C15 – Little Meatball

The sky was darkening and twilight was approaching.


Cang Hai carried Xiao Yu all the way, and wasn’t able to find the nascent spatial rift, but there were some weak foreign beasts that tried to attack them, they were taught a lesson by Cang Hai, and became their reserve food.



After the Great Earthquake, danger lurked everywhere, but it was the strong foreign beasts that seemed to be hibernating, and the ones that ventured out were some shrimp soldiers and crab generals.



This wasn’t a good sign, Cang Hai would rather encounter a strong enemy now than fall into a situation where the enemy was in the dark and they were in the light.


“Tired?” Cang Hai slightly inclined his head.


The low, hoarse voice was particularly charming in the night, and it was like a cello’s low voice that lingered and rang softly in the ears.


Xiao Yu’s ears itched and he shook his head, “I’m not tired, it’s you, you’ve traveled for a day, do you want to find a place to rest and rest?”


Cang Hai didn’t feel the slightest bit of fatigue, his physical fitness was quite good, thanks to years and years of intense training.


Even the initial broken ribs was almost completely healed.



Of course, the energy-rich Beast meat helped a lot, under the nourishment of the meat, he could feel that his physical fitness had slightly improved compared to before, but the exact amount of improvement needed to be further tested after leaving the Desolate Star.



High-intensity patrols were nothing for him, but for the little mermaid that was still in the differentiation stage, it might be a bit difficult.


Not being able to find the spatial rift, Cang Hai was anxious, it was just that no matter what, he had to take Xiao Yu’s body into consideration.


At this time, he had completely forgotten that Xiao Yu had been carried on his back the entire time and his tail hadn’t even touched the ground.


“Good thing too.” Cang Hai brought Xiao Yu to find a safe place again.



The previous cave could no longer be lived in, after the earthquake, the soil became looser and looser, and the seawater might have flooded the cave at some point.



Although the new nest wasn’t as well hidden as the cave, it was far away from the coastline and the terrain was high, so there was no need to worry about waking up and drifting in the sea.



Xiao Yu sat on a small hill and looked into the distance.


The Desolate Star was truly worthy of its name, and after wandering for so long, he had never seen a speck of green.


The endless barren earth would more or less bring a sense of desolation and dilapidation, as if the flowers of hope would never blossom on this lonely road.


“What are you thinking about, so quiet?” Cang Hai extended his fist in front of Xiao Yu.



Then slowly opened his five fingers, revealing the meatball in his hand.


Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up, “You really made it?”


He didn’t expect Cang Hai to really make meatballs, after all, at that time, he had only mentioned it, telling Cang Hai that small-sized foreign beasts could have the meat from its body removed, chopped into minced pieces, and then kneaded into balls, so that the trouble of chewing the bones could be dispensed with, and the freedom of eating meat could be realized.


Cang Hai naturally didn’t like doing this kind of tedious and not very rewarding thing.



But for some reason, he just wanted to fulfill the little mermaid’s wish – anyway, he had only made one to make Xiao Yu happy, it didn’t take much time.


The meatball was still steaming, and Xiao Yu carefully held it in his hand, wanting to eat, but unable to do so.


He suddenly felt that the devastated and barren land was not as lonely and difficult to travel as he had imagined.


“Eat it while it’s hot, it won’t taste good if it gets cold.”


Cang Hai stroked his hair.


Xiao Yu suddenly remembered, “Didn’t your hand just touch the meatball?”


Cang Hai rationalized, “Yes, I borrowed your hair to wipe my hands.”


Xiao Yu: “……”


He ate the meatball in one bite, then pounced on Cang Hai while he wasn’t paying attention, “My hair is dirty, will you pay for it?”



“If it’s dirty, it’s dirty, we walk on the beach everyday, can our bodies not be dirty?” Cang Hai said in disbelief.



Xiao Yu: “But we’ll wash it before we go!”


Cang Hai: “Okay, okay, then I’ll take you to wash it, all right?”


“Forget it, I’ll wipe it with a towel and wash it tomorrow.” Xiao Yu didn’t want Cang Hai to make another trip, and playfully opened his arms, “Carry me to bed.”


Cang Hai’s bed could be put anywhere, and putting it on the hillside wasn’t impossible.


But considering that the hillside was windy, he still carried Xiao Yu down the hillside and set him down at the back of the wind.


Sitting on the bed, Xiao Yu still wanted to eat meatballs, but learned that Cang Hai had only made one.


He instantly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Can’t you make a few more, won’t you try them yourself?”



Cang Hai shook his head, “Troublesome, I’m too lazy to do it. If you want to eat it, I’ll make it for you tomorrow.”


Why did this sound like he was like a foodie?


Xiao Yu wasn’t happy, “I didn’t say I wanted to eat!”


Cang Hai asked him back, “Does it mean that the meatballs I made are not delicious?”



“Of course not, the meatballs you made are the best!” Xiao Yu hurriedly stated.


“I’ll make them tomorrow, be obedient.” Cang Hai touched his stomach, “If you eat too much at night, it won’t digest.”



After a long time, Xiao Yu still couldn’t pull himself away from his inexplicable emotions, the small belly that had been rubbed by Cang Hai was itchy, and like the tips of his ears, it was colored with some rolling heat.


Foul, who could resist such a perfect face and such a gentle voice.


He couldn’t resist it anyway.



“I’m going to sleep,” Xiao Yu tried his best to keep his voice from sounding strange, “Remember to make meatballs for me tomorrow.”


Cang Hai smiled faintly, “Okay.”


Half asleep, Xiao Yu seemed to be talking in his sleep, muttering, “Cang Hai, why are you so good to me?”


The voice was hazy and hoarse, with a pouting undertone that was rare to hear when he was awake.


Cang Hai didn’t answer, and to be honest, he didn’t know.



He just felt sorry for the little mermaid who had no kin, no companions, and no ability to survive, and he just wanted to take care of him as much as he could, but never thought about this kind of feeling that could be called pity, which he never seemed to have for anyone.



The scent of pheromones lingered on the end of his nose if nothing else, his instincts as an Alpha caused him to inevitably react to the pheromones.


The flow of blood gradually accelerated, and a feeling of dryness quickly swept through his body, Cang Hai’s forehead oozed fine sweat, and the accumulated sleepiness was swept away.



This abrasive little fellow.



Cang Hai held his forehead, wiping away the beads of sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand, and resignedly climbed out of bed.



The shield isolated the outside interference while also trapping Xiao Yu’s pheromones inside, if it continued like this, his self-control would sooner or later fall apart.



Not wanting to make an overzealous move, Cang Hai had no choice but to give up his bed and find a flat place nearby to lie down.




The next day, when Xiao Yu woke up, Cang Hai had already prepared breakfast.



“Good morning.” Xiao Yu greeted Cang Hai warmly, but noticed the greenish-blackness under the other party’s eyes, “You secretly went to the beach to patrol last night?”


Cang Hai refrained from answering, “Eat.”


Xiao Yu thought that Cang Hai went on patrol, if he went, he went, what’s there to say.



He wasn’t such a petty person, and he could understand Cang Hai’s reason for not taking him, if he were to do it, he wouldn’t be willing to work overtime with such a burden on his back in the middle of the night.


Then again, it turned out that blind people also got dark circles under their eyes.


He’d learnt a lot.



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