“I hear there’s bad news again.”


Qiong Ren’s voice was clear with a slight hoarseness in it, it was soothing to hear.


The agent sat behind the desk with a chubby face, slightly bald, and a small round belly, sighing and looking at the young man in front of him.


Qiong Ren was just twenty this year, with a small head and face, and slender waist and long legs. His wheat colored skin exuded a healthy luster, with pores almost invisible and delicate enough to cause envy.


His eyelashes were thick and long, his lips were light red, and there was a black mole under his eye, bringing a bit of icy aggression to this otherwise beautiful and harmless face.


It was a face that should attract countless face fans.


At the age of sixteen, he won a world street dance competition, his voice was ear-catching, his singing skills were top-notch, and his breath was steady when he sang and danced.



The combination of top-notch appearance and top-notch business capabilities was widely recognized as a Heavenly Purple star in the industry.


However, his career was refreshingly unassuming, after three years on the road, there was still no result.


So far his fans on Weibo was less than 10,000, and the number of forwarded comments and likes wasn’t a single digit, the main reason was that 0 didn’t count as a single digit.


The agent looked dejected, “You signed a ten-year brokerage contract with the company, and now it’s only three years, but they’re not going to continue to let you be an artist.”



Thinking about the company’s decision, the agent was a little reluctant to continue:


“You’ve been in Group A when you were a trainee, and Group A’s training fees are the highest, totaling roughly five and a half million yuan over the course of four years.”



“What the company means is that as long as you are willing to change your artist agency contract into a teaching contract and go work as a teacher for the trainees, the training fees can be written off. If you are not willing to shift your identity …… they require you to pay back the money within three months.”



Qiong Ren knew that the company’s proposal sounded friendly, they were willing to waive the five million eight hundred thousand yuan in training fees just to keep him as a teacher, giving the impression that they greatly appreciated his talent.



In fact, there was no good intentions at all.



Last year, the director of the company customarily asked a master to look at the feng shui of the company, and incidentally asked why Qiong Ren wasn’t popular.


The master said that Qiong Ren and the company’s feng shui were in conflict with each other, his luck was suppressed by the company’s financial luck, and he and the company’s hottest artist, Fu Jiaze, were in conflict with each other, which was why he couldn’t become popular.


As soon as Qiong Ren left the company, he would immediately soar.


The Grandmaster advised the director to let go of the golden carp and help it transform into a dragon, which was also a meritorious deed.



What the director was thinking was, if you want to turn into a dragon, do it in my house, if you can’t do it in my house, then I’d rather you be a dead fish.



They were worried that Qiong Ren would forcefully terminate the contract and leave, and go up to the outside to jump the Dragon Gate, so they came up with such a secretly treacherous method.



Using the exemption of the high training fees as bait, they wanted to make Qiong Ren give up being an entertainer on his own. In this way, it would also be possible to fully extract Qiong Ren’s residual value and utilize Qiong Ren’s ability to train more excellent trainees for the company.



After all, Fu Jiaze’s commendable stage presence was something that Qiong Ren had taught him by hand.



Five million eight hundred thousand yuan was undoubtedly a huge amount of money for Qiong Ren, but in this industry, it was just a commercial offer for Fu Jiaze to sing one song.



The company’s abacus, Qiong Ren, had a clear mind and thought it was a bit funny. He didn’t expect that after three years of hard work, they still looked up to him so much.


“I’m willing to teach the company’s trainees, but to be honest, I haven’t taught them much over the years. My dream is the stage, not to be a teacher.”



The agent sighed.



If only Qiong Ren was a rich second generation, swiping his card and walking away would be the best option. But he was an orphan who was being bullied, and didn’t even have a family member to stand up for him.



The agent couldn’t help but be indignant: “They said that they provided you with group A training resources, but in fact those resources were all used on Fu Jiaze, so why should this 5.8 million yuan be asked for from you?



“As for Fu Jiaze’s dance moves, zombies are more flexible than him. The company has so many dance teachers, yet none of them can teach him.”


“If it wasn’t for you hand-holding him and picking out his moves, could he have gotten where he is today? Although you haven’t been popular since your debut, the value you created for the company is calculated to be more than 5.8 million yuan?”



The agent gritted his teeth, “I’ve already helped you worship the god of Wealth this morning, and made an appointment with a master to help you tell your fortune in the afternoon, and tomorrow I’ll go to all the Taoist temples and monasteries in the city to offer incense again, I don’t believe there’s no god that can bless you.”


After experiencing such an unscientific situation like Qiong Ren’s, the broker had already defected from his materialistic beliefs and turned into the embrace of metaphysics.



When he was a little calmer, he began to think hard about where to find the money to help Qiong Ren pay back the 5.8 million yuan.



Qiong Ren had no family, so naturally he could only rely on him.


Emperor Song was the third of the Ten Temples of the Underworld, governing the Great Black Rope Underworld.


He had just gotten off work and hadn’t had time to change out of his imperial crown and robe, and carrying the jade belt around his waist in both hands, he rushed upside down into the fifth hall belonging to the King, and roared at the King of the Underworld, “Underworld King Yan! You have a deep heart!”



The King of the Underworld was in the process of approving the reincarnation applications of souls who had completed their sentences. The movements of his hands were not slowed down at all, and he seemed to be unable to hear Emperor Song’s words at all.



Emperor Song pulled out a volume of paperwork from his pocket and pointed to it, “Look at the contents of this Implementing Rules for the Norms of Performances by Living Performers Entering the Earthly Realm, does it look like the right thing to do?”



King Yan buried his head in his work.



Emperor Song: “Qiong Ren is a superstar. In the Sina Weibo – underworld version, his fans have already broken a million.”



King of the Underworld buried his head in his work.



Emperor Song: “And yet you stipulated that a live performer entering the underworld can’t be paid more than one hundred thousand yuan for their first performance. One hundred thousand, can their company agree to that?”



King of the Underworld buried his head in his work.



Emperor Song: “You know what Qiong Ren’s status is in my heart, that’s my own son, rounded up to the Prince of the Underworld, ah, I’m giving money to my own son, why do I need to go through your permission?”



“If you refuse to change this regulation, then I will …… tomorrow.”



He suddenly looked up from the mountain high documents, his crimson eyes like a calm blood sea, rippled.



“What will you do tomorrow?”



Emperor Song was so agitated by his look that the word absenteeism was swallowed back raw.


“I will work hard tomorrow and live up to your expectations of me.”



He nodded slightly.



“Very well, I look forward to your work performance tomorrow.” He spoke slowly and in a gentle tone, but he scared Emperor King Song into moving, “Is there anything else?”


Emperor Song obediently shook his head.


No, he didn’t dare to have.



Emperor Song went out of the Underworld Temple and ran back to his own place with a thumping heart. Damn it, Yan Molu was getting scarier and scarier.


Secretary Jin was waiting for him at home: “Did the Underworld King agree to change the pay scale in the bylaws?”


Emperor Song shook his head, a miserable wind with bitter rain was falling in his heart.



Three years ago, the account of Qiong Ren, a living idol, suddenly appeared in the underworld’s online world. It instantly triggered the Sina Weibo hot search, and also made it to the underworld’s daily express, the equivalent of the real world’s “News Broadcast”.



He gained ten million fans in a month, and from then on, he began his path to the top star of the Underworld.



Emperor Song originally had no interest in him.



However, Emperor Song was the King of the Third Hall, in charge of network information security, and out of a sense of responsibility, he still personally looked over Qiong Ren’s page.



“Tsk, good looking and he went up ten million followers a month. I only have two million fans …… ah, so envious.”


“Posted a song. It sounds okay.”


“Ah, I’m going to listen to that song again.”


“Damn, why do I want to listen to that song again, I’ll listen to it just one more time, just one more time.”


“One last time, really one last time,”


It was an uneventful night, and after he had looped that song two hundred times, Emperor Song decided to stop struggling and face his heart head on.



Like an old father missing his son who was away at college, he saved every picture Qiong Ren sent.


Qiong Ren became his special concern, with the note: the only Prince of the Third Hall.


Nowadays, Qiong Ren was the number one idol in the underworld, and almost all the jailers and ghost officials under Emperor Song were his fans.


Due to the lack of information sharing between the Yin and Yang realms, Emperor Song wasn’t quite sure how many fans Qiong Ren had in the Yang world.

[TN: Yin —– Underworld, Yang – Real World]



However, if Qiong Ren could be so popular in the underworld, he must be a superstar in the yang world as well, the kind of person who could get a million reposts, a million likes, and a million comments, the top star of the top star.



Because of this, how could his company take on a commercial show with such a low performance fee? Wouldn’t it disrupt the market pricing.



Ah, it felt so sad to have a mountain of treasure at home but not be able to spend it on your own cub. How could it be so hard to send some money to your child to meet him?



The old father, Emperor Song, was in tears.



Looking at the listless sovereign, Secretary Jin suggested, “We can try inviting first, and then think of something else if it doesn’t work out.”


Emperor Song nodded without hope, “Alright, you go handle it. The reward will be given at the upper limit set by King Yan, one hundred thousand.”




The beep interrupted the agent’s thoughts.



The computer desktop showed a new email, the agent clicked on it and scanned through the specific content, his face showed how shocked he was!



“You received a performance invitation …… Black Rope Underground Culture Limited asked you to perform, with an opening price of one hundred thousand!”


“Our family’s Qiong Ren received a job, one hundred thousand,” the agent muttered in a trance, “Could it be that the god of Wealth I worshiped is working?”



He shook his round head, “You’re already so muddled that you have to pay venue fees for your own performances, who would pay a hundred thousand dollars to hire you? Black Rope Underground Culture shouldn’t be a cryptic term for going down to the sea, right?”


Qiong Ren saw that he looked greatly stimulated and simply came over to read the email himself.



As he read it, he read, “Mr. Qiong Ren is cordially invited to the annual meeting of Black Rope Underground Culture Co. Job description: song and dance performance. Song: ‘Light Chaser’. Reward: one hundred thousand yuan. If you are interested in cooperation, please call 13444444444 after zero hour.”


Qiong Ren’s heart thumped.



Wasn’t this string of fours fancy numbers used in ghost movies?



ZhenCheng Culture’s former Heavenly Purple Star, the current Most Unknown Male Idol……


Had a weakness.


He was afraid of ghosts.


Very afraid.




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