“Mr. Ye. Mr. Ye, can I help you?”

A teenager in a hooded sweater and light colored jeans stood in front of the mahogany desk. He was a little nervous, like a student talking to the head teacher. His thin white fingers tugged at the edge of the sweater. The pink nails are reddening due to excessive force.

Ye Hansheng did not speak, and his aggressive eyes looked at him repeatedly. He heard the conversation in the morning.

“It’s said that another little b*tch who wants to climb the bed has been broken by Boss Ye…”

Some people were surprised, “A person like Boss Ye, someone still dares to climb his bed? It’s said that since he broke his leg in a car accident, his temper has been particularly fierce. If he is not happy, he will take out his anger at the artists of the company. Who was very popular before he was snowed in because he accidentally bumped him? “

 The laughing teenagers giggled for a while, and the white-and-clean teenager standing on the side frowned and retorted a little angrily, “President Ye is not such a person.”

  “He’s good.”

   The teenagers booed, and then they laughed, “Wen Run, you don’t want to climb President Ye’s bed?”

   “Tsk, see if you’re still alive after climbing up.”

   “That’s right, I advise you that life matters…”

   What they said later, he didn’t listen to it anymore, he only remembered the boy’s flushed and angry face.

   Ye Hansheng secretly sneered, he? Was a good person?

 Not to mention those young people who don’t know anything, even he himself didn’t know that he was a good person. He decided to let this young man who didn’t know the sky and earth know what a bad person was.

  “What’s your name?”

 Ye Hansheng beat his fingers rhythmically on the mahogany table.

 ”Wen Run.” The young man moved his body nervously, hung his head in reply, and didn’t even dare to look up at him.

 Ye Hansheng laughed, he was still a little lamb who had never seen the sinister heart. He stopped knocking on the table and beckoned, “Come to me.”

Mildly dazed and confused, he walked around the mahogany table and stood in front of him nicely, a pair of black eyes just like his name, foggy and warm and good.

  Ye Hansheng was suddenly aroused, turning the wheelchair close to him, his palms attached themselves to his waist, he deliberately lowered his voice ambiguously and asked, “Do you know what I called you here for?”

  The young body under his palm shuddered a little, but did not flee, and Wen Run carefully looked up at him, then down, his ears were a little red, and he shook his head, then nodded again.

 He didn’t understand at first, but now…it seemed like he did.

 Ye Hansheng hooked his lips, but there was a little smile in his eyes, the arousal became intentional again because of the teenager’s submissiveness, but he hadn’t forgotten the purpose of the day.

 His fingers lifted up the sweatshirt to dig in, feeling the tight skin of the young man, Ye Hansheng chuckled and pulled the man to sit on his lap, between him and the desk, “What do you want?”

 Wen Run’s waist trembled, but he still had to raise his body weakly, not daring to press too much into his legs . Ye Hansheng was in a car accident five years ago, and since then both . . legs were disabled .

 Ye Hansheng’s words made him raise his head, temporarily not having the energy to pay attention to understand his words. With his rough palms on his waist, he didn’t understand, his warm eyes full of doubt, “What?”

  ”Variety, TV shows, or movies?”

  Ye Hansheng pulled away, clamped his jaw, and rubbed his thumb over his pale lips.

 Wen Run’s ears became redder, eyes foggy but clean, and his slow brain finally started turning, he shook his head gently and said lowly, “No.”

  Ye Hansheng’s smile faded, he leaned against his earlobe, and whispered, “Isn’t that like being f*cked by me for nothing?”

  Warm breath on a sensitive ear, Wen Run was blushing to the point of dripping blood, his head wanting to stick into his collar to hide.

  He didn’t make a sound, such an attitude was almost a default answer.

  ”Ye Hansheng never takes advantage of people for nothing.” With a sneer, Ye Hansheng forcefully lifted his head, his dark gaze seeming to look through his eyes into his heart, “You choose one.”

  Wen Run still shook his head, a pair of clean eyes looking at him, there was neither greed nor desire in them . . hope, pure and simple, like a little lamb that had no idea what kind of devil it was facing.

  Ye Hansheng felt sick. What was the point of bothering with a child, he let go of his hand and lifted the person off his lap. Wen Run sensed his intentions, panicked and stood up, lowered his eyebrows, and was very good and obedient.

  Pinching his eyebrows, Ye Hangsheng fidgeted, “Get out.”

  Wen Run blinked, confused, “Not… anymore?” The words omitted in the middle were too shameful, and he spoke with a voice like a mosquito.

  Ye Hansheng almost laughed in anger and waved his hand to excuse him.

  Wen Run went out in three steps. This was the first time he looked at Ye Chansheng so closely, his eyes fell on his legs, with some heartache.

  Ye Hansheng didn’t remember him. But that was normal, every year supporting so many poor students, he was just an inconspicuous one inside the district, it wasn’t surprising to be forgotten. He took great pains to get out of the remote village and signed on to Starland Media. All he wanted was to see his benefactor and see if he was doing well.

Wen Run was born in a remote mountain village, and there were three brothers and sisters in the family. In addition, Ye Nai’s family of eight people all depend on that place to feed, which was really poor. Wen Run’s third and fourth brothers and sisters scored well in their grades, and Father Wen gritted his teeth and offered him to go to high school. He also struggled, and he was the first in grade in both exams, but in his sophomore year, his mother got sick and his family’s economy collapsed completely. As Wen Run bit his lip ready to drop out of school, Ye Hansheng appeared.

 Ye Hansheng was only twenty-four when he was a sophomore in high school. His knife-shaped eyebrows were sharp, his body was tall, his mouth was smiling when he spoke, and his low and gentle voice was like the spring breeze blowing through the willow in February. He was enthusiastically surrounded by a group of school leaders, and handed the scholarship to Wen Run in the flashing spotlight.

At that time, Wen Run was the representative of outstanding students and poor students.

Ye Hansheng’s scholarship helped him survive high school and get into Q University, becoming the only golden phoenix in a remote mountain village to fly out of the chicken coop.

It was a pity that such a good person had an accident in the next year. Wen Run was a senior at that time, and only caught a glimpse of the short news on the school TV. He heard that the heir of Ye Group had an accident. Wen Run only saw a man covered in blood being carried on a stretcher, and the news passed.

Later, he borrowed his classmate’s mobile phone and searched it, only to know that it was not only Ye Hansheng but also Ye Hansheng’s mother and sister who had an accident. But no matter how detailed the information was, it wasn’t available online.

Later, after his college entrance examination, he was the top scholar in the city, and the school, county and city all gave bonuses. He hesitated and filled in the volunteer and chose Q University in the same city as Ye Hansheng.

 In fact, there was no intersection in the four years of college. after the car accident Ye Hansheng had never participated in any charity activities, and the news had not appeared again. Wen Run only knew that he was the president of Starland Media.

Coincidentally, after graduating from college, he went to find a job, stayed for a while when he passed the Starland Media Office Building, and was attracted by the current agent Song Li, who asked him if he intended to sign a contract.

Wen Run may not have had a clear mind at that time, andhe agreed.

The contract was for five years.

He was not trained, and he didn’t understand many things. After signing the contract, Song Li arranged many training courses for him. His daily task was to follow the teacher in class, and he spent the rest of his time in class except eating and sleeping. After working overtime for three months, Song Li stuffed him into the crew, male N. It was quite satisfying to him. He had always been a conscientious and down-to-earth person, and he didn’t spend so much time thinking about what he did.

After running with two or three crews several times, he slowly found a little pleasure in acting. He was an introverted person, but he paid attention to emotional retraction in acting, and he interpreted other people’s lives between retraction and release. This feeling was very novel and fascinating. Even if he didn’t see Ye Hansheng, he wanted to cherish this job.

He never expected to have a chance to meet Ye Hansheng.

Compared with the past, Ye Hansheng changed a lot, but Wen Run always remembered the smiling phrase “Come on, don’t give up” when he handed him the envelope containing the scholarship.

Because he insisted on that sentence all the time, no matter what people in the company said privately, Ye Hansheng was moody and irritable, he was still willing to believe that Ye Hansheng was still that Ye Hansheng. The essence of human beings would not change with the years.

With a sigh gently, Wen Run rubbed his red face, escaping his thoughts and went straight back to the dormitory.

The dormitory was also arranged by the company, with three rooms and one living room. Besides him, there were two other roommates, all of whom were newcomers brought by Agent Song.

As soon as he entered the dormitory, he was pulled by his roommate Liu Zhan. “Ah, I heard that you were called to the office by Boss Ye. Nothing wrong? ” He winked up and down as he spoke, as if he wanted to see something different.

Wen Run’s face became a little hot, and his confidence wasn’t so good. “No … how …”

Lu Zhan didn’t believe it. “Then why did he suddenly look for you?”

  ”…” Wen Run frowned and licked his lips to think about the reason. As he thought, his ears became hotter, he was not good at lying. After a long silence, Liu Zhan saw something. When his eyes stared, he continued to ask, but he was blocked by Shen Muxun’s words. “Lu Zhan, why do you talk so much today?”

Shen Muxun was the biggest one in the dormitory and the longest one in the industry. He was serious and quiet, but he took care of his two roommates, so Liu Zhan had always been a little frustrated with him, and secretly told Wen Run that he thought of the guidance director of high school when he saw him. There was a shadow.

Lu Zhan’s eyes turned and didn’t ask him again. Instead, he grabbed Wen Run’s shoulder and said, “Brother Song said that there will be a dinner for you to prepare tomorrow. It seems that there is a role suitable for you. Tomorrow, you’ll meet with the director for dinner. If he’s satisfied, you will have work to do.”

Wen Run had debuted for more than a year, there was still no splash. The roles arranged by Song Li for him let him get a little fans, but it only ended there. He was still a little transparent to the core. Before the Song Li saw his high temperament, he had thoughts, but as a result, there were only a few resources in his hand, which made it possible to make an appearance, but it was too difficult to rely on it to become popular. Secondly, it may be that Wen Run really wasn’t meant for this life. Song Li was speculating against fancy speculation, but he couldn’t afford the consequences.

After a long time, Agent Song Li got tired, and gradually gave up on him. Although he was good-looking, the handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment circle were like the crucian carp, so it was nothing strange to say. Wen Run, who was vaguely abandoned, had been idle for more than two months.

Liu Zhan knew that his family’s condition was not good. He heard that Song Li finally going to arrange work for him. He was happy that he had a job, and took him to pick the clothes to wear for tomorrow’s dinner.

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