mean he has to do what I like, because I like what he does.





In the midst of all the “goodbye”, a certain fan who was looking for trouble could only leave the thread in tears and quit Star Live, but thinking about what the other fans said, he felt particularly resentful and couldn’t resist going to the discussion forum and posting another thread to hack Adrian and He Yishu.



How far can the combination of #waste and genius go? #Within



In the post, the former Adrian fan, who had already became an anti-fan, directly named the target of his sarcasm, a genius whose spiritual energy level and mecha control ability had reached S level, and a spiritual energy level of only level F, such a combination was very rare.



If you put such a pair in the mecha competition, will they be able to create a new miracle, or will they become a laughing stock among the people?



The people in the discussion forum tended to focus on the hilarity, when they saw this post, they happily stated their own speculation, although there were also people who said that the team’s partner was the choice of the players themselves, and shouldn’t be brought out to criticize, most people were facing this post with an amused mindset.



For these things, both He Yishu and Adrian were unaware of them, one of them was now discussing mecha combat strategies with other team members, and the other was concentrating on making rune cards.



He Yishu made a defense rune card with high-grade rune paper and inkstone rune pen, and he was using the Song font, he had already tested it before, the number of times the rune card could be used could be increased to ten with a rune card made in this way.



Compared to the normal situation where each rune card could only be used once, the Song font rune card He Yishu had created could be said to be extremely unbelievable.



Considering that once this kind of rune card appeared in front of the world, it would certainly cause a huge sensation and may even directly scare people, He Yishu thought about it and made another less standardized Song font rune card, which could be used repeatedly about five or six times.



In addition to the defensive rune cards, He Yishu made four other rune cards, two speed rune cards and two attack rune cards, one speed rune card and one attack rune card in Song style, which could be reused five times.



The remaining two were done with Regular Script, which could be used about five times.



After making these rune cards, He Yishu began to listen to the discussion between Adrian and the other team members.



The 739th mecha warrior’s opinion was very simple and brutal: “You all should listen to me, later on, our team will directly find a nearby opponent for a focused attack, and retreat directly after the fight.”



Adrian, however, didn’t agree: “We must ensure the safety of our own team before we can safely launch an attack, the efficiency and results of the attack will vary depending on the way of attack, if we directly abandon an attack plan, it is tantamount to minimizing the efficiency of the attack.”



“The teams shouldn’t have discussed the combat strategy carefully yet.” Mecha warrior #739 didn’t think so.



Someone couldn’t help but express his dissatisfaction, “Since you don’t know anything, why don’t you just let Mecha Warrior #532 be our team leader?”



As soon as Mecha Warrior No. 739 heard this, he exploded: “I just said that I’m now the team leader, how can we change the leader at this time?!”



“But just now we had no idea that you were so inexperienced in leadership, nor did we know that Mecha Warrior #532 was so strong,” another person couldn’t help but offer a rebuttal, “And judging from the two of you, it’s obvious that Mecha Warrior #532 is more experienced in leadership and has a more comprehensive view of things. He is more experienced in leadership and has a more comprehensive view of things.”


Mecha warrior #739, however, turned a deaf ear to this and said unforgivingly, “We have limited time, it isn’t suitable to change the leader. We’re in a race against time!”



The others were about to speak up, but Adrian went ahead and said, “For now, let’s follow Mecha Warrior 739’s decision, but if there are major problems in the battle afterwards, I hope you will voluntarily give up your position as leader.”

If they proposed to change the leader now, even if they succeeded, the 739th Mecha Warrior would definitely be unconvinced and it may even affect the battle afterwards.



The 739th mecha warrior’s personal ability was really strong, Adrian didn’t want to lose this combat power because of this, therefore he spoke like this.



The 739th mecha warrior was extremely excited: “You don’t have to worry, my leadership ability will certainly not be a problem!”



Adrian didn’t pay attention to the words of Mecha Warrior No. 739, but reassured the other team members, “The ability of the team leader needs to be witnessed, we shouldn’t think too much, let’s obey the arrangement of Mecha Warrior No. 739.”



He Yishu looked at Adrian with a smirk on the side, “You are simply too bad.”


On one hand, he silenced Mecha warrior No. 739, and on the other hand, he established prestige in front of the other team members and solidified his leadership position in advance. It had to be said that such a strategy was indeed very clever, but it was also really bad.



Adrian smiled and squeezed He Yishu’s hand, snickering, “I learned to be bad only by following you.”



He Yishu choked for a moment, but he had to admit that he deliberately hid his strength, which was indeed a bit ungenerous: “Well, in this way, it seems that the two of us are considered the same.”




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