C1 —- Nirvana Rebirth


Zhou Yuhe reached out to turn off the gas in the kitchen, and then turned to the living room.

The luxuriously decorated living room was littered with flowers and shredded colored paper. He came to the chair in the corner of the living room, piled with moist curtains. And on these entrenched fabrics stood a burning candle, Zhou Yuhe bent down to take it out, and threw it into the fabric–

He turned on the timer fire device in advance.

The tongue of fire was like a roaming dragon quickly slammed into the curtains covered with alcohol, and the smoke was all over the room.

Zhou Yuhe straightened up and saw himself above the chair, an ancient carved mirror, indifferent but ruthless.

This grimness was not the expression he made, but the pitted, shallow burn marks that had been attached to his face for 15 years.

The fire was getting bigger and bigger, and the heat rising upwards covered the whole mirror surface. Under the vagueness, he seemed to see a flawless face in the mirror.

An exquisite face was an indispensable weapon for every young man trying to enter the entertainment industry. The young Zhou Yuhe was especially unique in this regard. God rewarded him, making him quickly become a domestic super first-tier actor in just six years of his debut. His Weibo fans broke through 60 million. The number of re-posts and comments had created a Guinness record. He was a well-deserved king of traffic.

All this ended in a fire fifteen years ago.

After that, Zhou Yuhe really realized what was called a big ups and downs, the endorsement was withdrawn, the TV dramas replaced him, and the company was caught in the scandal but did nothing … In the entertainment world, a face could never make you succeed, but it could definitely ensure one’s failure.

Perplexed, desperate, violent and abandoned, it took two years for Zhou Yuhe to rejuvenate, and for the remaining 13 years, he used all his concentration to perform.

But it was not that easy to make a comeback. He endured the heartbreaking stretch and the unbearable itch when he changed his skin, and not only finished the movie that almost ruined him, but also took on many vicious villain roles that showed his acting skills, and even acted with the youngsters in the remake that he once acted as the main actor.

After thirteen years, it finally took some time to improve. Last month he was nominated as the movie emperor.

Everything would stop today.

Suddenly, there was a faint groan, crackling through the flames and came from the other side of the living room.

Zhou Yuhe turned back and turned to look at the tall man who had fallen to the ground with his hands tied behind him.

Ji Chen, the helm of the International Standards Institute’s entertainment industry, was the entertainment emperor who stomped half of the entertainment industry. In his forties, he didn’t have any vicissitudes that middle-aged people should have. He looked up, and the handsome beauty like a god looked just like what he had encountered a decade ago.

At that time, they were lovers, although the disparity in status, but that couldn’t stop the heir and the little star’s passionate love, although the two had experienced many hardships, but had survived. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed everything that Zhou Yuhe and the heir thought would last forever, including love.

Zhou Yuhe stepped forward and met Ji Chen’s eyes condescendingly.

It stood to reason that as the host of the birthday party tonight, suddenly fainting and being tied to the living room was absolutely strange. Although it was unexpected, there was no such bafflement on Ji Chen’s face, he just stared coldly at the man who was no longer looking.

Of course, Ji Chen would not be baffled, because according to his original plan, it was Zhou Zhou who would wake up from the living room and find that there was a blaze but couldn’t escape, or that the natural gas encountered a fire and exploded directly before he woke up.

“What’s going on, how can you …” Ji Chen coughed twice agitated by the thick smoke, and his stiff eyebrows were squeezed together. He seemed to be thinking about what went wrong, and then suddenly remembered: “You switched it…. The wine? “

The astonishment, incredulity, and a hint of betrayal swept over the shock and anger, this expression, a decade or so ago, Zhou Yuhe would have been heartbroken, but now he just wanted to laugh up at the sky.

“Yes, let them go to KTV first, and I’m the one who stays behind to take care of you,” Zhou Yuhe’s voice was cold and hoarse, this unpleasant voice has been like this since the fire, “What, do you think I still dare to drink what you hand me?”

Zhou Yuhe squatted down, suddenly approached, and the scars on his face made Ji Chen retreat subconsciously, with some fear in his beautiful eyes, but soon returned to a vigilant and cold look.

Once upon a time, he only looked at him with tenderness.Even when he just unwrapped the gauze and his face was the most terrifying, he had never looked at him with such fearful eyes–

The man looked haggard and affectionate, saying that he had an accident for the film he was cast in, and that he would call off his engagement to the Black Emperor’s daughter and then reveal their relationship to the world. He would treat him well for the rest of his life.

For a whole month, no matter how the outside world criticized, he came to take care of Zhou Yuhe every day, and he was beaten three times by his father outside the ward. He didn’t say a word.

A selfish person, facing such a firm and ardent love would be moved, not to mention Zhou Yuhe.

When he smashed the objects in his hand against Ji Chen again and again, he drove him out of the ward;

When he endured tremendous grief, and indifferently offered a breakup to Ji Chen, who was like a blight … What a heartache!

It seemed to tear his heart back and forth, piercing the sharpest and sharpest steel needle back and forth.

Perhaps it was too painful, he did not see the other side of the bearded face flash with a ray of relief.

Since then, Zhou Yuhe’s career had plummeted, the people around him had disappeared one by one, Weibo had been a hot topic for half a month, and after three years, only a handful of dozens of concerns remain, and Ji Chen had gone from daily greetings to only being able to learn about his recent situation through Weibo.

But Zhou Yuhe had no resentment, not at all. After so many years, he had seen more and more human feelings. Ji Chen was able to treat the worthless Zhou Yuhe that way, which was already benevolent.

If it was not three months ago, he met the little girl in the studio props group that year, he might never have known the truth:

The person who promised to be good in his life–

It turned out to be the devil who personally pushed him into the abyss!

Zhou Yuhe collapsed and screamed, feeling that he was being choked with countless hands! After being calm for fifteen years, after he thought everything was settled, fate even gave him such a terrible joke, making him suffer the most desperate and coldest betrayal! And the creator of his pain was caring for someone else, spending extravagantly on overseas islands.

Zhou Yuhe’s energy was exhausted and he couldn’t walk, but the fire of hatred burning in his heart supported him to investigate the truth. He resisted nausea and heard the coldest and most reasonable explanation from insiders.

“You know, at that time, Ji Chen was going to marry the Black Emperor’s daughter, you refused, made a noise to come out publicly, and also to shake out those shameful things that Ji Chen had done before, Ji Chen did all that to stabilize you, good thing you were quite sensible in the end, and it’s considered a good ending isn’t it….”

A happy ending? This was some kind of a happy ending! The explosion on the set, who could guarantee that Zhou Yuhe, who was at the center of the fire, was only deeply burned and not killed on the spot! Ji Chen, you’re vicious! You’re so vicious!

He hated, he hated, but he had to wait for an opportunity to get justice!

Unexpectedly, this opportunity was delivered by Ji Chen personally-

An old lover who hadn’t been in contact for years, but invited him to his birthday party at this time, no doubt, perceiving Zhou Yuhe and the different Ji Chen, wanted to dispose of him again with another accident, God knows how, as fifteen years ago.

But he never imagined that when he woke up, he changed from being a knife to the fish!

“Let me go! If you still want to live” Ji Chen coldly ordered, his eyes like a blade, like a sharp blade, pierced Zhou Yu and his bloody heart.

Zhou Yuhe smiled coldly, “Live? I’ve died long ago, Zhou Yuhe was killed by you fifteen years ago! Do you remember that I was hurt at that time, and I didn’t want to accept you, it was you who knelt downstairs in the apartment, saying that you would never let me down as much as others, and would only be good to me forever. Setting fire to me is what you f*cking said is good to me! “

Ji Chen’s eyes were indifferent, and he looked at Zhou Yuhe calmly, and he didn’t care about it as if he was looking at a cheap product. “Otherwise? What do you want? I put the best resources in front of you, even you are self-willed and had conflicts with the director, and I indulged it all. Without me, you thought you could get to such a high position with your face and poor acting skills? But how did you repay me? Knowing that I wanted to get married, you embarrassed and threatened me? You wanted me to lose everything, and didn’t look at who was holding everything together for you! “

The surrounding temperature was extremely hot, but Zhou Yuhe felt very cold. It seemed as though frost had condensed on every blood vessel, and it seemed he couldn’t help shaking when he thought of Ji Chen.

“Poor acting … Why don’t I have such a poor acting? Don’t you know? I followed you from the age of 22, in order to help you win your uncle, and promote your entertainment empire, how many times have I accompanied investors to drink? How many bad movies have I received? Every time an internal scandal of artificial intelligence, I use my personal image to help you block the long. Gun. Cannon! How much I have paid for your career, you end up mocking me for not having time to hone Acting? You really have a conscience! “

Zhou Yuhe stretched his legs and kicked directly at Ji Chen’s chest. The latter tightened his body in pain. “I embarrassed you. I wanted to threaten you, but have you thought about it? You told me a month ago, let’s register for marriage in the Netherlands! “

The man ’s handsome face showed a painful expression. This expression did not make the other person’s heart soft. The next second, a fist hit his body. Zhou Yu’s eyes were red. “Full five years, I waited for your coming out in the public, and what I finally got! Ji Chen, today you fell into my hands, don’t expect me to let you go, since you like to play with people’s lives, then you also try having your life played with! “

Ji Chen refrained from moaning. He bit his back teeth and scolded: “Zhou Yuhe, are you crazy? Did you think you could get out of here by killing me?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled slightly at him, and the scars on his face were particularly dazzling in the fire. “I didn’t want to go out. In the fire, I had many complications besides a scar. I had been lurking until last week. The inspection result said I don’t have a few days to live. Hahahaha, I didn’t think of it. The person you’re thinking about killing can’t even live til the day when the truth is revealed … “

Ji Chen saw Zhou Yuhe’s determination in his eyes, and finally felt afraid. He and Zhou Yuhe were different. He must not die here like this, never!

Ji Chen was kicked into the fire by Zhou Yuhe, and the smell of the burnt clothes and flesh passed into his nasal cavity. He had no time to cry. After feeling that the rope behind was burned, he immediately climbed up from the ground. He pushed Zhou Yuhe away and hurried to the gate in anxiety and panic.

Zhou Yuhe was so embarrassed to see the man who had always been elegant and luxurious, looking at him with anxiety at the hot door, but he couldn’t do anything.

Ji Chen rushed over with an angry face and grabbed Zhou Yuhe’s neck, “The key!”

Zhou Yuhe laughed: “Thrown it long ago.”

Ji Chen hated him, like a violent lion, he roared, “You madman! How did you not burn 15 years ago!”

Hearing this sentence, Zhou Yuhe suddenly had strength and pushed Ji Chen away.

A twist of madness flashed on Ji Chen’s face. When he was about to rush up, the chandelier overhead crashed down, hitting Ji Chen.

The man rolled and snarled on the ground, although he didn’t utter a word. For the prideful Ji Chen, losing his career, everything he had, this was already the most terrible revenge.

Zhou Yuhe fell on the ground, he wanted to laugh, but the reduced oxygen made it feel difficult to breathe. Justice had been served, but Zhou Yuhe couldn’t feel happiness, only deep regret.

During this tragic life, he had too many unsettled wishes.

As he passed away, his memories were like walking lights. Those past pictures came to his mind frame by frame.

The one who appeared most was neither his mother nor his friend, nor Ji Chen, but a man named Xie Yifeng.

No one saw what Zhou Yuhe thought of, a gentle smile was at the corner of the mouth, the next second was the fire swallowing everything …

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