Fang Lin’s role in this side of the scene was getting less and less, after all, he was only the third male lead, and there were basically a lot of scenes where the female lead and the second male lead were together. In the entire plot line, if the male lead was Ji Haiyao’s past, then the second male lead was the present that she should have.



The male lead was from a good family, and he pursued her in a gentlemanly manner, without crossing the line.


At first, she didn’t know about Jing He’s “rebirth”, almost forgetting about the boy she once was with, and falling for the now-mature Male lead No. 2. Therefore, she only thought that the first love who suddenly appeared in front of her was being unreasonable. Obviously, he was the one who left without saying goodbye before, but now he said righteously, “I’m going to chase after you, I want to have a fair competition with him”.


The story naturally ended with Ji Haiyao finding out the reason why he left back then, and the two of them no longer had any secrets, and the struggles of those years were completely exposed to her eyes. In the end, the closed loop of rebirth was broken, Ji Haiyao also re-accepted Jing He’s pursuit, and the two of them solved all the misunderstandings, and had never been separated since then.


It was kind of a middle-of-the-road HE.

[TN: HE —- Happy Ending ]


But the author’s plot rhythm was very smooth, the writing was also very immersive, so it still made many people tear up while shouting “why don’t I have a boyfriend like Jing He who is willing to cross space and time to hold my hand”.


Originally, on the male number two line, many book fans had been worried that they would fall into the routine of all rubbish domestic dramas after going for a TV drama, adding crazy drama to supporting role, adding a pile of scenes where the supporting role had only appeared several times to forcibly get attention, and finally the pace was in a mess, the priority was unknown, and a good hand of cards was destroyed. However, fortunately, the strength of the crew was strong enough this time, and the reputation of the screenwriter was also guaranteed, which allowed book fans to rest assured that there would be no additional scenes, which was also why this drama was so popular now.


On average, Fang Lin only had one scene per day, and most of them were not the main characters in the scene. The lines weren’t many, and it wasn’t difficult to perform.



But probably because he was familiar with the cast and crew, he didn’t always stay in the hotel and came down from time to time to watch them perform.


Later, Chu Chen began to joke, saying how, in addition to the field director, director and assistant director, the most people who stared at the monitor all day long must be him.



The crew worked overtime together, the city’s content shot, could be transferred to Zhuhai, the scenes in Zhuhai were also done, only the male and female protagonists would come back to make up a scene or two, the rest of the cast were basically done.



This day was the last scene in this city, and Fang Lin had already instructed Tao Le to pack up his luggage in advance and happily watch the male and female protagonists filming in the shed.



This scene was considered to be an exchange between the male and female protagonists before solving the mystery, the emotional requirements were very important, Rong Jiu with sunglasses roared to the point that his voice was hoarse, and he guided the scene while drinking fat sea.



“Xiao Lan!” He waved at Lan Peirou, “Pay attention to your emotions now! You’re now rationally sure about this, but emotionally you still don’t want to believe it! So you’re going to start reminiscing with him about what he’s experienced before, starting with the kiosk in scene 3, make sure your lines are coherent, but pay attention to the progression! The recitation was a bit flat just now, come again.”


Lan Peirou just nodded, Rong Jiu suddenly thought for a moment, looked at Fang Lin on the side, and spoke a moment later, “Wait, or else this way, add one detail. After you said ‘What about Xiao Chuan? Has he experienced this kind of pain’, Fang Lin, you’ll pass by that way, but you won’t see them. Blu you pause after spotting him and wait for him to leave before continuing with your lines.”


Fang Lin, who was suddenly named, let out an “Oh”, “But director I haven’t put on any makeup yet!”


“No need to put on makeup, it’s a temporary addition, just leave a backdrop,” Rong Jiu didn’t let him refuse, “You just need to set the mood for them.”






Lan Peirou entered the scene very quickly after the scene marker board hit, rewording her line readings according to Rong Jiu’s arrangement, while Fang Lin entered at the right time after she got to that line, leaving only a backdrop as if passing by.



Jing He saw Ji Haiyao stop talking, he followed her line of sight and just wanted to call out, “Xiao Chuan”, but Ji Haiyao tugged on his shirt, telling him to keep quiet.


Jing Chuan didn’t see them, he seemed to be the same high school obedient brother, but his pace had changed.


After Jing Chuan walked over, Ji Haiyao’s tears fell at once: “Where is Xiao Chuan …… Xiao Chuan, is he also like you? Has he experienced this kind of pain?”


Xiao Chuan was her most loved brother, she couldn’t imagine that child would be the same as Jing He, if that was the case, if that was the case ……


“No, he hasn’t.” Jing He’s lips also trembled a little, he didn’t hesitate to hug Ji Haiyao, feeling her emotions, he frantically tried to explain, “Xiao Chuan didn’t, he’s been living a good life, and he also remembers you as his sister. Only I ……”


Ji Haiyao raised her head from his arms, her eyes were red, but she could no longer speak because of her heartache.


“Cut!” Rong Jiu said, “Over! Rest for a while, group b will prepare for the next scene!”


Lan Peirou hadn’t been able to completely slow down from her emotions, and Chu Chen very gentlemanly helped her, then took tissues from his assistant to wipe her tears.


Fang Lin walked over, Lan Peirou tried to pull herself out of the scene just now, then raised her head and said, “Director Rong, this arrangement was…. ah, I was still unsure, but I didn’t even need to think when I saw Fang Lin that one time, I was directly in place in a second.”


“It’s the same for me,” Chu Chen handed over a bottle of water, holding a small fan to Lan Peirou, “It’s mainly because the plot behind it will be a bit touching, and the director is quite clever. It’s because he knew this that he added it temporarily.”


“Of course, the main thing is that Fang Lin’s back emotion is in place!”



Fang Lin was amused: “Don’t praise me too much, I didn’t even turn around okay, I was just a tool person.”


“Don’t be modest, the emotion of that moment just now was real.” Lan Peirou calmed down, the next scene didn’t have her in it, the person who had tears in her eyelashes just now now pulled out her cell phone, “I’ll order takeout for everyone, eat some of the city’s specialties today, after all, we can leave tomorrow.”


After she ordered takeout, she opened the software and continued to read.


Fang Ling found her interesting and asked, “So, Sister Peirou, were you like this when you read the original at the time?”



“It was okay, but the emotions weren’t as deep as they are now,” Lan Peirou said, “But I really liked a few of the protagonists in the book at the time, and I stayed up late for two days to finish reading it.”


“Right,” she suddenly thought of something, “Did you send it to your friend yesterday?”


Fang Lin’s expression stagnated, “I sent it.”


“If it’s not enough I still have more, although I don’t read that kind anymore, it’s too pompous.”


That’s right! Pompous!



Only after Lan Peirou said this did Fang Lin find himself remembering the insights from the few novels he read yesterday.



However, he still had doubts, so he simply pretended to know nothing and continued to ask, “But I don’t quite understand, I was looking at those titles that were quite …… something.”


“Shameful, right? I think so now. I really liked it back then. When I was in high school, the guy at the back desk kept asking me for the CEO’s mistress novels.”


“…… So,” Fang Lin said, “I’m actually quite curious about the audience for this kind? Why can’t it be a proper couple?”


“Don’t get it?” Lan Peirou gave him a chesty look, “Think about the protagonists in the book, is there a big disparity in any status?”


Fang Lin nodded curiously.



“But it’s supposed to fulfill an unobtainable expectation of the reader.” Lan Peirou said, “Especially this kind, you look at it and think it’s awkward, the three views are crooked, but there are always readers who will substitute the protagonist, it’s not the reader’s fault, it’s supposed to be a big cake drawn by the author, the author wants the readers to see that Cinderella can also have one fairy tale after another, they can imagine themselves to be the same mediocre Cinderella but can be adored by the perfect and excellent person, the reader’s wish are fulfilled, and they will derive joy from it ……”


[TN: Three views —- views on the world, life and values]

Fang Lin said, “I get it a little bit.”



“So you think about it from this perspective, why do people like to read it? Of course there are naturally those who fall in love properly, but that’s other readers’ other desires that want to be fulfilled.”


After listening to the conversation between the two, Chu Chen froze and gave a thumbs up, “A high person is actually by my side.”


Then he was glared at by Lan Peirou.


Lan Peirou said, “So how old is that friend of yours?”



The corner of Fang Lin’s mouth twitched, and subconsciously answered, “Younger than me.”



“That’s quite normal.” Lan Peirou didn’t doubt the authenticity of this friend at all, “If you need other types next time you can also find me, I’ll send it to your friend.”


“…… Thank you Sister Peirou.” Fang Lin was in a complicated mood.


A disparity in status and common desires wanting to be fulfilled.


He chewed on Lan Peirou’s last words in his mind.



He couldn’t quite figure it out.



But forget it, he wasn’t Cinderella either.


The next afternoon, the entire group arrived at the airport in a prepared bus.


Because the flights were tight and the cabins weren’t too consistent, Fang Lin didn’t have any requirements.



Chu Chen and Lan Peirou were specially upgraded because they were afraid of being harassed, and just as Fang Lin was about to look for Tao Le to go through the check-in procedures with him, the other party came over with a boarding pass: ”Xiao Lin ah. I heard that there will still be people blocking the airport.”



“What’s wrong?”


“You’re at least considered a person who’s been on the hot search now,” Tao Le had always carried the determination to bring out a popular artist, “so for the sake of trouble, I quietly upgraded your cabin.”


Fang Lin stared at him with wide eyes, “There’s no need ……”



“Don’t scold me, I went the company to report your schedule and gave the report, I didn’t spend money indiscriminately,” he hastened to explain, and then gave the ID card and boarding pass to Fang Lin, “and then the company …… gave a promotion to the business class. ”



He coughed, “Hailin, forever god.”



He pointed to the exclusive waiting room, “Go ahead, Xiao Lin.”


Fang Lin sighed, “What about you?”


The little fatty smiled, “I didn’t get promoted, I’ll just sit in economy class. You have to do baggage check-in and I still have to go to Zhuhai side to do some formalities, get on the line, I heard there will be a car to pick you up.”


There was a car to pick up ……? The crew didn’t arrange it that way either.



After thinking about it, he guessed it was Duan Changke who had done something, Fang Lin didn’t have the heart to say, he nodded: “OK.”


Tao Le happily waved his hand at him and went to the security check alone.



Fang Lin met up with Chu Chen and prepared to board the plane, but the two were first class, and Fang Lin wasn’t yet in the same cabin. Chu Chen said, “Your company treats you so well, or is it a new employee benefit? Is the hotel upgrading the room too? Next time I also want to jump ship.”



“Okay, then I’ll meet the company executives next time to talk for you.” Fang Lin knew that he was just joking and didn’t care too much, so he went to his own position.



As a result, when he saw the person next to him, it would be a lie to say he wasn’t surprised.


He was aware that Duan Changke had made a move, not realizing that the operation was to get the two on the same flight.



Fang Lin saw the person in a seat and whispered; “Boss Duan ……”


Duan Changke nodded, he hadn’t seen him in half a month, he had almost no change, and his eyes were light when he lifted his eyes to look over, “My business trip is on the way. I forgot to tell you when I called last time. Yesterday your assistant went to report before seeing it, so I simply transferred it together.”



Fang Ling let out an “Oh”.


It turned out that the boss didn’t always take private planes.


Fortunately, Duan Changke didn’t say anything along the way, and Fang Lin wasn’t in the same cabin as the rest of the crew, so no one noticed this side of the airplane, which made him feel relieved.



When the plane landed, he wasn’t surprised to find that the hotel arranged by his crew was the same as Duan Changke’s hotel.



Tao Le played a great role as a tool man at this time, and Fang Lin made an excuse to avoid going to a dinner party with him and avoid others, which led him to sneak up to Duan Changke’s car.



Fang Lin got into the car and heard the other party say an address.


It was already evening when he arrived in the neighborhood, the streetlights had just lit up, and the setting sun hadn’t completely disappeared, vainly leaving a residual shadow between the clouds.



“I don’t have much to do tonight, I originally came here as a distraction,” Duan Changke said lightly, “Walk with me?”



The two found a bar and sat down.



Fang Lin was still taken aback when he realized it was a bar, but the overall decoration of this store was all good, and the location and environment were quite good.


It was probably off-season, not too noisy, and the atmosphere was just right.


There were no loud and noisy customers, the gap between the seats were relatively large, retaining a private space, each table’s conversation wasn’t easy to be heard by other people.



Duan Changke said that he saw this bar on his secretary’s cell phone, the secretary couldn’t come and he was bored, so he simply called Fang Lin to come together.



Directly in front of them were some musical instruments, drums and electric basses, but there was only one person on it.


It was a girl with short hair, the makeup she wore wasn’t too thick, but her features were so pretty that people couldn’t help but focus on her.



She was probably the resident singer at the bar, and it seemed like there were weekly customers who came for her and didn’t intrude unannounced, just sat down and listened to her quietly.



Her voice wasn’t sweet, but instead carried a charming magnetism.



The girl started with two very popular slow songs, and when the last wave of applause was over, she stood up, bowed, and sat down again, but this time instead of playing a gentle, light ballad, her fingers bounced briefly on the keys, playing a very short but upbeat intro.



“i wanna be loved by you, just you, and nobody else, but you……”


Fang Lin was stunned for a moment, this was a very old song, the original vocals were supposed to be sweet, but she sang with her own voice in a capricious and spontaneous way.


The lyrics were simple and straightforward, and just after listening to a few lines, what they ordered arrived, and the waiter poured wine for the two of them, and soon brought the meal up again.


“Ah.” Fang Lin looked at the plate in front of him, it was actually a very delicate dessert.


He glanced at Duan Changke somewhat sheepishly.


The female voice on the stage was still singing, the tune of an old song with notes jumping around, matching her words with a retro feeling.


Duan Changke opened his mouth at this point.



“I’m not quite sure if you eat sweets. Will this one be too sweet? Should I change it?”


Liquid nitrogen wrapped around the blown shell with gentle powdered sugar sprinkled on top, Fang Lin shook his head, “…… No need.”



He was already quite fond of sweet things.



When he looked up, he saw the corner of Duan Changke’s lips hooked very faintly.


Fang Lin scooped up a bit of dessert with a spoon and tasted a bit of coldness between his teeth.


He suddenly understood something.



His performance wasn’t that brilliant, perhaps Duan Changke had already seen through him and ordered along with his tastes, and was considerate enough to add one more sentence.


The bar’s lighting was a bit dim, and Fang Lin felt that the distant figures looked blurry.



He smiled, not too sad.


The old song was short, and soon the girl sang to the chorus.


i couldn’t aspire, to anything higher.
than to feel the desire, to make you my own. (only want to enjoy the desire to possess you at this time)



Leaving aside the previous previous sentences, Fang Lin felt that his relationship with Duan Changke wasn’t that different from what she was singing now.


“Mr. Duan should have checked me out before he decided to raise me.” He suddenly said.


Duan Changke didn’t deny it.



If knowing where he was headed counted, then it did qualify as having checked him.


“You’re talking about when you were a resident singer at the bar?”


Fang Lin nodded, but the lights were dim, so he wasn’t sure if Duan Changke had seen it.


“Care to talk about it?”


“Actually, that time wasn’t that hard.” He said.


For the first time, Fang Lin retold this matter in great detail, he didn’t say it before because the company wouldn’t let him, and then he talked about it once on the set, but he always didn’t say too much about it.



“At that time, the bar owner liked me very much, he offered a very high salary, but only used me to sing for two days.” Fang Lin looked at the resident singer on the stage, “To put it in a cocky way, in fact, it was only with my face that I attracted customers, and there wasn’t much of a crowd to listen to what I sang.”



Duan Changke seemed to incline his head over to look at him.



“But I’m quite happy, since they didn’t care what I sang, then I sang what I wanted, it was quite good.”



“I moved out then to treat my grandmother, and felt embarrassed to take so much money twice a week, so I volunteered to go more than once a week.”



“And then.”


“Later ah ……” Fang Lin deliberately dragged his words, “Later the bar owner said he liked me and wanted to be with me.”


Duan Changke didn’t say anything.



“That boss is quite nice, his family doesn’t lack money at all, and opening a bar is just a game of chance.”



“But I still freaked out. He kept complimenting me, kept saying that he liked me, told me that he would take me away when I graduated from college, his family was strict about not being able to come out of the closet, but he could take me abroad and go away.”



Fang Lin felt a burst of heat source, it turned out Duan Changke reached over and rubbed his hair.



“What does he know, he said he liked me without knowing anything about my situation, and when I tried mentioning my grandmother, he said, ‘Is this something to worry about’?”



“Then I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t want to stay since his confession.” Fang Lin laughed, “See, these people don’t know anything, so they think what they say and do is right. But luckily, a talent scout asked me to join the industry later on, and I didn’t refuse, so Grandma’s treatment didn’t stop.”



At that, he paused, then winked slyly, “Am I awesome?”





Fang Lin picked up a glass of wine and raised it to Duan Changke, “So I think …… this relationship we have now, it’s quite good, transparent, and you know me by heart.”



Duan Changke cooperated and took a sip.



“In addition to thank you. I don’t know what else to say.” Fang Lin dryly admitted, “I don’t like coffee and I don’t know how to smoke. I learned at the time, but didn’t practice.”



“But it’s fine, I don’t hate the smell of smoke. You don’t have to settle for me.”




“Hmm.” After a moment, Duan Changke answered, then called his name, “Fang Lin.”



But he opened his mouth without mentioning what happened before, “You said before that you sing all your favorite songs at the bar, so do you want to go up and sing one?”


Fang Lin looked at him for a long time before shaking his head, “No.”



“It’s been a long time since I’ve sung, I’m sure I’m out of tune and I don’t remember the lyrics.”



He bent his eyes and finished the dessert on his plate, “Yummy.”



He wasn’t too hungry in the first place, and the stuff on the back was basically untouched. After a while, Fang Lin stood up, “Mr. Duan, while the weather is nice now, don’t you want to take a casual walk? I’ll accompany you back to the hotel.”



Duan Changke had no objections.



Walking to the door, the summer sea breeze that belonged to the city’s humidity blew over, but it unexpectedly made people feel less stuffy.



Fang Lin took a breath of the night air, not knowing whether he was talking to himself or saying to Duan Changke, “Summer is almost over.”




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