C19 — Merchant

Xiao Yu had just recovered a trace of clarity from his stupor, and didn’t think much about it when he heard the words, his arm rested on the edge of the bucket, occasionally scooping up a bit of water to pour over his burning skin.



Not long after, Cang Hai came carrying a bowl of meat, before he arrived, the smell of meat wafted over first.


“Eat something to replenish your strength.” He chucked a steaming piece of meat and half-jokingly asked, “Do you need me to feed you?”



Xiao Yu laughed, “How dare I trouble you, give it to me, I’ll eat it myself.”



Cang Hai didn’t force him, handing Xiao Yu the bowls and chopsticks, “Come out when you’re done eating, it’s not good to soak for too long, one’s pores are completely open in a high heat state, and the water temperature is lower than your body temperature, instead, it will affect your blood circulation, which isn’t good for your body.”



Xiao Yu obediently nodded, although he had read the original story, the original story didn’t have a detailed description of how to get through the high heat period.



So in this regard, there was nothing wrong with listening to Cang Hai.



After filling his stomach with sleepiness, he climbed out of the bath tub, briefly wiped his body, and looked at the distance between him and the bed.



It was at least ten meters away.


“Cang Hai, can you carry me to bed?”


Xiao Yu asked with a straight face, he was now a sick man and deserved special treatment.


Cang Hai tsked lightly, “Don’t give an inch.”



Xiao Yu: “Then I’ll crawl.”



“Don’t crawl and pass out, you still need me to take care of you.” After Cang Hai teased him, he still picked Xiao Yu up in a horizontal hug.



His palms rested on Xiao Yu’s warm and soft back, and a burst of heat was conveyed along the skin that was pressed against each other, scalding his palm to the point that they were slightly sweaty.


Cang Hai carried Xiao Yu onto the bed without a change in expression, Xiao Yu was probably exhausted and fell into a deep sleep while in Cang Hai’s arms.



“You fell asleep here? The quality of your sleep is really good.” Cang Hai opened the shield for Xiao Yu and followed the sea breeze towards the beach while his palms were still rubbing repeatedly, reminiscing about the touch of the other.



It was soft and hot, it should be very comfortable to hold him in winter, Cang Hai thought to himself.



Xiao Yu slept until dark.



To be honest, he actually couldn’t quite realize the importance of a high fever, to him it was more like a fever, there was no difference except that he didn’t have to take fever-reducing pills.



But apparently Cang Hai didn’t think so.



As soon as he woke up, Cang Hai asked him if he wanted anything to eat or drink.


This made him feel quite flattered, “I do feel a bit thirsty.”



Cang Hai poured him a cup of water, “I made you meatballs, do you want to eat?”



Xiao Yu took the cup of water and drank, Cang Hai probably warmed up boiling water in advance and let it cool, the temperature of the water was just in the range he could accept, gulping it down wouldn’t irritate his mouth while also moisturizing his dry throat very well.



“You’re being considerate, you even made a special effort to help control the water temperature.” Xiao Yu expressed his gratitude from the bottom of his heart.



He and Cang hai had always had a relationship of collaborators, and they had a responsibility to support each other, but it didn’t mean that Cang Hai needed to do this for him. In other words, Cang Hai had the responsibility to give him water to drink, but had no obligation to help him control the temperature of the water.



Couldn’t he assume that he and Cang Hai were already more than just collaborators?



Cang Hai put away the already empty water cup, “You’re welcome, call out to me when you’re hungry, I will rest next to you.”


Xiao Yu blushed, “No need for that, just put the food on the side, I’ll eat it myself when I’m hungry.”



Cang Hai shook his head, “That won’t work, you can’t eat cold food now. Moreover, the scent of the food will easily attract foreign beasts, especially at night, many nocturnal foreign beasts have a very sensitive sense of smell, it would be bad if they follow the scent to the door.”



Since Cang Hai had said so, Xiao Yu could only agree, intending to eat later so that Cang Hai could rest more.


Watching Cang Hai make a sleeping space not far from him, which was just a blanket, Xiao Yu asked with some heartache, “Why don’t you come up and sleep here?”



Cang Hai did want to sleep on the bed, but the pheromones that Xiao Yu emitted under the high heat were already enough to affect him, especially when he opened the protective shield, which would isolate them and was intended to protect them from the infestation of the foreign beasts.



Instead, it aggravated the concentration of pheromones, causing the shield to be filled with the fresh scent of Xiao Yu’s pheromones.


He felt it was necessary to make Xiao Yu aware of the influence of his pheromones on an Alpha, but he felt sorry for his discomfort. He hesitated and decided to wait until the high fever of the little mermaid ended before discussing it .



Hearing Xiao Yu’s invitation, Cang Hai retorted , “Can you control the urge to touch me?”



Xiao Yu instantly blushed, sh, what did he mean by touching? He said it as if he was plotting against him.



But on the contrary, he couldn’t refute it, indeed he was the one who tried to strip Cang Hai of all his clothes, and also pulled him to stick ……



Too embarrassing!


“As if …… I can’t.”



He sighed, of course he knew how to restrain himself when he was awake, but what about when he was asleep?


Cang Hai’s body had a great attraction to him, and that was of course literally without any derived meaning. He felt like he had skin hunger, and only by touching with Cang Hai could his body’s dryness be relieved for a moment.



In this situation, how could he dare to promise not to touch Cang Hai?



Cang Hai got the expected answer, and for some reason was in a much better mood, obviously he was about to hit the floor, and the softness of the floor was completely incomparable to the bed.



“It’s alright, the blankets are soft, when I was fighting in the field before, it was much more grueling than this.” Cang Hai walked to the side and took out the blanket in the spatial ring, shaking it off and spreading it out.



When Xiao Yu heard Cang Hai mention the past, a few curiosities arose in his heart, “Cang Hai, what did you do in the past?”



He had always thought that Cang Hai was a soldier, and in Cang Hai, he saw all the good qualities that a soldier possessed.



So when Cang Hai said that he was a businessman, Xiao Yu was filled with disbelief.



“Why, doesn’t it look like it?” Cang Hai sat cross-legged on the blanket, “Then what do you think I should be doing?”



Xiao Yu said truthfully, “I think you are valiant and bold, self-disciplined and cautious, even if you are not a soldier, you should be a bodyguard or something like that. Your moves are quite organized and you have a knack for wilderness survival, when you look at it, you don’t look like a businessman, do you?”



Cang Hai was unimpressed, “The dangers a businessman has to face are far more than you can imagine, I’m also doing this for self-preservation.”



Xiao Yu wouldn’t doubt Cang Hai, but hearing him say this, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Is it so difficult to be a businessman now?”



One still had to practice a good martial art skill that could match up with the foreign beasts, just for self-preservation.



Being a merchant was so demanding, it seemed that the various industries in the future world had gotten to the point where one couldn’t get involved easily.




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