The Venerable Demon just showed a chin, yet it attracted countless fangirls.

The kind of calm and relaxed aura.

As if nothing in the world could make him move.

The viewer who made this post said in the comments section herself, [It’s obviously just a smile, but somehow I can easily see the character of the Venerable Demon.]

There were also many discussions in the comment section about the “chin kill” shot of the Venerable Demon.

In addition, there was speculation about who was playing the role of the demon.

It was too intriguing.

The chin alone was so dramatic.

Who exactly was it?

Netizens poured in and compared this chin with many actors.

First of all, the actor must be a young actor.

Secondly, the acting skills must not be bad either.

And then, he looked good too.

Beautiful throat, beautiful lips ……

A line of sifting and comparison, the most consistent with the demon was actually –

Xie Yifeng?

No, no, no, it wasn’t possible.

He was a first-tier superstar who had won seven film awards, how would he come to a TV series to play a supporting role?

And the curiosity was too inconsistent.

He didn’t post any news on his Weibo page about [Searching For Heaven], it only had interaction with Zhou Yuhe.

Xie Yifeng: I heard there is a rabbit that turns black [thinking].

Zhou Yuhe commented: rabbits can bite when they are anxious.

Xie Yifeng: So you’ll bite me?

Zhou Yuhe: I am not a rabbit [yawn]

The cp fans screamed, silent screenshots to save sugar.

From the content, it seemed to be nothing, after all, with Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe’s relationship, helping him promote his new drama was normal.

But from another point of view, it could also be taken as the story of the Venerable Demon and Yuan Tian, after all, the original was that the demon raised the black rabbit, and then was killed by the black rabbit.

Ahhhhhhh! How in the end!

The fans were almost scratching their hearts and lungs.

In contrast to the much-anticipating fans, there was also a group of original fans who were very much disgusted with the choice of the Venerable Demon.

In the original, he was a mature uncle in his 40s and 50s, they still fantasized about the uncle’s scenes, but it turned out to be replaced by such a young actor, holding up the Venerable Demon’s persona was a problem, okay!

No matter how the guessing faction and the opposing faction argued endlessly, the official blog kept quiet about it, seemingly determined to carry out the mysticism to the end, until the day the Venerable Demon appeared on TV, no one could know the identity of the person playing it.

Just like that, “Searching For Heaven” finally ushered in the premiere.

Countless people.

Both fans and rivals were in front of the television at this moment.

They couldn’t wait to see what “Searching For Heaven” was really like.

The result of this was – the ratings skyrocketed!

The ratings broke 1, 2, 3 at a rate visible to the naked eye …… finally resting on a high of 3.8!

What did 3.8 mean?

If the total number of viewers was 100, but only 10 people turned on their TV sets to watch TV, and 1 of them was watching your TV series, then your rating was 1%, and the share of viewers was 10%!

Usually a TV series with a rating of over 1 was almost the number one rating for the same period, and a premiere rating of 3.8 –

broke the national premiere rating record in the past three years!

This showed how hot “Searching For Heaven” was!

The TV drama market was going down.

The male and female leads were not first-tier actors.

Creating such premiere ratings was something that many TV creative teams wouldn’t even dare to think about!

No matter how much publicity was in place, when the ratings were really rising like a storm, the mood was undoubtedly exciting!

And through the same period, TV series ratings were mostly in 0.3, 0.4 or so, the highest was only 0.8 – 0.9!

Double happiness was that 24 hours after the TV premiere, the online version also went online and within 24 hours the number of hits also broke 100 million!

This was a very impressive statistic in 2015.

Not only did it break the 24-hour record for an online drama, but more importantly, it had already had one round on TV, and the 3.8 ratings indicated that a lot of people had already seen the first two episodes, but they were still willing to watch the replay on the web!

While the creative team of the TV series was overjoyed, the team over at the movie was much more nervous.

This was only the first episode, this was only because the previous hype was too hot, it wouldn’t be long before the heat came down ……

They could only soothe their stimulated little hearts.


They were destined to be disappointed.

As the episodes aired, the ratings went up instead of down!

The ratings went from 3.8 and rose like a shot to over 5!!! The highest ratings were 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4 respectively when 29th, 30th, and 31st episodes were aired!

The peak ratings of the 32 episodes in Yuan Dynasty were 6.4!

It was crazy ……

This was only half of the broadcast, the Venerable Demon hadn’t even appeared yet! It seemed like it was only a matter of time before the ratings broke 6 and the five-year record would be broken!

“Searching For Heaven” continued to create miracles under the jaws of many media people.


The TV series was in full swing, and the post-production publicity hadn’t been left behind.

The subways were filled with posters of the series, and there were many snowy plum stickers on the floors of the subways.

Lane 5 also had a special line on the corresponding magic temple, two very different styles of subway “special rides” had caused numerous discussions and photos, the two subway lines were much more crowded than usual, people even needed to queue to enter the station, the effect of the TV series had also caused a hot debate online.

In addition to this offline publicity and promotion, “Searching For Heaven” also reached a strategic cooperation with some makeup and skincare products, online flagship stores had launched the corresponding limited products, once launched, it immediately sold out, to the point of requiring reservations ……

The huge commercial value of “Searching For Heaven” had made Chairman Cai smile from ear to ear.

In the midst of a great situation, episode 42 , the Venerable Demon was revealed.

Any fan would know that episode 42 was a very important episode.

They could finally see the true face of the demon!

They thought such excitement would last until the evening when the drama aired.

Who knew that at 10 am.

Xie Yifeng posted some pictures.

The stills were the very classic “falling curtain smile”.

The accompanying text was: Immediately. Don’t rush [doge] #Venerabledemon online #

Weibo comments instantly exploded.

It really was Xie Yifeng ah!

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