C25.1 — Xiao Yu is injured

The sky was filled with snowflakes, the ground gradually became frosty, and even the bodies of those dead beasts had a layer of white color on them.


Who would have thought that the previous high temperature of fifty to sixty degrees would drop to the point of snowfall in two days?


“Cang Hai,” Xiao Yu hugged Cang Hai’s neck tightly. “Why is it suddenly snowing?”


Cang Hai said in a deep voice, “This means that the Desolate Star has deviated from its original orbit. During the hot rain, the Desolate Star was close to the meteorite belt, so the temperature was high. Now the temperature has plummeted, which means that the Desolate Star has moved farther away from the meteorite belt. The planet’s weather system is out of whack, and it’s impossible to predict what will happen next.”

The snow was getting heavier and heavier, and Xiao Yu used his hands to clean the snow on his head, helping Cang Hai in the process.

He originally thought that the hot rain that made it difficult for them to move was already terrible enough, but he didn’t realize that there would be a blizzard after the hot rain.

What about after the blizzard? Would a meteorite strike and destroy all life on the planet, including him and Cang Hai, just as it did the dinosaurs?

In the face of natural disasters, their power seemed so small and insignificant.

“About how much time do we have left?” Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment but still asked.

Cang Hai retorted, “Do you really want to know?”

Did he really need to know?

Xiao Yu had also thought about this question before; the Desolate Star was destined to be destroyed. If they were unable to find the space rift until the day the Desolate Star was destroyed and the end result was still death after all the hard work, then it would be better to enjoy the last moments of their lives.

Just think that nothing will happen; just think that this is a vacation in the future. Being sober sometimes only made people feel even more anxious and miss out on things they should cherish.


But even so, he wanted to know, “I don’t want to die for nothing.”

The corners of Cang Hai’s mouth rose slightly, as if he had already guessed Xiao Yu’s answer, “As short as a month, as long as three months. I suspect that this snow is a precursor to the arrival of the Ice Age; when the snow season ends, the large amount of previous precipitation will cause the temperature to continue to drop, and the entire Desolate Star will likely enter the Ice Age.”

Xiao Yu knew about the Ice Age; he had read about it. When the Ice Age descended, the temperature would drop drastically, and large areas of land and ocean would be covered under a thick layer of ice.

At that time, the creatures on the barren planet would be in jeopardy, and only the alien beasts that adapted to the cold environment would be able to survive.

And he and Cang Hai were obviously not among them.

Even if Cang Hai’s tent could maintain room temperature, trying to find prey during an ice age was like finding a needle in a haystack, and they would still starve to death.

This was an insoluble proposition.

“What about the spatial rift? That’s our only chance.” Xiao Yu was still undeterred.

Cang Hai regretfully told him, “When the oceans are frozen and the signs of life in the entire Desolate Star tend to be close to nothing, it will be even harder for us to find the spatial rift.”

Xiao Yu froze for a moment. “Is that so? Then what should we do now?”

Cang Hai was optimistic: “Since we have prepared for the worst, there is nothing to fear. We just need to do what we need to do and do our best.”

Yes, just do your best and don’t leave yourself with regrets.

Xiao Yu’s eyes became more thoughtful as he leaned on Cang Hai’s shoulder, his voice muffled. “You’re right, one more day to live is one more day.”

He was incomparably grateful for this crossing across time and space, and although it was possible that this new life wouldn’t last long, he was already satisfied.

He hadn’t liked anyone and didn’t understand what it meant to like someone until he met Cang Hai. He liked Cang Hai’s warmth; he liked being carried by Cang Hai; he liked everything about Cang Hai.

Well, who said a crush couldn’t be considered a relationship?

To be able to walk the last leg of his journey with the person he liked, he didn’t know how much luckier he was than many people in this world.


The heavy snow was flying.

The umbrella Xiao Yu made from the remains of the mecha came in handy.

“We have to move inland and find a safe area that won’t be covered in ice and snow.” Cang Hai held up the mecha umbrella while planning the route afterward: “The alien beasts that survived the hot rain will definitely migrate together as well, so we won’t have to worry about food.”

Xiao Yu nodded. No matter what kind of decision Cang Hai made, he wouldn’t have any objections.

“But how should we determine the direction?” He had to figure out the direction so that he could show Cang Hai the way.

Cang Hai: “The simplest method is to follow those beasts. On the point of recognizing the direction, the native beasts have more say than us.”

Xiao Yu suddenly realized that they were like the carnivores in the migrating army, while the beasts were the herbivores in the migration.

As long as they followed them in their migration, they would be able to find the right direction while not going hungry.

However, tracking the beasts was a technical task, and the slightest carelessness would lead them to be discovered by the beasts.

If they angered the group of beasts, even Cang Hai would find it hard to get away.

He told Cang Hai about his concerns; he didn’t expect Cang Hai’s to say very bluntly, “Yes, so our lives are in your hands.”

Xiao Yu: “……”

But really, it was a big responsibility.

Xiao Yu, who had been put in charge, had to be vigilant, observing each and every beast within his line of sight.

He didn’t know if it was because he was too nervous, but his mental energy came back, and along with it, his eyesight was also strengthened.

He felt that his mental energy was like a switch; when the emotions piled up to a certain level, the switch would turn on and his mental energy would be released.

But he really couldn’t grasp to what extent the emotions had to pile up to trigger them to turn on.

“Cang Hai, about five hundred meters or so in our eleven o’clock direction, there is an alien beast with a deep black body and a wolf-like appearance.” Xiao Yu relayed what he saw to Cang Hai.

Cang Hai froze for a moment when he heard Xiao Yu, but he quickly reacted, “That’s a Spectral Dreadwolf; it’s incredibly fast and can also clone itself. To hunt him, you need to be faster than it.”

Xiao Yu was surprised. “You want to hunt it?”

The Spectral Dreadwolf had sharp teeth and claws and was imposing; it looked like it wasn’t to be messed with.

Cang Hai’s competitive spirit rose. “Hold on tight, and I will give you a taste of charcoal-roasted wolf legs later.”

Hearing Cang Hai say this, Xiao Yu finally relaxed. Cang Hai would never aim at nothing, and since he had decided to hunt the Dreadwolf, it meant that he was certain of victory.

He tightened his grip on the man’s neck and smiled. “Okay, I’ll wait.”

Xiao Yu thought that with Cang Hai’s nature, he should choose the most secure hunting method, which was to sneak closer to the prey, wait for the right time, and hit it with a single blow.

Facts proved that he guessed wrong. Cang Hai immediately summoned his longsword and rushed towards the spectral dreadwolf without the slightest pause.

His speed was extremely fast, and the snow on the ground couldn’t stop his steps.

Moreover, each of his steps was unusually heavy; this was no longer just simple running. Xiao Yu even felt that Cang Hai was jumping; it was like he wasn’t carrying a person on his back; his figure was agile to an unbelievable degree.

The Spectral Dread Wolf stopped in its tracks, probably sensing something wrong or sensing a murderous aura.

It looked around, and those turquoise wolf eyes quickly locked onto the direction of Cang Hai and Xiao Yu. Its body arched slightly, a threatening low growl escaped from its throat, and the skin of its mouth turned upwards, revealing ferocious and sharp fangs.

Xiao Yu hurriedly reminded him, “The Dreadwolf has discovered us.”

Cang Hai responded indifferently, “There’s no harm.”

His footsteps didn’t stop, and his sword blade pointed straight at the Spectral Dreadwolf. The distance of five hundred meters was shortened by three quarters in just half a minute’s time.

The Dreadwolf naturally wouldn’t be a sitting duck; it was smart enough to lunge out to the side the moment Cang Hai attacked it, avoiding Cang Hai’s fatal blow.

With a flash of light, the Spectral Dread Wolf actually created two identical doppelgangers out of thin air.

The three black wolves came charging from three directions; the speed was so fast that Xiao Yu didn’t have time to analyze the situation and only had time to remind Cang Hai, “Be careful!”

Cang Hai had expected that the Spectral Dreadwolf would choose to split up to protect itself, and the so-called split up wasn’t really two identical individuals but a shadow created by the Spectral Dreadwolf with its swift speed.

Since it was a shadow, it meant that the clones had no attack power, and only the real body could launch an attack.

The wind and snow were noisy, and the wind brought up by the high-speed movement of the Spectral Dreadwolf stirred up the drifting snow and sent it flying in all directions.

Xiao Yu couldn’t open his eyes due to the gusts of wind and could only squint his eyes to watch the battle.

Both sides were very fast, and Cang Hai dealt with the Spectral Dreadwolf and its two copies at the same time, and surprisingly, he didn’t lose the slightest bit of ground. It was as if he was able to anticipate the attack of the Spectral Dreadwolf in advance and responded in time, and it looked like although the attack of the Dreadwolf was airtight, it was Cang Hai who was more at ease with it.

The physical strength of the Dread Wolf was limited; maintaining a high frequency of attacks and movement consumed a lot of its physical strength, so it gradually showed fatigue, and its speed also slowed down.

Cang Hai was waiting for this moment.

Cang Hai switched from defense to offense, waving his long sword with one hand.



Only the sound of his longsword piercing into flesh and blo*od could be heard, leaving only a spectral dreadwolf pierced through the throat by the blade and hanging from the top of the longsword.

Dark red bl*ood flowed down the blade, dripping down the thin snow and forming a few red plums.

Cang Hai stowed the Spectral Dreadwolf into his spatial ring and said, “It’s not safe here; let’s find a place to avoid the snow first.”

Wolves were pack animals, and although this Spectral Dread Wolf looked like a lone wolf, there was no guarantee that it didn’t have companions.

Xiao Yu looked around, and after some time, he found a good habitat.


“Cang Hai, there is a cave to our right; we can go there for a short rest.”

Cang Hai asked, “Are you sure there are no other creatures inside the cave? In this kind of environment, many foreign beasts would choose to find a cave to avoid the cold. It’s fine if it’s a weak beast, but if it’s a powerful beast, it’s better if we don’t provoke them.”

Cang Hai’s worry wasn’t unreasonable. Xiao Yu pondered for a moment and said, “Get closer, and I’ll take a look.”

Cang Hai kept leading Xiao Yu to the entrance of the cave. With his keen sense of smell, he didn’t smell any other beasts inside the cave.

“There are no other signs of life,” Xiao Yu checked. “There should be no danger; shall we go in?”

Cang Hai hummed in response. The longsword in his hand had retracted into its scabbard at some point. He held the hilt of the sword, and the scabbard gently struck the ground.



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