After the director lost his temper, everyone in the crew was shooting quietly, at least no one dared to discuss this matter in the open, after all, there were indeed many people on the scene, and those who were not blind knew that Huo Guangzhi’s horse crash had nothing to do with Wen Run, and that they were all so far away from each other.



But this was something they all thought about, but with Director Yuan’s dark expression all day long, no one dared to go on Weibo and say anything about it.


Unfortunately, the crew would like to put the matter to rest and keep a low profile, but the trees wanted to be quiet, but the wind didn’t stop. Instead, the online denunciation came like waves over waves. Some rumors and brainwashing packages would be seen as real if one heard them too often.



When Huo Guangzhi’s assistant posted a photo of his pale face in a cast, the fans, who were already not very rational, went completely crazy.



The fans formed the so-called “Galaxy Combat Team” to protect their favorite “star”. Together, they vowed to seek justice for Huo Guangzhi and to have the culprits punished.


They went around collecting Wen Run’s so-called black information, and flocked to Wen Run’s page to carry out large-scale abuse and personal attacks.


Wen Run’s fans could resist at first, but after they were attacked with more and more dirty words, they gradually lost the battle.


No matter what the other side said, they asked the other side to give evidence.



And Wen Run’s page was temporarily taken over by his assistant. Zheng Xuan contacted people to remove the rumor as soon as it hit the hotspots, but Huo Guangzhi’s fans were so crazy, and with a lot of marketing pages stirring up emotions in the middle of it, after one hotspot was removed, they swiped another one.


Zheng Xuan didn’t have the energy to deal with the crazy fans, so he contacted Wen Run and told him not to go on Weibo, then handed it over to his assistant.



After the assistant took over the page, he directly turned off the comment function.


Wen Run’s latest post had more than 200,000 comments scolding him, before Wen Run only looked at it and didn’t look again, and now after the assistant took over, directly even the comment function was closed.


The fans had no way to vent, and then ran everywhere totalk: the bi.tch is afraid, right? Your heart is weak, right? Do you have the guts not to close the comments ah?


Wen Run’s angry fans could only defend while frantically reporting these malicious comments.


The farce continued until six o’clock in the afternoon, Wen Run’s page, which hadn’t responded since the incident, finally sent out the first post.


[WenRunV: It was a pleasure working with @HuoGuangzhi, I was very worried when he accidentally fell off his horse this time. At the time of the equestrian practice, there were professional equestrians and several cast and crew members watching the scene, and after the horse accident, the cast and crew investigated the cause of the accident and did not find any man-made factors interfering with it. I don’t know if the so-called “crew insider” was there and saw it with his own eyes, or if he’s just relying on his own speculation and “conspiracy theories”. I’ve seen all the rumors on the internet, but I still have to say #Rumor stops with the wise #, which is right and which is wrong, there will be a public judgment.]


After this post was sent out, the reposts broke 100,000 in no time. His fans all reposted and copied the same sentence: rumors stop at the wise, which is right or wrong, there will be a public judgment.


And those angry star fans, on the other hand, continued mocking him.


[Who the hell works well with you, don’t put gold on your own face.]


[Or what is right or wrong will be determined by the public, I think it is with the crew collusion before you dare to speak, right? I’m not sure if you believe that the next second the crew will send him a press release to clear his name].


[Let’s all savor this nonsense statement].


Regardless of how the fans tore each other apart, after Wen Run’s post, Wen Run Studio as well as Starfield Media also forwarded the post.


[WenRun Studio V: Regarding @HuoGuangzhi’s horse crash, we express our deep sympathy. However, many false statements on the internet have now caused serious infringement on @Wen Run’s reputation, for which we will take up legal weapons to defend our rights. #Rumor stops at the wise#, with picture 123456789]



The studio’s picture with several rumor spreading marketing pages and the beginning of the conspiracy theory, and finally a lawyer’s letter.


The studio’s page didn’t close the comments section, and Wen Run’s fans went around and posted screenshots of all the rumor mongering Weibo posts that had been reposted for 500 times: [If you want to tear them up, make a noise, and sue all these rumor mongers together!]


There were also the star fans who sniffed the news and sneered: [Lawyer’s letter warning.jpg, I’m afraid, oh/white eyes.]



There were even extreme fans who thought they had the truth and sent out long and colorful posts, extrapolating from both parties and the crew’s counter-evidence after Huo Guangzhi’s accidental fall from the horse: It must have been Wen Run who framed him, but he has a hard backstage, and he must have already figured out a way to eliminate the evidence, and he may have even bribed the crew to commit perjury. We can’t give in to the evil forces, and we can’t admit defeat for the sake of Zhizhi! Can not retreat!



Coincidentally, after this long lost, the official blog of the cast and crew of the drama also sent a post.


[Drama Taiping Tune V: #Clarification #@HuoGuangzhi’s fall was an accident caused by the horse’s fright. There was no human interference]


The post was followed by a high-definition video of the scene where Huo Guangzhi fell off his horse.



At the time when Huo Guangzhi was about to demonstrate horsemanship, a staff member specially took a video camera and recorded the entire event so that it could be used as a highlight reel. He didn’t expect it to come in handy in advance.


The video was complete and clear from beginning to end. The scene of Huo Guangzhi’s fall from his horse was restored in its original form.



In the footage, except for the time when Huo Guangzhi was looking for Wen Run to borrow his spear, the distance between the two men was never less than two meters. Even after Huo Guangzhi fell off his horse and was almost trampled by a frightened horse, Wen Run was the first to react and rushed over to save him from the horse’s hooves.



Curious netizens that followed along didn’t expect to see this reversal, but seeing the star fans who were still yelling about the crew’s shady practices, they finally couldn’t help but speak out.


[Apes can’t be reasonable? The crew video was posted, look at the video, Wen Run not only did not harm your star, but also saved his life.]



[Realistic version of Farmer and Snake? I don’t think Wen Run should have saved his life. He’d have been happier if Huo Guangzhi’s legs had been trampled by a horse.]


[I’ve never seen such shameless fans. You’re not thankful for him saving your family’s life, you turn around and insult him? If you’re sick, go cure yourself.]


[Don’t you guys think it’s strange? Why did Wen Run and the crew speak out, but only Huo Guangzhi didn’t say a word? The only photo released by the assistant even incited a fan storm. Did he do it on purpose?]



As soon as the crew’s video was released, many sensible fans turned their backs. Wen Run’s fans had evidence, their morale suddenly rose, they vigorously spread the clarification to dispel rumors.


Only the red-eyed and repeatedly brainwashed star fans refused to admit their faults, biting out Wen Run’s drama, that he bought out the crew long ago, and they felt that everyone was colluding to harm their brother. There were also fans who analyzed the possibility of Wen Run’s secretive actions from various angles.



[Maybe he didn’t do it at that time, but he could have dru.gged the horse in advance. Otherwise, how to explain that he rode all right, and Zhizhi was frightened as soon as he rode the horse?]



[It’s also possible that he stabbed the horse when he passed the spear. In the video, his wrist touched the horse, if there was a needle or other sharp object hidden there, is it not a simple matter to stab it?]


The netizens were simply amazed at the imagination of these fans.


[You guys think this is martial arts, you can still kill people without being seen?]


[Star fans are all xxj, I advise you all to chase stars less and read more to enrich your empty brain.]


[TN: xxj —- it means someone is naive and ignorant, like a child.]


Countless passers-by mocked them, and a handful of technical people repeatedly studied the video and zoomed in on the screen, finally found a reliable reason for the fall of the horse, and took screenshots to make a long post.


The blogger himself was a horse lover, and often posted some photos of him going to the stable, so he had a better understanding of horses. After repeatedly zooming in and comparing the video, he came to the conclusion that when Huo Guangzhu was turning his horse’s head, the accessory on his wrist accidentally hung onto the horse’s back mane, and the horse suddenly went berserk from the pain and shock.


The video was clear enough for him to zoom in a few times and then circle it in red, and in the zoomed-in screenshot, you could indeed see a strand of mane hair stuck on the metal wrist accessory on Huo Guangzhi’s wrist. In addition to the screenshot, there was also a slow motion picture. The motion picture was so slow that you could clearly see the entire process from the time he grabbed the reins and turned the horse’s head, to the time the wrist piece caught the mane and pulled it off, and then the horse went berserk and stood up and threw himself at the man.


This blogger had pictures and the truth, much more convincing than the unfounded speculations of the star fans.


Soon a fan took this blogger’s screenshot and asked the crew to post it. And the crew got the horse out for inspection. It was taken by the equestrian to rest after the frenzy and wasn’t involved in the filming work for a while. This time, the equestrian brought it out and carefully re-examined him in the presence of the director and other crew members. In the end, the wound was indeed found at its neck. It was covered by the mane, which had been torn off to remove a small piece of skin, so if one didn’t look carefully, it would hardly be noticed.


Afterward the crew posted the video of the examination and also the photos. It completely confirmed Wen Run’s innocence.


Huo Guangzhi’s fall from his horse was indeed an accident, and an accident caused by his own mishandling.



The winds that were already blowing in favor of Wen Run’s side suddenly became even more biased. The star fans who had been analyzing the situation and jumping up and down were all asked to apologize to Wen Run.



There were fans who regained their senses who solemnly apologized and declared that their personal behavior had nothing to do with Huo Guangzhi. There were also people who bit the bullet and refused to admit their mistakes or simply disappeared.



While Wen Run’s page reopened for comments, the post that had been more than 200,000 mocking comments was also rehashed, and a lot of people began to speak out on his behalf.


Topics such as #Wen Run is so miserable # #Farmer and Snake ##Huo Guangzhi’s fans apologize# were brushed up by Wen Run’s fans and passersby together.


The Huo Guangzhi fan support association had to come out and apologize. But how hard they had cursed before, how false the apology seemed at this point. After the truth was reversed, they swung from being the abusive mockers to being the ones who suffered the abuse and ridicule.



Immediately following them, both Mr. Huo Guangzhi and Mr. Huo Guangzhi’s studio, which had been silent, spoke out one after another.


Huo Guangzhi belatedly sent out a tweet to report his injuries, saying that his injuries had nothing to do with Wen Run and that his injuries weren’t serious and that he hoped that his fans would not speculate, and that his relationship with Wen Run was very good, and that this time it was purely a case of someone taking advantage of the opportunity to stir up trouble. He also tagged Wen Run and apologized. At the end, he also attached a photo of himself half leaning on the hospital bed with his left arm hanging.


On the other hand, Huo Guangzhi’s studio forwarded his post, saying that they hoped that fans would be sensible in chasing after their stars and not be fooled by rumors.



Star fans kissed and hugged and lifted their heads high underneath the post of Mr. Huo, stating that this was a matter between fans and had nothing to do with their brother, and that their brother should not worry and should recuperate properly.


Netizens were shocked by the change of face.


[So you guys scolded Wen Run for hundreds of thousands of posts, and now you’re turning around and treating it as if nothing happened? It had nothing to do with your brother? If your brother had come out earlier, could he have made such a big fuss?]



[Seeing that the wind direction isn’t right, and he couldn’t blacken Wen Run, he quickly came out to sell being misery? The bitch is sent back to you guys.]


[Wen Run is such a miserable man. He was scolded so harshly before and didn’t even see his “good friend” to say a word. Now, when the wind changes, he comes out and says he’s a good friend. Don’t you think he’s recognized?]




Wen Run really didn’t recognize this “good friend” either. After Huo Guangzhi sent out a post and tagged him, Wen Run reposted it with only five words: “Wish for a speedy recovery”.


After that, Wen Run’s studio posted a well-known lawyer, saying that Wen Run’s reputation lawsuit would be entrusted to Lawyer Xing, who retweeted the studio’s post, saying that he had contacted Weibo to request that it provide information about the rumor-mongering blogger, and that he had already been collecting evidence in preparation for the lawsuit.



Everyone then realized. The lawyer letter warning wasn’t a joke, it was going to come true.


And the people hiding behind the anti-fans and marketing pages really panicked.



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