C54 – Paranoid Patient

Chu Chen’an’s head was almost shaking like a rattle, but Shen Delu wasn’t moved.

Shen Delu didn’t mention the matter of going back to the fourth floor again, but just sat by the window with him in his arms and told him about how he had spent these thousand days.

Shen Delu held Chu Chen’an’s small hand and held him in his lap, “I still want to know how An An lived these days, but unfortunately An An isn’t willing to share with me.”

Chu Chen’an lowered his head, not daring to look at Shen Delu’s eyes.

“An An,” Shen Delu suddenly hugged Chu Chen’an’s waist tightly, “You weren’t with someone else these days, right?”

Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped as his entire body was circled in Shen Delu’s arms and he began to tense up.

If Shen Delu knew that he had been stranded for more than a thousand days in his last copy, and that he had even married Xu Moshu…

He didn’t even dare to think about what the consequences would be.

“I, I want to go back to the office.” Chu Chen’an whispered, he glanced at the clock on the wall, it was already eleven o’clock.


Shen Delu pressed his face to the side of Chu Chen’an’s face, “Why do you want to go back? I haven’t talked to An An enough.”

Saying that, his palm on Chu Chen’an’s waist moved upwards.

Chu Chen’an quickly stopped his hand, his cheeks slightly red, “I want to go back to work.”

“It seems that An An likes being a doctor very much,” Shen Delu let out a light laugh, he pinched Chu Chen’an’s red earlobe, “Then go first, An An.”

Shen Delu leaned over and kissed the side of his face, “I happen to have something to do, after I’m done, I’ll come to find you.”

Chu Chen’an nodded, he was relieved to get up, but then Shen Delu pulled his hand and whispered in his ear with a smile on his face, “When I come back, remember to give me a good cure, doctor.”



Chu Chen’an backed up a few steps.

He was kissed by Shen Delu to the door, his cheeks were red and hot, and when Shen Delu let go of him, he fled towards the third floor.

“Bye baby.”

Shen Delu watched him leave with a smile before taking out his walkie-talkie, “Take care of everything today. Also, keep a good eye on him.”


Chu Chen’an sat in his office.

Liang Xu never came, and he could only hear the sound of the second hand in the office.

Suddenly, with a bang, the office door was smashed open.

Chu Chen’an trembled in fear, only to see Lu Chengdong rush in, “Chen’an, quickly go with me to the cafeteria to take a look, the patients have all died from poisoning!”

Chu Chen’an hurriedly got up and ran downstairs with Lu Chengdong.


What a coincidence, every time something happened, it was Lu Chengdong who came to inform him.


He was the one who planned the jumping off the building last time, so what about this time?

He arrived at the patients’ dining hall hall and was shocked by the scene before him.

The patients were all lying on the floor, foaming blo*od at the mouth, their faces were blue, and they didn’t look like they were breathing.


The administrators were laughing as they moved their corpses, putting them in black body bags like garbage and carried them away one after the other…


“I’m finally leaving this hellhole, hahahahahahahahaha… Damn, this dead old man stinks too. What did he eat?” the administrators hit the corpses as they cursed.


“This woman’s body seems to still be hot.”


The administrator stomped his foot on a female patient’s chest and laughed coarsely with the administrator beside him.


The two of them didn’t put this female patient into a plastic bag, but moved her into the small storage room next door to the hall, and after a long time they still didn’t come out …

Chu Chen’an watched with a chill.


When he was checking the patients’ information last time, he found out that these patients had all suffered from different degrees of criminal and legal punishment before they came to the madhouse, and all of them had no relatives or had been abandoned by their relatives long ago, and were completely out of touch with society.

That was why, he thought, these administrators so recklessly trivialized the lives of these people.

Because no one cared whether these people lived or died.

The deaths of these patients were, after all, a joyous event for these administrators to leap over.


He could no longer look at this insane asylum through the eyes of a normal person.

[Ding~ Congratulations, you have activated Cannon Fodder Quest Point Two]

[Photograph the scene you saw and upload it to your partner, exposing this madhouse to the public, discrediting it within three days, causing social uproar.]



Chu Chen’an busily backed up two steps, looked around the busy surroundings, and put his hand into the pocket of his white coat…


Lu Chengdong stood in front of him and turned around to ask him, “What’s wrong with you Chen’an?”


“No, nothing.” Chu Chen’an’s hand was busy squeezing the invisible camera.


“Hey, that nurse over there!” The administrator, who had the number 8 engraved on his shirt, pointed at Lu Chengdong, his voice rough, “Come here!”


Lu Chengdong’s doubtful gaze retracted from Chu Chen’an, he froze and pointed at his face, “Me?”

Administrator #8 tsked and shouted, “Yes it’s you, what are you standing there for? Why don’t you come over and give me a hand?”


Lu Chengdong was shocked by his voice and jogged over, “Ohhh.”


Only then did Administrator No. 8 catch a glimpse of Chu Chen’an, who was blocking behind Lu Chengdong, and immediately piled a smile on his face, politely saying, “Dr. Chu is here? The stench here is terrible doctor you’d better go back first.”


The camera that Chu Chen’an was just about to take out was quickly put down again, he forced himself to smile, “No… it’s fine, I’ll leave in a moment.”


Administrator #8 smiled and nodded, turning around and roughly directing Lu Chengdong to carry the corpse.


Chu Chen’an seized the moment, took the invisible camera to the edge of his pocket, aimed it at the scene in front of him, and pressed the camera button.


After he took several shots in a row, he busily put them back into his pocket.


When Lu Chengdong turned around, he happened to see this scene.


His eyes darkened and he quickly lowered his head again, cooperating with the administrator to move the body out the door.

Chu Chen’an let out a breath as he suddenly thought of something else and busily turned around to leave the dining hall lobby.


Peng Longlong!


Liang Xu placed the food box on the table and looked at Peng Longlong with cold eyes, “Come and eat.”

“Why… why did the sorcerer betray me?” Peng Longlong grabbed his hair, “Why can’t the Mushroom King go down to eat?”


“Because he’s too lazy to care about you,” Liang Xu took out his chopsticks and poked Peng Longlong’s arm, “Eat, do you have the leisure to think about this? Don’t you want them to die too?”


“No! I don’t!” Peng Longlong’s emotions suddenly flared as he hissed, “It was you! You da*mned brother, you sent me in here, if the King wasn’t locked up here and bullied by these damned Mushroom Children, how could the King… how could…”


Peng Longlong’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, the bottom of his eyes overflowed with tears, his expression was filled with pain and hatred, “D*amn… you all deserve to die, the Mushroom King obviously did not do anything wrong… why let the Mushroom King endure these pains… I clearly did nothing wrong.”


“Didn’t I k*ill them all for you.” Liang Xu’s hand paused and said, “Why are you still thinking about this?”


“You didn’t!” Peng Longlong bit his lower lip, which was bitten to the point of it being blo*ody, as he shouted, “Don’t think that King Mushroom doesn’t know! You just like ki*lling people! You didn’t do it for me at all! Don’t think you’ve atoned for the Mushroom King by cutting those mushrooms, you only did it for yourself!”

The chopsticks in Liang Xu’s hand fell to the ground, he smiled stiffly, “What are you talking about? Brother, come eat first. After eating and sleeping, you’ll be discharged from the hospital by night.”

Peng Longlong wiped away his tears.

King Mushroom never shed tears easily.

“Let’s forget all about the past, there’s nothing to remember this for.”


Liang Xu’s phoenix eyes flooded with a trace of guilt, but he brushed it off, “It was for your own good that I sent you in in the first place, it was only for your own good, you were so sick at the time and I was too busy to take care of you, that’s why I sent you in. You didn’t properly cooperate with the treatment, I don’t know…”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Stop talking! Shut up!”


Peng Longlong covered his ears and screamed hoarsely as he put the pot on top of his head over his eyes, hot tears of pain spreading across his cheeks.


He didn’t understand, he was obviously the victim yet the person who hurt him was piling the fault on him.


He pulled his hair with hate and anger, bit his lips to pieces, and threw the pot cover on his head at Liang Xu.


“Fine, fine, I won’t say anything.” Liang Xu panicked a little when he saw Peng Longlong’s appearance, he dodged the thrown pot lid, “Let’s eat first, okay? Let bygones be bygones, what are you hurting yourself for?”


Liang Xu squatted down and continued, handing him the iron chopsticks, “We’ll be able to move out at night, brother. Didn’t you say you wanted to go to the cemetery to see mom? We can go tomorrow.”

Peng Longlong raised his hand to wipe away his tears and nodded, “Okay.”


King Mushroom would be able to see his mom soon.


“Brother, can you hug King Mushroom?” Peng Longlong whispered, as if seeking comfort, opening his arms and smiling softly.


Liang Xu froze, he followed suit and smiled, but the bottom of his eyes were still cold, “Okay.”

Liang Xu bent down and hugged Peng Longlong.

Suddenly, before he could react, a cold object stabbed through his chest.

Scarlet blo*od spilled from the corner of his mouth, and his eyes widened as he lowered his head to look.


Peng Longlong was holding his dagger.


Liang Xu collapsed to the ground, he stared at Peng Longlong in surprise as bl*ood continued to spill from the corners of his mouth, no longer able to utter a complete sentence.


Peng Longlong clutched the iron chopsticks Liang Xu handed him as he squatted next to him.


“Brother, I forgive you.” Pang Longlong’s face had tears on it, but he was still smiling purely, “But can you stop looking at me with your eyes?”


Liang Xu was always looking at him in such a cold and disgusted manner.

He hated these lofty eyes.

When he said that, he raised the iron chopsticks in his hand and st*abbed at Liang Xu’s eyes.


His eyes were pierced with the iron chopsticks.

Liang Xu let out a muffled grunt of pain and lost consciousness…


Peng Longlong looked at his unconscious brother and suddenly started laughing. He pulled out the chopstick from Liang Xu’s body and followed it up by stabbing at him again and again, stabbing his stomach into a blo*ody pulp.


“Go find mommy, brother.” Peng Longlong cut a piece of raw meat from Liang Xu’s body and put it in his mouth to chew, “I’m going to eat.”


When Chu Chen’an arrived, he saw the scene in front of him.


He watched Peng Longlong eat his brother one bite at a time, his eyes weakly trembling as he held onto the edge of the door and directly collapsed to the ground.


How was it possible?


How could Peng Longlong be like this?


Peng Longlong chewed, he noticed Chu Chen’an, suddenly curved his lips and smiled, revealing scarlet teeth, “Favored Mushroom, I’ll tell you the good news, I don’t have to be the Mushroom King anymore.”

His smile was eerily creepy, and chewed minced meat remained in his mouth.

Peng Longlong smiled eerily as he chewed the raw meat. Then he carefully unwrapped the candy he had hidden for days, and put it into Liang Xu’s mouth, “It’s not for the sorcerer, I’ll give it to brother.”


Peng Longlong gave his cherished candy to his brother on one side and ate his brother on the other.


Chu Chen’an shivered as he watched.


He didn’t dare to imagine what such an honest person had gone through to be driven to this point…


[Ding~ Congratulations on activating main quest point two]

[Identify the information of S-level patients and upload it to your cooperating party along with cannon fodder task point 2.]

[Mission time limit: One day.]

[Reward Points: X500]

One day?

Chu Chen’an was shocked, the system wanted him to complete two missions in one day?

“Have you had lunch, favored mushroom?” Peng Longlong put another big bite of meat into his mouth and simply said, “But I’m sorry, I can’t share my lunch with you.”


Before Peng Longlong could finish, he suddenly fell to his knees. His hands were folded on the floor, his forehead pressed against the back of his hands, “I pray to you, thankful for your salvation… my god.”


Chu Chen’an froze, before he could turn sideways, he was picked up from the floor by the person behind him by his waist.


“Baby, why are you sitting on the ground?” Shen Delu smiled warmly, he covered Chu Chen’an’s eyes with one hand, “If you’re afraid, don’t look, good boy.”


Chu Chen’an passively leaned on his shoulder, and suddenly his heartbeat started to accelerate.

Shen Delu was always like this, every time…


Every time, he could appear in time when he was afraid.


Chu Chen’an was a bit flustered, he felt that he would become dependent on Shen Delu, or, he had subconsciously become dependent on Shen Delu a long time ago.


He felt that he had entered a dead end, no matter how he went, he could catch him.


His sanity was about to collapse…


Shen Delu wrapped his arm around him with one hand and glanced obliquely at Peng Longlong on the ground, then turned with Chu Chen’an in his arms and left.

“Let’s go eat chrysanthemum noodles,” he kissed Chu Chen’an’s cheek with a gentle smile, “I still want to see you eat strawberries, baby.”

Chu Chen’an retrieved his thoughts, he was afraid of falling, so he wrapped his arms tightly around Shen Delu’s shoulders.

His face was pressed against Shen Delu’s neck, and his white porcelain-like cheeks were red and hot.


It was all because the per-vert’s neck was too hot.

It must be.


He was carried back to the fourth floor by Shen Delu.

Shen Delu made him a bowl of noodles, which Chu Chen’an knew was all he knew how to do.


Chu Chenan sat at the table and dawdled with his chopsticks to start eating the noodles.

Shen Delu also ordered many other meals, and he placed all the plates from the food cart in front of Chu Chen’an.

The dim sum dishes on these dinner plates were all exquisite, emitting a tantalizing aroma, and were worth a lot at a glance.


“An An, be careful of the heat when eating the noodles.” Shen Delu sat across from him, propping up his chin to watch him eat.


Chu Chen’an felt that Shen Delu always treated him like a child.


He slowly bit into a noodle and stole a glance at Shen Delu and suddenly asked, “What level of patient are you?”


Shen Delu had been staring at him the whole time, and the more he looked at him, the cuter he felt he was. A certain part of him heated up and he said with a smile, “An An, I’m not sick.”


Chu Chen’an let out an “oh” and he lowered his head to continue eating the noodles.

He forgot.

The per-vert wasn’t actually sick.

He took a bite of the crispy green corns, his mood immediately became beautiful, and he asked again, “What about Peng Longlong?”


“Someone will discharge him at night, don’t worry, there are still people in his family.” Shen Delu scooped a bowl of soup for him.

Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and asked, “Who is it?”


“His father.” Although Shen Delu enjoyed Chu Chen’an initiating conversation, his attention was only on others, “An An, why do you care so much about him?”


“Because he’s my friend.” Chu Chen’an bit off a noodle and said.


Peng Longlong was the only friend he had in this copy who was sincere to him.

He thought that Shen Delu probably wouldn’t understand him.


“So are you going to see your good friend off at night?” Shen Delu gently wiped off the noodle foam that had gotten on the corners of his mouth.

Chu Chen’an sat up straight and, feeling embarrassed, he lowered his head and whispered, “Okay, okay.”

The words were reluctant.

“An An, you’re so cute.” Shen Delu’s smile deepened, “It looks so delicious.”

Chu Chen’an felt a chill on the back of his neck, he stopped talking, shrinking his neck to eat the noodles quietly.


He ate the bowl of noodles for an hour.


Shen Delu was also patient, waiting for him to finish eating.


He watched as Chu Chen’an took small bites of strawberries, his moist and glossy red lips stained with a layer of crimson strawberry juice, looking more and more attractive.


After Shen Delu feasted with his eyes, he didn’t want to limit himself to this.


“Since An An has finished eating, let’s take a break from the food.” Chu Chen’an got up from his seat and was easily picked up by Shen Delu before he could run.

Shen Delu whispered in his ear, “It’s time for the doctor to cure me.”


Shen Delu only draped Chu Chen’an in his white coat, not even leaving him socks.


“I’m so cold doctor,” Shen Delu said softly, his smile widened, “You seem to be very warm.”



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