C8—- Embrace


Xiao Yu had never been a timid and cowardly person, since he decided to live with Cang Hai, he wouldn’t hesitate and retreat halfway.


Cang Hai was looking for a chance?


Then this opportunity, let him create it.


Fish tail swaying, Xiao Yu went as far as possible to reduce the current caused by it, and silently approach the black bearded octopus.



He had seen the body of the black bearded octopus, it was a huge thing covered with bright silver scales, a bit like a ball-shaped enlarged version of the silver scaled pangolin.


It was ugly, but it was conspicuous.


I found you.



Probably afraid of Cang Hai’s combat power, the body of the black bearded octopuses had long been hiding far away from the giant cocoon, a hundred meters away.


Xiao Yu went along the direction of tentacle extension, to find this big monster.



But the question came, even if he found the body of the black-bearded octopus, how to communicate the location of the black-bearded octopus to Cang Hai?


Xiao Yu was at a loss, but fortunately this dilemma didn’t require him to solve, almost the moment he just stopped swimming, the giant cocoon shattered.



The long sword in Cang Hai’s hand waved, and where the sword light passed, countless tentacles and broken limbs were chopped off and swept away by the water.


The moment Xiao Yu appeared, Cang Hai sensed him.


The reason he made his move now was precisely because Xiao Yu had stopped swimming, allowing him to determine the true location of the black bearded octopuses.



Xiao Yu watched with a surging heart and boiling blood.


The long sword even in the water without delay, the blade broke through the current, the blade pointed directly at the black-bearded octopus body.



The black whiskered octopus was clearly panicking, manipulating countless tentacles to block the attack of Cang Hai. The currents in various directions collided with each other, and at one time the entire sea area was filled with ferocious tentacles that were flailing their teeth and claws, causing chaos.

Under this indiscriminate attack, it was difficult for Xiao Yu to be spared.



A thick tentacle swept across, he subconsciously blocked, just when he thought an arm injury was inevitable, Cang Hai actually went halfway back, a sword broke the tentacle that attacked him.


It didn’t make a sound in the water, Xiao Yu could only stare with wide eyes, his eyes were full of disapproval.



He knew that Cang Hai was kind to save him, but the body of the black bearded octopus was right in front of him, hunting black bearded octopus was the purpose of their trip.


For this reason, a little injury was fine, but Cang Hai delayed, what would they do if the black bearded octopus ran away?


The cunning black bearded octopus certainly wouldn’t let go of this opportunity, it had long been ready to get hurt to survive, leaving part of the tentacles that continued to interfere with them, but the body took the opportunity to escape to the deep sea.


Xiao Yu was anxious, the prey ran away!



This was nothing, Cang Hai got hurt, wasted so much effort, and held his breath for so long, but ended up losing everything, what a pity.


Cang Hai didn’t panic, he put away the long sword, one hand wrapped around Xiao Yu’s waist, the other hand clenched into a fist, instantly a g-un appeared in his hand.


Cang Hai’s spatial ring actually had a g-un!


Xiao Yu was shocked and curious.



He lived in a country where g-uns were strictly forbidden in his previous life, and his knowledge of guns mostly originated from movies and TV dramas, not to mention such close observation.



This g-un was more special than any gun he had ever seen, it had a wide caliber muzzle with an unknown metal inlaid around the edges.


It was transparent in color, and the crystal blue fluid inside could be clearly seen. The spiral tube ran through the entire pistol, and this structure was similar to the condensation tubes commonly used in laboratories, so Xiao Yu guessed that the role of the spiral tube and the crystal blue fluid was mostly also used to cool down the temperature.



At the same time, Cang Hai raised his hand and pulled the trigger in the opposite direction of the black bearded octopus escaping.


Xiao Yu saw a glowing white energy converge at the muzzle of the g-un, and within a few moments it grew into a huge ball of energy about his arm’s length in diameter.


As Cang Hai relaxed his finger, the ball of energy was pushed out from the chamber of the g-un, and the surging recoil propelled Cang Hai and Xiao Yu straight towards the direction of the black bearded octopus.



The cold seawater mercilessly slapped him on top of his head, and the impact of the seawater made him dizzy.


The energy ball brought them speed was fast, but the price of speed was his brain hurt, so much so that he couldn’t muffle a grunt.



Cang Hai seemed to sense Xiao Yu’s pain, one hand held his head into his arms, taking most of the impact for him.



Feeling the man’s hot chest, Xiao Yu’s ears burned, and his eyes didn’t know where to glance.



The left and right sides were lustrous n-ipples, he had to raise his head and look at Cang Hai’s firm chin in fascination.



He had forgotten how long it had been since he had experienced what it was like to be protected.



At only ten years old, he was picked up by his coach and trained day in and day out to resist blows and polish his muscles and bones. He didn’t understand why he was being beaten at that time, and when he cried to the coach, the coach only said three words: “For your own good”.



For your own good, so you can win; for your own good, so you have to train every day with high intensity; for your own good, so take him around to find underground boxing gyms, the beautiful name was combat training.



He became the youngest champion of the world, and on the same day, he was cut off from his coach.



He returned all the honors, and left all the prize money to his coach, without taking any money. He wanted to say goodbye to the past, but he found that he could do nothing but boxing, and he became a professional boxer, as his coach had hoped, and moved around the gyms for the glory or for the prize money, indulging in fist-to-fist fights.

The audience only cared if his heavy punches could KO his opponent, there were only cheers for the winner in the ring, no one ever cared if he was in pain or not, tired or not.



The warm palm on top of his head made his heart attached.



For a moment, he actually wanted to thank the unreasonable and crisis-ridden crossing that allowed him to meet Cang Hai and get a moment of care.



The battlefield was changing rapidly.



Xiao Yu nestled in Cang Hai’s arms, gleefully looking at the black-bearded octopus not far away, the distance between them shrank at a speed that was visible, but he also found that Cang Hai’s expression wasn’t very good.



In the underwater stalemate for so long, the oxygen in Cang Hai’s lungs was almost gone.



If not, he couldn’t also try underwater artificial respiration, although he didn’t know how the mermaid survived underwater, but since he could be underwater for a long time, that he had the ability to separate oxygen from seawater.


Since this was the case, if he blew air into Cang Hai’s mouth, he should also be able to play the role of artificial respiration.


Unfortunately, Cang Hai didn’t give Xiao Yu the opportunity to rescue.


When he sensed that he was on the verge of the limit, Cang Hai decided to fight quickly and finish the job in one go.



The long sword had appeared in his hand at some point, and he precisely blocked the pursuing tentacles with the sword hilt, using the power of the tentacles, their speed climbed again, and finally caught up with the black bearded octopus that was still fleeing.



Cang Hai’s sword came out like lightning and pierced the brain of the body with one stroke.



Despite the impenetrable tentacles, the body of the black whiskered octopus actually had little combat power, and its seemingly dangerous shell could only serve as a deterrent.


After killing the black bearded octopus, Cang Hai let go of Xiao Yu, and quickly floated to the surface of the sea to get air.



Xiao Yu also wasn’t idle, he circled around the dead black bearded octopuses, weighing its weight, estimating how much was appropriate to carry at once.


Such a large prey, moving it to shore at once was impossible.


But Xiao Yu forgot, Cang Hai had a spatial ring.



Only to see Cang Hai move his spatial ring and the black bearded octopus, the behemoth in front of him instantly disappeared.



Xiao Yu looked in shock.


Previously Cang Hai stowed small objects, nothing was as huge as the black bearded octopus.



Imagine how shocking it would be when a soccer field disappeared out of thin air in front of you.



He didn’t know if the spatial ring was a rare thing, otherwise he would like to get one to play.



The novel also mentioned storage space, but the original storage space was called space ore.



The ore was bulky and heavy, and the internal space was only enough to store a mecha, so few people had the luxury of using space ore to hold miscellaneous items.


Even the main lead, Gu Xijiao, who had a lot of luck, only had a spatial ring made of a very high quality mica ore, which could barely store two medium-sized mecha.



It was conceivable that this spatial ring of Cang Hai must be very precious.



To have such a precious spatial ring, Cang Hai’s identity must not be simple.



But then again, the background environment of “The First Interstellar Cadet” was the Federation, and there may be higher civilizations above the Federation, so Cang Hai may be a person from a higher civilization.



The two of them were soaked to the skin and went ashore.



Xiao Yu picked up his and Cang Hai’s clothes, their clothes were wet.



“Are there any injuries?” Cang Hai asked with an expressionless face.



Xiao Yu: “No.”


“Lie.” Cang Hai’s face sank, “I smell blood, check yourself and use the healing instrument to heal your injuries.” Saying that, he held the healing instrument in his hand.



Xiao Yu looked around carefully and finally found a shallow scratch on the side of his waist, the problem was when he was injured, he had no memory of it.


Knowing that Xiao Yu was injured on the waist side, Cang Hai also breathed a sigh of relief: “It’s good that it’s not vital, I can’t see, heal yourself.”


Xiao Yu obediently took the machine and healed himself.


Cang Hai sat on his knees next to him, his tone slightly dissatisfied: “I told you to wait for me on the shore? If you were obedient, you wouldn’t be injured.”



He was so angry that his chest hurt.


Xiao Yu naturally had to argue: “You were away for so long, I was afraid that something would happen to you, so I went into the water to look for you. Where did I disobey? If you had said you could hold your breath for so long, I wouldn’t have gone down to save you!”



“I need you to save me?” Cang Hai realized that the little mermaid completely didn’t realize how dangerous the deserted star was today, “even if I really die in the sea, you are not allowed to go down. No matter what time, living is the most important thing. If your life isn’t cherished, do you expect others to cherish it?”


Xiao Yu: “……”



He silently turned off the healing instrument: “I’m returning it to you.”


The furrow between Cang Hai’s eyebrows deepened: “I am reasoning with you, don’t be upset.”


“My injury is healed, the wound was originally shallow, you’re the one making a fuss.”



Speaking of which, Xiao Yu was no longer angry.


Of course, anyone who was kind enough to save others and still be blamed, anyone would have a stomach full of fire.


He was also angry at first, but gradually, he heard a bit of concern in Cang Hai’s complaint.



It was concern, although the way Cang Hai expressed concern was so twisted and tough.



“I’m so cold.” Xiao Yu decided to give in, “Even if you want to settle the score, can you let me put on my clothes first?”


As for who was right and who was wrong, he didn’t think he was at fault anyway.


Cang Hai pondered for a moment, “Here.”


Xiao Yu looked at the towel in Cang Hai’s hand, the curvature of his mouth got bigger and bigger, he was almost grinning to the back of his teeth.




They’re so cute

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