He Yun raised his eyes inadvertently, wanting to take a look at the audience’s reaction.

The enlarged and bolded comments crashed into his eyes ……


He Yun’s face suddenly paled and his hands trembled violently. The microphone in his hand fell to the ground with a dull thud.

Red comments were still questioning He Yun.

[I went to check the information, it’s indeed correct. Zhu Qing’an wrote this song five years ago, when he was just a group actor, in a self-indulgent style, and the person who sang it, was also him. But he never sold it. His original song, why did it appear in your place? Why?]

He Yun shivered, recalling what the seller had said when he bought the song.

–“It’s an original song by a very small and unknown artist, and it’s from many years ago.”

— “Don’t worry about using it, that artist has few fans, and seemingly no agency, it won’t be detected ……”

If replaced with Zhu Qing’an from a few months ago.

At that time, Zhu Qing’an was still completely a group actor, he hadn’t signes up with Dreamboat company, he hadn’t participated in various variety shows ……

He was indeed a very small and unpopular artist.

The seller had a delay in the data of the artist’s profile and didn’t anticipate the rapid growth of Zhu Qing’an in a short period of time.

That was why the song was sold to He Yun by mistake.

[What? This song’s vocals are actually Zhu Qing’an? Is He Yun fake singing?]

[Yes, that reminded me …… I was wondering why the song sounded so strange, it turned out to be a recording. Where did you put the device to play the song? (:)]

They were curious why He Yun’s mouthpiece and voice didn’t match, but that was what happened.

The comments, which should have been enthusiastic in support of him, all turned at this point. It turned into a sharp knife, stabbing He Yun’s face and making him feel ashamed of himself.

He didn’t expect the truth about his lip-singing to be exposed so quickly because he couldn’t sing and wanted to earn popularity on the singing talent show.

He was silent, left the microphone and the audience, and left the room.

He Yun stood in the corridor, his body was cold as if his blood was being drained.

No ……

As long as he didn’t admit it, no, it was fine. At best, his voice just happened to souy like Zhu Qing’an voice before puberty.

It would be fine.

They also had no definite evidence ……

He Yun hesitated aimlessly in the corridor. Until his light computer rang.

It was time for Zhu Qing’an’s stage.

He Yun held his breath for a moment.

— He could guess what would happen next.

Because of the small programme he placed in the room.

No one could enter the room, and Zhu Qing’an and the staff wouldn’t notice.

The number of viewers in the playroom would always be zero …… The selection popularity results would come out, and he would definitely be in the bottom and then ignored by Dreamboat Entertainment.

Zhu Qing’an’s self-confidence would also take a big hit ……

When the time came, he could add fuel to the fire.

He Yun thought about it and balanced his heart a lot.

There was another person who would be as miserable as him.

It was time for Zhu Qing’an to go on stage.

Zhu Qing’an didn’t ask the makeup artist to dress him up.

He was still wearing the same clothes he came in, white clothes and black pants. The light and fresh fabric, the young man’s body shape outline. His soft black hair was combed neatly and his cheeks were slightly flushed.

He sat on the sofa in the rest room, very uneasy and nervous.

He poked his fingertips at his light computer and sent a message to his teacher.

[Strawberry cupcake: The singing competition is about to start! So nervous!]

[Anonymous: Singing competition? What’s that?]

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

[Strawberry Shortcake: It’s a show where you share your songs with other people. I talked to you about it before, I want to use the song you taught me to participate in the talent show. Your song is so good that I just want to sing it to everyone.]

[Anonymous: Go for it.]

[Strawberry Shortcake: When the variety show is over, I can pay the tuition fee.]

Although the other party said that he didn’t have to pay tuition, but Zhu Qing’an still had to pay money to show some sincerity. Otherwise, it was weird.

[Anonymous: Tuition? I’m not short of money. I want some special tuition.]

Special tuition ……?

[Strawberry Shortcake: What do you mean? o.o]

[Anonymous: You see what I’m missing now, you can send me anything. I’ve hinted to you before what I’m missing :)]

Zhu Qing’an: Huh?

He blinked his eyes, confused. After a long time, he replied leisurely.

[Strawberry cupcake: Well …… okay, teacher.]

[Anonymous: Kid, cheer up:)]

— Zhu Qing’an couldn’t figure it out. What exactly was his teacher missing?

He rubbed his head and frowned.

Never mind, he wouy think about it when the variety show was over ……

There were still ten minutes before the start of the variety show.

He became more nervous and restless, his sweaty hands flipped through hus light computer. Inadvertently, he glanced at False Love.

He was so busy these days that he completely forgot that he had to interact with the paper man.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He didn’t even think about it and poked the game open.

Welcome back to False Love!

[Your interaction value with your lover has reached 100 points! 02 memory fragments unlocked!

Zhu Qing’an: ????

He remembered that the last time he was on the game, he saw an interaction value of 40 points.

He had been away for so long, and instead of the interaction value dropping, it had increased.

Pie from the sky?

Zhu Qing’an subconsciously wanted to poke the 02 memory fragment to check and see what had happened to Qin Hengyi in the past.

The 02 memory fragment’s logo was a microphone, what did the microphone …… have to do with the paper man?

Also, 01 memory fragment brought a lot of unresolved doubts.

But he glanced at the time and found that there was not enough time.

He could only enter the space to chat with the man for a few minutes.

Zhu Qing’an had thought that the other party would be angry after not meeting with him for so long.

He didn’t expect the other party to remain unaffected.

“Mr. Qin, I’m a little busy.” Zhu Qing’an flattened his mouth and explained, “So I didn’t have time to see you, I’m really sorry ……”

Because he had to sing on stage, he was nervous, his cheeks were red, and his eyes contained a watery mist.

His words were also a little bit incoherent.

Qin Hengyi looked at the teenager and inexplicably remembered his conversation with him in the past few days.

The child referred to him as a teacher ……

He really wanted to let Zhu Qing’an in reality, with a soft voice, respectfully call him “teacher”.

Although calling him “sir” was also very touching.

Qin Hengyi’s eyebrows were slightly raised: “Good boy. Don’t be nervous.”

Zhu Qing’an was stunned.

How could he tell that he was nervous because he was going to sing?

“Thank you, sir.” Zhu Qingan’s neck turned red.

After chattering with Qin Hengyi for a few minutes and brushing up on a few interaction values. The time for him to sing had arrived.

All artists’ holographic rooms were a configuration, large red curtain, stage, spotlight, pop-up playback screen ……

Zhu Qing’an stood in the middle, golden lights reflected his fair and delicate face, long eyelashes, clean white cloth and black pants, making his youthful spirit more obvious.

He glanced at the opposite screen.

There were no comments on the screen now.

The audience was 0.

He didn’t take it to heart and just pretended that people hadn’t entered the room yet.

But even if no one was watching, he wouldn’t have any dissatisfaction or regret.

He had worked hard for himself and hadn’t been sloppy and haphazard about the show.

To sing better, he turned off the screen.

The dark-haired teenager lifted the microphone and he started singing –

Good, good.

He Yun sat on the couch outside the hallway, his light computer showing the situation in Zhu Qing’an’s room.

Zhu Qing’an had already started singing.

The small programme he sent someone to install in the room was also starting to work.

No one could join the room, and no one could find the suspicion.

The number of viewers was 0.

The pop-up screen was also 0.

The corners of He Yun’s lips lifted into a high smile as he surveyed Zhu Qing’an on the screen.

No one would listen to his song until the end …… and no one would know how good he sang.

His talent show ranking would be the bottom one, and then cause bad influence to the Dreamboat Entertainment Company ……

From then on, he would be left out of the company.

Although He Yun was picked up for stealing a song, he believed that as long as he bit the bullet and denied it, he would be fine.

Besides …… his opponents would be as miserable as he was.

He was balanced in his heart.

He Yun continued to stare at the room.

But the next second – He Yun’s expression …… twisted up in horror.

The number of people suddenly grew.

In a few seconds, it suddenly went from zero to a terrifying thousand, and it was still growing ……

What’ was going on?

That little programme didn’t make mistakes at all!

And …… even if it was a famous singer, there would not be such a horrible increase.

He looked through the room to see who was added –

When he saw the identities of the viewers who had joined the room, his expression became more terrified.

He fell to his knees and couldn’t help but let out a suppressed shout.

What kind of people were these …… people?


The incident of He Yun stealing Zhu Qing’an’s song and denying it was exposed.

Solid evidence found by Dreamboat Entertainment showed proof that He Yun did steal the song.

This would be exposed to the entire network at the end of the talent show –

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