C10 – Too Brutal


The earthquake came raging, and within half a moment, the ground under Cang Hai’s feet couldn’t hold up.



Xiao Yu clearly heard the tearing sound from one to another, as if the earth’s desperate groaning was intensifying.


He hurriedly got off Cang Hai, so as not to drag the other party.



In passing, he picked up the lost Cui Diao, in case the earth really cracked and the sand and rocks sank, he was afraid this Cui Diao wouldn’t be found.



“Xiao Yu, hold on to my hand.” Cang Hai’s tone was unprecedentedly grave, “Quick!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, a monstrous wave swept in, the worst happened, the earthquake triggered a tsunami, a disaster was inevitable.


Hearing the order, Xiao Yu didn’t dare to slow down, he clutched the palm of the Cang Hai, then he was picked up and evacuated towards the land.



Lying on Cang Hai’s shoulder, he could clearly see that the raging seawater greedily swallowed the sand everywhere he passed, and just now it was just past the neck of Cang Hai’s feet, but now it had climbed up to his knees.



Xiao Yu hated himself, a tail couldn’t help, he wanted to ease the burden for Cang Hai, so he pretended to relax and said: “Let me down, I am a mermaid, which mermaid drowned by the sea?”



Cang Hai, however, was more concerned: “Animals are sensitive to natural disasters, and foreign animals are even more so. What does the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis mean, do I need to say more?”



Xiao Yu was aghast, the earth was in turmoil, the mountains and rivers were shattered, and those foreign beasts were bound to be affected by the impact and become wildly agitated.



A black bearded octopus was so difficult to deal with, if they were unlucky enough to meet several foreign beasts at the same time, how could they have a chance to live?


He became more afraid.



First, a large area of seawater bubbled up in front of them, followed by a group of foreign beasts clad in armor rising up from the ground.



They were covered with hard armor, bringing up the sand and soil by the seawater soaked into sand, clinging to it, but their monotonous armor added a ray of earthy yellow color scheme.


Xiao Yu described what he saw to Cang Hai.


“It’s a sand crab.” The knowledgeable Cang Hai immediately recognized this kind of foreign beast.



Sand crabs laid in the sand all year round, and unlike most fae beasts, they had very little need for food.



The nutrients in the sand were enough to sustain their lives, so they were more reluctant to waste their strength on hunting.



On the contrary, sand crabs liked to live in groups, and once they were provoked, they had to bear the wrath of their whole group. A group of sand crabs’ fighting power was enough to rival those fae beasts at the top of the pyramid.p


At present, although it wasn’t they who provoked the sand crabs, the group of sand crabs affected by the tsunami and earthquake did not care about these, and blindly counted the accounts on the creatures seen by the compound eyes above their heads.



Cang Hai and Xiao Yu were unlucky enough to become the target of the sand crab group’s grudge.



Seven sand crabs, each individual as tall as a two-story building, even as tough as Cang Hai, he had a hint of anxiety of not being able to do anything.



He also tried to avoid the battle, but his running speed was already slightly inferior to the sand crabs, coupled with the knee-high resistance of seawater, it was almost impossible to run away from the sand crabs.



“They’re catching up.” There was a slight tremor in Xiao Yu’s voice.



It was good that the crabs were big, but when they were this big, they would have to switch from the food channel to the horror channel.



Cang Hai sighed lightly, he really still couldn’t escape.


He stopped and squeezed out a low roar of surging battle intent in his throat: “Meet the battle!”


Xiao Yu wanted to get off Cang Hai’s back, so as not to affect Cang Hai’s battle, but was stopped by Cang Hai: “Little mermaid, would you like to join me?”



He didn’t want to escape from the battlefield, and even prepared that even if an alien beast attacked him, he would never call for help to disturb Cang Hai.



But unexpectedly, the other party asked him if he would be willing to join.



Together with the side of the battle, together with life and death.


He was willing, without Cang Hai, he would have died somewhere: “Sure, I would like to, but I don’t dare to ask.”


Cang Hai asked him what he meant, Xiao Yu thought about it, all the interstellar era, the language may have long ceased to be a mandatory course of study for students.



Xiao Yu tightly wrapped his arms around Cang Hai’s neck, replacing his answer with action.


Cang Hai smiled and promised softly, “We will survive, believe me.”



“I believe.”



There had never been a moment of doubt.




Xiao Yu launched an energy ball into the sea at the behest of Cang Hai, the energy ball then exploded, and the explosion that exploded stirred up a thousand waves.



The sand crabs stretched out their giant cheeks in defense, but their eyes were too fragile compared to their hard armor.



The water curtain dispersed, Cang Hai and Xiao Yu were gone.



The peculiar compound eyes on the top of the sand crab’s head turned, seemingly wondering where the enemy had gone.


As they were searching, the sand crab located at the very back of the group let out a wail, followed by its huge body collapsing to the ground, and even those eyes lost their luster.



The sudden loss of a companion caused a slight disturbance in the group of sand crabs, and they looked around warily, trying to find the enemy that attacked them.



However, Cang Hai cleverly took advantage of the height difference between the sand crabs and him, always hiding within the dead center of the sand crabs’ vision, finally allowing him to seize the opportunity to raise his sword and hit a sand crab again.



With two of the seven gone, the sand crabs no longer dared to underestimate the humans and mermaid who were so small in their eyes.



They gathered in one place, their backside armor pressed against each other, forming a unified external formation.



Although Cang Hai’s sneak attack was successful, causing the sand crabs to lose a small part of their fighting strength, but it also exposed the whereabouts of himself and Xiao Yu.



The sand crabs used their six claws to chase after them, and their speed couldn’t be considered fast.



But Xiao Yu was faster than them, and a shot of energy ball was fired, and the water splash once again helped them conceal themselves.



The sand crab group found that they had lost the view of humans and mermaid again and had to regroup together.


Who would have thought that Cang Hai had already anticipated their actions, and with the help of Xiao Yu, they infiltrated under the feet of the sand crab, but instead utilized their formation thoroughly.



The back-to-back group of sand crabs could never have imagined that the Cang Hai they were struggling to find was hiding behind their thick crab shells waiting for an opportunity to move.



The time passed, the sand crabs always maintained the pentagram formation with their companions.


The sand crabs, who were always on the defensive, couldn’t imagine that they would be defeated by a human. They would like to avenge their companions by cutting their enemies into pieces, but they were also afraid that they would be the next one to be killed.



This was the effect that Cang Hai wanted.


After calculating the timing, he followed Xiao Yu’s description and precisely and sharply severed the most powerful sand crab’s side of its step foot flush.



The sand crab leader who suddenly lost its three right legs fell to the right uncontrollably, and the pain made it lose its senses instantly, and its crab pincers slammed into the seawater in anger.


Unfortunately, Cang Hai and Xiao Yu had already taken advantage of the chaos to lurk, so they could not just wait for the sand crab to attack.



The battlefield once again became confusing, the difference was that the sand crab leader broke three legs, walking only by crab pincers to replace the foot, greatly reduced its speed.


A different sound emerged from within the sand crab group.


The sand crab leader let out a roar, he was going to make the sneak attacker pay the price!


However, with the loss of its three feet, its strength was greatly reduced and its position in the group was no longer as secure as before.


On the surface, the sand crabs didn’t openly resist, but in their hearts, they were thinking of how to replace the leader.



This time, Cang Hai’s hiding place was even more tricky, hiding in between the three remaining feet of the sand crab leader.



The sand crab’s exterior was covered with hard armor, so even if Cang Hai held the crab’s leg, the sand crab leader didn’t feel it.



In addition, the sand crab leader lost three walking feet, the way of walking had changed, so even if lifting the walking feet was more strenuous than before, it wouldn’t immediately arouse its suspicion.



Xiao Yu couldn’t help but silently give Cang Hai praise in his heart, Cang Hai’s combat literacy and tricky tactics simply opened his eyes, Cang Hai seemed to be born for combat, he could always use the shortest time, looking for combat breakthroughs and put them into practice one by one.


Even in the case where his eyes couldn’t see.



Xiao Yu also read a lot of the original description of the battle, but he felt that even the protagonist Gu Xijiao’s famous battle, couldn’t be compared to one tenth of Cang Hai’s battle.


He admitted that he was wearing a filter, but the human heart was biased, He didn’t know that person surnamed Gu, nor had he seen anyone else in this world, so he naturally that that Cang Hai was perfect and omnipotent.


The battle continued, and Xiao Yu didn’t dare to slacken for a moment.



After firing two power storage energy balls, the energy gun’s indicator lights were only three left on, which meant he could still fire three more power storage energy balls, or six without power storage.



And there were still five sand crabs surviving.


Although the sand crab leader had lost half of his combat power, his strength was still not to be underestimated, and he had no doubt that the unbelievably huge crab cheeks could knock his brains out.


Unless every next shot of energy ball could help Cang Hai kill two sand crabs, otherwise their crisis still could be lifted.



At worst, they would have to kill one at a time, leaving behind the disabled leader and another sand crab, in order to have a chance of winning.


But Cang Hai obviously didn’t intend to do so, he wasn’t even willing to waste a shot of energy ball.



That was something to save the little mermaid’s life, and it had already used up two frames of energy, so there was nothing to say that it could be used again.



What was more, there was no need for it.



Cang Hai climbed onto the sand crab leader’s spiky gaiters, and at some point there was an arm-length black bearded octopus tentacle in his hand. The tentacle was thrown to the compound eye of another sand crab.


At the same time, the giant cheeks of the sand crab leader also fell down, landing exactly at the compound eye of the sand crab.


The giant cheeks were so deadly that the sand crab’s compound eye, which was not protected by a shell, instantly burst under the sand crab leader’s attack, and the top shell was dented.



The wounded sand crab howled in pain, the pain inspired its ferocity, even though it knew that the leader mistakenly moved, the pair of combat-ready crab cheeks also made a counterattack in a moment.


The two sand crabs turned against each other and the three remaining sand crabs looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.



The earthquake had stopped at some point, and the sand crabs’ sanity quickly returned under the shock of being disturbed and their companions being frustrated, and after confirming that the two sides had become deadly enemies, they decided to leave and not help each other.



As for revenge?



The human and mermaid together didn’t have a few taels of meat, the sand crab’s need for food wasn’t high, the nutrients contained in the sand was enough to feed them to survive, why risk their lives hunting again?


It was true that they were lazy, and they were also really afraid.



They didn’t want to die or be injured like their companions.



The battle between the sand crab leader and the one-eyed sand crab ended with the victory of the one-eyed sand crab.



The importance of the walking foot to a sand crab was self-evident. Without the walking foot on one side, the sand crab leader could only stay still and take a beating, and in the end, even the crab shell was broken and it died reluctantly at the hands of his subordinate.



The one-eyed sand crab also didn’t get a bargain, two of its six footsteps were broken, and the crab cheeks were also broken, and before it could celebrate its victory, it was sent away with a sword by the long-dormant Cang Hai.


Too, too brutal!


The admiration for Cang Hai in Xiao Yu’s eyes was like substance, he heard himself swallowing saliva, and when he met Cang Hai’s puzzled look, he had to find an excuse: “How can I finish so many crabs ah!”




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