C16 — Beauty Misleads People

Breakfast was as simple and delicious as ever, the difference being that he found a couple of meatballs soaked in soup in the saucepan.


Cang Hai had really made meatballs for him to eat, and there was more than one.


Xiao Yu had a smile in his eyes, but he still pretended to be surprised, ”Yo, let me see what good stuff this is! Wow, it’s meatballs, freshly made big meatballs!”


Cang Hai shook his head and lost his smile, “Can you be any more exaggerated?”


Xiao Yu took out all the meatballs and loaded them onto a plate, taking chopsticks and carefully poking one, the full soup overflowed from the tiny indentation, and the aroma escaped along with the heat.


“I didn’t expect you to actually make meatballs, didn’t you find it troublesome to make it?”


Xiao Yu skewered a meatball as he spoke and brought it to Cang Hai’s mouth, which could be said to be quite self-conscious.


Cang Hai bit off half of it in one mouthful and commented as he chewed, “The green-tailed hyena that I casually hunted before was notorious for having dry meat that was hard to chew, and if it wasn’t for the fact that it was fresh enough, I wouldn’t have even brought them back. I didn’t expect that after making the meat into meatballs as you said, its meat quality was greatly improved, and with the addition of the broth to suspend the flavor, both the texture and the taste were sublimated.”


The more Xiao Yu listened, the more amused he became, “Is there such boasting?”


“Don’t believe me? Then taste it.” Cang Hai also didn’t deny that he was boasting, the meatballs weren’t much, if he ate one more bite, the little mermaid would eat one less.


It was rare to have something that Xiao Yu liked to eat, but unfortunately, without the right tools, the meatball yield was miserably low.



Even if he started preparing before dawn, he only made so many finished products.


The effort and the gain were not proportional, in the old days, Cang Hai would definitely not have wasted his time on this kind of thing.


However, when he heard Xiao Yu praising the meatballs he made, the idea of making up his mind to stop making meatballs began to waver again.



What was wrong with him? When did his will become so indecisive?



Xiao Yu, who was savoring the meatballs, was not much calmer than Cang Hai in his heart.


The meatballs were indeed delicious and juicy, but no matter how perfect the meatballs in his mouth were, they were no better than the initial half in his eyes.


Xiao Yu was clear in his heart that as he and Cang Hai joined hands to survive on the barren star, nothing was more important than survival.


There were many minor things that even he didn’t care much about, not to mention Cang Hai.


For example, just now, when Cang Hai gave him half of the leftover meatballs, there was absolutely no special meaning to it. Sharing food was just that, it wasn’t worth taking the trouble to think about it much.


But he just damn well cared, and his mind uncontrollably went back to the teeth marks Cang Hai had left behind, along with the meatball that he had taken into his mouth ……


Beauty misled people.



Xiao Yu covered his head in agony, he seemed to be falling deeper and deeper without realizing it, and what was worse was that Cang Hai should have no thoughts in that area at all. Of course he didn’t dare to tell him his own thoughts, Cang Hai was already his bread and butter, he really didn’t dare to ask for more.


He could only keep praising Cang Hai’s cooking skills as a way to relieve the dryness inside.



“No matter how much you praise me, I won’t do it again,” Cang Hai righteously waved his hand, “Don’t try to corrupt me with sugar-coated words, I don’t eat that.”


In his heart, he was thinking that if he had free time, it wouldn’t hurt to do it once in a while.



But he had to let the little mermaid know how hard it was to get meatballs though.



Things that were too easy to get were often not cherished.



Xiao Yu snapped his mouth shut and silently packed up the pots and pans so it’d be easier when he went to the beach to clean them later.



Cang Hai would probably never know how sincere his praise was, rather than flattering him for the sake of eating meatballs.


Today, the seaside wind was blowing furiously, Xiao Yu was lying on Cang Hai’s shoulder, even though Cang Hai was helping him block the wind, he was still blown to the point where he couldn’t open his eyes.


The long hair behind his ear was even blown by the wind, the price of floating was that his scalp was yanked to the point of raw pain.


He didn’t intend to complain to Cang Hai, after all, compared to him, Cang Hai was the one who faced the gale, Cang Hai was only disturbed by the storm more than he was.


The attentive Cang Hai, however, didn’t give him a chance to show off, “Come down, I’ll fix your hair.”


Cang Hai’s voice was fragmented by the gusts of wind, but it was extraordinarily warm in his ears.


“Okay.” Xiao Yu answered and obediently climbed down Cang Hai’s broad back, allowing him to gather his flying hair and then braid it into a strand of twisted braids.


This process was quite tedious, but Xiao Yu was a bit overjoyed, “Why don’t I just cut my hair?”


Cang Hai’s movements didn’t stop, “If you cut it, it will still grow tomorrow, who can guarantee that tomorrow will not be a windy day? Be patient, it will be fine soon, good boy.”



Again the tone of coaxing a child.


Xiao Yu was exasperated and at the same time, he couldn’t control his indulgence.



He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but felt that the present atmosphere was just right and couldn’t bear to destroy it.


The sudden onslaught of wind pervasively poured into his mouth, and he hurriedly closed his mouth tightly, but he was still a step too slow.


“Cough cough!”


The sea breeze carried a bit of wet mud and sand, stirring his tongue and throat.


Cang Hai didn’t care about the unfinished strand of twisted braid in his hand and took two quick steps to block Xiao Yu’s body, “Are you alright?”


The wind was blocked by Cang Hai’s back for most of the time, Xiao Yu looked at the man who was close to him, and even had the idea that the other’s chest was his shelter from the wind.


He really wanted to shake Cang Hai’s shoulders, so that he would stop emitting such charm.


But when he thought about it, the one who was moved was him, and the one who was in the wrong was also him.


This could be really ……


Xiao Yu lowered his eyes to collect his inner struggle, he spat out the mud in his mouth, “Fortunately, I got a mouthful of wind, I was a little choked.”


Cang Hai patted his shoulder and signaled him to turn around, “I’ll help you tie up your braid first.”



In this way, the violent sea wind couldn’t bully his head, only Cang Hai’s back might have to suffer.



Xiao Yu didn’t waste any time, if he tied his hair as soon as possible, Cang Hai would be able to suffer less.


It was just that the sea wind was so strong that not only were the waves so violent, even the shore had kicked up a sandstorm.


With such bad weather, would they still insist on searching for the spatial rift along the coastline?


He questioned Cang Hai, who didn’t hesitate, “Of course.”


He played with the soft hair in his hand, the twisted braid that he had just given up on naturally fell apart and he braided it back in, then smoothly picked out the sand and gravel that tried to blend in and continued, “Natural disasters occur frequently, first tsunamis and earthquakes, then wild winds, and what will come after that, no one can predict. Xiao Yu, we don’t have much time left.”


The planet was sending out a warning that all the disasters were its dying wails, and that its life was about to come to an end.


“Before that, I must find the spatial rift and take you out of here.” Cang Hai said in a deep voice.


His voice was strangled by the noisy storm and was not very clear.


Xiao Yu, however, could hear firm conviction and courage in his tone, something that even the fiercest hurricane could not break.


The corners of his mouth rose slightly as a light laugh spilled from his dry throat.


Xiao Yu’s response didn’t have the slightest hesitation or suspicion: “I believe in you.”


Finally, Cang Hai tucked the last strand of twisted braid into the reserved gap, “Done.”


Xiao Yu touched the tied hair, the lines on it were very clear and neat, one could imagine how attentive the person who tied the hair was, “Thank you.”



“You’re welcome, although it’s tempting to try its feel, now is not the time.” Cang Hai held his longsword in his hand, “Take care of yourself.”


There was an enemy attack.



Xiao Yu looked towards Cang Hai, who had already entered a state of battle readiness, full of worry, as the gusty wind would disrupt the surrounding sounds and affect Cang Hai’s judgment.


Compared to waiting in place, he preferred to stay on Cang Hai’s back and be his eyes.


Cang Hai naturally had his reasons for not letting Xiao Yu help him.



One was that the sandstorm affected visibility, and even if Xiao Yu was present, his vision would be limited, and the role he could play was not as good as expected; the second was that he could sense that today’s enemy’s strength was not bad, and there was no way for him to ensure the safety of the little mermaid when they fought each other with all their might.


There it was again.


That feeling of being spied on caused alarm bells to ring in Cang Hai’s heart.


He tentatively swung his sword to the right, but the sword light was like a mud cow entering the sea and was quickly swallowed by the sandstorm.


This was no longer just due to the weather, Cang Hai concluded that the beast that was spying on him was hiding in the sandstorm.


What kind of foreign beast could actually use a sandstorm to hide its figure?


Cang Hai’s mind swept through several conjectures, and his jaw tightened, no matter which kind of beast it was, it was not easy to deal with.


For beasts that could utilize sandstorms, their living environment must be closely related to mud and sand. They could be nourished in the mud and sand, the more it dragged on, the more favorable it would be for them, he had to fight quickly.


Cang Hai decided to use his body as bait to lure the foreign beasts to show themselves.


So Xiao Yu, who was hiding at the side, saw the image of Cang Hai putting down his long sword and sitting down on his knees.



A few moments later, the ground centered on Cang Hai suddenly became soft, and the soil actually transformed into quicksand in an instant.


Xiao Yu was in a hurry and was about to remind Cang Hai to be careful, but he saw the other party slowly get up, ready to strike.


Cang Hai was waiting for the best time.


The land under his feet turned into quicksand, and his legs gradually sank under the effect of the quicksand, and in a short while, he would be completely buried by the quicksand, no longer able to fight back.


A very clever move, if it worked, even that foreign beast didn’t need to show its face to kill the enemy.


Unfortunately, he had anticipated this.



The hindrance that the quicksand caused to him was not even comparable to the ten times gravity training room, he had been training in high gravity for many years, and his control over his body was far beyond the realm of the Beast’s perception.



Perhaps others would be trapped by the quicksand, but Cang Hai would not.


Xiao Yu watched as Cang Hai peacefully walked out of the range of quicksand, his steps were steady and light, as if he was walking on a flat surface, as if the quicksand all over the ground was just a prop for him.



This was too powerful!



He couldn’t suppress his admiration for Cang Hai.


After walking out of the quicksand, Cang Hai swung his second sword.


The corners of his mouth were tucked in a smile, but the blade of his sword was pointing at a spot as swiftly as electricity.


With the sound of gold and stone striking each other, Cang Hai was determined, I found you!



A short exchange of blows allowed Cang Hai to determine that this was a Red Sand Devil Scorpion, Red Sand Devil Scorpion was a beast that was good at controlling sand and rocks, its most common hunting method was to hide in the dark, waiting for quicksand to trap the prey to death before enjoying the prey.


Because of its mysterious hunting methods, it was given the title of “Devil Scorpion”.


However, the Red Sand Devil Scorpion’s body wasn’t strong in combat, and it couldn’t walk under Cang Hai’s hand for more than two moves before it was incapacitated by a sword piercing through the scorpion’s tail.


Cang Hai jumped onto the body of the scorpion and added a sword to the vital points, not giving the Red Scorpion any chance to counterattack.


Obviously, the enemy had already been put to death.


However, Cang Hai felt inexplicably uneasy in his heart, it seemed that there was some detail that he had missed, what was it?


He listened carefully to the sounds around him, the wind disturbed his hearing to the extent that he was unable to hear Xiao Yu’s movements in the first place.


Xiao Yu was actually crawling in Cang Hai’s direction, and when he thought the crisis was over, he wanted to rush to Cang Hai’s side to celebrate at the first opportunity.



No one noticed that behind him, a Red Sand Demon Scorpion quietly coalesced and took shape from the mud and sand.



The black as ink scorpion tail needle was raised high, and in the next moment, it shot towards Xiao Yu’s heart from the back!



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