C1—- First Aid



He rubbed his drowsy eyes and yawned lazily.


Before he opened his eyes, a series of even more violent loud noises came one after another.


The sound was accompanied by a violent shaking. Xiao Yu hit the cabin in the sudden shaking, and the portrait of Mona Lisa, which was originally hanging on the bulkhead, fell.


Xiao Yu subconsciously raised his hand to block, and his arm was scratched by the rusty corner of the frame. The pain immediately made his forehead sweat.


“The ship hit a reef and will sink soon. Run!”


“Nannan, Nannan! Come to Mom!”


“I don’t want to die yet…”


He struggled to open the hatch and was greeted by a crowd of people pushing and shoving, everyone’s face full of panic and despair.


The moment he stepped on the deck, the overburdened hull suddenly disintegrated and splinters from the broken planks flew towards him.



He subconsciously closed his eyes.


The hysterical noise of the people was swallowed up by the angry waves.


In a trance, lightning, thunder and downpour broke the victim’s body and mind like the end of the world.


Xiao Yu struggled to wave his arm, such a simple action, in the sea, became exceptionally difficult.


Bloo-d escaped from his wounds, and he could only watch the bl-ood-colored light get further and further away from him as his consciousness and body sank uncontrollably into the cold ocean floor.




No matter how much Xiao Yu struggled, he couldn’t break free from it.



He had never been one to give up easily, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to overcome all the obstacles in a high-intensity boxing match and finally win the world championship.


However, in the face of death, any effort was just a stubborn resistance, the feeling of suffocation was like a tide wrapping him firmly, he was like a body without soul, deprived of all senses.



It was a long time, so long that Xiao Yu had almost forgotten what it was like to be alive, when a late, sharp pain finally hit him.



The salty seawater poured down his throat, but strangely he didn’t feel uncomfortable.


It was even a little soothing, as if seawater was as indispensable to him as air.


It took a little time for Xiao Yu to build up his strength, and with a slight trembling of his eyelids, he slowly opened his eyes.



All he could see was seawater, and before he could clear his mind, the light from the corner of his eye caught a figure.


A living one?


Xiao Yu was sure he saw the tiny air bubbles attached to the end of the person’s nose, which proved that the other person might still be breathing. Without hesitation, he swam towards the other side at first.



What happened?


His body was so light, when did his swimming skills become so good?


The doubt in the bottom of his heart flashed away, Xiao Yu didn’t waste time on dwelling on this question, he quickly swam to the drowning man’s side and picked him up horizontally.



The weight of the drowning man was heavier than he thought, but the buoyancy of the sea water relieved some of his burden, otherwise he really wasn’t sure he could get him to shore safely.


The moment he broke the surface of the sea, the water splashed and fell, and the long-lost light broke into Xiao Yu’s eyes.


He closed his eyes tightly and breathed in the fresh air greedily.

Even though he had already gotten used to breathing in seawater, he didn’t the feeling of being reborn until this moment.



After leaving the seawater, the weight on his hands suddenly became several times heavier.


Xiao Mei slightly struggled to lay the drowning man flat on the shore and intended to check the condition of the other man on shore, when he suddenly found that he couldn’t stand up.


What happened?


He slowly lowered his head, only to see countless dark green scales attached to his body, extending from his abdomen down.


His legs no longer existed, replaced by a long tail.


The scales were arranged closely and neatly, extending all the way to the end of the tail, and the wide tail fin was fan-shaped, with a magnificent internal pattern, similar to the colorful conch pattern on a fenghuang snail.


The scene in front of him made Xiao Yu start to doubt his life, he couldn’t figure out how his good long legs had become a fish tail?


However, at the moment, Xiao Yu could only put aside his heart full of doubts, his body changes had become a fact, the drowning man’s life was at stake, he was in urgent need of rescue.



First save the person and then talk.


Xiao Yu looked around, this place was more desolate than he imagined, except for them there wasn’t even a shadow of a person.


It was unrealistic to seek help from others, so he put his finger on the drowning man’s carotid artery and felt his pulse carefully.


The situation wasn’t optimistic, Xiao Yu frowned slightly, he found that this person wasn’t breathing, which was often called cardiac arrest in medical terms.


His skin was still soft, which meant that the cardiac arrest had just occurred, and there was still a possibility to save him.


He didn’t dare to delay, he quickly tore the drowning man’s clothes.


He didn’t know what material this clothing was made of, it obviously looked very thin, but the toughness of the outfit was excellent. It took him a lot of effort to tear it out, revealing the man’s strong chest.


His left hand covered the back of the right hand and fastened the finger seam of the right hand. The root of the right hand was located in the middle of his chest and pressed down hard.


Xiao Yu used all his strength. Not only were his palms exerting force, but also his elbows, waist and even his whole upper body were exerting force in coordination.


The key to cardiopulmonary resuscitation was to be ruthless, if the force of chest compressions wasn’t enough, the patient’s bl-ood circulation couldn’t be maintained, the rescue was bound to face failure.



Of course, it didn’t mean that the greater the force of compressions the better, excessive force was likely to cause secondary injuries to the patient.


Although Xiao Yu had received training in first aid, he hadn’t had the opportunity to put it into practice, and could only rely on his feelings.


The drowning victim’s body was strong and muscular, so it should be okay to use a little more force, right?



Thirty chest compressions soon ended, and Xiao Yu took back his hands that were trembling slightly due to excessive force, and picked up the man’s head.


This was the most important part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which required opening the patient’s airway and using the forehead lift jaw method to make the jaw vertical to the ground.


Then clean up the dirt in the patient’s mouth and then perform artificial respiration for the patient.


Xiao Yu worked in strict accordance with the steps. From his perspective, he could see all his features.



He seldom paid attention to people’s appearances. As a boxer, what he cared more was whether the opponent could fight and whether he was qualified to be his opponent.


But his opponent’s looks were so outstanding that God must have poured a hundred times more effort into his creation to make his features pleasing to the eye and aggressive at the same time, impressing people with a single glance.



Although the sea water made the man’s face slightly white, and a scar on the corner of his eye damaged the overall perfection, it was precisely because of the existence of these defects that made him seem human, instead of an immortal.


Xiao Yu, who was thinking of saving the man, was lost in thought for only a moment and then immediately rejoined the rescue effort.


His palm maintained the action of pressing the forehead of the drowning man, his index finger and thumb pinched the ends of the man’s nose, and then he took a deep breath and leaned down to prepare for artificial respiration of the patient.


He had to say, the man’s face was really very good, when ordinary people were soaked in seawater for so long, their skin should at least puffy and white.



But this patient’s skin was still firm and shiny, and if it weren’t for the fact that he wasn’t breathing, he would have wondered if he had made a mistake.


The patient suddenly trembled, and his face was fierce, as if he was enduring great pain.



The sudden change made Xiao Yu subconsciously make a defensive posture, his mind flashed through the zombie movies he had watched, human beings would act abnormally before becoming infected with zombies, the weakness of zombies should be the brain, right?


The reality didn’t satisfy Xiao Yu’s wish to beat the zombie.



The man turned to his side and spat out a mouthful of water, and then raised his hand to wipe the dirt from the corner of his mouth.



It seemed that his heart and lungs had been successfully resuscitated.


Xiao Yu was quite happy, it was said that saving a life was better than creating seven pagodas, he had done a good deed.



“How are you, do you feel better?” He said, then he reached out to help the man.


But he didn’t expect the other party not only didn’t appreciate it, but also caught Xiao Yu’s wrist precisely and dragged him violently to the ground.


Xiao Yu didn’t expect that the man who just woke up could have so much strength, so he couldn’t resist when he was caught off guard and fell down heavily on the shore.


The man was surprisingly strong, and his wrist hurt, no matter how much Xiao Yu struggled, he couldn’t break free from the man’s grip.

“Let go of me! Are you crazy, I saved your life, and this is how you repay me?”


His speech was extremely fast, his wrist was going to be crushed if he continued like this!


The abuser turned his head towards Xiao Yu at that word, and Xiao Yu finally saw his opponent’s eyes.


It was definitely not a normal pair of eyes, except for the whites of the eyes, there was only a circle of light gray pupils, and no focal length could be seen.


Was it possible that this was a blind man?


Xiao Yu didn’t have time to pity the other, he only knew that the blind man was about to pull his arm off, out of boxer’s instinct, he used his other hand to fight back.



The fist hit the man’s cheek, but the expected picture of blo-od bursting out didn’t appear.


Xiao Yu felt like he had hit a stone wall, his fist was trembling with pain, but his opponent was motionless and didn’t even react.


No, there was a reaction.


The man probably thought that Xiao Yu still had a hand, so he turned over and pounced on Xiao Yu, stepping on his other hand with the palm of his foot, not giving him any chance to resist.


Hiss, it hurt!


Xiao Yu sucked in a breath of cold air, it was the first time he encountered such a difficult opponent, who could have imagined that ten minutes ago his opponent had a sudden cardiac arrest and almost died.



He should have known better than to save him.


Xiao Yu hated, but he tried his best to escape from the man’s body, and could only watch the man’s fist smash down.


He didn’t close his eyes in fear, he always believed that as long as he still had a breath, he would have a chance to turn the tide.


So even if the opponent was very strong, and a punch may k-ill him, he still wanted to open his eyes wide to look for a chance to live.



To his surprise, the fist didn’t land on his body as he expected, but sank into the mud and sand at his side.


Next, he felt warmth coming from his cheek.


It was bl-ood.


But not his bl-ood.




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