C41—– Cai Sheng (III)


Kou Dong didn’t accept the idea of motherhood, and threatened to have the NPCs present beat him up.


Song Hong swept a glance at this room full of people and chose to keep his mouth shut.


After all, they looked like they really wanted to beat him up ……


After the game was almost over, Kou Dong began to ask them some questions in a soft voice. Although the children were still cowering and their voices were small, the important questions were answered one by one.


“It wasn’t here at the beginning.”


“Went to a lot of places …… Every time we change, there are a few more people.”


“What do you do during the day? — Go out and ask for money.”


“You have to get …… the money, or you’re a loser. If you’re a loser, you’ll go to the lumberjack.”


As they mentioned that word, they shivered in unison. Only after a long time did someone whisper: “I don t want to draw wooden …… people.”


Their eyes weren’t as enthusiastic as when they saw the game just now, and quickly faded back, staring blankly at a point in the air. Kou Dong was silent for a while before he asked in a low voice: “If you draw a wooden man, where will you go?”


“- Will go to the front.”


The boy who spoke shivered, and his pupils narrowed violently. He hesitated for a moment, and finally spat out the last sentence.


“Will go to the front …… They’ll show it to people and sell us for money.”


Song Hong scalp suddenly numb, blurted out: “Exhibition?!”


The boy didn’t answer, just looked at him defensively, he didn’t answer this, but instead leaned towards Kou Dong’s side again in a slightly unnoticeable way. The two players glanced at each other, chills rising from their hearts, finally realizing what kind of situation they were in.


Those who could beg for money went out to the streets day after day to beg for money.


For those who couldn’t, they used methods to make monsters out of people and pulled them forward to earn money from other people.


The evil in human nature was far more disgusting than they could imagine.


When Song Hong thought of this, his expression wasn’t so good, and he whispered to Kou Dong, “This is a tr.afficker’s den.”


Kou Dong’s hand patted the child’s shoulder and he nodded slightly.


Song Hong’s brows furrowed, and his expression was a bit anxious, “There are so many children here, where are we going to find the person we need in the mission?”



Kou Dong: “What is the mission?”


He was dragged into the team, unlike Song Hong, who knew the copy mission clearly from the beginning.


Song Hong: “Within seven days, bring a child named Xiao Shuanzhi to escape from Taoyuan Town. –I’m afraid that’s the town now.”


His eyes searched among the children in this room, and finally shook his head, “This isn’t too good, there are too many people, and we are scattered …… Moreover, there are so many people watching, and the two of us are currently like this, we won’t be able to run away from them.”




At the end, he added, “Short legs.”


Kou Dong: “……?”


He had short legs?


This was the first time he had heard this, “People usually praise me for my long legs.”


Ye Yanzhi patted his face.


“Wake up,” the villain’s voice carried a bit of a raised eyebrow in it, “You’re just short-legged now.”


Under Heaven and earth, Kou Dong had always taken himself as his father, moving to make fun of him for being small, and now he himself finally tasted the feeling of becoming small!


Ye Yanzhi looked at Kou Dong like this, and couldn’t help but want to reach out and pinch his collagen-filled face-…


Kou Dong narrowed his eyes and looked at the villain for a while, vaguely feeling that he was being teased, and heaved a little on the other’s face.



“What’s on your mind?” Kou Dong snorted, pointing to the simple public toilet in the corner of the room, it wasn’t a public toilet, more like two buckets were placed there, “No matter how small I am, it’s bigger than you. Unzip your pants and compare, whoever is bigger is the father.”


Ye Yanzhi’s face turned red, hearing this, he immediately fought to poke his head out, eyes unblinking as he waited for Kou Dong to unzip his pants.


Let me see!


Unfortunately, Kou Dong was obviously only willing to talk, he rightfully continued, “I won’t really pull it out, I’m afraid of hurting your self-esteem.”


Villain: “……”


He glanced at Kou Dong expressionlessly.


He really hoped that Kou Dong would come and hurt his pride a bit.


The bedding in the room was old, there was no window, no sunlight, and the room smelled of mold. Children laid down one after another, with not the slightest attention to washing, regardless of gender, they just laid down anywhere.


Someone got injured outside, the wound turned pus, which made the stench spread throughout the room.


Song Hong even pulled out a small cockroach from the quilt.


Even though he wasn’t afraid of bugs, he felt nauseous at this moment, and threw his hand away in shock, throwing it heavily against the wall, “What kind of environment is this?”



It was his first time sleeping in this kind of ghost place.



Kou Dong︰”No. Haven’t you heard? If you touch a cockroach, later you can touch its whole family.”



Song Hong said dryly, “Don’t tell ghost stories.”


What’s a family for? What’s the point of having a family reunion?



Even though he said that, he didn’t want to cover the quilt anymore, and simply slept on the cold ground, but even so, he was still not feeling well, as if there were worms crawling on his body, so he tossed and turned, and couldn’t fall asleep at all.


Kou Dong was sleeping peacefully, and even dreamed. In his dream, the golden python that he had seen today was spitting snake letters at him, but tears were flowing from his eyes.


In the early morning, Kou Dong was shaken awake by Song Hong.


“Get up first,” Song Hong said in a low voice, “It seems that something has happened.”



Outside, the sounds of the side rang out, lively and boisterous. The sound of suona was accompanied by the sound of people’s footsteps approaching the doorway, and Kou Dong quickly pivoted his body up and raised his eyes, only to realize that he and Song Hong were the only ones awake in the house.


Was it by chance?


Or was this a condition that could only be triggered by players?



Before Kou Dong could think about it, the sound got closer and closer. The suona was worthy of being an instrumental rogue, and the solo one also blew out a band’s stance, feverishly echoing in his ears with a high-pitched and loud sound.


It was simply impossible not to wake up from such loud music. Yet the children present were all still asleep, without the slightest intention of opening their eyes.


Kou Dong suddenly realized something and hurriedly said to Song Hong, “Close your eyes!”


Song Hong also suddenly reacted, the instincts of a veteran immediately came into play, he fell to the ground and immediately closed his eyes. In order to prevent exposure, he gritted his teeth and dragged the quilt up as well, covering it up to his neck.


Almost the instant they laid back down, the door to the room was pushed open.


The sound of the oboe stopped abruptly, and the sound of human footsteps disappeared. In its place, there was a hissing sound – if one really had to say anything, it was probably the movement of the snake’s skin as it rubbed against the ground.


That sound hovered in the doorway for a few moments, then came in Kou Dong’s direction. Kou Dong held his breath, imagining that he was submerged underwater, trying to relax his tense body as much as possible.


Gradually he felt a cold touch, working its way up from a sliver of ankle exposed at the corner of his pants. A heavy pressure followed, as if a huge snake was sitting on top of him, and Kou Dong even felt its cool breath hissing out.



That cool air caused goosebumps to rise uncontrollably on his neck.


A realization came clearly into his mind: -It was watching him.


–It was looking at him.


In a condescending position, it was looking at ……


Kou Dong never uttered a sound, clenching his teeth and pretending that he was really dreaming. His body’s reactions were minimized, and he tried his best to suppress the thought of opening his eyes to take a look.



A few moments later, the cold chill finally receded from his body, and movement gradually resumed in the doorway.



The stone that Kou Dong’s heart was weighing down suddenly loosened, but Ye Yanzhi laid on his ear and whispered: “It hasn’t left yet.”



With a start, he closed his eyes again.


After another moment, the door made a slight thud, and the villain’s voice followed, “Gone.”


Only then did Kou Dong open his eyes. He looked to the side and cautiously reached out and gently pushed Song Hong.


Song Hong was a veteran, fearing that the NPC would kill again, he was always pretending to be asleep. It wasn’t until this moment when he was touched by Kou Dong that he lifted his eyes and quietly supported his upper body from the ground, looking at the door.


The door wasn’t closed tightly.


He pointed at Kou Dong and pointed at the crack in the door.


Kou Dong understood, and carefully made his way through the floor full of children, moving closer to the door of the room to listen for movement outside. Almost immediately, they heard a loud howl that sounded like it belonged to the little fat kid from the daytime.


“Get off me!”


He screamed out of breath, “Let go of me-”


The two men looked out through the crack in the door, and for a moment wondered a little where they were.


Was it earth?


…… or purgatory?



There were many figures standing outside the door, and Kou Dong didn’t even know if he should unify and generalize them as people. He saw a head twice the size of an ordinary person, the body was as thin as a sparrow big-headed doll, they couldn’t and could only poke his head out of the basket carried by a person; The beauty in a vase, also in a person’s arms, protruded her neck from the thin mouth of the bottle, and above it was a beautiful and smiling head; The human bear was as strong as a mountain, with messy fur all around, and only a whimpering sound comes from its hair in its throat; The golden python swung its long and slender tail, and contentedly leaned its upper body ……



This scene was even more gruesome than the one seen in the laboratory. In Siren’s laboratory, Kou Dong knew that those were experiments, not people.


But now–


The ones standing here today were living, breathing people.



They clapped their hands, laughing and welcoming, as the little fat man was caught in the golden python’s tail and dragged out without mercy. Spinning around, the bear-man handed him the familiar bag and asked him to pull one out of it.



Little Fatty desperately shook his head and tried to resist again, but the man-bear twisted his thin arms and almost forced him to pull one out of it.



When he brought it out, a strange smile appeared on all the faces, and…..



“Stick-oh!” They clapped their hands and shouted, “A man-dog! A man-dog!”



The little fat man was dumbfounded, and after a long time, let out another howl that hardly resembled a human being. Kou Dong could hear his already hoarse cries, “I’ll give you money! I’ll give you money!”


Kou Dong’s heart sank violently downward, knowing that he had used the wrong words.



After he uttered the word “money”, the looks on the faces of the people in the room suddenly turned cold and cruel. The tall human bear stepped forward and knocked him out with a slap, dragging him by the ankles towards the courtyard, as easily as if he were dragging an unweighted chicken.


The corner of Kou Dong’s forehead thumped, but he saw the golden python snake in the courtyard re-twist its head and look suspiciously in their direction.



Not good!


Kou Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk, violently signaling Song Hong to lie down on the ground. But before they could lie down and calm their breathing, the golden python had already reopened the door, and the figure of the snake appeared in the doorway.


He inhaled into the air.


“-I smell it.” He laughed lowly, “I smell it ……”


The vertical pupils of the snake flashed.

“–It’s the scent of the living.”



The thin snake’s tail slapped the ground as he approached.


“Who is it?”


The snake trailed over with its long tail.


Kou Dong felt a familiar scent spraying just to the side of his neck. The voice was impish and ghostly, and it rang in his ears now.


“…… Is it you, are you awake?”




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