C53 — Paranoid Patient

Bonus Chap

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Chu Chen’an was so scared that he scrambled under the covers like a hamster to escape reality.


“What are you hiding from, An An?” Shen Delu sat on the edge of the bed and laughed softly.


Chu Chen’an closed his eyes tightly, his back facing Shen Delu, his small hands grasping the quilt as he trembled slightly.


He refused to communicate with per*verts.


Shen Delu embraced him through the quilt, “Staying inside will be boring, come out An An. Don’t be afraid, I just want to have a good chat with An An.”


“Or, does An An want me to come under the quilt to talk too?” Shen Delu easily lifted a corner of the quilt, leaned down and kissed the back of Chu Chen’an’s white neck, smiling, “Then I’ll come in.”


Chu Chen’an heard and quickly sat up, back against the wall. His round eyes vigilantly stared at him, “Do not.”


The ends of his eyes were red, as if he was angry, he looked especially cute.


A few seconds after he came out of the quilt, Shen Delu forcefully held the back of his neck, leaned down and kissed his moist red lips, his tongue rolled into his mouth, then his lips and teeth together.


Chu Chen’an was embraced by Shen Delu, and could only let out a slight whimper of protest. Shen Delu kissed him for a long time before letting go of him, lightly biting the corner of his lips.


Chu Chen’an covered his mouth and moved the quilt over his knees, the corner of his eyes reddened anxiously, as he glared.




No, they were just supposed to talk.


“Get out.” Chu Chen’an whispered, eyes downcast.


“An An,” Shen Delu’s eyes flooded with a hint of darkness as he held Chu Chen’an’s small white hand, “Shouldn’t you explain first now, why did you hide it from me when you came back?”


As soon as his words fell, the air in the room suddenly froze.


Chu Chen’an was stunned as he nervously clenched his palms.


“Baby, I’ve waited for you for over a thousand days.” Shen Delu’s voice was warm and soft, looking at Chu Chen’an with love, “I waited for you every day. Waiting from the morning until late at night, stay awake to guard you, thinking that the day you come back, the first thing you’ll see is me. As a result, when you came back, you thought about how to hide …… An An, you clearly said that you like me, how can you do this to me?”


Chu Chen’an’s heart was sta*bbed down, he was suddenly flooded with sourness, quickly forgetting what he was angry at just now.


“You obviously said that you like me ……” This sentence had been echoing in his mind for a long time, lingering.


Xu Moshu also said the same words to him.


At a certain moment, their souls seemed to be the same.


Or rather, they were the same person.




Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and squeezed his palms.


He could deeply see this love of Shen Delu’s, that was both paranoid and morbid.


“Baby, where have you been in these thousand days?” Shen Delu stared straight at him, his eyes dark, “And what did you go through? You should tell me all of these.”


“I’m sorry.” Chu Chen’an whispered, his heartbeat accelerating nervously, he couldn’t answer Shen Delu’s question, he could only apologize.


“No need to apologize, An An. It’s okay, it’s good that you’re back. You don’t need to worry about anything else here, I’ll take care of it. We’ll leave here after it’s taken care of, huh?” Shen Delu said on one side, took Chu Chen’an’s shoulder and comforted him with a warm voice, “Don’t be afraid …… just stay by my side.”


Chu Chen’an’s was confined in Shen Delu’s arms, and the hand that was nervously pinched gradually loosened.




Shen Deluxe’s reaction was still calm, and the consequences were not as serious as he thought.


He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that this matter was settled.


Chu Chen’an’s feet were white and tender, and even the nail caps were round and lovely.


Shen Delu stared at Chu Chen’an’s feet and said quietly, “An An lied to me, you have to make it up to me in the future.”


When Chu Chen’an heard this, he began to tense up.


He remembered that the last time he lied, he stayed in that dark room for several days.


His legs were still trembling even now when he thought about it.


Shen Delu rubbed his face and smiled, “I’ll remember it for An An.”


Chu Chen’an trembled as he laid down again.


Shen Delu covered him with the quilt and softly said to Chu Chen’an, “You’re exhausted today, right, An’an rest first. I’ll go to the bathroom to take a shower and come back soon.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped, bathing in his bathroom?


“Good boy, sleep.”


After Shen Delu finished speaking, he turned off the bedside table lamp and walked into Chu Chen’an’s bathroom.


Chu Chen’an immediately closed his eyes, and his heart thumped faster as he listened to the sound of water coming from the bathroom.


In less than ten minutes, the bathroom door opened.


Chu Chen’an slept facing the wall, his small hands pinched the corner of the quilt, he listened to Shen Delu’s footsteps getting closer and closer, then the quilt was lifted.


Chu Chen’an fell into a warm embrace, Shen Delu held him from behind.


Chu Chen’an listened to Shen Delu’s even breathing and thought that he was asleep before he carefully turned around to look at him.


He didn’t expect that the moment he moved, Shen Delu opened his eagle eyes.


Shen Delu stared at Chu Chen’an slyly and called out, “An An.”


Chu Chen’an regretted it, he was busy turning his back to Shen Delu.


But it was too late.


Shen Delu went close his ear and whispered, “I helped you last night, tonight An An help me, okay?”




He finally remembered what he was just angry about.


This astringent ghost!


The next morning.


When Chu Chen’an woke up, Shen Delu had already gone out.


He rubbed his sleepy eyelids and went to the bathroom to wash up, the corners of his mouth in the mirror were slightly red, and there were a few tresses of hair that were slightly curled and well-behaved.


Chu Chen’an came closer to the mirror and scrutinized the corners of his red mouth.




He cursed in his heart with an exasperated breath.


He brushed his teeth twice, changed his clothes and then left his dormitory.


Although he had slept late last night, the good news was that Shen Delu hadn’t locked him up, and he still had a chance to deal with the next mission follow-up.


He went to Building B to look for Peng Longlong, and as he expected, the journey was unimpeded, and the administrators didn’t stop him, but instead became more respectful than before.


The wound on Peng Longlong’s neck had almost scabbed over, he didn’t murmur those words anymore, he just shrank in the corner and stared blankly at the floor.


“Longlong, are you in a bad mood today?” Chu Chen’an sat down by the bedside and handed Peng Longlong a steamed bun.


Peng Longlong’s eyes were like a pool of stagnant water, he didn’t take the steamed bun in Chu Chenan’s hand, instead he stared at the floor for a long time.


Suddenly, Peng Longlong raised his eyes to look at Chu Chen’an, his eyes were filled with scarlet blo*od, and he carefully said, “Favored Mushroom ah, I don’t want to be the Mushroom King anymore.”


Chu Chen’an didn’t react, he paused for a few seconds before he responded, “Okay …… then you won’t be the king of mushrooms.”


Peng Longlong took that steamed bun, but he didn’t rush to nibble on it anymore, his eyes were bleak, he mumbled, “Actually, the sorcerer isn’t trying to protect the king, he just likes my crown, he’s a traitor, the Mushroom King hates him, the Mushroom King is too sad ……”


Chu Chen’an didn’t understand Peng Longlong’s words too well, he looked at Peng Longlong’s helpless and honest face and suddenly felt pity for him.


He quietly accompanied Peng Longlong for a while, and after seeing him sleeping, he left his hospital room.


He had just walked to the entrance of the third floor hallway when he saw Shen Delu standing at the entrance of the hallway waiting for him.


“An An why did you come here early in the morning, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Shen Delu warmly smiled, one hand wrapped around Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, “I let the chef make barley porridge for you, come on, let’s go back and try it.”


Chu Chen’an was swept up by him and whispered, “I’m not going to drink it.”


“Then let’s eat dim sum okay, it’s your favorite strawberry flavor.” Shen Delu walked on one side and coaxed him in a warm voice, “There is also rosé flavored, but it is suitable for An An to eat at night, the night An An got drunk was so pretty ……”


“Don’t say it.” Chu Chen’an raised his hand and slapped Shen Delu’s shoulder, his eyes round as he glared.


He just remembered that the original night he was drunk that day had already been exposed ……


The pe*rve*rt also gave him a change of clothes.


Shen Delu came over and kissed him, smiling lightly, “An An was so good last night, hard work baby.”


“Go, go away la, don’t get so close to me.” Chu Chen’an’s earlobes reddened at his words, and he pushed back against Shen Delu’s face.


They walked to the middle of the hallway and met the oncoming Lu Chengdong.


“Good morning, Chen’an,” Lu Chengdong saw the scene where Shen Delu lightly kissed Chu Chen’an and looked at the two of them in slight surprise.


“Good morning, Lu Chengdong.” Chu Chen’an was a little surprised to be able to bump into Lu Chengdong so coincidentally, “Are you here to check in?”


Lu Chengdong smiled and nodded, he glanced at the hand that Shen Delu put on Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, his smile stiffened, “What are you guys …… doing?”


“An An and I are together.” Shen Delu tightly wrapped his arm around Chu Chen’an’s shoulder, smiling with a grimness in his smile as he looked towards Lu Chengdong.


Lu Chengdong’s eyes darkened, he pursed his lips and said, “It’s like that ah …… that’s really, congratulations.”


“Thanks.” Shen Delu’s gaze was extremely oppressive, and he smiled back.


After saying that, he passed by Lu Chengdong with his arm around Chu Chen’an, his eyes cold enough to k*ill.


Lu Chengdong stood in place, squeezing the handle of the medicine box in his hand.


Chu Chen’an suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a bit depressing, and he secretly glanced at Shen Delu beside him.


Shen Delu took him back to the dormitory, gave him a bowl full of barley porridge, and spoon by spoon, blew and cooled it and fed it to him.


Chu Chen’an sat obediently, not daring to say anything, and after he finished the whole bowl of porridge, Shen Delu gently wiped up the corners of his mouth.


“An An, what to do, I still want to lock you up.” Shen Delu’s eyes were gentle as he lovingly stroked Chu Chen’an’s cheeks.


“I just need to see you talking to him and I’m immediately jealous, you’re too beautiful, baby ……,” Shen Delu lightly kissed his fingertips, “I just want us to be alone and exclusive.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart trembled as he listened, he whispered, “Can you not shut up?”


“Don’t be afraid,” Shen Delu raised his hand and gently rubbed Chu Chen’an’s cheeks, “I won’t hurt An An, I love you too much baby, I’m afraid you’ll leave again …… so especially insecure, An An understand me, OK?”


“I, I don’t want.” Chu Chen’an anxiously pinched the palm of his hand, his eyes weak and soulful.


Don’t want it to be like the last time. Xu Moshu locked him in the bedroom for so long.


“Then An An will have to make it up to me properly.” Shen Delu smiled, “Let’s move back to the fourth floor to sleep tonight?”


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