The dinner was at 7pm the following day at Lan Hai Ting.

Wen Run didn’t have a car, but took Agent Song’s car. Agent Song was in his thirties, wearing a well-fitted suit and silver-rimmed glasses. He smiled with great affinity, and they all called him “Brother Song”.

Song Li gave him a brief introduction to the crew. The TV series to be filmed was called Jinling Terrace, which was an IP-adapted legendary TV series in ancient costume. With Jinling as the background, the story told the story of how the man who returned from a narrow escape strategized, wandered between opposing countries, and finally unified the rivers and mountains. This was a typical big male drama, which focused on the change of dynasties, hatred of the country and brotherhood.

Because it was directed by director Li Que, who was famous for his high-quality drama, the cast was very bright. The actors of the first male, the second male and the second female leads who were officially announced were the middle tier actors who were popular nowadays and had superb acting skills.

Reliable starring and huge fan base of the original work, “Jinling Terrace” hadn’t been broadcast, but a lot of book fans started anticipating it. In the industry, there were also many people fighting in order to grab the role of Jinling Terrace. After all, director Li’s strength was there. As long as he led the drama, at least the quality of word of mouth as guaranteed. Even if they couldn’t get the leading role, they could at least grab a supporting role and show their faces.

The role that Song Li want to win for Wen Run was Yan Wu, the personal bodyguard of the male lead, who could barely be regarded as a male character No. five. There were not many scenes of Yan Wu, the little bodyguard, who died in order to save the male lead in the previous dozen episodes, but he was very lovable, and there were several martial arts scenes in just over a dozen episodes. If they were performed well, it was easy to become popular.

Originally, it wasn’t for Wen Run, but today’s dinner happened to be the bureau of the company for a second-tier female artist group. Wen Run was a newcomer to the company, and just looked better than the original supporting role, so Song Li won the opportunity to have dinner together today.

When they arrived, there were already people sitting in the balcony of Lan Hai Ting, the second-tier artist Xiao Xiao and her agent Jin Hong. Xiaoxiao was only three years older than Wen Run, but she made her debut much earlier than Wenrun. She made her debut as a child star and starred in a family comedy film Dahong when she was young. Although she dropped out of school temporarily, her popularity was still not small. After her comeback, she signed a contract with Starland, and the first TV series targeted was the second female lead of Jinling Terrace.

Wen Run greeted the two men under the guidance of Song Li, and then sat quietly in place, waiting for the leading role to come tonight.

It took more than ten minutes for the assistant director and producer to arrive. Chen Yu, the assistant director, was lean and capable. He greeted Jin Hong as soon as he came in. They seemed to know each other. Wang Hao, the producer, was a bit flexible, got to know the other with a beer belly, and sat down beside the assistant director.

Because the assistant director knew Jin Hong well, the atmosphere at the dinner was warm. Topics were all around Xiaoxiao. Wen Run was the hostess.

 After three rounds of drinking, he went to the bathroom, and when he came out to wash his hands, he met Wang Hao. Wang Hao smiled, but his eyes focused on him and pointed out: “You are very suitable for the role of’ Yan Wu’.”

Wen Run lowered his eyes and followed his words: “Thank you for your appreciation Producer Wang.”

Wang Hao smiled and patted him on the shoulder in two steps. “I really appreciate you. In this way, when the dinner is over, you will come to my room. I will see your performance. If you perform well, this role will be given to you.”

Wen Run didn’t answer his words, so he took out a room card from his pocket and stuffed it into his hand. “Be there or be square,” he said with a smile.

He didn’t go into the bathroom, and turned back to leave, it seemed he came there for the sake of Wen Run. Making sure he had left, Wen Run wrinkled his eyebrows in disgust, threw the room card into the trash can.

After being in the industry for so long, Wen Run had seen many things. There were not one or two men and women like Wang Hao. Usually, these people held a lot of resources in their hands, and many people took the initiative to climb to their beds, but Wen Run wasn’t one of them.

He stood in front of the sink, squeezed the hand sanitizer to carefully wash his hands, and returned to the room with a calm look.

  When the meal broke up, producer Wang even made a special greeting to him, his eyes ambiguous . His eyes were ambiguous and he eyed him before he left. Song Li followed him to the parking lot to get his car, and quietly asked him when no one was around, “What did you guys say?”

  Wen Run pursed his lips and fastened his seat belt, “He gave me a room card.”

  Song Li was silent for a moment and asked, “Where’s the card?”

  Wen Run turned to look at the reflection of the colorful lights on the window of the car, and said he threw it in the trash can.

  ”……. “Song Li opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, and finally held it back, only to speak in a somewhat unpleasant tone: “If you don’t want to, forget it, just miss this time, there will be no good resources for you later. “

 Wen Run nodded gently, “I understand.”

 People with no background in the entertainment circle always had to pay something to climb up, and the body was probably one of them. There were also several people who threw olive branches at Wen Run over the past year, and they were all rejected by him. Some Song Li knew, others didn’t. Although Song Li said he should forget it. However, Wen Run noticed the attitude of the Song Li, he had wanted him to find a backer.

Song Li was more than 30 years old and had been in Starland for eight years. However, he had not brought out the most popular artists, and his resources were not good, so he was always assigned to the fledgling newcomers. Wen Run was one of the best qualified ones, but he couldn’t help but want to take a “shortcut” because he hadn’t made a splash in more than a year. With Wen Run’s appearance, it wasn’t difficult to find a backer who was willing to hold him.

But Wen Run who was obedient at ordinary times, insisted on it very much, refused once, still refused the second time. Song Li wanted to get angry, but he was afraid to make a big noise and let the company’s top management know. After all, the company turned a blind eye to these kind of things, but if the broker took the initiative to pimp, he would be in trouble.

He didn’t dare to be aggressive, so he could only give up the “original stone” bitterly in his heart and find the next piece to polish.


 Ye Hansheng turned his wheelchair and came out from the back of the bathroom. He stopped in front of the sink and looked at the room card lying on the top of the trash can. Somehow, he remembered the young boy’s red-eared clever and obedient appearance in the office, and the faint beating flame in his heart went out.

He washed his hands and steered the wheelchair into the box next to them.

Today was a private dinner. Since his car accident, he didn’t like showing up outside more and more, and his temper was grumpy. It was good that his old friends came out once or twice . He didn’t expect to come out once and see a “good show” in the bathroom.

When the people on the table saw him come back, they clamored for him to drink. Ye Hansheng refused with a straight face, and his friends didn’t dare to go too far. When they saw that he refused to drink, they went to the side. However, Ye Hansheng pondered for a while and suddenly asked, “Who is the director of Jinling Terrace? Li Que? “

 Pei Fan turned his alcohol-burned brain to think about it and said yes, “You want to invest?”

Ye Hansheng shook his head and stopped talking.


  Back home, Liu Zhan was the only one in the dormitory, and Shen Muxun went to the announcement. Wen Run painfully collapsed on the sofa, with a deep sigh.

Playing games, Liu Zhan looked back and looked at him in surprise. “What’s the matter? Did it not go well? “

Wen Run had followed several crew members, and he was hard-working and willing to work hard. His acting skills were actually good. Although he was a little transparent, from time to time, passers-by who had noticed him would boast that he had a noticeable aura. Liu Zhan thought it should be no problem to win this role tonight.

“The producer wants to dive me.” Wen Run replied honestly: “And I refused him.”

“Hey, who let us grow too well?” Lu Zhan dropped the game and touched his head lovingly. “There are too many people who want to eat swan meat, we ignore it.”

Wen Run moved his hand on his head, sat up and licked his fingers and calculated. “There are still three years and seven months to cancel the contract.”

With a deep sigh, he said wistfully, “I may be snowed in by Brother Song, and my acting career is coming to an end.”

When Lu Zhan quickly turned his head to think how to comfort him, he saw the child grab a professional book from the bottom of the coffee table and said seriously, “I have to retrieve my professional knowledge. Maybe I can develop a second career after I cancel my contract.”

Lu Zhan: “…”

 How can I cheer myself up before I comfort you? !

He gave no room to play!


Ye Hansheng found Li Que’s business card from the card holder. The industry was too small, but he and Li Que had eaten together several times, but Starland and Li Que had never cooperated, so the relationship was not close.

 He put the black bronzing business card on the table, Ye Hansheng stared at the information under the business card, lost in thought.

   The desk was filled with Wen Run’s information. He knew Wen Run’s development from the signing to the present. He knocked on the table irritably, and Ye Hansheng threw the information on the table and his business card into the trash can.

   He couldn’t think of any reason why he would want to go to Li Que for an eighteenth-tier artist to be pleased.

   Besides, he hadn’t even touched the kid.

   Ye Hansheng’s face was gloomy, and he hit the inside line and asked Zheng Xuan to come in.

  Zheng Xuan was the company’s ace agent, he brought out a movie emperor and a movie queen, in the circle of resources and contacts, he was the object of poaching for countless peer companies. But this ace had roots in Starland, and even the movie stars and actresses he had brought out with his own hands couldn’t be dug out.

“Why do you have time to find me, Mr. Ye?”

Zheng Xuan sat down on the sofa in a self-conscious manner, looking somewhat hung over. Compared to his status and achievements in the industry, he was a bit too young, he was just a year younger than Ye Hansheng.

 With a gloomy face, Ye Hansheng didn’t speak for a long time, and warm, clean eyes kept flashing in his mind.

  The clean eyes that he didn’t even have the heart to contaminate, how could they be tainted by others?

  Zheng Xuan waited for half a day, he got up and was about to leave, “I’ll be busy if Mr. Ye is fine.”

“There’s an artist named Wen Run in the company, he’s a good seedling.” Ye Hansheng started talking before he left, “If you like him, he’ll be brought to you later.”

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