C13 —- I want to go home


The pheromone remaining in the air wasn’t strong, like fresh mountain spring, the faint sweet fragrance lingered on the end of his nose, making his mind relaxed and happy, like being in a fairyland.



Probably due to the fact that the little mermaid was not yet fully grown, the pheromone appeared as if it was a flash in the pan, gradually dissipating with the passage of time.



Cang Hai reclined back to his original position, his brows never relaxing.



He had always thought that the little mermaid would be an Alpha like him, but he had never thought that the little mermaid was about to differentiate into a rare Omega.The proportion of Alpha, Bate and Omega in humans was 25%, 70% and 5% respectively, while the rarity of Omega in the mermaid race was even greater than that of humans, and as far as he knew, the mermaid race hadn’t had any Omega appear in a long time.



He had investigated the history of the mermaids, as neighbors of the Federation and a subspecies of the human race, the mermaid race possessed a mental talent that far exceeded that of the vast majority of humans.



But the rules of the universe were fair, and while the mermaids had gained great power, they had to pay a price for it.



Their genes carried a serious flaw that caused their energy to backfire when it reached a certain level, making them eventually lose their sanity.



The genetic defect couldn’t be cured, and unless the mermaids’ mental power was channeled, they would spend the rest of their lives in an endless rampage.



According to records, mermaid Omega possessed the ability to channel the mermaid’s spiritual power.



It was just that the mermaid clan was almost entirely composed of Alpha and Bate, with far fewer Omega, and not even a single mermaid Omega had been born in the last hundred years.



One could imagine how many coveted gazes would be ushered in when Xiao Yu’s identity was exposed.


Throughout the history of the mermaid race, the mermaids had also requested help from the Federation, but even the most mentally powerful masters in the Federation were unable to alleviate the plague of backlash for the mermaids. This was because the mermaid’s spiritual energy that suffered from backlash was too powerful and berserk, and once foreign spiritual energy interfered, it would automatically generate rejection and devour spiritual energy that didn’t belong to it.



The only thing that could be accepted by the mermaid’s berserk spiritual energy was the spiritual energy of the mermaid Omega.



Thus, for the sake of those powerful mermaids being able to regain their sanity, the mermaid clan would definitely do whatever it took to obtain the soon-to-be-differenciated Xiao Yu.



An unfamiliar emotion called guilt lingered in his heart, Cang Hai didn’t push away the fish tail that was wrapped around his thigh, thinking in his heart that if it wasn’t for his arrival, the Desolate Planet wouldn’t be collapsing, and perhaps the little mermaid would have been able to live his entire life on the Desolate Planet without any worries.


But he wouldn’t regret it, in order to survive, he could only choose to make a forced landing here. If he were to make the choice again, he would still do so, knowing that it could lead to this series of consequences.


Noticing that the little mermaid’s tail was again hooking around his thigh, Cang Hai sighed helplessly but didn’t reject the little mermaid’s closeness.



Thinking about it was really exasperating, he was exhausting himself here, but a certain trouble-making little mermaid was sleeping soundly.


Cang Hai secretly poked and prodded and thought, he had to make Xiao Yu anxious along with him, otherwise he wouldn’t be balanced in his heart.



The next day, the bad-eyed Cang Hai told Xiao Yu about the fact that he was about to differentiate into a mermaid Omega.


Xiao Yu had just woken up from a nap, and his long hair was a pain in the ass, so he had to go to Cang Hai for help.


He went to Cang Hai for help, but instead of helping him, Cang Hai told him such explosive news.


Xiao Yu was dumbfounded on the spot.



Although the original book didn’t portray much about the mermaid race, and the mermaid planet in general could only be considered as a copy map for the male protagonist to brush through, there was still a brief introduction of the mermaid race in the book, especially mentioning the odd settings of the mermaid race.



Mermaid Omega was the only way to save the berserk mermaids, but the mermaid Omega was very rare, and would be fought over and taken care of by the mermaids as soon as it appeared in the world.



At best, it was taken care of, but at worst, it was house arrest.



Think about it, the significance of the mermaid Omega was to heal the mermaid’s mental trauma, the mermaids would only regard the mermaid Omega as a life-saving medicine, who cared about what he thought in his heart, who cared about whether or not he was willing to accept the script of the savior?



Xiao Yu had never wanted to be a savior, he was such a cold hearted and black handed person, he didn’t have the idea of dedicating himself to saving others.


Cang Hai appreciated the little mermaid’s sadness enough, just listening to the other party sighing was enough to make him feel good inside.



But he still had to pretend to comfort, “Well, at least you don’t have to worry about your life in the future, the mermaid tribe will surely provide you with good food and drink. If we leave the Desolate Star, you can eat crab meat if you want to, and you won’t have to worry about food anymore.”



Xiao Yu bristled, “If I’m not free, I would rather die.”


“Fool, if you don’t want a life of brocade clothes and food, then what else do you want?” Cang Hai shook his head and lost his smile, what was it that if you were not free, you would rather die? When it really came down to a matter of life and death, even if he lost everything, he had to fight to live.


If you die, then there was nothing left.


The young mermaid didn’t figure out Cang Hai’s unfinished business, he seriously thought for a long time: “I want to go home.”


Cang Hai seemed a bit confused, “Isn’t this your home?”


Xiao Yu didn’t know how to answer, his home wasn’t here, his home was in the distant Earth Star, but he obviously couldn’t return anymore.


Cang Hai didn’t know why the little mermaid’s mood was instantly much lower, and after thinking about it, he could only attribute it to the fact that the life of the Desolate Star was about to come to an end.


The Desolate Star was Xiao Yu’s home, and the destruction of the Desolate Star meant that the Little Mermaid had lost his home forever.


Cang Hai frowned slightly, feeling a fine pain in his heart.



He thought that his arrival could bring salvation to the little mermaid, and that he could bring Xiao Yu to see the wider world outside, but in reality, he was the culprit for all the tragedies.


“I’m sorry.” Cang Hai was filled with guilt.



Xiao Yu looked at him in confusion, “Why are you apologizing?”


Cang Hai: “I destroyed your home.”



It dawned on Xiao Yu that the Desolate Star was indeed the original body’s hometown, but not his.


He wasn’t qualified to forgive Cang Hai on behalf of the original body, but personally, he came to the Desolate Star almost at the same time as Cang Hai, and he didn’t have much of a sense of belonging to the Desolate Star.


And without Cang Hai, he didn’t even know how many times he would have died.


“It’s all in the past,” he pretended to be dashing, “One must always look ahead.”


Cang Hai was almost fooled, and only after a long time did he ask, “Did you just laugh?”



Xiao Yu’s thin lips pursed, his face taut, “I didn’t, my home is going to be destroyed, where can I laugh?”



Cang Hai heartbreakingly rubbed Xiao Yu’s hair, “Don’t be afraid, I will take you out, if the mermaid clan wants to capture you, they have to ask me if I agree or not.”



Xiao Yu was quite touched, although he didn’t think that Cang Hai could fight against the entire merfolk clan with the power of one person.


After breakfast, Cang Hai brought Xiao Yu to continue wandering along the coastline.


Xiao Yu confirmed after careful observation, “The markings made yesterday are gone again.”



In order to determine whether the coastline had shifted or not, Cang Hai and Xiao Yu inserted a Hidden-Winged Mantis bone as a marker on the shore.



The bones of the Hidden-Winged Mantis were extremely hard, and the meat on the surface had long since been removed, so there wouldn’t be any foreign beasts idly eating it.



It could only mean that the seawater continued to spread inland, and as for the speed of the spread, it was still necessary to find the bones of the Hidden-Winged Mantis before judging.



Xiao Yu volunteered, “I’ll go down to the sea to look for it.”


Cang Hai couldn’t see, so this task could only be given to Xiao Yu: “Be careful, remember to shout loudly when you encounter danger, I’ll be right on the shore.”


“Don’t worry.” Xiao Yu said and jumped into the ocean.



The water in the shallow sea area was turbid and visibility was low.


Xiao Yu felt like a little pig rolling around in the sewage, his body was covered in mud.


Luckily, he vaguely remembered where he had marked before and quickly searched for the bones on the bottom of the sea.



He grabbed the bones and floated to the surface, eyeballed the distance between himself and Cang Hai, and returned to Cang Hai with a pale face.


“Well?” Cang Hai opened his mouth to inquire when he heard the commotion.


Xiao Yu swiped the dirt off his body while speaking heavily to Cang Hai, “Overnight, the coastline has pushed a full hundred meters inland.”


Even though Cang Hai had long been mentally prepared, he couldn’t help but frown upon hearing this news.


“The speed of the nudge will only get faster in the future, the cave can’t be stayed in, perhaps a second major earthquake will come soon.” Cang Hai carried Xiao Yu on his back, “We have to hurry up and look for the cracks, the Desolate Star is leaving us little time.”



Cang Hai’s deduction was confirmed in the evening two days later.


When this great earthquake occurred, instead of taking Xiao Yu to escape, Cang Hai stayed near the coastline.



They sat quietly on the seashore, letting the ground around them shake, but they remained immovable.


Xiao Yu still remembered that Cang Hai had said to him that the huge energy erupting from the earthquake would likely cause a new spatial rift to be created in the epicenter of the earthquake.


Instead of searching aimlessly against the bumps of the earthquake, it would be better to wait for the cracks to appear on their own.


The seawater gradually climbed up his tail, and Xiao Yu flicked his tail fin, creating a splash.


“Can’t wait?” Cang Hai played with the longsword in his hand, natural disasters were most likely to enrage foreign beasts, so he had to be on high alert at all times.


Xiao Yu snapped and withdrew his tail, “No, just changed my sitting position.”


Cang Hai reminded him, “You can bring out the Cui Diao and take a look, after so many days, your spiritual energy still hasn’t improved. Also, energy earthquakes may create new spatial cracks, it’s only possible, not absolute, you shouldn’t expect too much.”



“I know.” The appearance of spatial cracks was inherently unreasonable and untraceable, and he had always held the mentality of gaining it and losing it.


His headache was the Cui Diao, since the last time he ate the crabmeat and mistakenly ground a trace out of the Cui Diao, he hadn’t made any new progress.


Even when he followed Cang Hai’s words about searching for sensations, he hadn’t managed to deepen Cui Diao’s engraving by a single bit.



Cang Hai gave him a small snack made of crab meat as a consolation.



The tactic of hitting with a stick and giving a sweet date after was simple, but the effect of using it to coax a child was quite good.




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