C36 – Gentle Neighbor (End)


It was as if Chu Chen’an could only hear his own heartbeat, as he locked eyes with Xu Moshu’s dark eyes.


His eyes still carried a light smile.


As if he was about to fall deeply into ……


Xu Moshu looked at him quietly, patiently waiting for his next action.


He knew that the answer he received would probably be a refusal.


But he still wanted to ask.


Chu Chen’an’s hand trembled slightly, the inner fear and reason were pulling at his mind, and he hesitated for a long time.


He was going to marry an NPC.


Could he really marry an NPC ……?


It was as if half a century had passed.


When Xu Moshu thought he couldn’t wait for a response.


He pinched the plain ring.


Carefully, he put it on Xu Moshu’s ring finger.


He chose to follow his heart.



Xu Moshu’s eyes spread with joy and surprise, he hugged Chu Chen’an hard, circled him in his arms, and kissed him passionately.


Xu Moshu’s tongue invaded his mouth, and his tongue danced, lips and teeth together.



They kissed for a long time.


Chu Chen’an was in a daze, and after being released, he was still struggling to catch his breath.


“Darling, this will be my happiest day.” Xu Moshu’s fingertips rubbed Chu Chen’an’s swollen lower lip as he smiled, “You chose me.”


“Then there’s no turning back.” Xu Moshu leaned down and kissed the corner of his lips again, “You have to be responsible for your choice.”





Xu Moshu then brought Chu Chen’an to Elder Xu’s mansion.


This family banquet was even more grand than Chu Chen’an had imagined.



“Come, An An, this is Grandpa.”


Chu Chen’an was wrapped in Xu Moshu’s arms, timidly looking towards the old man seated on the sofa, “Mr …… Grandpa is good.”


“Well, let’s eat.”


Old man Xu looked strict and majestic, he wore a black jacket, he dressed so meticulously, that he naturally exuded the unique temperament of the high political officials.


He only said three words during the meal.


He suddenly turned his head and said to Chu Chen’an, “Eat some more.”



Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he almost didn’t hold the bowl steady, and after freezing for a second, he busily nodded his head, “Okay ……”



He sat up straight, nervously holding the bowl as he ate.


Xu Moshu sat beside him, constantly adding food to his plate, “Grandpa is right, An An should eat more.”


Xu Moshu had a smile hanging in the bottom of his eyes, and had been happy since Chu Chen’an put the ring on him at noon.


Elder Xu took in the interaction between the two, he still had a stern face and didn’t say a word more.




Finally, after half an hour, this serious dinner party came to an end.

Chu Chen’an secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.



His hand was held by Xu Moshu’s and they sat on the sofa in the hall.


“Xu Moshu, come to my study.” Elder Xu said in a cold voice.


Xu Moshu was peeling grapes for Chu Chen’an, he raised his eyes, “Oh, okay.”


Master Xu leaned on his crutches and walked slowly towards the stairs, he glanced at Chu Chen’an again and slightly eased his tone, “Eat some fruits after the meal.”


Chu Chen’an nodded his head obediently, “Okay.”



Before he could react, the old housekeeper at his side had already walked over with a plate of arranged fruit dishes and placed it in front of him.



Xu Moshu put the peeled grapes into Chu Chen’an’s mouth, “I’ll be down soon, sit for a while longer and we’ll go home, huh?”



Chu Chen’an chewed the grapes in his mouth and nodded.


“Good boy.” Xu Moshu got up and raised his hand to rub his fine soft hair before getting up and walking up to the second floor.




“Grandpa, what did you call me for?”


Master Xu sat in front of his desk, frowning, “That child is too honest, you ……”


“You don’t want to say that we are not suitable, right?”


Xu Moshu laughed, “Grandpa, we will be getting married in a few days, you are now beating up the lovebirds, it’s too late.”



“Your character is so …… overbearing, look at him, that child has a good heart, how can you live your days in the future?”



“Dare you to say that I don’t have a heart?” Xu Moshu sat down on the pearwood chair next to the desk, leaning his elbows casually on the back of the back chair, smiling, “Grandpa, An An and I are doing well. The future days will definitely be very good as well, and you, just rest assured.”



Elder Xu didn’t say any more, he sighed after a long moment of silence, “Forget it, I didn’t even look after you twenty years ago, I’m not qualified to care about you now.”



Xu Moshu nodded, he leisurely turned the ring on his ring finger, “Grandpa, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take An An back.”



Xu Moshu’s eyes were cold as he stood up and walked towards the study door.



“Xu Moshu,” Elder Xu called out to him before he left, looking at his back, “Have a good life in the future, that child is quite good. Also, don’t think that just because I don’t mention it means that I don’t know it, the stuff in your lab is a scourge if you keep it for one more day, clean it up for me as soon as you can, your mom had a hard time giving birth to you in the first place, she didn’t let you come to be a scourge.”



Xu Moshu’s footsteps paused for a moment, but his head didn’t turn, “I have my measure.”


He lifted his foot and walked out of the room.



No one had ever looked forward to his birth.


Because he was born a monster.

When Xu Moshu went downstairs, he saw Chu Chen’an staring at the tea on the table, his eyelids drooping like a sleepy kitten.


Xu Moshu walked towards Chu Chen’an, as if his heart was being stroked by a warm and soft feather.



Xu Moshu pulled him up gently, one hand wrapped around his shoulder, “Let’s go, we should go home.”



“So soon.” Chu Chen’an was taken out of the mansion by Xu Moshu in a confused manner.



He sat on the co-pilot and before he could speak, he was blocked by Xu Moshu.


“Hn ……,” Chu Chen’an was kissed for a long time, only to see that the bottom of Xu Moshu’s eyes were all dark, he couldn’t help but shiver.


Waiting for Xu Moshu to kiss enough before letting go of him, Xu Moshu stared at him, “An An.”



“Hm?” Chu Chen’an raised his eyes and answered.



“We’ll always be together, okay?” Xu Moshu tightly held the back of his neck, his eyes looked at him somberly, eagerly waiting for Chu Chen’an’s answer.



Chu Chen’an was stared at by Xu Moshu to the point where his scalp went numb, his heartbeat accelerated, he froze and nodded his head.


He locked eyes with Xu Moshu’s paranoid eyes, the bottom of his eyes flashed a trace of intolerance, his weak eyes trembled slightly, then softly said, “But …… what if one day I lose control …… and suddenly disappear ……”



His stagnation time was unknown.



This meant that he could disappear out of thin air in the next second.



This would be even more cruel to Xu Moshu.



“Fear not, if you go away in the future, I’ll go look for you.” Xu Moshu’s palm held his face, and he said in a warm voice, “Wherever you go, I’ll follow you. Wherever you are, I will find you.”


“Baby, don’t be afraid, nothing can hinder us.”



Xu Moshu and him held ten fingers together, the temperature coming from his palm was warm, so warm that Chu Chen’an even forgot to nod his head.



He fell deep into Xu Moshu’s gentle eyes.


Frozen for a long time.






A few days later.



They held a grand wedding on the largest coast of A City. Jiao Jiao was so happy that day, hiding behind the officiant’s desk holding a bouquet of flowers.


At night, Xu Moshu kissed him madly and passionately, possessing him.



The night of their wedding, Chu Chen’an almost didn’t close his eyes for the whole night.


Xu Moshu also granted himself a two-month vacation and took him to a private island for his honeymoon.


Chu Chen’an had eaten crabs roasted by Xu Moshu on the beach, gone shark fishing together, and watched the sunrise and sunset together for an uncountable number of days.


And ……


Xu Moshu always prepared an endless change of sheets and pillowcases.


After the honeymoon.


Under Chu Chen’an’s strong opposition, they still didn’t go to the new house with thirty-six floors and peep-proof glass.



They settled in the villa area in the busy district of A city.



A few days later at night, Chu Chen’an accidentally found a large basement in the villa.


The door to the basement was equipped with a password and fingerprint unlock.


Chu Chenan raised his index finger and pressed the fingerprint entry area.



Only to hear a “ding” sound, the door opened.


He just walked in and was shocked by the scene inside.


This was an ice cellar.




Accurately speaking, this was a scientific laboratory converted from an ice cellar.



There were two ice coffins to the left and right of the lab.



One of the narrower ice coffins held Chu Chen’an’s original corpse.



And on the other side, a larger ice coffin was placed.



What was even weirder here was that this huge basement possessed a scientific outer shell, while the inner side was entangled with all sorts of densely packed red threads and talismans.



Chu Chen’an stood in the basement, so shocked that he forgot to blink.



“Baby, so you’re here.” Xu Moshu tied the belt of his bathrobe and leisurely descended the steps on the basement.



He bent down and wrapped his arms tightly around Chu Chen’an from behind, the side of his face pressed against the slender neck, hot air pouring into his ears, “What’s the matter, my An An was scared silly?”


“You …… why are you still keeping that.” Chu Chen’an raised his hand, pointing to his original corpse.



“Maybe this body is still useful to you, just in case, I’ll keep it.” Xu Moshu said.


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened as he looked around the eerie surroundings.


Xu Moshu let out a light laugh, raised his hand and pinched Chu Chen’an’s cheeks, “This is something I prepared in advance.”



“See that red rope in the center?”


Xu Moshu held Chu Chen’an’s hand and pointed to the red rope that articulated the treacherous formation diagram in the center of the lab, “As long as you run, I’ll follow the heart of that rope to catch you.”



“I didn’t do this last time because I had to wait for you to come back, that old man said that he couldn’t return your soul after a hundred days, so I couldn’t use this …… Luckily, you rushed back before the hundredth days. You don’t even know, I waited for you for those ninety days or so, how tormented ……” Xu Moshu hugged Chu Chen’an very tightly, “Now, I don’t have any worries. So An An, don’t worry, we will always be together.”


Chu Chen’an felt Xu Moshu’s confinement.



Xu Moshu’s strength was great, like he wanted to melt their bodies into one.



The one who was nervous should be himself.


Chu Chen’an thought.



He patted the back of Xu Moshu’s hand and whispered, “You’re holding too tightly.”


Xu Moshu slightly loosened his strength and easily picked Chu Chen’an up, “Alright, these can be looked at tomorrow. The swimsuit I customized for you is washed, I’ll take you to try it on.”



What kind of night was there to try on swimsuits.




Chu Chen’an wanted to escape, but Xu Moshu’s strength was too great, he couldn’t break free.



Xu Moshu locked the door of the master bedroom tightly and placed him on top of these clothes.



“It seems like there are five ah,” Xu Moshu pretended to think, narrowed his eyes and laughed, “It’s okay, tonight we’ll slowly try …… one by one.”


Chu Chen’an looked at his dark and deep eyes.


A cold shiver ran through him.






Chu Chen’an had been stranded in this copy for over nine hundred days.


The day he left was exactly the nine hundred and twenty-first day of his resurrection.


His departure was without warning.



It was an evening.


The gentle evening sunlight by the window painted half the sky red, and he was lying in Xu Moshu’s arms, the ambiguous scent of the room still lingering.


When he woke up again, he found himself floating in mid-air.



Xu Moshu wrapped his arms around him tightly, and under his gaze, his eyes suddenly opened keenly as he stared at Chu Chen’an on his side, and with his fingertips, he wiped away the remaining tears at the end of Chu Chen’an’s eyes.


Chu Chen’an only saw Xu Moshu’s calm demeanor, he leaned down and kissed his pale little face, saying, “Sleep a little longer, baby, you were exhausted just now.”



After two and a half years, Xu Moshu looked unusually calm.


Xu Moshu used a red rope to wrap their ring fingers together, holding his cold corpse towards the basement, lying together in that ice coffin that had been prepared two years in advance.



Xu Moshu’s face was pressed against Chu Chen’an’s cheek, closing his eyes again with a smile.



His heart was actually excited and expectant.


He was finally able to discard all his concerns and go to his beloved.


To go where his lover was.


To truly embrace him and love him.


He finally, could pursue the true meaning of forever. ……



Xu Moshu wrapped his arms tightly around Chu Chen’an’s, warmly soothing, “My An An, when I wake up again, I’ll find you.”


Chu Chen’an looked surprised.



He didn’t expect.



This per-vert would end up smiling sweetly and hugging his corpse, viewing his departure in such a peaceful and bizarre manner.


The more he looked at him, the weirder he felt, and when he wanted to look at him a few more times, he was suddenly quickly recalled back to System Space by System 001.


The moment after he left.


The center of the red rope of the formation diagram was set ablaze.



The fire quickly spread to the ice coffin, and at the moment it reached the ice coffin, a sharp and intense red light flashed around the ice coffin, and the two people inside the ice coffin, as well as Chen An’s original body on the opposite side disappeared after the red light flashed out.




[Remaining Corpses Removed: 1]


[Congratulations, the world has been cleared successfully!]



【Congratulations, you have cleared the remains you left behind in the copy world】.


[Bonus Points: X100]


Chu Chen’an’s face was devoid of joy, his eyes were dull as he looked at the system control panel in front of him.



[Currently, we have detected that your emotional investment in this game copy is as high as 99%, please adjust your state and emotions~]



[The NPC behind the scenes is just a virtual person in the game system, don’t worry, he won’t be able to follow the system network line to catch you.]


Chu Chen’an thought.


If it was Xu Moshu, then it wasn’t impossible.



[In order for you to adjust your emotions, the thoughtful 001 decided to ……]


[Now automatically open the next game copy for you]




[Quickly adjust your emotions to clean up your next mess~]


Before Chu Chen’an could react, his eyes widened, “Slow down!”


He wasn’t ready yet!



Only to see the system automatically open the system resurrection program as if it had been hit by a virus.


[You will enter the copy game again in three seconds, please prepare yourself, player Chu Chen’an]






Chu Chen’an was busy standing up, watching the seconds go by on the system control panel.






[Resurrection system program activated successfully]


[Good luck~]


[Copy 2: Suburban Madhouse] [Copy 2: Suburban Madhouse]


[Difficulty: Medium-Easy] [Reward Points: X200] [Difficulty: Medium-Easy]



[Reward Points: X200]



“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Someone jumped off the building!!!”



A ringing noise xame from Chu Chen’an’s ears, followed by a sharp shriek. The shape of a car window slowly emerged in front of his eyes from blankness, and his vision gradually became clearer ……



The car window in front of his eyes seemed to have been smashed by an unknown object.


The shattered glass splashed on the side of his face, suddenly cutting across his cheek.


A tiny red mark showed on his cheek.


He squinted his eyes with difficulty, and only then did he see the cover in front of the car window.



That ……


It was a bloody man!


The man had smashed into their car!



The car window was smashed, and half of his arm was sticking into the car, and was dangling from the passenger side of the car, shaking slightly ……


“Dr. Chu …… Chu, are you okay?” The dean held the door of the car, bending over to look at Chu Chen’an, who looked normal, “You this …… Do you want to come down first? So we can move the body?”



Chu Chen’an trembled, as if waking up from a dream.



He looked down at the white coat he was wearing and busied himself with getting out of the car.


He followed the dean towards the gate of this insane asylum.



There were a few people in hospital gowns at the gate, banging drums and cheering, “Hahaha he’s dead! He’s dead! Woo hoo hoo he really fell to his death!”


Chu Chen’an wore a mask and walked into the hospital building without looking away.


“On the second floor, at the end of the left turn is your dormitory, the environment here is a bit noisy, you are more than welcome.” The dean piled on a smile and led the way in front, he should be the new dean in these two years.


Chu Chen’an hastily shook his head, and after a few polite words with the dean, he followed the dean and walked behind him.



In a sudden lift of his eyes, he looked to the staircase fence diagonally above him, where the figure of a person stood fixedly.



That person seemed to be watching him, his face was somber, his posture was straight, he was wearing a hospital gown, and the tips of his hanging hair covered his eyes, so much so that it made it impossible for Chu Chen’an to see his eyes at this moment.



He stared at Chu Chenan for three seconds, and suddenly, smiled sorrowfully.


The corners of his lips curved up strangely.




Chu Chen’an was so frightened that he violently stopped in his tracks.



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