C117 —– The Final Battle (4)

The Imperial Military Department’s background notification system had a lot of functions, but Duan Hengye often used only a few of them, and it was only after he heard Yu Xinran’s words that he realized that there was also a map function.



At the same time that Yu Xinran’s words fell, he couldn’t help but frown, and then quickly turned around and called up the navigation interface on the intranet. However, for Duan Hengye, there were too many functions that weren’t commonly used here, so he couldn’t even find where the map was in the end for a while.



Right at this time, Yu Xinran walked over under the support of his assistant, Ye Pu. Because she had just awakened from a coma, Yu Xinran was still walking unsteadily, and although there were only a few steps from the doorway to the desk and she was still being assisted, by the time she stood in front of Duan Hengye’s desk, her breathing was already a little short.



Yu Xinran glanced at Duan Hengye and then quickly asked, “Can I use your light device?”



“Of course.” Duan Hengye said as he stood up from behind his desk, and because he moved a little fast, his chair made a long, piercing sound on the floor, which sounded very ear-splitting. But of course none of the people present cared about that.



Only after Yu Xinran came closer did Duan Hengye notice that because she had stayed in the nutrient warehouse for a long time, she had lost a large amount of weight. Her eye sockets were deeply sunken, and she looked extremely tired, she was simply not the same person as before.



However, this was only Duan Hengye’s feelings for a moment, after Yu Xinran came over, she began to rapidly input commands on Duan Hengye’s light device. Her fingers moved quickly, and while she was typing commands on the keyboard, Yu Xinran’s lips were also pursed tightly together. It could be seen that Yu Xinran was very nervous at this time – after seeing this expression on the admiral’s face, he couldn’t help but see a bit of difference.



Yu Xinran wasn’t an ordinary person, she had been in the military department longer than Meng Jinhuai, and had also experienced countless w.ars, so she was accustomed to seeing bloody scenes. Although she looked very easy-going, and sometimes would appear silly, her experience wasn’t less than any one person. To be able to see Yu Xinran to show such a flustered appearance, then Meng Jinhuai’s side must have encountered something extraordinary.


In this regard, Duan Hengye didn’t dare to think deeply, but he couldn’t help but think deeply.



Not just Duan Hengye, the assistant Ye Pu who was also standing beside him at this time also couldn’t help but turn around, and then gave Duan Hengye a deep look. There were doubts in his eyes and a few points of panic.



In Duan Hengye’s mind, his assistant had always been very professional and calm. He had known Yu Xinran for more than ten years, and since he was able to show such an expression, it was obvious that Ye Pu hadn’t seen Yu Xinran like this before.


Seeing this, Duan Hengye’s hand that had been hanging down at his side couldn’t help but tighten into a fist at this moment.



As an admiral, Yu Xinran’s speed when operating this interface was very fast, and it was obvious that she had seen this place more than once. Just as Yu Xinran kept typing commands on the keyboard, she finally remembered to explain this matter to Duan Hengye.



So as Yu Xinran switched between the interface on the light screen, she started speaking, “That prompt we received just now was very strange …… I don’t know if I’m overthinking it …… ”


Yu Xinran suddenly paused for a moment, then she raised her head and looked at Duan Hengye: “This scene, may not be artificially caused ……” Yu Xinran’s speed of speech wasn’t always fast, but when she spoke, she was looking at Duan Hengye and speaking slowly.



“So it’s a natural cause?” Duan Hengye very quickly picked up on Yu Xinran’s words.



To be honest, the so-called “natural causes” was completely in Duan Hengye’s knowledge blind spot. Duan Hengye’s previous life’s field of study had nothing to do with the stars or the universe, and now after transnigrating to this book, the development of technology had progressed for thousands of years.



To be able to live freely in the stars and accomplish rapid cosmic shuttles – that proved that people’s understanding of the stars was extremely deep, and had long since left behind the era that Duan Hengye lived in before. That was why in the previous world, Duan Hengye didn’t know much about the universe, not to mention figuring out the mysteries of the current interstellar realm in just two years’ time.



Yu Xinran’s words caused Duan Hengye to feel extreme panic.



He had been living in the interstellar realm for two years, and during that time, he had traveled through the universe many times with various modes of transportation. Perhaps it was because technology was now too advanced, he had gradually lost the sense of awe and panic that an earthling had towards the universe.



It wasn’t until Yu Xinran said these words to him that Duan Hengye realized again: the universe was still the same universe, full of dangers and unknowns.



The gentle appearance of the universe brought about by technology had deceived Duan Hengye, and now the real world hidden behind the mask had finally revealed its claws and teeth.



There was a saying in the Earth era that “man will triumph over heaven”, and as a technology worker, Duan Hengye should have believed in this saying. But he didn’t know how, when he saw the picture on the light screen opposite Yu Xinran gradually begin to clear, Duan Hengye constantly denied this sentence in his heart.



Perhaps there were times when nature was indeed invincible, and once he thought of this, he suddenly became pessimistic.



Right at this time, Yu Xinran’s speed of striking the keyboard grew faster and faster. In just ten seconds or so, she reached out her hand and struck heavily on the virtual keyboard, then raised her head to Duan Hengye, “Alright.”



After entering the instructions in their entirety, Yu Xinran finally stood up straight again.



Duan Hengye saw that a clear picture appeared on the light screen, and as the picture changed, he realized that the “map” that Yu XinRan was talking about wasn’t a traditional contour map or a sand simulation map in his own understanding.



At this time, the light screen turned into a three-dimensional projection mode, and what appeared in front of Duan Hengye was a tiny model of the universe. Duan Hengye saw that a shrunken river of stars was slowly flowing under his hand, and at first glance, this model was indeed dreamy and beautiful.



However, Yu Xinran’s serioua expression told Duan Hengye just how much danger laid beneath this beauty.



After seeing this star river appear, Yu Xinran made a few gestures in the model, but it was only an instant before this star river pattern kept getting bigger and bigger, and then approached a specific planet.



This time a small galaxy consisting of five star spheres appeared in front of Duan Hengye.



Unlike the somewhat unfamiliar star river pattern just now, after seeing these five star spheres, Duan Hengye immediately realized that this model that Yu Xinran had tuned out was the vicinity of the Ti Ze Star that he was currently in.



As the pattern of the three-dimensional simulation map continued to zoom in, Duan Hengye saw that countless small points of light appeared between these planets – this should be the Empire’s as well as the other five stars’ mecha teams.


Just now, Duan Hengye saw on the simple mecha distribution map that most of the mechas were now concentrated in one area, with only a lone point of light constantly flickering on the other side of the screen. But when this map was opened, he then realized that the real mecha distribution wasn’t the same as the Ye Tian Empire mecha distribution map he had just seen.



Because of the appearance of mechas from other stars, at this time, Duan Hengye saw that there were at least forty mechas from the rest of the stars surrounding the single mecha at the edge of the screen.



It wasn’t like Meng Jinhuai hadn’t faced mechas before, and forty mechas wasn’t a huge number for him. However, after seeing such a distribution of mechas, Duan Hengye realized something extraordinary – these mechas were just too close to Meng Jinhuai’s mecha. Meng Jinhuai’s new type of mecha had cross-level strikes against these mechas, and these mechas were so tightly surrounded that they not only didn’t give themselves any room to escape, but they also couldn’t attack. So …… what exactly were they doing this for?



It looked as if it was just to trap Meng Jinhuai ……



At this time the map was still enlarging, and the only thing left in Duan Hengye’s line of sight was this single mecha belonging to Meng Jinhuai, as well as the rest of the mechas that had surrounded him.


“Look here!” Yu Xinran said as she reached out her hand to point at the gray lines surrounding the nail.



“What is this?” Duan Hengye’s knowledge of this area was too little, and he had never seen such a symbol appear on top of a map before.


“It’s a Stellar Burst.” Yu Xinran slowly spat out these words.



After letting out a long breath, she then said to Duan Hengye, “‘Stellar Burst’ is a cosmic phenomenon that cannot be predicted for the time being. No machine in the universe is currently able to predict when it will happen, as well as what the intensity …… and duration will be. All we know is that it is caused by the motion of unknown stars, and when it happens, all kinds of anomalies appear around it. The intensity of the stellar burst varies, and we can only draw conclusions after it’s over ……”



“…… These mechas surrounded Meng Jinhuai with the purpose of trapping him inside.” Duan Hengye faintly uttered these words, and from the tone of his voice, his mood at this time couldn’t be heard.


After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Yu Xinran nodded then shook her head, “Although we don’t know exactly what the intensity level of this Stellar Burst is for now. But …… their behavior is nothing short of suicidal ……”



She didn’t say the latter words, but the three people present all understood. Although this was a s.uicidal siege that was destined to be extremely costly, if they were able to truly trap Meng Jinhuai in the center of this storm, then it would indeed be a no-lose business for the enemy.



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