Qiao Nan felt that something wasn’t quite right with the current development.



If Amos made him realize that this world was different from the past, then now Noel’s words made him completely understand that the world had changed.




“Eugene, can you leave first? I have some personal matters to talk to Mr. Noel.” Qiao Nan supported Eugene, who stood still and didn’t move: “Is it really okay if I don’t stay with you?”




“I won’t hurt teacher.” Norman frowned and pulled Qiao Nan’s wrist towards the inside of the city lord’s residence: “Butler, send the people away.”




Qiao Nan didn’t say anything, he obediently moved forward, he he pulled back his hand, but found that he still couldn’t pull his hand out, so he had to speak, “Noel, can you let go of me?”



“If I let go of you, you’ll leave, right?” Norman not only didn’t let go of his hand but also held him tighter, “Before, that happened, now this, when will you put me in mind? I also care about you, every time you suddenly go away like this, don’t you take into account my mood at all?”



What was this before and what is this now? I don’t remember what I did in the first place!



Qiao Nan actually wanted to ask this, but he looked at Norman’s current state and wisely swallowed the question back.




If he asked this, something bad may happen, and the result was definitely not what he wanted to see.




Norman’s breathing was heavy for a few minutes, and he looked at Qiao Nan’s face, as if he could see through his mask to his heart.



Norman’s breath was heavy for a few minutes. He looked at Qiao Nan’s face and seemed to see his real face through his mask.



Whether there was still a familiar person in the beating heart, and whether he would still embrace and love him as before.




Originally, he didn’t want to confess, but he couldn’t help himself.



So he could only say it now!



“I have waited for you for hundreds of years.” Norman said softly, “Teacher, you should still remember me, right?”




That moment, Norman’s heartbeat like a drum, he could almost hear the sound of his own heartbeat, he watched Qiao Nan’s eyes slowly widen, revealing his shocked and overwhelmed expression, he suddenly had a very funny feeling.



He could recognize teacher at a glance, but teacher couldn’t recognize him.



It was too ridiculous.




But …… he wasn’t unable to understand.



For him, the teacher was all he had, but for the teacher, he may just be his disciple, or maybe even a troublesome child.





Even if he came back to life again, his first reaction wasn’t to come to him, but to go to the Magic Kingdom to find that Amos.



He would never allow such a thing to happen!



In fact, there were quite a few people who called Qiao Nan teacher, he had been inside this game for so long, every race had been visited. He taught countless children, he couldn’t remember exactly how many, Norman, his disciple, left a deep impression on him.



Cleanliness, long hair, especially liked to find trouble for him.



He was smart, learnt things quickly, his family background was also good, but it was because his family was good, so he especially liked to find trouble.




At first Qiao Nan didn’t intend to take him as a disciple.



At that time almost all humans wanted to become his disciple, he had just become the only human in the world who had reached the demigod level, and only stayed because there was an achievement that he hadn’t finished.



Norman was also one of them, but he was the most outstanding.



In addition to the God of Light and GM who couldn’t suppress Qiao Nan, even the king couldn’t do anything with him.




As a royal son, Norman still had to be respectful in front of Qiao Nan, trying to get some goodwill.




He even went to the streets pretending to be a beggar in order to create a chance encounter!





You should know that Norman’s obsession with cleanliness was inherent. He usually had to wash his hands many times if he got dirty, let alone choosing to be dirty just to meet Qiao Nan.




Qiao Nan was annoyed by these people. In order to refuse those guys in good faith, he threw out a test. As long as anyone could complete his test, they would become his disciple.




That task was very difficult, only magicians that were level seventy and above could do it but those magicians wouldn’t lower themselves to worship a young man as a teacher, so Qiao Nan was very free for a while.





Countless people scrambled to complete that task. All of them failed, only Norman, the second generation of the emperor who seemed most unlikely to complete the task, completed the most impossible task.





At that time Qiao Nan wanted to strangle him.





That time Norman was annoying, he now vividly remembered.





For example, mixing all of his potions together to make a big explosion, looking for something inside the laboratory, messing up his experimental materials and making himself spend a week rearranging them. Unauthorized changes to the magic spell he taught him, accidentally backfired all his cultivation, he also had to fix all mistakes. He had to research a new magic potion to completely heal him.





When the two separated, Qiao Nan could occasionally recall the other’s good moments, but when the two really met and recognized each other, Qiao Nan could only recall the mess the other had made, the trouble he had caused him, and the time he was so angry with the other that he jumped to his feet.




“How come you are here?” Qiao Nan quickly calmed down after the initial shock. Because he understood that shock couldn’t change anything, nor could it answer his questions, it’d only make the situation worse.




The Lord of the City …… Norman even remembered him.





And the rank list that Eugene said ……





Before Qiao Nan didn’t confirm his suspicions, only because there wasn’t enough information, he had only been in the game for a total of twelve hours, a lot of things happened, he was so busy that he couldn’t seek the truth.





When Norman took the initiative to speak, Qiao Nan became sure of his suspicions.





The game wasn’t a private test anymore.





The Sanctuary was a game made by humans, so the race with the largest number of people must be the human race, and the human race had the largest territory, this was an indisputable fact.





The timeline at the time of the initial internal test was somewhat different from now, and the plot of the game’s public test now was likely to be several hundred years after the timeline of its own internal test.





After all, the task of perfecting a single scene was much faster than perfecting an entire world line, and it didn’t seem incomprehensible that a BUG would leave an impression after the world reboot.





But there was one more thing Qiao Nan couldn’t figure out.





Why was it that when he went to the other races, the other races had no trace of him?




“After teacher was k-illed by the god of Light, I stayed in our castle until not long ago when I came here, changed my appearance and name, and became the Lord of the City, taking over Bangal City.” Norman explained, “A month later, you came.”





“Wait, I was killed by the God of Light?” Qiao Nan’s focus was on this.





Qiao Nan was wondering how the other had come to this conclusion.





He clearly remembered that when he had left this world, he had just completed all the achievements in a very ordinary way, and had also accidentally gotten the chance to become a god.





It was just that he didn’t choose to become a god in the first place, but left the human copy and chose to enter the next elven copy.






How could Norman think that the God of Light did it?





At that time the God of Light was just a background, how could he do it to him, and with the degree of preference that the God of Light had for him, he couldn’t wait to favor him, how could he personally k-ill him?





“Teacher you broke through the demigod stage, the god of light k-illed you when you were about to advance.” Recalling the scene at that time, Norman still felt his heart pounding with regret, “If I could have discovered the god of Light’s plot in advance, then you wouldn’t have died, I was too weak!”




If he became a little stronger, strong enough to snatch his teacher back from the god of Light, then would his teacher have died?




If he could be a little stronger, then he would be able to leave his teacher’s body behind to find a chance to resurrect him, instead of being unable to leave anything behind, unable to do anything like he was now, only looking at the room where the two used to live together in silence.




Qiao Nan was confused, obviously not understanding what the other was talking about.



Seeing Qiao Nan’s puzzled expression, what else did Norman not understand?



Must be that the god of Light took away the teacher’s memory. He made teacher forget the memory of when he was k-illed by the god of Light, so that he could peacefully enjoy the fruits that the teacher brought him.




The teacher was good enough that that god of Light even taught the teacher about the Heavenly Clan and made the teacher his follower.





He was disgusting!




It didn’t matter, he was already much stronger than before, just give him some more time, he could totally reach the level of a god!




But when one reached level one hundred, one was also likely to be targeted by the god of Light that wanted to obliterate them.





Then, what he had to do now was to try to keep his strength pressed at level ninety-nine, not to attract the attention of the god of Light, and then continue with his plan.





He came to Bangal City because of the same reason.





Bangal City was the closest main city to the Abyssal Demon Domain, and the time could be shortened through Bangal City’s teleportation array, and before that, he had investigated Amos.




It was said that Amos was secretly in love with the true Demon King of the Abyssal Demon Race, only that Demon King had fallen into a deep sleep and had never awakened.





Amos had been level ninety-nine a long time ago, and he was stuck at level ninety-nine and hadn’t continued to climb up the ranks, not choosing to break through to become a god.





Norman thought it was very strange at first, why the other party obviously had the strength to break through but didn’t break through, and then he understood.





Because the other and himself, they were aware that becoming a god was likely to provoke the god of light, that selfish guy.





The god of Light wanted to be the only god in this world, and he wouldn’t allow anyone else to be like him.





This was also the reason why he went after teacher.



Because teacher would become the next god, the god who would shelter humanity.



Even if there were people behind him who had reached that level, still no one chose to break through.



Norman wanted to cooperate with Amos.



A level ninety-nine couldn’t, then unite two, if two level ninety-nine also couldn’t, then three, four, five, six…..





Someone in the heavenly race had already reached level ninety-ninth, but the Heavenly race was created by the god of Light, they would certainly be on the side of the god of Light, so he could choose only so many people.




The king of each race.



If the combined six level ninety-nine had no way to nail the god of Light, then they could only choose to break through, as long as one of the six of them broke through successfully, then the god of Light would definitely die!




And he would be the only one who succeeded!




“Even if you forget, it does not matter, as long as I still remember, no one will hurt you.” Norman reached out and took Qiao Nan into his arms, his chin resting on the top of his head, Qiao Nan seemed to be able to feel the vibrations coming from his chest as he spoke, and the firmness and strength of his hand as he placed it on his waist, tightening it around Qiao Nan’s waist, made him a little breathless.





“I will definitely take revenge for you, teacher.”





Qiao Nan: …… So what the hell did this have to do with the god of Light?!




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