C31— Care

Cheng Hao would train every day until he was exhausted, and today was no exception.


Now after moving, from downstairs to the attic, they had a small bathroom, the bathroom also had a water heater, so every day after training, Cheng Hao could comfortably take a shower.


Their previous living condition was too bad, now this, was perfect for Cheng Hao.



He was reborn in the United States, if it was in China and a poor place, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to use electricity.


Lunch and dinner were cooked by Cheng Hao again.


Although they weren’t as short of money as they were at the beginning, usually they still went to school to dine, but today it wasn’t only raining, Lin Yuxun was also sick, so they simply ate at home.



Lin Yuxun liked to stock up on food at home, so there was no need to go out and buy ingredients, Cheng Hao took pasta from the fridge and cooked it, then scrambled eggs and ground beef in oil, added water and salt to the pasta, and it was ready to eat.



This kind of spaghetti didn’t taste very good. If there had bean paste or chili sauce and he put some when he stir fried the eggs and minced meat, the fried meat paste would taste good when he mixed it with the noodles.


Unfortunately, here, not to mention bean paste and spicy sauce, he couldn’t even buy soy sauce.


“If only there was soy sauce, the soy sauce could even be used to mix the noodles directly.” Cheng Hao couldn’t help but sigh.


Lin Yuxun had never heard of soy sauce, so Cheng Hao began to tell him about the various Chinese sauces.


Danny couldn’t hear them, but he was used to it and read the picture books by himself.


The ten picture books were all very simple, and Cheng Hao lost interest in them after flipping through them once, but Danny liked them and looked at the pictures over and over again.


Seeing him like this, Cheng Hao was quite heartbroken.


A two or three years old could look at picture books and read picture books, but Danny was so old, yet he could only look at picture books.



Lin Yuxun looked better in the afternoon, and even had the strength to read a book, but in the evening, his temperature became high again, he could no longer lie in bed and read a book, and eventually fell asleep in a daze.


Cheng Hao fed him the medicine, and then carried Danny to the bed where he slept: “Danny, your brother is sick, I’ll sleep with him today, and you sleep alone, okay?”


Cheng Hao talked and made movements while letting Danny sleep in his bed.


Danny obediently laid down.


Cheng Hao kissed his forehead, went back to Lin Yuxun’s room, and laid down next to him.



Lin Yuxun was sick, he had to watch over him.



Cheng Hao’s sleep quality had always been very good, he fell asleep in no time.


In the middle of the night, Lin Yuxun woke up from his sleep, sweating violently.


He was a little uncomfortable and moved around, only to feel a hand patting his body.



Lin Yuxun’s eyes snapped open, and at the same time he realized something and subconsciously held that hand.



That hand was big and had some calluses on it, it was Cheng Hao’s hand.


Tears slipped from his eyes, for a moment, Lin Yuxun couldn’t say what he felt.



He told Cheng Hao during the day that he never used to be sick, it was a lie.


In fact, his health wasn’t good and he would get sick once a year.


Only before, even if he was sick, he could only brace himself to get through it, and even had to go to work, but now it was different.


This time, someone was watching him, staying with him and letting him rest.


Lin Yuxun used to read books and read how parents cared for their children, at that time he found it unbelievable and felt very distant, but now he really felt it.



So it was such a happy thing.


He was so happy that he wanted to cry.


By the next day, Lin Yuxun was still very uncomfortable, but much better.


But there was something strange …… Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun in disbelief: “Why are your eyes swollen? Are you uncomfortable?”



“No discomfort, I don’t know what’s wrong.” Lin Yuxun said.


Cheng Hao quickly responded, “If you’re uncomfortable, you must tell me, okay? If you drag a small illness into a big one, we may not be able to cure it.”


“Mm.” Lin Yuxun nodded his head, he liked the “we” in Cheng Hao’s mouth.


Today it finally stopped raining, so Cheng Hao ran downstairs to exercise.


In fact, jumping rope upstairs wasn’t noisy, and he only trained during the day, and it wouldn’t disturb Mr. Dampier, but Mr. Dampier was still not happy.


He also didn’t want to quarrel with Dampier, so he simply went to another place to jump rope.


Without having to help Lin Yuxun work, Cheng Hao practiced solidly all morning, slept again in the afternoon, and in the evening, went to Old George’s bar with a glowing look.



Previously, Lin Yuxun had gone with Cheng Hao, but today he was sick and stayed home.


When Cheng Hao entered the bar, he found that there were already quite a few people in Old George’s bar, and when they saw him, some people greeted him, “Hi! Cheng!”



“Fantastic oriental boy, looking forward to your match!”


“I’ll bet on you to win again today, although I won’t win much money by doing so.”


“Little guy, want a burger?”




Cheng Hao smiled and greeted these people, then went into the lounge.


In the lounge, the big guys were smoking cigarettes and even m-arijuana.


As usual, Cheng Hao didn’t smoke anything.


Cheng Hao had been here many times, and everyone had gotten to know him a little better, so someone couldn’t help but ask: “Cheng Hao, why don’t you smoke? At your age, you should learn to smoke!”


Cheng Hao was frank: “I don’t have money.”



“There’s not much money in the competition here, but it should be enough for you to spend, right?”



“It’s not enough, the family has a lot of expenses.” Cheng Hao laughed.



“Okay ……” The man said nothing more, but at this time, another man gave Cheng Hao a cookie: “Here, try it.”



Cheng Hao received a cookie with some confusion, a large boxer suddenly giving him a cookie seemed strange, more importantly, the cookie looked terrible …… Was giving someone an ugly cookie good?


“That’s a m-arijuana cookie.” Old George’s voice rang out.


Cheng Hao was stunned and immediately put the cookie aside.


He really should be more careful not to eat things indiscriminately.


Old George took that cookie and stuffed it into his mouth, then said to Cheng Hao: “Your opponent today is not from my side, he’s from somewhere else and he’s a minor like you, go for it.”



“Old George, Cheng is so powerful, yet you’re letting him fight with an underage?” Someone asked.


Old George didn’t say anything.


Fighting a fighter who didn’t belong here also meant there was no way to find out about that person.


But it didn’t matter much ……


Cheng Hao’s fight was scheduled for later, and it was the others who fought first today.



Some days ago when Lin Yuxun came with, he would often place bets, some lost and some won, but he won more, but today he wasn’t there, so Cheng Hao didn’t go to place bets, he had no money on him.



Thinking about betting, Cheng Hao decided to talk to Lin Yuxun, Lin Yuxun was still young, he couldn’t get addicted to gambling ……


Lin Yuxun, who Cheng Hao was worried that he would indulge in gambling, took out his piggy bank.



He had two money jars.


One held Lin Yuxun’s earnings, while the other deposit box held the money he won.



After his first bet, he won two games and got a total of eight dollars.



After that, he put his initial five dollars of capital back into the first deposit box, and after that, he bet again, using only the money he won.



He found that he actually had that …… little bit of a taste for risk.


That was why at that time, he was particularly eager to place bets.


This wasn’t a bad habit, as long as he could afford to lose.



Of course, he wasn’t likely to take the chance with Cheng Hao’s hard-earned money, so he specially prepared two deposit jars, one for the money they earned back, the usual household expenses came out of there, the other deposit jar of money was for him to take risks.



Now, it had twenty-five dollars and thirty cents.



In Old George’s bar, Cheng Hao was once again in the ring.



His opponent was a minor, but it was very obvious that the minor …… in front of him was really a bit too mature.



What surprised Cheng Hao even more was that he was actually a white man.



This white boxer was more professional at first glance, he was doing warm-up exercises in the ring while looking at Cheng Hao with contempt: “I can’t believe I have to fight a little guy, it’s really depressing.”



“Little guy, you’d better admit defeat quickly, lest you get beaten down by me.”



“Are you an Oriental? Your body is too dry, I’m really afraid that I won’t control the force well and knock you flat.”




That’s what he said, but his eyes were full of wariness, without a trace of carelessness.


Cheng Hao knew that some people just liked to belittle their opponents before a match …… whether to anger them or make them afraid, to increase their probability of winning.



Cheng Hao had little feeling for such words directed at him personally, he jumped in place to warm up, and then rushed towards the opponent after the match started ……


The battle had begun!


The audience below the stage was cheering for the people on the stage, while someone in the corner of the stage was talking to old George: “This Oriental, boxing is very professional …… he was taught by you?”



“No.” Old George said.



“Then whose fighter is he?” The man was a little surprised.



Old George said, “Now he doesn’t belong to anyone, but in the future, he will be my boxer …… He will definitely shine in the heavyweight ring!”



The man looked at George Sr. “You’re going to be an agent again?”



George Sr. nodded, “Yes.”




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