“Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes!” Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

Mr. Ma turned around and gave the reporter a fierce glare, “Shut up and pay attention to your identity!” They were now pretending to be reporters from TVB News. Look at those sitting in their seats, from time to time, they wrote things down.

Identity …… his identity was an entertainment reporter? The young man pursed his lips.

With all the journalists, Mr. Ma chose the farthest place from the others, because they were equipped with a microphone and a video camera, no one suspected.

The venue for the unveiling ceremony was the artificial lake in the center of the Qing Garden, with reference to the latter-day press conference venue. Rows of white chairs were neatly arranged.

Li Zheng and his group walked out of Lab 2 with a smile, led by the Governor and his wife.

As soon as the two appeared, the reporters at the scene let out a cry of surprise.

“It’s the Governor and his wife?”

“Is that Mr. Liang speaking with the Governor of Hong Kong? How come he’s here too!

The reporters on the news desk completely lost their reserve, countless flashing lights lit up on the lawn, and some of the impatient ones even left their seats.

“Brother Ma …… news station reporters, are they all like this?” The young man couldn’t help but ask.

Brother Ma…….

“Today is a special day, and I am honored to stand here to witness this historic moment. A great biopharmaceutical laboratory will be established in our presence. It will explore the nature of life based on the principle of ‘humanity first’, and it aspires to be the nemesis of disease and a booster in the history of human evolution. I hereby declare the Li Zheng Laboratory of Hong Kong University officially established!” Sir Edward said loudly in fluent Cantonese.

A round of applause rang out immediately.

When the red cloth was removed and the sign of Li Zheng Laboratory of Hong Kong University appeared in front of his eyes, Li Zheng’s heart was full, as if something was going to overflow from his heart. A laboratory of his own, he had thought about it countless times in his previous life, but in this life it came true.

Lifting his hand to slightly shield himself from the blinding sunlight, Li Zheng’s eyes curved into a nice arc. This life, he wanted to have no regrets!

Liang Zhe tilted slightly sideways, the sunlight sprinkled on Li Zheng’s face, from his angle, he could clearly see Li Zheng’s face. Liang Zhe’s heart had a momentary pause. Friendship ……?

Zheng Lingling, dressed in a gown, walked toward the crowd holding a tray filled with golden scissors.

Starting with Sir Edward, Li Zheng and the others each took a pair of scissors from the tray.

“Ribbon cutting? Old Ma, did I read it right, Zhou Sitian also took a scissor?” The reporter carrying the camera turned closer to the camera in disbelief.

“Cr*p, she actually stood next to the Hong Kong Governor’s wife!” After the reporter saw the scene inside the camera, he couldn’t help but curse.

In the camera, the Governor and his wife were standing in the middle, followed by Li Zheng, Liang Zhe and Xu Mingsheng as the scholars of Hong Kong University next to the Governor, and Zhou Sitian, old Mr. White and his team were next to the Governor’s wife.

As for Daniel and David and the others, they were present as special guests.

Hong Kong people attach great importance to the order, some sophisticated people wouldn’t only ask the master to calculate the auspicious time of the ribbon-cutting, even what position people stood needed to be calculated clearly. The order of the ribbon-cutting ceremony was very indicative.

Zhou Sitian stood squarely beside the governor’s wife, but also had a good laugh and they looked intimate. In Hong Kong, few powerful families had this treatment.

You said she hugged a thigh? Who’s hugging? The girl herself was a thigh ah!

The flash “click click click” sounded.

After the ribbon-cutting, the crowd stood in a row to let the media take pictures calmly.

After the photos were taken, the Governor and his wife and the rest of the people went down to the guests’ table and sat down, leaving only Li Zheng and Xu Mingsheng to answer the reporters’ questions.

“Mr. Li Zheng, hello, I am a reporter from Hong Kong Radio, I heard that your original drug was copied by India, do you have anything to say about this?”

“I can only say that I respect patents and intellectual property rights.”

“Dean Xu, what is the relationship between Li Zheng’s lab at Hong Kong University and Hong Kong University, is it a lab under the name of Hong Kong University? Then does their research results belong to Hong Kong University?”

“Li Zheng’s laboratory and Hong Kong University is an academic cooperation, Li Zheng’s laboratory is a completely independent individual, all its research results belong only to its laboratory itself.”

After a few questions, the environment slowly became heated, David nodded, and the Roche crowd led by him stood up from their positions and walked towards the stage.

Xu Mingsheng smiled and handed the microphone to David.

A group of BBC reporters instantly sat up straight, and several young foreign guys trotted up to set up the camera on the top of the stage.

Li Zheng smiled and spoke: “Just now someone in the audience mentioned the patent issue of Palmatine, I think Mr. David of Roche’s, can answer your question very perfectly.”

David smiled and gave Li Zheng a hug.

“Oh, yes. I’m David Andorio, Executive Vice President of Roche Asia, and I’m here to announce that 24 hours ago, Roche and Li Zheng Labs entered into their first collaboration. Roche has purchased the patent for palmatine and samples have been sent to London before the unveiling, and I believe it won’t be long before you can see it on the market.”

Yes, one night before the unveiling ceremony, Li Zheng got the clinical trial report for infants and children transmitted from India’s side, and the cure rate of infants and children with frozen blood for palmatine was as high as 94%, which was a full 10 percentage points higher than the existing commonly used drug for frozen blood, aminoxadine, and the side effects were far less than aminoxadine!

Seeing this data, Li Zheng was not surprised. Only when his eyes swept over the clinical mortality rate, he didn’t speak for a long time.

David’s speech continued, “Roche is a socially responsible, charity-loving enterprise. When palmatine becomes available, Roche will launch the palmatine giveaway initiative. We promise to make the medicine available to all children suffering from frozen blood! Make the human tomorrow free of disease, Roche is acting!”

The extremely exaggerated language drew applause from the audience.

“I will fulfill my promise that the entire patent money will be donated to the Li Zheng Special Disease Research Foundation. Any organization that researches special diseases can apply for a research fund from the foundation as long as they prepare the relevant information. The fund approval will go through a strict review, and the specific application conditions and approval criteria will be explained to you through the relevant media.”

“Mr. Li Zheng ……”

“Mr. Li Zheng ……”

“Mr. Li Zheng ……”

The unveiling ceremony lasted for the whole morning, and when it ended, Li Zheng was so tired that his whole body was limp on the sofa.

“It’s true that coping with this kind of thing is much harder than doing experiments.”

On the other hand, Brother Ma and the others returned to the car, the heart of the paparazzi were still beating rapidly. Today’s scene was a very special experience.

“It’s no wonder those news stations are usually above our heads, what kind of people are they interviewing and what kind of people are we interviewing! That Mr. Li Zheng, who is not very old, is talking about human beings, diseases and life. I feel like I’m a little higher.” The reporter carrying the camera on the car couldn’t help but speak .

“He is a biologist, know what is called biology? The study of people, the study of people like you like me! Which of those singing and dancing actors can be compared.” Brother Ma lit a cigarette and smoked on.This experience reminded him of his ambition when he first graduated from school, and he took a hard drag on his cigarette. How the hell did he become this way now?

The young man put the microphone into the bag, he looked at the camera and then look at Brother Ma, before he cautiously spoke: “Brother, that Zhou Sitian ……”

Hearing this name, the movement of the people in the car paused, Brother Ma hastily put out the cigarette, “Huang Chai, our newspaper has not published Zhou Sitian’s black material, right?”

Huang Chai shook his head, “Brother Ma, don’t worry, at this time it hasn’t been published.”

“It’s good that it didn’t appear, it’s good that it didn’t appear.” Brother Ma patted his chest and breathed a long sigh of relief, “When today’s news comes out, that little girl’s value won’t be what it used to be.”

Liu Zhidong was in a trance for half a day, he just seemed to see the Governor of Hong Kong Sir Edward? Liu Zhidong patted his head, was it really Sir Edward? He didn’t see wrong? A real person? Not a newspaper or TV?

He felt that what happened today was more exciting than half of his life combined.

Early in the morning, she dragged him to her brother’s unveiling ceremony.

He agreed, anyway, Zhou Sitian was now in the negative news, there was not much activity.

So he followed it over, just as soon as he got off the car, he met Mr. Liang. What a person Mr. Liang was! Mr. Liang was the helmsman of the Liang family, a big predator in Hong Kong! He actually called Zhou Sitian sister!


Then, he met Zhou Sitian’s brother, the famous pharmaceutical genius in Hong Kong, Li Zheng. The one who donated more than a million dollars for the patent fee of the original drug!

The first inventor of an original drug in Hong Kong, and the person who educational and research institutions wanted to include it in elementary school textbooks. He was actually Zhou Sitian’s brother!

And then immediately after that, a bunch of professors from the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Governor and his wife, the executive presidents of Roche’s and Pfizer. Oh, his heart!

Liu Zhidong really wondered if his memory was faulty, did he really sign Zhou Sitian at a teahouse? Maybe at some fancy hotel?

He took two deep breaths before his violently beating heart slowly smoothened down, and Liu Zhidong felt he had to digest it properly, and just then he suddenly saw a group of people carrying microphone cameras hurrying towards the parking lot.

Huh? This group of people …… looked so familiar.

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