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Time seemed to stand still in this moment.

With the sound of music and the noise of persuasions.

He couldn’t hear any more.

He could only hear the powerful heartbeat of this man.

And his domineering announcement.

This moment, Zhou Yuhe suddenly became quiet.

His heart that was beating wildly seemed to be soothed by a pair of gentle and hot hands.

“Good.” He said softly.
After coming out of the KTV.

The cool night breeze blew on everyone’s face, blowing away the traces of alcohol.

Director Zhou looked at the neighborhood and said to Zhao Hua: “Zhao Hua ah, you didn’t drink, so please send me and old Liao back.”

Zhao Hua looked at the two big directors, and then looked at Zhou Yuhe.

As if looking at a large watermelon being stolen by a hamster.

Zhou Yuhe’s heart jumped.

He glanced at Xie Yifeng in the shadow of the street lamp, although he couldn’t see his expression, he could obviously feel an eager gaze locked on him.

He couldn’t help being a little bit worried.

What to do.

If director Zhao really sent Director Liao and Zhou back.

Then he was afraid he wouldn’t get away tonight.

Zhou Yuhe wasn’t afraid or disgusted.

He just wasn’t ready.

He had used all his strength to digest everything Xie Yifeng did and said in the KTV, if they were really alone tonight, he really didn’t know how to face him.

Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips, with a small expression of hesitation and entanglement, just when the scene was deadlocked, the eager gaze suddenly disappeared.

“I’ll send Director Liao and Zhou back, my assistant drove the car.” Xie Yifeng walked out from under the streetlight with an elegant smile.

Zhao Hua and Zhou Yuhe breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

Zhou Yuhe sat in the back seat of the car back, looking out the window at the receding night scene, his thoughts drifted a little.

His phone suddenly vibrated a little.

Xie Yifeng: “I’ve arrived home, you?”

“I’m not there yet, I’m almost there.”

“Good, tell me when you get home, rest early.”

Although it was a simple greeting, although he didn’t mention the incident in the KTV.

But the corners of Zhou Yuhe’s mouth couldn’t help but flutter in a sweet curve.

He placed the phone to his lips and sent a voice message: “Okay, you too, good night~”

The 18th floor of I.S building.

This floor was a famous gym for artists in A City. Not only were there artists from I.S, but here, many common faces from TV would be seen.

Of course, nowadays, in the entertainment industry, the most common was Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe was sweating on the treadmill, and female artists kept looking at him, some of them were unknown idols of I.S, and some of them were friends whom Zhou Yuhe had known in his previous life.

A dazzling smile bloomed on his face as the sun shone down, Zhou Yuhe’s face killing power was too strong, the girls all shyly ran away.

“As expected, he is the ‘No. 1 male artist in the entertainment industry that female artists want to fall in love with the most’.” He suddenly heard these words, which came from beside him.

Zhou Yuhe was wiping off his sweat with the towel around his neck, when he suddenly glanced to the side and saw Yang Yu in front of him in a suit.

Zhou Yuhe almost fell from the treadmill.

“Hey, no way, brother Yang, you came to the gym dressed like this?” Zhou Yuhe said in shock.

“I’m not here to work out, I can wear whatever I want, but you, you’re quite dedicated.” Yang Yu skimmed his mouth, looking at his body fully covered with the latest endorsement of a sports brand.

Zhou Yuhe replied, “This is to make the brand happy.”

The current Zhou Yuhe, had long become different from the past. Not only was this an endorsement gift, even some projects under negotiation rushed to send many brand gifts to Zhou Yuhe for “trial use”. The most interesting one was a high-end makeup brand, Zhou Yuhe originally promised to endorse their full line of men’s skin care products in the fall, but who knew the brand would actually gave him a big “arms box”, once he opened it, inside were gold glittery lipsticks, lined up in neat sequence, a hundred and fifty, it could be said to be very spectacular.

If a girl received such a gift, she would only squeal with surprise.

But he–

“What’s a big man like me getting me so many lipsticks for?” Zhou Yuhe laughed.

With white gloves, while packing the “arms box”, the staff looked at Zhou Yuhe “You can’t use it, you can give it to your girlfriend. If you don’t have one, you can send it separately to several sisters, aren’t you happy?”

The bent Zhou Yuhe: “……”

He wasn’t happy at all, he even wanted to sneer.

As one could imagine, this big box of lipsticks ended up in Cao Qiyue’s hands, she couldn’t use it all by herself, so she also sent it to several sisters separately – that was really good.

Zhou Yuhe got off the treadmill and went to the open air cafe outside the gym with Yang Yu, enjoying the cool breeze while respectfully wiping his head with the brand’s towel, “How’s the movie going?”

Yang Yu faintly replied, “I used my contacts to check, you were really right.”

Zhou Yuhe knew about this in his previous life, so of course he wasn’t surprised at this point, he said, “So what should we do now? Push the movie?”

“Push it? Don’t you want to be in ‘Cat’?”

“Yes, but now this situation ……” Zhou Yuhe suddenly understood Yang Yu’s words, he looked at him with slightly shiny eyes, “You mean, there is a move?”

Yang Yu laughed, “of course there is, but you certainly couldn’t think of it – I did a good job, sold the news to the investors, and guess what? The investors removed the two bombs, but they also said that as long as you’re willing to act, the director can be changed at any time.”

Zhou Yuhe was shocked: “No way? That is Director Hou.”

As he said before, the filming industry was a game of capital and connections, there were many popular actors.

But the director was not the same.

Only money wasn’t enough to hire a director.

This contained the relationship and interest structure, it was so complex that ordinary people couldn’t imagine, not to mention, the fame of a director was absolutely not the same as the fame of the actors.

So throughout the ages, most of what people saw were the director kicking out the actor, he hadn’t seen the investor kick the director out for the actor, even in his previous life, Zhou Yuhe had never heard of such an absurd thing.

Although Director Hou had an unknown addiction, but as long as it wasn’t exposed, who cared?

Director Hou’s addiction wasn’t recent, but he was still able to get awards.

Many investors may simply choose to turn a blind eye in the face of this situation, and directly abandon the script.

‘The director can be replaced at any time, as long as you are willing to act”, such domineering words, Zhou Yuhe simply wanted to applaud the courage of the investor.

Yang Yu continued: “When I first heard it, I also felt very shocked, but in retrospect it is not impossible, in the past two years, Director Hou hasn’t produced a few award-winning films, according to young people’s words, no one knows when the ‘godframe’ has fallen, maybe the film could earn a lot, you may really be worth the money. Moreover, you also know the investor–”

As soon as Yang Yu said that, he saw another middle-aged man in a suit walk up to them and sit down, with a spring-like smile, he looked at Zhou Yuhe’s shocked to petrified expression and said somewhat smugly, “What? Didn’t expect it to be me?”

“Mister Cai?!” Zhou Yuhe was so shocked that he almost jumped up from his chair.

“Haha this can’t be blamed on you, who would have thought that we would be working together again right after working together on ‘Searching For Heaven’.” Cai Yuan laughed.

Zhou Yuhe froze and looked at Yang Yu and Cai Yuan, and suddenly understood.

‘Cat’ was a high-quality literary film, Zhou Yuhe was famous, but more popular actors could act in it, if not for the existing connections, such a resource would definitely not fall into Zhou Yuhe’s hands so quickly.

Since it was Cai Yuan, then everything was well explained.

They had already worked together once, knew each other’s character, and the other party admired him very much.

In that case, it was not something unfathomable to give up a director who could explode at any moment and keep him.

“So what are we going to do now?” Zhou Yuhe was still a bit confused.

Cai Yuan said, “We have a male lead, money, and time, now we are short of a director to start the film, do you have any good candidates?”

Yang Yu wrapped his hands around his chest and pondered, “This …… wouldn’t really be a good search.”

Today’s film market wasn’t like the old days, commercial films were prevalent, few directors made literary films, the ones that did also happened to have a good relationship with Director Hou, they had rejected Director Hou, so several other directors, even if they wanted to take it, they had to weigh the pros and cons.

And even if they took it, it wasn’t necessarily the right time slot, maybe they had to delay until next year or the year after to start shooting.

Nowadays, reliable literary film directors weee really hard to find.

Zhou Yuhe was also in deep thought.

Suddenly, a small light bulb popped up above his head.

“That’s right! Why not find him!” Zhou Yuhe made a fist with his right hand and knocked the palm of his left hand, and his eyes glowed slightly.

“Meng Chuan! He can definitely make this movie!”

Cai Yuan and Yang Yu obviously didn’t think so.

“Meng Chuan?” The two men looked at each other, with doubt and disapproval in their eyes.

Meng Chuan was a new director in the film industry, not to mention his qualifications were still shallow, all his works so far were commercial films, how could he make a good literary film?

Zhou Yuhe looked at the two of them and said, “I know what you want to say, Meng Chuan is indeed a commercial film, but our ‘Cat’ is not purely a literary film, you must have read the script, you should have found that the plot line of this script is actually very smooth, there are ups and downs, and the story line is very full, so why can’t we use a commercial director to tell this story well?”

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