C38 – Paranoid Patient


Chu Chen’an’s eyelashes were trembling, and the cold hairs on his back stood up.



The man in front of him had a gloomy face, clearly defined features, a slender and tall figure, and several bright red blood stains on the hem of his hospital uniform ……



His ink-like hair hung down, revealing dark eyes, “My wife is also considered a patient ah, he is clearly alive and well, he also needs to take medication. Don’t you think so, doctor?”


He looked down, the color of his eyes unknown, there was a creepy chill in his words, he wiped the blood from the hem of his shirt with pale, long fingers.


“No, it’s not.” Chu Chen’an hurriedly replied.


He took two steps back, panicked, “I …… only brought one medicine today.” In the face of this madman Shen Delu, Chu Chen’an had to follow his words, otherwise it would be difficult for him to walk out alive tonight.


He trembled, “Tomorrow, I will definitely make up for it tomorrow.”


“It seems that the new doctor isn’t skilled in the business ah ……” Shen Delu pinched the medicine and, in front of Chu Chen’an, opened the needle and slowly walked towards him.


Ta, ta, ta.


The noise came from the sound of his footsteps alone.


“It’s understandable.” Shen Delu’s eyes were downcast, his voice was low and ghostly, as he approached Chu Chen’an, he added, “However, doctor, how can you neglect my wife? he will be sad.”


He finished then picked up the needle, directly stuck it in his left arm, allowing bright red blood to seep out of the needle tube ……


Looking at it, Chu Chen’an shuddered violently.


After the injection, he handed the syringe to Chu Chen’an.


“Hold, sorry.” With a trembling hand, Chu Chen’an took the syringe.


Shen Delu leaned down close to Chu Chen’an, their faces only twenty centimeters apart.


Chu Chen’an was wearing a white mask, his brimming peach blossom eyes were slightly trembling, bright as if hiding starlight.


Shen Delu was slightly stunned, and an obscure light flashed delicately under his eyes.


He stared at Chu Chen’an for a long time, and with a slight chant, said in a light tone, “Doctor, your eyes are very pretty.”


Chu Chenan’s heart thumped, facing Shen Delu’s extremely oppressive gaze, he couldn’t help but shiver, “Thank, thank you.”


“As good looking as my wife’s ……,” Shen Delu came a few centimeters closer again, gazing deeply at him for a long time, “What a coincidence.”


“Is it.” Chu Chen’an glanced at Shen Delu, who was close at hand, and lowered his eyes, “I …… should go back.”


He took two steps back and was about to turn around and flee.


Shen Delu raised his hand to his shoulder, “What is the doctor running for?”



He pursed his lips in a subtle arc, a subtle smile spreading in his somber eyes, “Don’t worry, my wife said for me to respect others, I’ve always been obedient.”



“Thank you doctor for specially coming to give me medicine tonight.” Shen Delu took his hand back.


Chu Chen’an swallowed, “No, no need. Then I’ll …… first.”



“Tomorrow, the doctor will come to deliver medicine to us as well,” Shen Delu interrupted him and looked deeply at him, “Remember to come earlier, later he has to sleep. Don’t worry, my wife is very good and will cooperate with the medicine.”


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes.


Tomorrow night was clearly not his shift ……



“Okay, I’ll go back first.” Chu Chen’an’s voice was low, he turned his back timidly and walked towards the door.


“Doctor go slowly.” Shen Delu leaned on the edge of the door, staring straight at his back, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Right, someone is outside, right? Doctor, remember to have them make a trip to the utility room, the stuff there stinks beyond words after only one day, my wife will have a hard time smelling it.”


Chu Chen’an had only taken a few steps when he suddenly stopped in his tracks, his face was pale and his head didn’t turn, “Okay ……”



His legs were shaking, and he fled like he was walking towards the stairway on the fourth floor.


Shen Delu watched Chu Chen’an walk into the stairway before he closed the door to his room.



Chu Chen’an walked towards the stairway entrance.


The two managers looked at each other in surprise, and the manager on the left said, “How did you …… do it?”



Every paramedic who came to deliver medicine to the fourth floor of Building B came out either dead or disabled.


And yet Chu Chen’an was able to come out so quickly and in one piece.


“Hmm?” Chu Chen’an didn’t understand what he meant, carrying the medicine box disheveledly towards the stairs, “He said for you guys to take care of the utility room.”


When the manager heard him finish, he immediately took a quick step up the stairs of the fourth floor and walked towards the utility room on the rooftop of the top floor of the fourth floor.


When Chu Chen’an saw them go up, he didn’t dare to walk down the stairs himself, so he stood on the steps and waited for them.


In less than two minutes, the managers walked down the steps carrying a black object one after the other.



Chu Chen’an raised his head, and after looking at the black object above him, his eyes widened in fear.


That ……


It was a body that was white all over.



The abdomen was ulcerated beyond recognition, the black attire of that person was that of a manager, the whole body was bloody, the whitened eyelids were turned out, and the inside of the eye sockets were empty.


According to that hideous injury, it didn’t look like it was caused by man.


He naturally associated it with the blood on the corner of Shen Delu’s coat.


That person died sorrowfully..



Crazy man ……


Chu Chen’an covered his mouth to hold back from vomiting, holding onto the stair railing as he walked ahead.


Shen Delu came out of the bathroom inside the bedroom and changed into a new hospital gown.


In fact, whether he wore a hospital gown now or not, it wasn’t very meaningful, no one here dared to control him. But he still insisted on changing it every day and taking those medicines that had no effect on him every day.


Because he knew.



As long as he stayed sick, An An would come back and come back to feed him the medicine.




He walked out of 401 and walked towards the next ward, 402.


The two wards on the fourth floor were both large, with a full array of numerous and exquisite furnishings, and from the looks of it, they didn’t look like wards at all.


He opened the door to the bedroom of 402, which housed a special large bed, surrounded by a rectangular transparent refrigeration cover.



Shen Delu came to the bedside, his voice became soft and careful, “An An, baby, are you angry today?”


“I’m sorry, I came back here after taking a shower, I didn’t think there would still be a smell.” Shen Delu lowered his head and sniffed his collar.


He sat down on the edge of the bed, his face pressed against the cooler, and a hint of coquetry actually flooded his somber voice, “Don’t be angry, okay, baby, this is the only time I didn’t listen to you. It is he who first angered me, I really have been restraining it …… He actually dared to say that you are dead, our An An is obviously living so well, how can he talk nonsense ……”



Shen Delu’s face was pasted on the refrigeration machine, and he used his hand to gently caress the face of the man under the refrigeration machine through the transparent panel, “I’m sick, and I’ve always listened to your words. An An you come back soon, okay ……”



Shen Delu’s voice was eerily light, he muttered to himself, his voice echoing in the silent bedroom.


He leaned down and reverently and carefully kissed the transparent ice plate on the refrigeration machine.


“I’m sick.”


I miss you.




Chu Chen’an ran all the way back to his quarters.


He sat down backwards on the floor, his back pressed against the door and gasped.


Shen Delu was too scary.






Completely crazy.


He didn’t know what kind of luck he hit, every NPC behind the scenes that he encountered was crazy and completely ……



Chu Chen’an held his forehead, resting against his knees and slowing down his rough breath.


[Ding bell~]


[Automatically opened the live broadcast for you]




[Woah yeah, wife changed copies yeah!]


[Sshhhhhh! I can do it!]


“My wife’s face is red and he’s panting.]


[It’s a new drop and run session again hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe]


[Looks like it’s a copy of the madhouse!!!]


[It’s so exciting, isn’t it?]


[“Crazy Patient X Pampered Doctor” “I’m going straight for it.]


[ah ah ah ah can’t wait to see my wife in uniform being with the crazy attack …..]

[TN: attack — top]


[I want to see An An like that ah ah ah ah]




Chu Chen’an raised his head and looked at the live broadcast comment area.


It was still full of weird comments.



He felt that this live broadcast channel of his wasn’t far from being blocked as well.



Chu Chen’an politely chattered during the live broadcast, and the five minute time limit for automatically closing the live broadcast arrived.


In just five minutes, he got rewarded 5000 gold coins.


He got up and used 6888 gold coins to purchase this copy’s passing tip.



The system program’s overhaul this time was very sudden, especially in the aspect of copy quests. He remembered that his last mission and this one were completely different.


This time it was an almost complete overhaul.


This sudden change without a cause had caused Chu Chen’an to be caught off guard.



He had stagnated in Copy One for over two years, and was still somewhat unfamiliar with the specific arithmetic of the system’s program, so in order to clear the level, he still decided to endure the pain of spending a huge amount of gold coins to purchase the clearance hints.



[[Cue Card] Purchase Successful~]


[Loading content for you, please wait ……]


[Warm Tips:
① Please make sure you learn to protect yourself in the game;
② Do not anger the patients;
③ What you want may be exactly what you fear;
④Your charming attribute seems to be very high, this may become an important magic weapon for you to pass the level yo ~]



Chu Chenan carefully read it three or four times, but still didn’t quite get it.



What I want is exactly what I fear?



What did this mean?



Chu Chen’an scratched his head and pondered for a long time, but still couldn’t understand this sentence.



He yawned and raised his eyes to the wall clock.


It was already twelve o’clock at night.



He was so sleepy that he almost burst into tears, he simply didn’t want to think about it .



He got up and walked towards the single bathroom on the inner side of the dormitory, washed up and lay down on the bed.


The bed was a little hard.


But he could live with it.



He stared at the incandescent light on the ceiling and glanced at the blue pillbox on the table.


He hoped he didn’t dream about Shen Delu.


That was the only thing he thought about before going to sleep.




His identity as player Chen An, when he first came to this copy of the madhouse, was also a patient. He wore a wide hospital gown and looked out of place in a group of abnormal people.


It was too scary here.


He was so scared that he only dared to hide in the corner for the first few days of his arrival.


The new medical staff that came in with him didn’t pay much attention to him because he was cannon fodder.


They all surrounded the main character, Jiang Lin, and no one cared about his death.


Suddenly on a certain day, he found someone who had fallen alone just like him.



That was Shen Delu.



Shen Delu wasn’t too talkative then, sitting quietly in another corner.



He looked lonely.


And every time he looked at Shen Delu, he realized that he was also staring straight at him.


He froze for a second and didn’t think much about it, and foolishly thought that he had finally found a partner ……


He hesitated for several days in the large dining room on the first floor.



Only then did he gather the courage to cross over the crazy crowd and reach the opposite corner where Shen Delu was sitting from the corner he was hiding in.



Shen Delu raised his gloomy eyes and surveyed his pale little face straight on.


“Can I …… we walk together later?” He stood in front of Shen Delu and whispered.



Shen Delu sat up straight, but a light crossed the bottom of his eyes, “What did you say?”



He didn’t notice Shen Delu’s change, and nervously dug halfway through his pocket, pulling out a strawberry-flavored candy.



He reached out his small hand and handed the candy to Shen Delu, his ears reddening nervously, “I can help you bring medicine in the future.”



Fearing that he would back out, Shen Delu quickly took the cute candy.



Shen Delu looked at Chu Chen’an’s moist and attractive red lips, his eyes were dark.


He instantly peeled off the candy skin and threw the candy into his mouth.


So sweet.



He licked the corner of his lips with the tip of his tongue and stared at Chu Chen’an’s eyes that were as clear as a deer’s eyes.



He revealed a gloomy smile, “Okay, then you’re not allowed to back out.”



He had wanted to just hibernate in the sludge and watch carefully.




The fawn sent itself to the door.


It was too tantalizing.


He didn’t want to hold back.





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