She turned around again and asked, “Do I look okay?

Wei Sheng nodded somewhat unsure, “It looks good.”

“After changing, hurry out, don’t let your father wait anxiously.” Yang Lichun admonished.

Wei Sheng also mechanically changed her skirt and followed her mother downstairs. Because the memories from more than ten years ago had become blurred, she didn’t dare to speak for fear of showing any flaws. Her heart felt empty like she had stolen something from someone else.

Wei Jiefang and Yang Lichun each rode a bicycle, Wei Sheng sat in the back seat of Yang Lichun’s bicycle, wrapped her arm around her mother’s waist, as she felt the breeze blowing her hair, she carefully put her face on her mother’s back.

The slim back was so warm that her heart shivered.

This feeling was really nostalgic!


Her parents parked the car at the entrance of the Tiger Terrace Hotel and locked it, and took Wei Sheng all the way into the door.

This scene suddenly felt familiar to Wei Sheng, especially when several elders at the round table by the window in the lobby greeted them, Wei Sheng’s heart suddenly stuttered.

She remembered!

The day before the National Day holiday! This was the day her father invited her mother’s family and announced his resignation and decision to go into business, to start a factory in partnership with others!

It was also after this day that bad luck loomed over their little family for a long time ……

HeR father, Wei Jiefang, was a native of Chaonan City, and his family was well-off, but his mother died earlier, and then his father married someone else and gave birth to a son, and then paid little attention to him.

However, Wei Jiefang also fought for his life and found a job as a teacher after graduating from college, but he was transferred to Hutai County, where he met his mother and made his home.

Wei Sheng knew that although his father had been working in Hu Tai County, but he had always been concerned about Chaonan but he refused to send gifts to bribe the leaders, so several applications for transfer had fallen through.

This time Wei Jiefang and his Chaonan childhood buddies gathered  together to study a plastic recycling processing plant project, this project was very profitable, her father had previously taken leave to run about for half a month to do market research, now he had made up his mind.

For this decision, her mother was supportive, she also knew that after so many years, he wanted to go home, not to mention that the man had his own ambitions, he wasn’t willing to spend his life in this small county as a teacher.

Previously Wei Sheng’s family situation wasn’t good, but it wasn’t too bad, her father refused to accept gifts, so they lived on his salary, her mother relied on her craft in the barber store to work for people, the two income was meager but also able to sustain them.

The house that Wei Sheng was living in was left behind after the death of her grandmother.

Before the death of her grandmother, Wei Sheng and her parents had been living with her, because her grandmother suffered from severe dementia before she died and could not take care of herself, other than her mother, her other children avoided her, when her grandmother died, she left the house to her mother, but the others were extremely unhappy.

Her father needed money to start the factory, after getting her mother’s consent to sell the house, the family moved to the city of Chaonan, but because of the market price fluctuations, his factory goods remained stagnant and lost money, and then his partner ran away with the money, forcing her father to jump to his death.

And today, it should be that her father invited the guests to announce that he quit his job as a teacher and that the family would be moving.

It was also the day when all the misfortunes began.

At the dinner table, the dishes were already on the table.

Walking to the table, the first to get up was her eldest aunt Xu Huizhen, she said with a smile, “We were just waiting for your family, I was beginning to wonder why you asked us to come, but didn’t show up?”

Yang Lichun said with a smile, “Xiao Sheng wasn’t feeling well.”

The group of people sat down.

Wei Sheng remembered, Xu Huizhen was a smiling tiger, she did everything to please others, and when her father was bankrupt and hospitalized for half a year, her mother dragged herself back to Hutai County to borrow money, but was chased out of the house by her brother-in-law’s family, aunt Xu Huizhen scolded her hard, with no trace of her former friendiliness.

After taking a seat, Xu Huizhen smiled and said, “Wei Sheng is beautiful today, how’s your study lately?”

Her son, Yang Xiaodong, had always been a top student, and his academic performance had undoubtedly become a frequent topic of conversation for this mother.

Before Yang Lichun could say anything, Yang Di, her second uncle’s daughter, interjected and laughed, “Auntie, you’re picking on Wei Sheng’s sore spots! You have to ask her what TV show is good these days for her to answer!”

Yang Xiaodong immediately said happily, “Why don’t you ask her which male singer she’s obsessed with now!”

“Didn’t sister watch Tian Long Ba Bu every day some time ago? My aunt’s husband said she stares at the TV all day long without studying, her eyes are getting nearsighted.” The speaker was Li Kai, second aunt’s son.

Wei Sheng briefly swept a glance, in addition to Uncle Yang Liping and Aunt Xu Huizhen, her mother’s other siblings were also present.

Yang Lichun had a total of two brothers and two sisters, she was the youngest in the family.

Uncle Yang Liping was tall, he worked in a state-owned factory, had achieved the position of deputy director, he was considered to be one of the Yang family’s most promising people, but he was also the person in charge in the family, he was very authoritative.

Yang Xiaodong was two years older than Wei Sheng, he had a strong personality, and her second uncle’s daughter Yang Di acted like royalty, he had always excluded himself, the two because of their education acted more superior since childhood.

And second uncle Yang Liwan, he was short, less than one meter seven meters[around 5.5], but with a current fashionable half-length hair, he didn’t have a proper job, he did little business for three days or two, but it didn’t last lonh. In the past, he used to do hair salons and small iron pavilions. Every time he developed a salon, he had to pull Yang Lichun to help. Not to mention the amount of money he used, he just made a small amount of money. Yang Lichun was unwilling to help him after a few times.

His wife was Wang Shu, formerly a massage parlor massage lady, she followed Wei Sheng’s mother and learned hairdressing, and started helping her husband, she rarely spoke.

In the past, when Yang Liping and Yang Liwan’s children were in elementary and junior high school, they often begged Wei Jiefang, and spoke with reluctant politeness.

But after the children entered high school, they were no longer polite, not to mention that Wei Jiefang had been a teacher in the fourth middle school for more than ten years, and had not even been promoted to an official position.

Her mother’s two sisters, the eldest aunt Yang Lifang worked in a factory, the work was arranged by her eldest brother. In everything, she went to complain to her eldest brother. She divorced at an early age, her son died early, and her temper was a little harsher, so few people cared about her.

Second Aunt Yang Liying was more honest, she was crippled, after marriage with her husband, they ran a repair store, responsible for repairing and washing cars, although there were not many people with cars in Hu Tai County, repairing a bicycle could barely make ends meet, so there was little discourse in the family.

The two people had a son, he was just as nearsighted Li Kai, he was only a few months younger than him, his father arranged for him to study in the fourth high school.

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