C2-Dew Point

Slowly, she withdrew the hand that was caressing her face and placed it in front of her eyes.

The small, slender hands, lean arms, was this still her own hands?

Fiercely, she lowered her head to look at her shortened legs, her hands and feet had become smaller!

Gulping, Wei Sheng realized that her right eye was back to normal.

She fiercely turned down the mirror above her head, it was her when she was a teenager.

Her right eye wasn’t injured, no blood on her face, she looked clean.

Jumping off the car, when both feet hit the ground, Wei Sheng gently stomped her feet, frowned and whispered, “It feels quite real?”

She believed that she had died, either she was having a hallucination before dying, otherwise it was impossible to explain that a minute ago she was still in the night as dark as ink in the Yongas Death Mountains, and a minute later she actually appeared in her hometown under the blazing sun.

Ignoring the gestures of those around her, she grimaced and stretched her stiff body to look around.

The sidewalk on the left hand side was a long gray wall, freshly painted, and she could even smell the pungent smell of paint.

On the wall was a silvery gray iron fence, and one could clearly see the students moving around on the playground inside, which was her junior high school alma mater, the Fourth Middle School in Hutai County, Chaonan City, in the north of Z country.

How long had it been since she had been back here? Taking a deep breath, the air seemed to carry a familiar smell.

Her footsteps kept moving towards the front, until she reached the school gate, Wei Sheng saw the gatekeeper that had become vague in her memories.

He wore a clean shirt and trousers, and there were no wrinkles on it. After seeing Wei Sheng, he habitually smoothened his hair with his hand and raised his chin and asked, “What did you do?”

“Death.” Wei Sheng’s gaze went towards the school.

Ignoring the old man’s shocked and angry gaze, she looked down again at the clothes she was wearing, still the black leather jacket she wore before she got here, only because her body shrunk to a long pile, her appearance at this time should be suprising, right?

Thinking of her situation, Wei Sheng’s heart felt some pain, she frowned and deeply looked at the old man, “you …… died quite a few years ago, right?”

Not waiting for a reply, Wei Sheng shook her head and walked in the direction of the court.

Because far away she could see some people playing a game on the basketball court.

“How can you talk like that?” Behind her, came the angry roar of the old man.

Wei Sheng watched the game from outside the crowd for a while, and took off her jacket and rushed into the crowd with quick steps.

When she was in school, she was very envious of the boys who could hog the basketball court and sweat with abandon, only because she was less bold and a bit sullen at the time, so she was envious and could only be envious.

At this time, the court was very lively, students crowded around the basketball court, cheering for the two teams shouted loudly.

At that moment, an ear-splitting roar came from the back of the crowd, and all the students looked back.

All the students looked back and saw a petite girl dressed strangely with a ponytail and a crazy stride, taking off her big jacket and throwing it over her head!

And she was wearing a knee-length black sleeveless undershirt inside ……

Immediately after, she grabbed the basketball from the hands of Cao Fan on the court, in the silence of the court, she flashed a few fake movements and pretended to be handsome ……

Bam! Wei Sheng tripped over her own long trouser leg and staged a dog-eat-shit scene.

She cursed and got up to pick up the basketball, completely ignoring the crowd, again pretending to be handsome and jumped.

Because of the oversized undershirt, the moment she raised her hand to jump ……

The dew point was exposed!

The basketball went into the frame and also went in.

However, on the court, the teenagers who were passed by her fake moves just stood frozen in place looking at her actions ……

There was not a single applause and scream, which made Wei Sheng a little resentful, her own illusion did not know to cooperate with her a little?

She wore a loose oversized undershirt, slapped her palm and looked around, then spat viciously on the ground and shouted, “Where is the king here? Do not play with I, your mother! I have to die with style! Give me a good time!”

The room was still silent, everyone was staring at her in disbelief.

Wei Sheng looked around the room, and her gaze was fixed on a white, clean, well-defined boy.

Cui, Cui Xian? Wei Sheng’s heart suddenly tightened.

The boy was medium tall, visually a head taller than her at this time, and still looked as indifferent and cold as she remembered.

That was Cui Xian, the memory of Cui Xian’s appearance when he was young.

Whether it was a hallucination or a deathbed consciousness, Wei Sheng suddenly felt grateful.

This indifferent, cool and clean big boy, although the two were middle school, high school and even college classmates, but in fact, in the middle school in Hutai County they hadn’t crossed paths.

In the heart of Wei Sheng as a child, Cui Xian was a rich young master, girls liked but respected his character, his personality was aloof and he always said few words, and Shao Bingran’s pair of smiling eyes always overshadowed him.

After transferring from Hutai County to Chaonan City in the second year, she fell hopelessly in love with Shao Bingran. Of course, it was a crush, but also a kind of infatuation, this kind of infatuation lasted for more than ten years.

Shao Bingran’s grades were outstanding, and he was the third best student in the city every year, and he won many battles on behalf of the school, and his father was also the chairman of the Chaonan City Wancheng Group, which included film and television, business, real estate and other projects in the next decade or so, and Shao Bingran grew up and appeared in the newspaper headlines repeatedly.

The reason why he and Cui Xian had crossed paths was entirely because at that time, he was transferred to Chaonan First High School from Hutai County, and they unknowingly became best friends.

Cui Xian witnessed her crush on Shao Bingran for more than ten years, also protected and took care of her for more than ten years, such an indifferent person, but he accompanied and encouraged her, but he never said he liked her, never.

At this time, Cui Xian in a white shirt and beige slacks, with his crisp short hair wet with sweat, he slightly narrowed his eyes and stared at her in confusion.

Clean and breathtaking.

Wei Sheng’s eyes became slightly red, she pushed past several stunned boys, perhaps because they were stunned, the boys sat on their buttocks on the ground.

With countless people’s disbelieving gaze on her, Wei Sheng walked to Cui Xian, in his frowning incomprehensible gaze, and suddenly tiptoed, cupped his clean cheeks, and left a large spit mark on his forehead!


She just went off!!!! Who’s gonna tell her? 🤐😐🤣

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