But she knew at this moment that this wasn’t a dream, the familiar smell of the old house, all the furnishings were didn’t have a dreamlike blur, the leftovers on the dining table were covered with a hood, a fly buzzed around looking for a crack to get in.

When she walked into a familiar room, what she saw was the pink curtains that moved with the wind, and the yellow and green insect patterns on the curtains ‘jumped’ with the wind.

This scene was so familiar.

This was her childhood room’s hanging curtains, her impression of it had become blurred, but she vaguely remembered.

Until now, she still felt like she was dreaming in general, such incredible things actually happened to her.

Wei Sheng picked up the mirror on the desk.

The face in the mirror was thin and incomparably tender, sparse eyebrows, watery eyes, when she smiled, two bright little tiger teeth were exposed.

Fourteen-year-old Wei Sheng wasn’t beautiful, she was smaller and shorter than the standard height of her peers by almost half a head, but this didn’t prevent her from becoming a beautiful person in the future.

Putting down the mirror, Wei Sheng reached out and touched the desk in front of her, the crimson desktop had some paint off, making it look unusually old.

On the table, there were textbooks of mathematics, science, and chemistry for the second year of junior high school, and there was a math review paper.

    When she opened the review, the dense handwriting on it was a bit scribbled, the traces of correction fluid was clearly visible.

She turned and flung herself onto her bed, closing her eyes and sniffing hard at the smell of the bed.

It was the end of September 1998, just a month after school had started, and today was the last day before the National Day holiday.

She remembered that she was about to transfer from Hutai County to the first middle school in Chaonan City. Because her father was going to quit his job to run a factory in Chaonan.

After the transfer, she had an incurable crush on Shao Bingran, who was a hot commodity in the school at the time.

At that time, Shao Bingran’s father’s Wancheng Group had just started a few years ago, but established the largest Wancheng shopping mall in Chaonan City.

Wei Sheng crushed on Shao Bingran for more than ten years, from junior high school to college, even if she wasn’t in the city, she always paid close attention to news about him.

From a tender age to a mature age, that feeling was indefinable, there was appreciation, it was also a dream that was out of reach.

Even the car racing was because it was Shao Bingran’s preference.

  There was a dull ache in her heart, and the sun outside the window didn’t seem to be as bright as it had been.

    When she settled down, Wei Sheng changed her clothes, found the house key, and left.

She had to move the car to a safer place, the good news was that the collision wasn’t serious, the front paint was scraped.

Thanks to the tree that seemed to be newly planted, it covered it a bit, otherwise the police would have arrived long ago if there was a car accident.

Because Hutai County was really small, Wei Sheng only walked for less than twenty minutes before she returned to the school gate again, at the moment there were still people looking at it, but no longer as many people as before.

  Wei Sheng rushed forward in three steps and opened the door to enter the car. Now she had to adjust her seat back and put a cushion under her buttocks to see the window.

Just as the car started, Wei Sheng suddenly saw her cell phone.

Her heart jumped lightly, and she randomly chose one of the only numbers in her address book and dialed it.

Surprisingly, the call went through!

 Once again, the connection of the phone confirmed the fact that although she had become herself as a child, she could make a phone call to a friend of the ‘other world’.

“Hello? Crazy Wei? Hey?”

Wei Sheng didn’t say anything, it was like a thunderbolt hit her brain, her eyes turned red, because if that world still existed, then what should she do about her mother who was bedridden in that world?

Thinking of this, Wei Sheng barely had time to hesitate, she hung up the phone and started the car, rushing out towards the street she came from.

If that road brought her here, then couldn’t it also take her back?

There were only a few scattered bicycles on the street, but also against the curb, the few cars coming and going couldn’t stop Wei Sheng, the Ferrari was like an arrow out of the string, as it sped in the open streets!

Although her body had become smaller and the angle of the driving seat wasn’t comfortable for her, but this still didn’t hinder Wei Sheng’s pure driving skills, until it stopped at the corner, the dazzling black Ferrari stood quietly under the acacia trees by the roadside, like a lonely and wandering beast.

In the end, Wei Sheng parked the car in a dead-end corner not far from the school.

She thought despairingly that in that world, her mother was terminally ill, with the expensive medical expenses, and she also suffered from severe Alzheimer’s disease. Her memories came and went, what could she do if she wasn’t around?

And why was she still able to use her phone?

If she really couldn’t go back, maybe she could ask her friends in that world to help take care of her mother?

Back home again, Wei Sheng dragged her tired body to the bed and tossed and turned.

If everything was still developing according to the original trajectory, then a phone that could be dialed could be used as an encyclopedia to foretell the future.

What was more, she hadn’t gone down that difficult road, her father hadn’t jumped to his death because of business failure, and her mother hadn’t remarried a man who was an alcoholic and a domestic abuser, who caused her health to deteriorate.

Cui Xian – couldn’t die.

If it was really possible to start over, in this life she wouldn’t let others hurt her, she would make that woman pay the price, whether this world or that world.

A series of thoughts invaded Wei Sheng’s head to the brim, yet she finally fell asleep.

Knock knock knock.

She didn’t know how long she slept, but there was a knock on her room door.

Wei Sheng crawled up sleepily, she saw Yang Lichun walk into the room and she said, “Why haven’t you changed your clothes? What time is it, you’re still not hurrying?”

Wei Sheng froze, she looked at his mother and asked, “What’s the hurry?”

After sleeping well, Wei Sheng’s mind was much more awake than before, so her heart was beating hard, as if she had stolen something from others, “Mom, didn’t I go to class today?” After saying this, Wei Sheng just wanted to slap herself twice. Was this a clear mind?

Yang Lichun looked at her suspiciously, “This silly girl, what are you talking about? You’ve been sleeping at home since you got back this afternoon, haven’t you?”

“Change your clothes!” Yang Lichun said, then walked closer and rummaged through Wei Sheng’s closet, “The day is hot, that new skirt can be worn.” She said as she threw a blue and white plaid knee-length skirt on Wei Sheng’s bed.

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