C14 —- Must Be Very Cute


Xiao Yu, who was still unaware of being coaxed as a child, obediently sat beside Cang Hai and enjoyed the delicious food.


The trauma that the earthquake had brought to the earth was visible to the naked eye, and the cracks that had previously been in the surface were widening, as if the entire planet had been thrown into turmoil.


Even he himself was swaying from side to side as the earth trembled.



There was another violent shaking.


Xiao Yu didn’t stabilize himself for a moment, and his body fell backward.



Seeing that the back of his head was about to come into close contact with the ground, his first reaction was surprisingly to clench his hands into fists, lest the small snacks be flung away.


He couldn’t care about anything else, it was just a bump, he wasn’t that afraid of pain.


But if the snacks were lost, he would really be heartbroken.


Right at this moment, a strong arm supported him.


Xiao Yu didn’t need to look to know who the owner of the arm was. He let Cang Hai scoop him back up and laid on his chest panting.


“Is everything alright?” Cang Hai’s broad palm gently patted and caressed Xiao Yu’s back.



Xiao Yu shook his head in Cang Hai’s arms, the feeling of being comforted was too good, he didn’t want to leave Cang Hai’s chest.



But staying still would be suspected, right?


He had to sit up again, relying on the fact that Cang Hai couldn’t see him, he recklessly admired the man’s handsome beauty.


Cang Hai said suspiciously, “Are you looking at me?”


Xiao Yu instantly withdrew his gaze like a thief, “I was trying to say thank you.”



Damn it, why would someone be so good looking, there was simply no place that was not to his liking.



Even the scar at the corner of his eye looked so charming.


Xiao Yu never knew that he was such a shallow person.


However, it couldn’t be considered shallow, he and Cang Hai had experienced so much in the barren star with life and death together, him having a good feeling towards him was very normal.


He just didn’t know what Cang Hai thought.


Anyway, he didn’t dare to ask, in case Cang Hai didn’t have that idea, would he not lose his meal ticket?


How could Cang Hai know the little mind of the little mermaid, he only thought that the little mermaid was too polite: “Let’s not talk about this, let’s see how your Cui Diao is doing, I seem to have heard it crack.”


Xiao Yu hurriedly took out the gem hidden in his pocket.


Sure enough, as Cang Hai had said, the crack had deepened a lot more, and was just a little distance away from being cut off at the middle.


After Cang Hai briefly felt around for a few moments and verified his guess, he returned the gem to the little mermaid.



“We guessed correctly, changes in emotions can stimulate your spiritual energy, just now you were in shock, and the cuts in the gem followed suit and became deeper.” Cang Hai analyzed, “Congratulations, it’s possible that in a short while, this gem will be completely cut in half by you.”


Xiao Yu, however, couldn’t laugh because that would mean that he would get a bigger gem.


Also, was the reason why his spiritual energy triggered really just because of the shock?


He sighed inwardly as he gazed at his own reflection in the gem.


The earthquake finally stopped.


Cang Hai shielded Xiao Yu behind him and listened vigilantly to the movements in the vicinity, a calm on the surface often meant a bloody storm.


Especially after a major earthquake, the beasts were enraged and desperately needed to vent their excess energy.


“Be careful, there is movement in the sea.”


Xiao Yu warned in a low voice as he saw that something transparent was floating up from the seawater, its top was oval shaped, and the seawater flowed down its oval head in all directions before re-entering the embrace of the sea.


The head alone was so huge, so one could imagine how spectacular the body of this beast would be.


Xiao Yu and Cang Hai realized at the same time that this was going to be a tough battle, and they prepared for battle until the beast surfaced.


“It’s beautiful!” Xiao Yu’s pupils contracted, and a strange luster was reflected in his eyes.


It turned out that he had thought wrongly, what surfaced was not some vicious beast, but a huge and magnificent jellyfish.


The jellyfish itself had no color, but when it floated in mid-air, the light produced by the meteorite explosion outside the barren star was reflected in his eyes through the refraction of its body, instantly making the monotonous light become colorful and dreamy.


Cang Hai didn’t feel the killing intent of the foreign beast, so he put away his sword and asked Xiao Yu what it was.


Xiao Yu briefly described what the jellyfish looked like, highlighting its size and transparent color, and as soon as his words fell, a number of large, equally transparent heads emerged from the sea surface near the jellyfish.


He excitedly pulled Cang Hai’s bony hand, “Cang Hai look, so many jellyfish!”



Hearing the little mermaid’s joyful shouts, the corners of Cang Hai’s mouth lifted.



According to Xiao Yu’s description, he guessed that this kind of jellyfish should be called shallow sea mica, which liked to roam around in the turbid shallow sea area the most.



They were benthic organisms, and the nutrients in the silt on the seabed were the food they relied on to survive.



Unlike ordinary jellyfish, this shallow sea mica could convert impurities into a gas that was lighter in density than air, and with the help of the gas, they could occasionally float in mid-air.



It must be that the great earthquake had brought a large amount of silt for the shallow sea mica, causing them to eat too much and float away from the sea water in droves.


The shallow sea mica wasn’t dangerous, so Cang Hai didn’t stop Xiao Yu from enjoying this rare beauty.


“The shallow sea mica is one of the most beautiful jellyfish, they are not aggressive like other exotics, and the mica floating is a rare spectacle.” Cang Hai said softly, “Enjoy it, don’t waste the gift of nature.”


Xiao Yu looked at Cang Hai, the man’s eyes were tightly closed, he couldn’t even see the most beautiful things.


He tightened his grip on Cang Hai’s hand, “Floating jellyfish look softer than clouds and lighter than water, their heads resemble the caps of mushrooms, with many tentacles growing under the caps. These tentacles sway with the wind, like willow branches in spring, lively and agile. The sunlight is refracted into different colors by their transparent bodies, and they’re competing with each other, it’s comparable to a light show ……”



Xiao Yu tried his best to portray the beauty he saw to Cang Hai, only that he wasn’t a learned man after all, and he often stumbled over words when describing the mica.


The word-poor Xiao Yu let out a long breath in the long silence, ”Did I ruin the beautiful scenery? I’m sorry, it seems I’m really not suited for storytelling.”


He hung his head guiltily, even his tail wilted.



“Who says you’re not fit to tell stories?” Cang Hai asked rhetorically, “You told it well, I’ve seen scenes of shallow sea mica floating in the air. You didn’t ruin the beauty, you let me see it, it’s me who should be thanking you.”


Xiao Yu’s eyes widened in surprise, was he really as good as Cang Hai said?


Cang Hai gently lifted Xiao Yu’s chin.


“A beautiful scenery is rare, so don’t ignore it for the sake of a moment’s excessive worry.” His raspy voice seemed to carry a strange magical power, causing Xiao Yu to turn his eyes to the Shallow Sea Mica’s as he wished before he thought much about it.



Indeed, under the refraction of the light, the beauty of the Shallow Sea Mica was rare in the world.


But the wasteful Xiao Yu just couldn’t devote himself to it and enjoy the beauty immersively.



His gaze was involuntarily attracted to Cang Hai, and the gorgeous colored light projected by the shallow sea mica was reflected on the man’s nearly perfect face. He only felt that everything around him was not worth mentioning, even the brilliant and colorful shallow sea mica was reduced to the background, time seemed to be endlessly stretched out, and some inexpressible emotions called out.



“Want to catch one as a pet?”


Cang Hai’s sudden inquiry interrupted Xiao Yu’s charming thoughts, and Xiao Yu hurriedly collected his mind for fear that the other party would see the signs.



He waited to adjust his mind before replying, “I want to, but raising them is troublesome, right?”



Cang Hai was unimpressed, “Shallow Sea Mica only eats the silt on the bottom of the sea, as long as there is something to eat, their need for the environment is actually very low.”



Xiao Yu hesitated for a moment, “It’s better to forget about it?”


Cang Hai was puzzled, “Don’t you like them?”



“Even if I like them, I may not necessarily want to keep them for myself. The sea is their home, I think that they should not be willing to leave it.” Xiao Yu said.



Cang Hai was dumbfounded, who would be willing to leave their home if they could.



The little guy was blaming him for this, right?



However, if Xiao Yu knew that Cang Hai thought this way, he would have to cry out that he was wronged.



He was grateful to Cang Hai, how could he blame the other party?


Even the most wonderful spectacle had its curtain call.



The Shallow Sea Mica finished discharging the gas in their bodies and floated and drifted into the water again.



Xiao Yu was greatly regretful, if only he had a cell phone, he would have been able to keep this scene permanently.


If Cang Hai’s eyes could regain their brightness, he would show the captured images to him, how good would it be?



“There’s no harm, there are so many beautiful scenes in this world, missing one or two is not considered a regret, the big deal is to make up for it later.” Cang Hai said indifferently.


Xiao Yu froze, he looked at Cang Hai shock, was it possible that he could also read minds?



He was sure that he hadn’t said a single word just now!


Xiao Yu asked tentatively, “I didn’t think so.”


Cang Hai raised one eyebrow, “So I guessed wrong? I thought you’d feel sorry that I couldn’t see it.”



Xiao Yu: “……” Damn it, he was completely taken for a ride.



“The fact that you didn’t say anything means that I didn’t guess wrong, right.” Cang Hai couldn’t help but rub the little mermaid’s head.


He didn’t need to look, he knew what the other party’s expression was at the moment.


It must be very cute.




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