C23 — The Losing Mermaid

The rain never stopped for a few days afterward, more and more birds and foreign beasts died, the temperature in the outside world was getting hotter and hotter, and every time Cang Hai brought back prey, he would add a few red marks to his body.



Xiao Yu maneuvered the Healing Instrument and swept over Cang Hai’s reddened skin, and even though the burns recovered at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, uncontrollable heartache surfaced in Xiao Yu’s eyes.



Instead, he couldn’t do anything to help.



“It’s just a small injury, there’s no need to treat it once more.” Cang Hai held Xiao Yu’s wrist and took the healing instrument back into the space ring, “In the future if you have the opportunity to become a mecha warrior you will know that pain tolerance is a mandatory lesson, in the battlefield you are not allowed to let the pain affect your judgment and fighting ability, as long as you hold on there is a possibility of survival.”



Xiao Yu did think about the future, although he always said that he wanted to live in the present, he occasionally thought about the future with Cang Hai as a good pastime.



If he could go out, of course he would want to become a powerful mecha warrior like Cang Hai, what man could refuse a mecha that rode the universe?



Not to mention that he was originally a boxer, he relied on fighting for a living.



This was the first time he heard about the cruelty of mecha warrior training from Cang Hai.


Pain tolerance?


Rather, it was a bit like his boxing training, in that while learning offensive techniques, one couldn’t ignore their own resistance to blows.


But even if Cang Hai talked a good game, even if Cang Hai really didn’t feel much pain, his heart was still tormented.



Cang Hai had suffered all of his injuries so that they could live, how could this make him calm?



He desperately wanted to do something for Cang Hai.



With such emotions, he practically forced himself to read the book, and when he encountered something he didn’t understand he asked Cang Hai.



In the beginning, Xiao Yu, who didn’t have the slightest base of mecha knowledge, almost had to ask a question for every paragraph he read.



Books like “Introduction to Mecha Manufacturing”, “Introduction to Mecha Parts”, “Mecha Theory Basics” and so on had a lot of theoretical knowledge in them. He didn’t have a teacher to tutor him, so he had to rely on himself to figure it out.


The good thing was that Cang Hai answered all his questions, and Cang Hai’s explanations were in-depth, he was always able to bring him a sense of enlightenment, in order to let him remember a large amount of theoretical knowledge in just a few days.


For example, the third chapter of “The Practical Application of Mecha Repair” that he had just read , mentioned a very interesting term: “What does forced coupling mean?”



Cang Hai pondered for a moment and then said, “We know that between mecha parts, energy transfer is realized through specific assembly techniques, also called coupling. Forced coupling is more thorough than ordinary coupling, ordinary coupling needs to take into account the match between parts, but forced coupling does not. For example, if the same parts were level seven, they matched well, and coupling could be realized after assembly. However, if one part is level seven and the other part is only level one, to make them realize coupling, forced coupling must be used.”



Xiao Yu heard and understood that if coupling was viewed as a couple, then forced coupling was forced and abusive.


“Then how should I realize forced coupling?” Xiao Yu asked again.



Cang Hai replied, “Use spiritual power to break the repulsion between the parts and force them to accept each other. However, the success rate of forced coupling is very low, and there is also a high probability of damaging the parts, so it is not recommended to try it easily. In practice, forced coupling is only risked when coupling cannot be achieved by traditional assembly and there is a real lack of replacement parts and the damaged mecha must be put into use as soon as possible.”



Lacking replacement parts and putting them into operation as soon as possible, wasn’t this the situation they were facing now?



A glint flashed in Xiao Yu’s eyes as he thought of a good solution and couldn’t wait to share it with Cang Hai, “Do you think I can try forced coupling to make your mecha wreckage operational. Even if we can’t achieve coupling, destroying the parts and reassembling them would be good, we just want to be sheltered from the rain anyway.”



At those words, Cang Hai froze slightly, he had never thought of this method.



It wasn’t that his brain couldn’t turn around, but his spiritual energy was extremely destructive, if he used his spiritual energy to touch the mecha parts, the parts might already be scrapped before they could be assembled.



This characteristic spiritual energy made Cang Hai invincible on the battlefield, but it also similarly deprived him of the possibility of becoming a mecha builder, so ever since the awakening of his spiritual energy, he had never touched any knowledge related to mecha building, and the repair and daily maintenance of his mechas were all left to his men.



It was only then that the betrayer exploited the loophole and tampered with his mecha, ending up on the deserted planet.


So was forced coupling feasible or not?



Cang Hai hesitated for a moment before affirming Xiao Yu’s idea: “Then I’ll leave it to you.”



Just like that?


Xiao Yu felt flattered, “Aren’t you afraid that if I fail, not only will I fail to achieve my goal, but I will also break the remains of your mecha?”



Cang Hai said with amusement, “You’ve already said that it’s the remains of a mecha, so how bad can it be? Besides, Xiao Yu, I trust you.”



Cang Hai’s words didn’t mean to be forced or comforting at all, he really had confidence in Xiao Yu.



He had listened to Xiao Yu read to him from book to book, and Xiao Yu had gone from being clueless in the beginning to being able to learn by example, and only a few short days had passed in between.



Even the most respected and demanding professor of the Mecha Manufacturing Department of the First Military Academy would have to applaud the talent of the little mermaid.



Being delivered trust by Cang Hai was undoubtedly a huge incentive for Xiao Yu.



Xiao Yu removed a few of the bones of the bird-like xenomorphs that Cang Hai had brought back, the bones of the xenomorphs were one of the raw materials used to make mecha parts, and their own quality was not low.



However, if one were to directly couple the exotic beast bones with the mecha parts, the unprocessed exotic beast bones wouldn’t even be considered as a level one part, and as long as Cang Hai’s mecha parts exceeded level five, it would satisfy the conditions for mandatory coupling.



“My mecha parts grade?” Cang Hai deliberately pondered for a long time before revealing the answer, “Grade ten.”



Xiao Yu: “……”



He didn’t hear it wrong, right, tenth grade?


To know how rare level ten mecha parts were, the highest mecha parts sold on the market were up to level five, and mecha parts above level five couldn’t be bought by ordinary means at all, and could only be purchased through application or auction houses at a high price.



And the tenth level parts were even more priceless, only the military and a few super forces could have it.


“Then what level was the mecha when it was intact?”


“It was also level ten.”



As expected, Xiao Yu who heard the answer couldn’t help but wipe the sweat from his forehead. A level ten mech, actually appeared in front of him in such a dilapidated image.



That was a rank ten mecha, symbolizing the top human combat power, and the entire Federation wouldn’t have more than twenty rank ten mechas.



Then the question came up again, what exactly was Cang Hai’s identity, he claimed to be a businessman, but what kind of businessman could possess the qualifications to drive a tenth level mecha?



Cang Hai must have lied to him!


Even if he knew that Cang Hai had lied to him, he couldn’t muster half a bit of resentment.



He guessed that Cang Hai must be a national force on a secret mission, the kind that couldn’t reveal its identity, so he could understand him concealing his identity.



It didn’t matter at all what the identity of Cang Hai was, what was important was that they were partners who shared the same suffering and friends who lived and died together ……



It was that he liked him.


“I’m starting.”


Xiao Yu crouched down in front of the mecha wreckage, fitting the alien beast bone to the mecha parts and attempting to release his spiritual enery.



His control of his spiritual energy was still not pure enough, but he didn’t know if it was the high heat or something else, but his spiritual energy was much stronger than before, and almost as soon as his thoughts arrived, his spiritual energy scrambled to wrap the mecha parts and the xenobiot bone.


Next to him, Cang Hai raised his eyebrows slightly, he felt the fluctuation of spiritual energy, it was so strong that it was even able to affect his perception.



Xiao Yu didn’t know why, but he knew exactly the changes in Xiao Yu’s spiritual energy.



Emotions were the backbone of Xiao Yu’s spiritual power, these days Xiao Yu’s emotions were always in a state of urgency and anxiety, he knew that Xiao Yu’s emotional changes were because of him, but with the help of his spiritual energy, Xiao Yu’s memory and comprehension had gained a qualitative leap, so he didn’t do much to remind him.



His decision proved to be right, Xiao Yu not only gained a large amount of theoretical knowledge on mecha manufacturing, but also had the ability to control his spiritual energy, killing two birds with one stone.



At this time, the fusion of the mecha parts and the Alien Beast Bone had also reached a critical juncture.



With the continuous injection of spiritual energy, the combination of the exotic beast bone and the mecha parts became tighter and tighter, and it could be seen that the outer shell of the mecha parts began to extend under the effect of spiritual energy, and it wouldn’t be long before the forced coupling with the exotic beast bone could be completed.


But suddenly a fire appeared, the mecha parts burned.


Fortunately, Cang Hai pulled Xiao Yu in time and brought him away from the mecha wreckage, and he was spared.



Xiao Yu looked at the still smoldering mecha parts with palpitations, it was worthy of being a tenth level mecha part, it really wasn’t that easy to navigate. He had been careful enough, yet the forced coupling still failed.



“Are you alright?” Cang Hai asked him.



Xiao Yu shook his head, “I’m fine, it’s just the remains of your mecha ……”



Cang Hai rubbed his hair messily, “Failure is failure, this is only the first time. Just do it, if the torso wreckage is broken there are still the arms, if the arm wreckage is broken there are still the legs, we can afford to lose.”



“No, I want to tell you that I succeeded.”


Xiao Yu blinked, “Have you forgotten that even if forced coupling fails, as long as the gap can be filled, the experiment is still a success. Look, that hole just now has been patched up by the residue of the tenth level parts, and I will continue to work hard to fill all the gaps!”



It was just filling a hole and destroying a level ten mecha component.


He hoped Cang Hai didn’t blame him for being a spendthrift..




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