Wei Sheng had always had a good impression of her second aunt’s family, she and her husband were honest and simple, when her father was seriously ill, only their family went out and borrowed money and raised 30,000 yuan.

Her family had always been grateful for this, and later earned a lot of money to help the second aunt’s family.

After sitting down, Yang Lifang sourly picked up the conversation, “People now have a house, their children don’t have to study, which isn’t the same for us. See? For dinner, we came to such a big restaurant! The old lady really didn’t care for us, leaving everything to Xiao Chun’er.”

Second uncle Yang Liwan snickered, “Mom was sick and confused at that time, what is the use of talking about that now? At that time, I made a fuss about the separation of the house, why did you all not talk, now what is the use?”

Yang Lichun blushed and said, “We are brothers and sisters, why are you saying such things, Mom thought of how I and Jiefang took care of her for so many years, she was afraid that when she left, we wouldn’t have anywhere to stay, that’s why she left the house for me.”

“Oh, then you mean we did not contribute, we didn’t serve her? You don’t know how busy my brother and I are in the factory, we have to work early till late, and the second one is out running his business every day, Liying has bad legs, and she can’t live without her man in the car repair store, so you are taking credit for living together and taking care of her?” Yang Lifang raised his eyebrows, and it was clear that he was looking for a fight.

Yang Lichun and Wei Jiefang glanced at each other, if they brought up the proposal to sell the house to move to the south, the people here would oppose.

At this point, the oldest Yang Liping spoke up, “OK, OK, it’s rare for us to be together like this, this matter is in the past. The house is not a bad place to live now, but if Lichun’s family didn’t live with Mom then, they wouldn’t have a place to stay now.”

Wei Sheng sat in her seat and listened to the conversation, her faded memory came in like a tidal wave, this conversation was exactly the same with her childhood, if she wasn’t wrong, her father would soon bring up the main topic.

Turning her head to see, indeed, Wei Jiefang nervously rubbed his hands under the table, and then his hands clenched into fists as he began to talk, “Today, I invited everyone to dinner …… It’s actually because of a matter I want to discuss with big brothers and sisters.”

Aunt Xu Huizhen laughed, “Look at you being so polite, why are you being ostentatious.”

The Hu Tai Hotel was the oldest sign of Hu Tai County, although the entire layout of the hotel seemed unusually old and not upscale, with pink tablecloths and some paint off the tables and chairs, but it was the public imperial hotel, even the city’s leaders had banquets here.

Naturally, the status of the hotel in Hu Tai County was very symbolic, for the ordinary working class to get a table was quite difficult, so just before the arrival of Wei Sheng’s family, the crowd speculated that Wei Jiefang wanted to make a scene?

After all, Wei Sheng family’s conditions were not too bad, but definitely not good, but enough to go go to the market to buy ingredients to cook, how could they invite them to eat a meal here?

The leader, Yang Liping smiled lightly, “What’s the matter, say it directly.”

“Since big brother has said so, I will not hide it. Everyone knows that since I came to Hu Tai County fifteen years ago, I have been in the fourth middle school as a teacher, and now I’m still only a teacher, I haven’t gotten promoted.” Wei Jiefang sighed deeply.

Wei Sheng quietly listened, thinking back, when she was fourteen years old, she was very ignorant, her father’s words had been difficult to understand, but now listening to it again, it held a different feeling.”

“In the past, everyone is optimistic about teaching, but with the reform and opening up, the economic transformation, sea business is no longer a matter of shame. Since this job has no future, I thought I’d just quit!” He finished his speech in one breath and looked up to see everyone’s face..

The second son, Yang Liwan immediately clapped his hands, “That’s great, who said it’s a shame to own a business? I have been working on my own small business, but also living quite well? I have not let our Yang Di suffer from poverty.”

The crowd couldn’t deny his words.

But they were deeply convinced by Wei Jiefang’s words, now Hu Tai County had a lot of examples to prove that quitting teaching to go into business was very profitable.

“But this business is not something that everyone can do, there are the good and bad aspects ah, have you thought about it?” Yang Liping put down his chopsticks and lit a cigarette, looking as if he was quite important.

Yang Liwan said, “Then what else do you think? I support my brother-in-law to do this. What is the responsibility of the teacher? The money earned for a year is not worth the oil and water of a road dealer. Do it! Do it yourself! That’s fine, are there not many ways to make money?”

Yang Lifang thought about it, and also nodded, but his words were a bit unpleasant, “You have to figure out your own business and development, as for mother’s house, are the two of you going to leave it?”

Wei Jiefang nodded, “I have thought about it. There’s a project that I’ve examined for some time, I want to open a factory with an old friend, but we don’t have a lot to do in Hu Tai County, on the contrary, Chaonan City is very big, if my family is in Chaonan, there will be a lot to do there.

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