C34—- Gentle Neighbor

Chu Chen’an faced Xu Moshu’s oppressive gaze and took a few steps back.


Xiao Zhou stopped in front of Chu Chen’an and looked at Xu Moshu warily, he took out his police badge and placed it in front of Xu Moshu, “Mr. Xu, I seriously suspect that you are suspected of illegal detention, please come with me to the city police station.”


“Oh, it’s a police officer.”


The smile under Xu Moshu’s eyes was dark, he walked towards Xiao Zhou, one hand on Xiao Zhou’s shoulder, “I would like to ask Officer Xiao, before you falsely accuse me without evidence, does your current behavior constitute as illegal burglary?”


“I burglarized? What have I stolen from you?” Xiao Zhou said angrily.


“You broke into my house and tried to take away my fiancee, isn’t that burglary?” Xu Moshu narrowed his eyes.


Xiao Zhou gradually lost his patience, he pushed Xu Moshu away, “If it’s really like you said, would you lock him up like this? He’s the proof, what are you trying to say? Don’t think you can do whatever you want just because you’re rich, Xu Moshu.”


Xu Moshu smiled with a bit of provocation, he raised his hand and took Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, “I think you misunderstood, officer, he is indeed my fiancee. I didn’t expect our little love affair between husband and wife would bring you such a big misunderstanding, I’m really sorry.”


He leaned over and kissed Chu Chen’an’s cheek, his palm around his shoulder began to tighten, “Don’t you think so, baby?”


Chu Chen’an nervously glanced at the reckless unlucky officer, and then glanced at Xu Moshu.


He hesitated for two seconds, and under Xu Moshu’s gaze, he reluctantly nodded.


He was too stupid.


He shouldn’t have gotten his hopes up.


Xu Moshu, the pervert, was far more frightening than he had thought.


Xiao Zhou’s expression was questioning as he looked at the teenager in front of him with wide eyes, “Don’t be afraid, tell the truth. I’m a police officer, with me here, he won’t dare to do anything to you.”


“An An, we made Officer Xiao misunderstand like this, it’s really not right.” Xu Moshu intimately hugged Chu Chen’an, his smile was gentle, “Come, apologize to Officer Xiao on my behalf.”


Chu Chen’an felt the hot air from his ear.


He raised his drooping eyes and nervously whispered, “Yes, I’m sorry.”


“Tell Officer Xiao that I’m your fiancé?” Xu Moshu asked again slyly.



Chu Chen’n’s eyes trembled as he looked at Xu Moshu’s smile and was even more sure that he was finished again.



He replied in a small voice, “Yes ……”



“So good.” Xu Moshu pinched Chu Chen’an’s cheek.


Xiao Zhou’s eyes were full of suspicion as he stared at Xu Moshu.


Xu Moshu intertwined his ten fingers with Chu Chen’an’s and raised the back of his white tender hand so that the ring on his ring finger was facing Xiao Zhou, “Please look carefully, Officer Xiao. He is my fiancée, and we will soon be married. In the future, pay more attention when you go out on a case, don’t smash the window and pull someone else’s fiancée and run ……”


“If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my fiancée back, so I won’t see Officer Xiao off.” Xu Moshu’s calm words held a sneer, “In addition, my lawyer will send you a lawyer’s letter tomorrow, he will be responsible for dealing with you concerning the lawsuit and compensation related matters, Xiao Zhou.”



Xu Moshu deliberately read Xiao Zhou’s full name, then he threw Xiao Zhou’s coat draped on Chu Chen’an on the grass, took off his own gray suit and covered Chu Chen’an tightly.



He picked up Chu Chen’an by the waist, his wide and strong palm held Chu Chen’an’s slim waist, and he said in a cold voice to the bodyguard captain behind him, “Send the guest away.”


“Yes.” The black-clad bodyguard at the head bowed respectfully.


Xu Moshu stepped on Xiao Zhou’s jacket and turned towards the manor’s gate with Chu Chen’an in his arms.


Xiao Zhou was furious and spun in place as he was forcibly invited out of the Fuyang District by the men in black.



Unwillingly, he got into his own car and accelerated back to the police station. He tried to gather the police team to search Xu Moshu again before he was called into the office by the chief and scolded.



“Are you a bandit! Ah! To smash the glass of other people’s homes in broad daylight, you as a police officer, even this professionalism is not up to standard, do you deserve this police uniform you are wearing?”



“Your grandfather let you come here, to let you take his place in the future, as a good police officer, look at you now, what do you look like ……”



“For the sake of Master Xiao, I will not give you a demerit this time, go outside and write a 5,000-word review, and next time, even if your grandfather comes, I have to let you roll up and leave!”





Xiao Zhou was scolded fiercely and some spit landed on his face, he swallowed his anger for a long time, and stubborn retorted, “He, Xu Moshu is a civilian, why can’t I check him?”


The middle-aged director took a sip of tea and sneered at Xiao Zhou’s silly look.


“Your grandfather is the secretary of A city, you have this capital, but do you know who his grandfather is?”


Xiao Zhou asked unconvincingly, “Who is it?”


The middle-aged director took out yesterday’s newly published State House Evening News, stretched out his finger and pointed to a certain old man on the left side of the chief, “This, is Xu Moshu’s grandfather.”


Xiao Zhou froze.


He left the director’s office as if he had been splashed with a basin of cold water.


The idea of going to Xu Moshu’s house again was instantly dispelled.




This little episode, however, didn’t allow Chu Chen’an to muddle through.


Chu Chen’an was thrown inside the cabin on the top floor of the villa.


This room was dark, with only a bed and wooden table.


Xu Moshu looked down at him expressionlessly, tugging at his tie with one hand. “It seems my An An hasn’t learned his lesson, you actually dared to run with another man.”


Chu Chen’an shivered as he held onto Xu Moshu’s sleeve, “No, I didn’t, he was the one who pulled me.”



“Really,” Xu Moshu nibbled on Chu Chen’an’s crimson lips, “then why did I see you running so happily just now.”



The corners of Chu Chen’an’s eyes were slightly red and he said pitifully, “No, I just wanted to go out and have a look, it’s too stuffy here, I didn’t want to run ……”



He was here every day and could only see the hills in the distance.


Xu Moshu quietly listened to Chu Chen’an finish, his palm gently caressed Chu Chen’an’s face, and said in a warm voice, “Is that so, baby? I’m sorry, these days I was too afraid of losing you, I’m insecure, so I ignored your thoughts …… If you wanted to go out, why didn’t you talk to me? We’ll move to the city center in a few days, I’ll take you wherever you want to go to play, OK?”


Chu Chen’an listened to Xu Moshu’s gentle coaxing.


He gradually forgot to be afraid, he lowered his eyes, “Really, really?”


“Really. We have several houses in the city center, you can stay anywhere you want. I’ll have the housekeeper print out the pictures tomorrow so you can pick.” Xu Moshu wrapped his arms around Chu Chen’an and soothed him.


Only then did Chu Chen’an stop trembling and let Xu Moshu kiss the tears off the ends of his eyes ……


And as he completely let his guard down, the tie suddenly wrapped around his wrist!


Chu Chen’an was stunned, he panicked and struggled.


“However, before that, An An has to make up for the punishment he owes.” Xu Moshu was like a demon lurking in the shadows, wearing a mask of tenderness.


“By the way, we have a house in the city center on the thirty-sixth floor. The floor-to-ceiling windows there are placed with anti-peep glass, and after we move there, I can hold you in front of the glass windows ……”



His fingertips wiped over the end of Chu Chen’an’s eyes, “So pitiful, just cried until midnight last night, and today it will continue.”


“An An remember to scream more, I love to hear it.”




Chu Chen’an couldn’t remember how many times he was forced to say husband, and forgot how long he cried.


He stayed here and became even more indistinguishable from day and night.


Instead, he became more dependent on Xu Moshu.




Five or six days later, early in the morning.


Chu Chen’an was sleeping soundly in Xu Moshu’s arms when he vaguely heard the phone ringing from Xu Moshu’s cell phone.


Xu Moshu sat up, one hand quickly covered Chu Chen’an’s ears, one hand answered the phone, his voice was very soft, “Hey, grandpa, yes, things are all taken care of ……”


Yan Ci’s voice came from the other side, “Why is your voice so low?”


“An An is still sleeping.” Xu Moshu’s fingers lightly rubbed Chu Chen’an’s earlobe, soothing him to go back to sleep.


“That’s fine, I won’t say much, when will you bring that child for me to see?” Elder Xu said.


“Okay, I’ll bring him over when I have time.” Xu Moahu said.


“What do you mean when there’s time? I don’t see you having time any day. Tomorrow is fine, what day is the wedding date scheduled for?” Elder Xu never liked to drag things out.


Xu Moshu: “…… Okay, set it for the second day of June.”


Master Xu: “It’s OK if it’s set. Moshu ah, after becoming a family, take care of him, those messy things have been dealt with, the previous things …… to you ……”


Xu Moshu’s eyes darkened, he didn’t want to chat further, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up.”


Chu Chen’an squinted open his eyes, lying quietly with his back to Xu Moshu, in fact, he heard everything.


What happened in the past ……


What happened to Xu Moshu in the past?


Xu Moshu leaned down and kissed his earlobe, and Chu Chen’an suddenly closed his eyes.


“An An, I have to go to the office for something, I will be back before noon to have lunch with you. If you’re bored, watch TV, Jiao Jiao is downstairs, I’ll have her come up to keep you company later, hmm?”



Chu Chen’an closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, not answering.


Xu Moshu kissed the corner of his lips again and left a sticky note on the dinner plate on the bedside table before reluctantly leaving the room.


Before leaving, he also meticulously checked the lock of the door of the room.


Only a few minutes after Xu Moshu left, he slowly opened his eyes.


He took out the remote control and tuned to the news channel.



As expected, the news broadcast was still the latest development of the case in the happiness district.



The female host ably said to the camera, “According to this station, there is not just one crime in the happiness subdistrict of the old city of Nanyang, Jiang Yuan City. Tenants who went to the Happiness Community, such as Su, Zhang, and Lu, lured and killed five men in a bar in a certain city and stole all their money. Li committed online contract fraud at home, with a fraud amount of hundreds of thousands. Zhang illegally transferred the property of his friend Wu multiple times… People with criminal records consistently entered the small community. Is it just a coincidence that they died one after another soon after? According to the police report, the suspect who killed them, Long, was over 140 years old… ”

The hostess suddenly paused to look at the prompt board at the camera and continued, “The following supplemental news content, according to the police …… twenty-five years ago, this happiness community was originally XX Medical Company’s medical experts for biological research sites. These medical experts moved into the happiness community with their families, but inexplicably died one after another. The police report at the time said that it was due to an accidental leak of biochemical samples, causing a virus cross-infection, none of the medical professionals who lived at the time survived …… infected with the virus, the only one who could eventually survive was a five-year-old boy.”



“And this boy, it is the heir to the current XX Pharmaceutical Company, Xu Moshu.”


Chu Chen’an squeezed his palms.


Biomedical Research ……


He didn’t dare to imagine what Xu Moshu had gone through.



Just as the female host finished saying Xu Moshu’s name, the station was forced to black out.



Immediately after that, the news program immediately changed to a commercial, and then to a live news conference.


The main character in the press conference was Xu Moshu.


Chu Chen’an looked at that handsome face and suddenly felt a sourness in his heart.


He looked at Xu Moshu holding the microphone, smiling warmly at the camera, “past experiences are all in the past, for my father had made a mistake, I feel deeply guilty and apologetic for him, and take it as a warning to caution myself… I cherish my current life very much. Yes, I am getting married soon, and the wedding date will be soon after.”



“Have you ever resented your father for organizing biological research that had such a significant impact on your childhood?” The reporter asked.




“No, I have never resented anyone.” Xu Moshu replied politely, “I always believe that life is all fair, like after I went through these painful days and overcame the virus, I met the love of my life.”



“My lover is my salvation, and I love him very much.” Xu Moshu smiled and said, “He is, probably, God’s compensation for me.”



Chu Chen’an’s eyes trembled as he listened to Xu Moshu finish.




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