Wen Run swiped through Weibo with relish.

The incident of Ye Qiuting accidentally killing someone due to sexual suffocation has become a hot topic online. Especially at that time, Ye Maokai appeared in the hospital with his bodyguard, and his aggressive words of disregarding human life were captured and posted online, adding fuel to the fire.


However, in just two hours, two or three topics became hot topics.


Clicking in was full of videos uploaded by passersby from various angles, clearly recording Ye Maokai’s bullying and despicable regard for life.



Netizens were naturally passionate about their crusade against the Ye family, many people @ed official accounts, demanding the arrest and punishment of Ye Qiuting according to the law. There were also those who opposed them in a rhythmic manner. As always, online turmoil had arisen.



Even more idle netizens turned Ye Maokai into a meme. When they argued with another person, they threw out an emoticon with the phrase ‘How much do you want. jpg’. At once, countless netizens joined the emoticon pack competition. With the rapid spread of emoticons on a large scale, Ye Maokai and even the reputation of the Ye family were notorious.


After the wall fell and everyone pushed, this incident broke out, followed by the appearance of unknown numbers of Ye Qiuting’s old lovers, revealing some of Ye Qiuting’s previous misdeeds, and also starting to reveal the Ye family’s… There were countless true and false rumors, and no one would carefully verify, or even if verified, no one would care. Just Ye Qiuting’s incident was enough to nail the Ye family to death on the pillar of shame.



Overnight, the Ye family and the entire Ye family, the reputation that had been painstakingly saved, was completely finished.



The just stabilized Ye’s stock price, began to fall again.


Wen Run didn’t blink, thinking of the appearance of Qiu Jihe once carrying her son high and provoking Ye Hansheng, he felt relieved. Even when he was browsing Weibo, his eyes were sparkling, and he focused all his attention on Weibo. Of course, he didn’t notice the sound of Ye Hansheng returning to his room just after taking a shower.



After last night’s experience, Ye Hansheng moved into Wen Run’s bedroom on the grounds that he could only have a good night’s sleep with him.



This was the second night they slept together, Ye Hansheng returned to his room after showering and changing into comfortable pajamas, fully expecting to see a shy little boyfriend hiding under the covers waiting for him. As a result, when he came in, not only was there no shy little boyfriend, the boyfriend was even on Weibo, not even paying attention to his arrival.

Mr. Ye was instantly a bit unhappy.



He fixed the wheelchair and moved to the bed with his arms supporting his body. The unfathomable gaze just looked at Wen Run on his side. Wen Run reacted with the afterthought that the bed on his side was dented, and when he turned back his head, he saw the man looking at him with a face of disquiet.



He subconsciously smiled at him, but the man on his side tilted his body over, his chin resting on his shoulder, his eyes going to his cell phone, “What are you looking at, so absorbed?”


Wen Run generously sidetracked the cell phone screen toward him, making it convenient for him to take a look, “Hot search.” He scratched his fingers on the screen, very happily letting Ye Hansheng look at it, and finally commented, “What goes around comes around!”


Ye Hansheng was amused by his childishness as his eyes fell on the hot search, but the bottom of his eyes was cold.



His news was certainly earlier than the hot search. And the reason why the family of that young master who was strangled to death was able to arrive at the hospital so quickly was still the effort from Gu Siyan’s side. It was just that he didn’t expect the Ye family to be even more stupid than he imagined, and that Ye Maokai would even say something like that in his exasperation.



If Ye Hansheng didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to utilize it, he would be sorry for his arrogance.



Ye Maokai was used to being strong and thought that it was still the time when Chairman Ye could cover the sky with one hand, but he ignored the role of public opinion. Ye Hansheng purposely had people find water armies and helped them in the dark.


The effect was even better than imagined.



Moreover, Ye Maokai probably didn’t know that Qiu Jihe cheated on him, and even less likely to know that his son, who has been raised for more than twenty years, was someone else’s child. At this time, he should be annoyed and anxious, but he still had to think of a way to take Ye Qiuting out of the picture.



After all, it was “his seed”.


Ye Hansheng was looking forward to seeing how he would look when he learned the truth. The darkness in his eyes surged, Ye Hansheng motionlessly dealt with his emotions, then he handed the cell phone over, his head that was already resting on his shoulder head moved up, and he kissed his chin and lowered his voice: “How is this good to see, why not do something else ……? ”



The place where his chin had been kissed was tingling, like an electric shock. There was still a furry head draped around his shoulder, which stimulated him to straighten his posture, but the increasingly red ears and trembling voice revealed some shyness , “What are you doing ……”



Ye Hansheng chuckled lightly and pulled him into his arms as soon as he reached out, causing him to cross his waist with his legs apart. He then forcefully pressed down on the back of his head and bit him on his lips, implying, ” Of course, doing something that everyone likes…”



The voice in his ear was low and raspy, and the hot air he exhaled hit his ear, Wen Run’s heart palpitated and suddenly melted further into his arms. Hands supporting his chest, Wen Run subconsciously blushed and moved back, but accidentally touched something, his body suddenly stiffened, not daring to move. He only looked at Ye Hansheng helplessly and shyly.


Like a little bunny that was panicked but still willing to be picked up.


Ears clearly alert, his limbs and body still trembled, but he was soft.


Ye Hansheng’s breath gradually became heavier, he looked deeply at him, pointing at his own lips, and pressed against his back: ” I always I kiss you, I can’t make you suffer, today I’ll let you kiss first?”


Wen Run’s eyes trembled, and an unspeakable heat ran up. His cheeks flushed, but his gaze was extremely bright as he stared at Ye Hansheng’s lips.



Knowing that his prey had taken the bait, Ye Hansheng smiled compulsively and licked his lips again, and his hands also secretly added strength, bringing him closer to himself.


The two of them almost pressed their noses against each other, their breath blending, and Wen Run trembled once again. Ye Hansheng also saw his small and delicate Adam’s apple rolling, making him want to take a bite on it. Since he was a hesitant and eager little rabbit, he decided to endure it for a while.


Wen Run’s heartbeat was fast, it wasn’t the first time he took the initiative to kiss Ye Hansheng. But this time it felt extraordinarily different. Maybe it was because he was above, there was a kind of excitement of taking the initiative, or maybe it was his compulsion …… In short, he looked at the thin lips of Ye Hansheng’s beautifully shaped lips, counted the sound of the violent heartbeat, and bit by bit, he lowered his head.



Lips were pressed together, breath mingled, and heartbeats coincided.



Wen Run felt dizzy, he completely followed his instincts, imitating the previous movements of Ye Hansheng, first rubbing against his lips for a few moments, then tentatively sticking out his tongue and gently licking between the tightly closed lips. Ye Hansheng duly opened a little slit. He then drove in like a soldier who had gotten a victory, and the tip of his tongue balked and swept through his mouth.



Only in the end he was still raw, he didn’t get a moment of complacency, he was wrapped up by Ye Hansheng, his tongue was entangled and sucked.


After kissing deeply for a long time, the two of them gasped for breath and let go. Wen Run’a eyes were moist, his lips were crimson, and there was a hint of confusion on his face. He twisted a little impatiently. Ye Hansheng pulled over the thin quilt to cover the two, each other’s desire became more clear.



Wen Run blushed and moved, but was held down by Ye Hansheng, the man kissed his ear lightly and said in a low voice, “Don’t move, I’ll help you.”


Wen Run hummed softly and hid his face in the nest of his neck.



Ye Hansheng gently embraced him, and not long after the teenager in his arms let out a low grunt, discharging his strength and softly collapsing on top of him. Ye Hansheng enjoyed his dependence, drew a wet tissue to wipe the two clean, and kissed his trembling eyelashes, “So fast ……”



Wen Run was ashamed and angry, ostrich-like hiding his face and not speaking. After a while, Ye Hansheng thought he wouldn’t talk, but then he heard his muffled voice, “Do you want …… me to help you ……”



Ye Hansheng triumphantly smiled, and rubbed the side of his face against the top of his hair, “Sleep, this time, I’ll let you go.”



Wen Run breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to get away from him so that he could sleep, but the result was that the man swept back even harder, and Wen Run only had to go with him. Head resting on his arm, he fell into a deep sleep ……


While the two embraced each other, the Ye family mansion was lit up, and the family stayed up all night.

Ye Qiurui worked hard to appease the family of the deceased, and brought Ye Qiuting home, and as they discussed where to find a scapegoat, the video was suddenly on the Internet.


Ye Maokai was old and wasn’t clear about the energy of the Internet. However, he understood the power of it and contacted Weibo and the blogger who broke the news to delete the post. But both Weibo and the blogger who broke the news maintained a consistent attitude. One couldn’t care less, the other refused to delete.


He could only watch as more and more passers-by came out and broke the news, and then the topic hit the hot search like a rocket.



He didn’t believe that there was no pusher behind this, but with the situation, he couldn’t care about that, because it was already difficult to protect themselves. Originally, the family had been appeased by him, as long as the other side took the money without pursuing, and then pointed out the club, that would get a scapegoat, then this matter would be in the past.


But now it had been exposed, and there were even good people that reported to the police. That night there were police who came to the door and took Ye Qiuting away.



Ye Maokai was a big taxpayer in the city, and had always had a good relationship with the government. But this time the police were forced by the pressure of public opinion, they didn’t even say a polite word, and took him away in an official manner.



Ye Qiuting cried and howled unwilling to go, Qiu Jihe had only one son, and she had pampered him from childhood, this scene was like a knife, disregarding the police’s presence, she kept saying that it would be fine, and that the family would find a way to save him.


The few policemen who came to arrest him didn’t look too good as they listened. Finally, it was Ye Maokai who gave a furious shout, stopping the crying mother and son, and letting the police take him away.


Qiu Jihe couldn’t stop her tears, she sat paralyzed on the ground without any hint of poise, looking at Ye Maokai in tears, “I only have this one son, I can’t let him go to jail for whatever I say …….”



Ye Maokai was annoyed, Ye Qiuting was also his son, why would he not be heartbroken? But at this moment, he was more worried about the company’s situation. One or two of the family were restless, causing him a headache!



Rubbing his temples, Ye Maokai was about to sit down to slow down, when his body abruptly swayed twice, and he fell straight down on his back.


“Dad!” Ye Qiurui shrieked in shock, helping him up and yelling, “Quickly call an ambulance!”



This night in the Ye family mansion, first Ye Qiuting was taken away by a police car, followed by Ye Maokai also being pulled away by an ambulance, leaving only a few servants guarding the large mansion.



Ye Maokai was sent to the hospital to be rescued, and only came to his senses the next day. When he woke up, only Qiu Jihe was guarding him. He was bewildered for a moment before he realized where he was. He opened his mouth to speak, but his pronunciation was exceptionally difficult, “Where is Qiu …… Rui?”


Qiu Jihe didn’t sleep all night, her eyes were red and swollen, seeing that he woke up, she hurriedly rang the bell and called the nurse, “Qiurui went to the company to deal with things.”



Ye Maokai frowned, thinking that the company’s situation should be bad, his daughter couldn’t cope, “I, I …… go ……” he stuttered for a while , then quickly felt that something wasn’t right, he raised his hand and touched his face, then looked at Qiu Jihe, “I …… this is, how …… is it?”



Qiu Jiho lowered her head and wiped her tears, “The doctor said that you were angry and anxious, and had a stroke. But it’s not serious, as long as you recuperate well, you’ll recover soon,”





Ye Maokai’s head exploded at once, he reacted to something, his eyes were wide with rage, “Mirror! Give me, the mirror!”


The nurse who came in pressed him back, telling him not to get excited. Ye Maokai, however, was irritated and struggled for the mirror. In the end, Qiu Jihe had no choice but to take the makeup mirror from her bag and give it to him, comforting, “Don’t be anxious, the doctor said it’s only temporary, good recuperation can restore it.”



She also didn’t lie to Ye Maokai, the extent of his stroke wasn’t serious, only his mouth was a bit crooked and he had difficulty speaking. But if he cultivates himself and recuperated properly, he could still return to normal.


But Ye Maokai had been strong all his life, he was the face of the Ye clan, as the face of the Ye family, he couldn’t even tolerate a little weakness, not to mention that now after the stroke, his mouth was askew and he couldn’t even speak well.


Grimacing at the person in the mirror, Ye Maokai’s throat made a heavy gasping sound, the person in the mirror because of the askew mouth, looked hideous, and because he wasn’t quite able to control his mouth, saliva spilled from the corners of his mouth …….


Ye Maokai was wide-eyed, and gasped for breath, the nurse didn’t have time to give him a shot of tranquilizer, his head tilted and he fainted again.



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