C1 – Strong man, please dry this bowl of dog’s bl-ood!

The last time Shen Yan saw Shao Quehan was in the hospital. He stood outside the corridor, looking through the window, and found that the man who once had his hands in the sky in Z City was sitting in the coldest corner of the floor, with his hands on his knees, motionless.


Shao Quehan wasn’t dead, nor was he stupid, he was just crazy ……


He had already gone crazy many years ago, but to get Shen Yan, he went completely mad.


But Shao Quehan’s unscrupulousness would only make Shen Yan more afraid of him and avoid him.


Shen Yan left. The man shut in the ward seemed to be aware and raised his head, but could only see a distant back. His eyes that were crazy and chaotic, finally flashed a hint of confusion, he slowly lowered his head and used his fingertips to write words on the floor over and over again.


Shen …… Yan ……


The action was clumsy, but slowly and skillfully, he wasn’t tired of writing the two words.


Shen Yan ……


Shen Liang was an eighteenth-tier online author famous for his dog blo-od, his mouth holding a cigarette, was sitting in front of the computer working on his recent serial work “Wrong Love”, it was the ending for the villain, Shao Quehan.


The chapter had just been published, Shen Liang was unsurprisingly scolded again, readers couldn’t wait to crawl along the network line to strangle him. No He, dog bl-ood, too much dog blo-od!

[TN: HE —– Happy Ending]


Other authors wrote articles to entertain the public, Shen Liang was completely taking revenge on society. He would abuse whoever they liked. The story of dog bl-ood went from wave to wave.



“Mislove”, just by its name, was a thick wind of ancient dog bloo-d. This book told how the poor student Shen Yan worked hard in the big city, and liked the rich son Su Qingyan who returned home from studying abroad .


Of course, these wasn’t important. What was important was that the most popular affectionate villain in the book was Shao Quehan!!!


Shao Quehan was rich and powerful, handsome and cold. Although his character was a little gloomy, paranoid and abnormal due to childhood trauma, it still couldn’t stop readers from liking him.



In the book, Shao Quean, a well-known person in the business world, did charity to help Shen Yan, who was still a poor student at that time, go to university. After a long time of getting along, he gradually fell in love with Shen Yan, but because of his desire, he used a series of crazy methods.


Imprisonment, etc, even things the reader couldn’t think of, Shen Liang wrote it. However, in view of the fact that villains generally had no good ending, Shao Quehan was finally put into the hospital because of mental disorder, while Shen Yan, the leading character, took over his company and flew with Su Qingyan.



Readers were trembling. Was this a story that a normal person could write? Shen Liang definitely grew up drinking dog bloo-d!!



#What sins did I make in my last life to fall into this dog author’s pit! #


The comment section was a mess. The readers cursed that Shen Liang wasn’t human and asked him to change the ending, but the person concerned didn’t care, and even took it for granted.



Shen Liang snuffed out the smoke at his fingertips and stretched out. It was good like this. If the ending was changed, it wouldn’t be called dog bl-ood.


He turned off the computer and went straight to bed.


Shen Liang had been working all night on the novel for several months. He didn’t sleep much, so now he finally relaxed and fell asleep as soon as he touched the pillow. As a result, he had a spring dream.

[TN: Spring —- wet]

In his dream, he was in a room with exquisite decoration. The crystal lamp above his head was bright and gorgeous. He stared at it for a long time and felt dizzy. On the big bed beside him was a beautiful man who was delirious. He was breathing heavily, tearing his clothes and his face was flushed abnormally.



Soon, the clothes fell to the ground, leaving only a white shirt hanging loosely on his body.




Shen Liang stood quietly by the bed, watching the whole thing from the sidelines, what kind of dream was this?



He took a step back and wanted to leave the room, yet the man on the bed suddenly stumbled and fell off the bed, clutching his collar in a weak and feeble manner.



Shen Liang was forced to lean down and catch his sliding body, and then found that the other’s body was incredibly hot.



The man had long been delirious, the end of his eyes gradually tinged with a thin red. He was like a fish dying of thirst, eagerly looking for water.



Warm lips hit Shen Liang’s collar, and climbed to his throat, mixed with vague murmuring.



Shen Liang was an iron gay, how could he be subjected to this stimulation? He looked down to the man in his arms clumsily kissing him, he was good-looking, concluding it was a dream, why should he suffer? He held him up horizontally and half pushed him on the bed.



The overhead light was thick and beautiful, witnessing a night of intense love.


Shen Liang hadn’t had such a complete dream for a long, long time, so complete that he had finished rolling in bed with someone else and had slept so deeply that even the sun had risen and he still hadn’t left the room.





Shen Liang finally sensed that something was wrong, his eyes opened and immediately sat up from the bed. He pinched himself hard, and it hurt so much that he wanted to hit the wall.


S-hit, it wasn’t a dream, it was real!



The person who rolled with him yesterday ……



Shen Liang turned his head slowly and looked at the man lying beside him. After the absurd experience of last night, the other had already fallen asleep with light kiss marks all over his body. His thick eyelashes cast a shadow at the moment, like a butterfly flapping its wings, which made him look more beautiful.



But he was frowning and never relaxed in his sleep.


Very good, he didn’t know him, nor had he seen him.



It’s over It’s over! Shen Liang’s brain immediately went blank. He didn’t know who he had slept with, so he quickly rolled out of bed, put on his clothes and was ready to leave.


However, at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in the originally silent room.



[Ding! Congratulations on your successful binding of the villain rescue system, starting up ……]


The boot was successful.



As soon as the voice fell, a translucent light screen appeared in front of Shen Liang, with dense data written all over it. The mechanical voice was like a research report, exposing Shen Liang’s small vest.



The works written, the “arrogant president’s contract wife”, “sweetheart running with a ball”, “overbearing prince really nasty”, “Wrong Love” and so on.



The goal of this mission was to save the villain Shao Quehan in ” Wrong Love”.


The reward for a successful mission was a chance to be reborn.



Shen Liang raised his head to look around, what was talking?


As if to answer his question, a fist-sized ball of light suddenly emerged in mid-air, emitting a dazzling light, it almost blinded his eyes.


The ball of light spat out human words.


[Dear host, congratulations you have successfully bound the villain rescue system, happy to serve you.]



Shen Liang slowly typed out a question mark “……?”


In some ways, being an author was considered a high-risk occupation. At least Shen Liang never thought he would one day die suddenly because of staying up late.


Now he not only died suddenly, but also transmigrated to his just finished work. What was this? The dog blo-od that he spilled with his own hands back then, now it was his turn to drink it with his own mouth?


Shen Liang stared at the light ball of suspicious origin and was silent for a long time, a little less able to accept the reality “…… why do I have to save the villain?”


The answer from the ball of light was very serious: “Because I am the villain rescue system.”


Shen Liang was puzzled “Then why should I save him?”


Light ball: “You’re the author.”



Shen Liang had a sudden feeling of foreboding in his heart, he pointed to the man still sleeping on the bed and asked “Who is he?”



The ball of light: Shao Quehan ah.




These three light-hearted words for Shen Liang was like a bolt from the blue, his legs went weak, he almost knelt on the ground. Shao Quehan? Was that not the villain number one of “Wrong Love” that he was crazy?


When Shen Liang remembered that he had slept with him yesterday, he barely held on to the wall to steady himself, holding on to the last shred of hope and asked, “What about me? Who am I?”



The ball of light didn’t answer, but reminded him of the book he wrote in a subtle tone, so he could remember it.



Shen Liang looked at the surroundings, and vaguely remembered that the book seemed to have such a dogged plot.


The novel assumed that Shen Yan was born in the countryside, and his family was very poor. But because of his excellent grades, he was admitted to the capital’s higher education institution, and then lived a life of luxury with Shao Quehan’s support.



After hearing the news, Shen Yan’s brother in the countryside brazenly chased him for help and finally succeeded in living in the Shao family mansion.



The younger brother took the villain’s script. He lived in the Shao family for some time and slowly saw the prosperity of the big city, and also saw Shao Zhuhan’s preference for Shen Yan, and was jealous. So while Shen Yan was living in school, he quietly drugg-ed Shao Quehan, wanting to xxoo.



In the original, the brother’s plan didn’t succeed, but he still angered Shao Lianhan, and was finally tortured until he begged for death.


Memories ended here, and the room fell into a dead silence.


All said and done, Shen Liang didn’t hold back last night!



The ball of light asked Shen Liang: “Do you know who you are now?”



“Yes,” Shen Liang said, “I’m just a brother ……”



He didn’t know if it was a sinful fate, but Shen Liang was too lazy to think of a name when he first wrote the book, and directly set the protagonist’s brother as “Shen Liang.”


The light sphere comforted his host and encouraged him to save the villain.


It wanted him to save him but who could save him? “Shao Quehan is a villain. What am I?”



Light Ball: “The cannon fodder.”



Shen Liang cursed in his heart, “What if I don’t save him?”


Light Ball: “Then you die.”



Shen Liang had died suddenly because of staying up too late, if he returned to the original world, he could only lie in a coffin.



While they were talking, the sky was already bright. The man who had been sleeping in bed suddenly felt his eyelashes quiver slightly, and a painful hum came out from his throat, he was waking up.



Shen Liang originally wanted to negotiate the with the system. He was surprised, but he immediately turned around and ran away. He opened the door and went downstairs in one go, he was obviously escaping.


The ball of light flew over to catch up with him: “What are you running for?”



Why shouldn’t he run? Should he wait for death? If God gave him another chance, he wouldn’t write those disgusting dogma plot!



To save Shao Quehan? Yes, the premise was that he had to save his own life first!



Not long after Shen Liang left, Shao Quehan lying in bed came to his senses. He slowly opened his eyes and felt a splitting headache, forcing himself to sit up from the bed, he found messy clothes all over the floor, his body suddenly stiffened.



The hickeys on his shoulders that hadn’t faded, the messy sheets, and the pain coming from his secret place, all reminded him of what happened last night.


The memories of last night returned, Shao Quehan’s face paled, becoming unsightly to the extreme. He remembered that he became delirious yesterday after drinking a glass of water handed over by Shen Liang, his gaze was so gloomy that water could drip out, and he swept down the cups and ornaments on the corner of the table with a clatter, splashing glass scraps everywhere!



“Shen, Liang–!”



His voice was cold, and his anger was like a cold knife that cut into the blo-od and bones, it was enough to make people scared.




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  1. Yei a new novel with gong protagonist! I was so excited when I saw this new story, thank you so much for translating ❤ First chapter and I already love the protagonist Shen Liang, he is so funny and I thought that he would transmigrate into the main villain but it was a nice surprise that he was another character because I want Shao Quehan to be loved ❤ By the way, is this novel world hopping?

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