Wei Sheng thought about it, suddenly she said with a shy face, “I didn’t mean to be a hooligan today, I borrowed an undershirt from a classmate to play basketball, I didn’t expect the undershirt to be so big ……”

“Then what is the matter with you kissing Cui Xian? Are you two getting on?” Cui Yongzhen stared at Wei Sheng with no expression.

Wei Sheng hurriedly shook her head, “Auntie you misunderstood, it’s not like that.”

“Mom!” At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the corridor.

Wei Sheng looked up, it was the other party to the incident, Cui Xian.

To be honest, this situation almost gave Wei Sheng an impulse to die. She was so ashamed of himself.

God gave her a chance, and she just took it as a joke.

“Cui Xian, don’t say anything, I want to hear why she kissed you.” Cui Yongzhen expressionlessly stared at Wei Sheng, indifferently saying this kind of words in front of the two children, she was obviously a harsh and strong woman.

If it was the former Wei Sheng, she would be scared and ashamed, a girl with thinner skin would directly k!ll herself.

“Mrs. Cui, you ……” Wei Jiefang also felt that this treatment was too harsh.

Wei Sheng’s face had a polite light smile, then she suddenly froze, “Kissing?”

Cui Xian‘s eyebrows tightened up with shame.

“We didn’t kiss!” The two said in unison.

Choi Yongzhen froze and frowned, “Cui Xian, what was all this about?”

Cui Xian clenched his teeth, his clean and good-looking handsome face showed shame and bashfulness, Wei Sheng shook her head, it was hard to have such a strong mother.

She interjected, “Auntie, here’s the thing ……”

“I’m talking to Cui Xian!” Cui Yongzhen interrupted sternly.

Wei Sheng, however, just pretended not to hear and turned her head to look at Principal Wang, “Principal Wang, here’s the thing.”

“I said I was talking to Cui Xian! How did Teacher Wei teach his daughter?” Cui Yongzhen looked at Wei Sheng with a stern expression.

“I’m talking to Principal Wang.” Wei Sheng replied with a smile, so polite that it was like Cui Yongzhen had punched cotton.

A flash of incredulity flashed across Cui Xian’s face outside the door.

She continued, “Principal Wang, here’s the thing, I borrowed an undershirt to play ball with my classmates, it was the wrong size, I didn’t kiss Cui Xian on the mouth, I kissed him on the brain.”

In Wei Sheng’s hometown, forehead was nicknamed brain.

Looking at her as she shamelessly said that she ‘just’ kissed the male classmate’s head, everyone was speechless for a while.

Wei Sheng continued, “You have also experienced adolescence, Cui Xian is good-looking, has an excellent academic performance, which girls don’t appreciate him? But appreciate and like are two different things, I don’t want to get involved with him, a kiss on the forehead is western etiquette, I just used this to express my appreciation for Cui Xian, did not expect to make such a big deal.”

Cui Yongzhen narrowed her eyes and stared quietly at Wei Sheng. The child was dressed strangely and spoke boldly, very different from ordinary children, and she blocked her speech.

She blamed it all on appreciation, and it would seem petty to be unforgiving.

Somehow, Cui Yongzhen just didn’t like her.

“Ahem!” Principal Wang held back his laughter and said with a stern face, “Appreciation is appreciation, you can express it verbally to Cui Xian, what’s wrong with going up and kissing someone? You should also consider the impact! You’re a girl! You have too much guts!”

Wei Sheng suddenly laughed, “You’re right, I didn’t consider the impact, so afterwards I bashfully fainted.”

“Wei Sheng ah, this kind of thing is not an example, don’t let it happen again, look at how worried your father and Cui Xian’s mother llook! How about this, write a review on this matter, hand it in after the eleventh day.” Principal Wang also intended to defuse the situation.

Eleventh day? Wei Sheng’s heart moved. This meant that the eleven-day long vacation was soon?

“I’m sorry Aunt Cui, I’m sorry Dad, I’m sorry principal.” Wei Sheng bowed deeply towards the three, but her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Cui Yongzhen at this time no longer had anything else to say, she turned her head to look at Cui Xian and faintly said, “She is telling the truth?”

Cui Xian tightly pursed his lips, suddenly turned around and left, “Still not leaving?”

Cui Yongzhen gave Wei Sheng a deep look before she left, the meaning in her eyes was somewhat impenetrable to Wei Sheng, so she only faintly responded with a smile.

Afterwards, she took a leave of absence from Principal Wang and intended to go home because there were too many things that needed time to sort out, she now just wanted to find a quiet place where she could think properly.


At the moment, her mother Yang Lichun was carrying Wei Sheng’s school bag and leading her towards the parking lot, which was actually a bicycle shed, a special place for teachers to park their bikes, while students’ bikes couldn’t be parked and could only be locked outside the school.

Because it was the end of class, many students were pointing in the direction of Wei Sheng, but she didn’t pay attention to it, as she walked, she kept thinking.

Her mother was informed by her father to come over to pick her up. At the moment, her mother was still working in a barber store as a worker, she permed and cut hair for people, the salary wasn’t high, but she worked from morning to night.

When she saw her young mother, Wei Sheng’s heart completely accepted the reality of being reborn.

When Yang Lichun rode out, she saw Wei Sheng standing in front of the school, staring at something with a dull expression.

“Wei Sheng, what are you looking at?” Yang Lichun parked the bicycle beside Wei Sheng, and gestured Wei Sheng to get on, and then followed her daughter’s gaze, she saw a beautiful black car crashed in the school fence next to the poplar tree, many people gathered around to see the fun.

Wei Sheng jumped on her mother’s bicycle, she subconsciously touched the car keys in her trouser pocket, and suddenly had the illusion of being in a different world.

“What kind of car is that? It’s beautiful.” Yang Lichun also rode her bike over.

The long, black Ferrari F50 was lying still, like a sitting beast, cold, proud, lonely, and uncertain.

“Let’s go, mom.” Wei Sheng gave her mother a gentle push.

Yang Lichun then came back to her senses, and started peddling home, “Rich people are really great, such a good car hit a tree, yet they’re so nonchalent.”

Wei Sheng smiled gently, “How do you know they don’t feel pain.”

“For more than two hours, nobody has seen the owner.” Yang Lichun looked distressed for the owner of the car.

She continued, “The car is beautiful, it is only two doors and two seats are not enough to sit people ah.”

Wei Sheng smiled and reached out to pat her mother’s waist, feeling the breeze on her cheeks, her heart grew inexplicably soft.

Yang Lichun dropped Wei Sheng home, after seeing that her daughter’s health was indeed not seriously affected, she hurriedly left.

The moment she stepped into the house, Wei Sheng’s heart trembled.

How many midnight dreams did she have of her sitting at the dining table with her parents and eating together.

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