C2— I Love Dog Blood





Shen Liang sat in the most remote corner of the Internet cafe and couldn’t hold back a sneeze. He touched his neck and inexplicably felt a chill on his back, wondering if he had caught a chill after spending the night here last night.



Shen Liang was in a hurry to escape and came out without much money on him, so he had to stay overnight at an Internet cafe. He sat in front of the computer crackling and typing, trying to remember the plot of “Mislove”.



At present, Shao Zhuhan shouldn’t have any out-of-the-ordinary feelings for Shen Yan, it was still in a quiet hibernation period, but this state wouldn’t last long.



After some time, as the plot slowly advanced, Shao Zhuhan found that Shen Yan and Su Qingyan were friends, that was the fuse that ignited all the conflicts.


Shao Zhuhan’s desire for exclusivity was very strong, he saw Shen Yan as his property, not allowing others to get their hands on it. In the later period, in order to get Shen Yan, he simply used the 18 methods in General Ba’s sadistic writings.


Persecution, detention, imprisonment and threats would only push Shen Yan further away.



In the end, Shao Zhuhan was in a dead end. Shen Yan’s hatred was like the last straw that crushed the camel, crushing his mind.


[His feelings can be pitied, but his crime should be punished]



Shen Liang used these words to evaluate the role of “Shao Zhuhan”. He was the author so he saw everything clearly. This kind of mad person could be withstood in a novel. In real life, you must hide as far as you can.



Prison or Madness, he had to choose one of the two ways. Shen Liang wrote and chose the latter for Shao Zhuhan.



“Save ……”


Shen Liang said to himself, and then scratched his hair, what was there to save in such a villain?



The tragedy of Shao Zhuhan’s life originated from his love for Shen Yan but not really.



And Shen Yan disliked Shao Zhuhan because he fell in love with Su Qingyan.



So ……


Kill Su Qingyan = save Shao Zhuhan?


Shen Liang’s brain circuit was always different from normal people, his eyes lit up, he suddenly felt like he saw the dawn of victory, he fist pumped, eager to try, the more he thought about it, the more he thought this solution was feasible. It seemed like in the next second, he’d rush to the supermarket next door to buy a kitchen knife and then kill Su Qingyan without stopping.


The system detected his inner thoughts, silently swallowed a mouthful of blood, Shen Liang turned out to be no good: [No.].


Shen Liang: “What?”



System: [Put away your dangerous thoughts.]


Shen Liang was a little disappointed: “Okay.”



He sat in front of the computer and finally recalled the novel’s plot to a large extent. He just hadn’t come up with a plan to save him and finally decided to eat first.



Shen Liang turned off the computer, picked up a baseball cap and put it on, pressed the brim to the lowest, and walked to the front desk and paid.



When the webmaster saw that Shen Liang was covered so tightly, he looked like a wanted criminal. He couldn’t help looking at him again and again, and with a suspicious expression, he gave him his change.


Shen Liang took the money and left, and didn’t stay a moment longer. Who forced him to make Shao Zhuhan’s character setting so powerful? His hands covered the sky, he slept with him and ran, if he was caught, he’d certainly be killed.



The system asked: [You’re not going to keep hiding like this, are you?]


Shen Liang pulled up his collar to block his chin, looked around, and only then did he cross the road, like a thief: “Until his anger subsides.”



System: [You can’t do that.]



Shen Liang deliberately opposed to it: “Why can’t I?”



System: [You’ll be erased if you fail the mission.]


Now the plot had just begun, it was too late for Shen Liang to save Shao Zhuhan, but if he kept letting it go, he would be powerless when Shao Zhuhan later blackened.



Shen Liang kept walking, looking unmoved: “Being erased is better than being killed by Shao Zhuhan.”


He wrote the villain himself, so he understood him the most.



Shao Zhuhan liked to kill with a dull knife, he wouldn’t let you live comfortably, nor let you die painfully. Su Qingyan was almost tortured to death by him in the book.



The system wanted to say something more, but Shen Liang suddenly stopped: [What’s wrong with you?]



Shen Liang looked ahead and asked after a second: “… if I die in Shao Zhuhan’s hands, what will it be counted as?”


Can be counted as a successful mission?


The system nonchalantly replied: [It’ll be counted as a heroic sacrifice.]



Shen Liang: “…… okay.”



A black car stopped at the intersection in front of him at some time. A few big men who looked like they were not easy to offend came down from it. They stared at Shen Liang with ill intentioned eyes and walked straight up.




Shen Liang originally wanted to run, but after looking at the other side’s equipment and numbers, he gave up again, two legs couldn’t outrun four wheels. Anyway, sooner or later he would soon be caught, why suffer the flesh?



His mouth was covered and he was blindfolded then he was shoved into the car smoothly.


From the beginning to end, Shen Liang was quite cooperative, he didn’t even struggle. His vision was dark, but he felt like he was sandwiched between two large men, it was difficult to move.

There were two men in front and two men at the back.


Shen Liang’s wrists were bound by a rope, he moved slightly, before he could do anything, a reprimand sounded in his ears: “Be honest!”



Shen Liang chattered: “Four of you are here, why are you so nervous?”


The other retorted, “You can save that for Mr. Shao.”



Shen Liang didn’t speak, well, he really still fell into Shao Zhuhan’s hands.



The vehicle drove all the way and stopped only after about half an hour. Shen Liang, blindfolded and unable to see the road, was taken into a room and pressed to sit on the sofa and couldn’t move.



The surrounding area was silent, he could only hear the slight swaying sound of the curtains being blown by the wind.



As the time went by, it was inexplicably alarming. When Shen Liang couldn’t stand the grinding silence, a slight footsteps suddenly sounded behind him. The leather shoes fell on the floor and gradually approached.



It wasn’t urgent or slow, elegant and calm, but carried a dangerous message.


Shen Liang seemed to be aware of something, his body stopped slightly, then he calmed down. He suddenly regretted not controlling it that night. The “Shen Liang” in the original book was stupid enough, and he was even more stupid.


“Do you feel bad?”



A calm voice suddenly sounded above his head, his voice blended with the coldness in the air, like a snake impermeable to wind people up.



It was Shao Zhuhan ……


Shen Liang didn’t have the fear he imagined, so he adjusted his sitting posture: “It’s OK.”



The man slowly bent over, his long, cold hand grabbed the cool throat from behind, and then tightened his strength bit by bit, leaving his breath in his ears: “It seems that you are not afraid of death at all.”



Shen Liang was forced to tilt his head, he could feel the air between his lungs was losing little by little, gradually becoming thinner and thinner. Through the blindfolded black cloth, a pair of cold eyes were staring at him.



Shen Liang breathed heavily: “If you kill me, Shen Yan will hate you to death, I am his only brother ……”


As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt he had made a bad move, how could Shao Zhuhan be so easily threatened?


Sure enough–



“Who said I’m going to kill you,” the man’s hand around his throat not only didn’t relax in the slightest, but tightened a few points, with a light tone of voice, he said chilling words, “I just need to beat you into paralysis, and then tell Shen Yan that you had a car accident, you’ll be directly sent back to the countryside, guess whether he’d believe or not?”



Of course Shen Yan would believe, because that was the plot he wrote!



Shen Liang once again realized how badly he wrote the book, before being strangled by Shao Zhuhan, his voice was hoarse and broken: “You even if you beat me to death …… Shen Yan …… Shen Yan will not like you ……”





This sentence touched Shao Zhuhan’s scales, Shen Liang was directly thrown off the sofa by him, fresh air rushed in, he breathed heavily, feeling like he walked from the ghost gate.



However, before Shen Liang had fully recovered, he was grabbed up from the floor by Shao Zhuhan, the other’s voice was cold, no emotion could be heard as he asked, “Who told you that I like Shen Yan?”


“I can see it by myself,” Shen Liang was dancing wildly in the minefield, “but it’s a pity that my brother doesn’t like you.”



Shao Zhuhan didn’t speak, silently clenched his fingertips, he was full of strength, like a pool of black water hidden in the whirlpool.



Shen Liang sensed his exposed emotions and continued to add fuel to the fire: “Shen Yan is afraid of you,”



“He hasn’t returned to Shao Residence for half a month in order to avoid you, I don’t believe you can’t see that.”



He couldn’t see Shao Zhuhan’s expression, after so many seconds, he suddenly laughed out loud and patted Shen Liang’s face: “So, what does this have to do with me wanting to kill you?”



The blindfolded black cloth inadvertently fell off, the bright sunlight stung Shen Liang’s eyes, he took a few seconds to adapt, and then squinted at the man in front of him.



He had to say, there was a reason those readers kowtowed to Shao Zhuhan.



He was in a black shirt, he had handsome features, but his temperament was as cold as ice, rejecting people from a thousand miles away. The sunlight outside the window fell in diagonally, like a barrier between them, splitting a large shadow that wrapped around him.



The tip of Shen Liang’s hair fell a fine layer of golden light, he slightly smiled like a gangster: “Let’s make a deal, I help you get Shen Yan, you let me go, how about it?”



This was the solution he came up with in a flash of light. Shao Zhuhan couldn’t get Shen Yan, so if he helped the other to get Shen Yan, all the problems would be solved naturally.


Damn, he was a genius!



Shao Lianghan narrowed his eyes: “Do you think this can offset the matter of your dr,ugging?”



What happened that night was stuck in his throat.


“What’s the matter with that?”


Shen Liang sat up straight from the ground and looked a little less than decent: “Don’t you like Shen Yan? He and I are blood brothers and look the same, why don’t you just take me as his double? I don’t mind.”



He made a dogged suggestion.



Shao Zhuhan sarcastically retorted: “You think you are worthy to compare with him?”



Shen Liang thought to himself, “Everyone is equal, how can you still engage in discrimination.”


He leaned forward slightly, close to Shao Zhuhan’s ear and lowered his voice, “You will know if you try ……”



If you can’t get a small apple, it’s good to get a big watermelon.


Shao Zhuhan lowered his eyes and looked at Shen Liang silently, but he saw that the other looked confident and fearless. The light colored pupils clearly reflected his own appearance and his smile was like a fox’s.



Shen Liang and Shen Yan looked very much alike, but not exactly like ……



The first day that Shen Liang arrived at the Shao family, his eyes were full of greed and jealousy that couldn’t be covered up.



Shao Zhuhan looked on coldly and saw clearly, but it was difficult to say anything because of Shen Yan’s face, but he didn’t expect to get into trouble.



Now it seemed that there was something more and something less in those eyes, which was unpredictable.


Shao Zhuhan forcefully pinched Shen Liang’s chin, forcing him to look at him, the sneer intensified: “What makes you think I will make this deal with you?”



Shen Liang quietly concluded, Zhao Zhuhan was soft on the bed, but outside of that, he was very fierce.



He smiled, emboldened, “You can wait two days to see if you want to make this deal.”



In two more days, according to the original plot development, Su Qingyan would drive Shen Yan home and then be bumped into by Shao Zhuhan



When the time came, that scene must be wonderful.


Shen Liang didn’t want to admit it, but the dog blood factor in his blood was a little too hot to control.


As the saying went, dogs couldn’t change their habits.



Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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