C81 —– A Pair of Scum

How was this …… possible!



Alan stared in incomparable shock at the laser sword that ran through the back side of the mecha, completely in disbelief that he could be eliminated by Adrian so quickly!



He hadn’t even seen how Adrian had moved from that position just now to behind him!



Although Alan didn’t see it, the ones on the virtual screen saw it very clearly, of course, it didn’t mean that they saw Adrian’s actions just now clearly all at once, but rather, with the help of the convenience of the internet, they watched the video back several times, and only then did they determine what was going on with Adrian’s actions just now.



In the battle just now, after Adrian attacked Alan in melee, he did three things at the same time, the first thing was naturally to dodge Alan’s particle cannon, and the second thing was to unleash a particle cannon attack like Alan.



As for the third thing, Adrian had already rushed towards Alan’s left side while launching his attack, so he reached the place where Alan landed after dodging, one step ahead of Alan, and the next thing to do was naturally the last fatal attack.



Ma Ma, this person is really too scary!



At this moment, the hearts of all the onlookers were thinking the same thing, although they already knew how powerful Adrian’s strength was, the scene in front of them still stunned them.



To be able to launch an attack while making such a precise judgment, and even reach the destination point one step ahead of the opponent before launching the attack in a sharp manner, such strength was really strong to the point of shocking them!


On the contrary, Alan’s previous performance was like a sheep that sent itself into the tiger’s mouth, it was too sympathetic.



Alan was thus teleported out of the tournament map under his own dumbfoundedness, as well as the sympathy of the others, while Adrian instead seemed like he didn’t put the battle just now in his eyes at all, and just turned his head and calmly said to He Yishu, “The problem has been solved, what are we going to do next?”



“Let me praise you first,” He Yishu, who had also watched the battle just now, was already looking at the battle with a heart in his eyes, “Your maneuvering just now was too cool, I seem to have fallen and become your brainwashed fan.”



Adrian couldn’t help but reveal a smile, a very doting kind: “I can allow this new fan of mine to kiss me.”


He Yishu didn’t say anything, he directly went up to Adrian’s face and kissed him, those friends on the virtual network covered their faces and wailed, even kissing in public, this bowl of dog food was reluctantly taken.


[TN: Dog food —- PDA]



After abusing Alan, He Yishu only had three more people to abuse: “Let’s see if we can find Elisa, Brooke, Du Fangping and the others, before that, I think we can meet up with Qiao An first, it’ll be considered as fulfilling the promise I made before.”



Although Qiao An didn’t ask He Yishu to protect him, the more he treated his friends, the more he needed to abide by his principles, and besides, him rendezvousing with Qiao An would only have benefits and no disadvantages.



As for the onlookers on the virtual network, as well as the other contestants on the field, they were all starting to secretly wonder about what was going on between Elisa and He Yishu.



Given the fact that He Yishu had just abused Alan to death for a good reason, everyone was speculating about what He Yishu’s reasons were for making sure to personally eliminate Elisa.



Onlooker #1: Speaking of which, hasn’t Elisa and Adrian always had a good relationship? I remember Elisa said that she might become Adrian’s exclusive partner in the future, do you think that could be the reason?



Onlooker #2: So what you’re saying is that Rune Card boss is jealous of Elisa and that’s why he wants to eliminate her in the match? I don’t think that’s likely. I don’t think he would choose to be hostile to Elisa because of something like that, right? Besides, Big boss Adrian is also in the tournament, if it’s really because of such a reason, surely Adrian wouldn’t agree to it, right?



Onlooker #3: After eating countless amounts of dog food, I think that no matter what Rune Big Brother does, Adrian will probably nod his head blindly in agreement.



Onlooker #4: I’ve been eating dog food until I hiccuped. Given how much Adrian dotes on him, it’s very likely that he would do such a thing. However, I don’t agree with this kind of argument. Although his abusive behavior is indeed very fierce, he has never abused anyone without a good reason, so in my opinion, this kind of argument doesn’t constitute a reason for abusing anyone at all.



Onlooker #5: I don’t think it could be that kind of reason, and considering the status of the Brandt family in the rune card world, do you think it could be someone from the Brandt family who did something to the big brother?



Onlooker #6: When I think about it, the plot has instantly changed from an idol drama of love and hatred to a movie of conspiracy and power.



Onlooker #7: Don’t make any wild guesses. Anyway, when rune card boss starts to abuse us, he will definitely tell us his reasons for doing so.



Onlooker #8: Upstairs +1, every time Big Brother abuses the scum, it’s a wonderful, wonderful show!



Onlooker #9: A great, great show +1.



Onlooker #10: A wonderful, wonderful show +2.



Onlooker #11: A great, great show +1687532.






Every time He Yishu abused the scum, not only were his means endless, and every time the reason he abused the scum was said clearly, so that even if the abused person was suffocated with anger and resentment, they couldn’t find excuses, all the pain could only be swallowed.



This also let everyone clearly realize one thing, as long as it was a scum that Rune card big brother wanted to abuse, it must be that there was a reason for abusing the scum, even if there were some reasons, which hadn’t been stated for the time being, that was just a matter of time.



In fact, the reason why He Yishu always did that was entirely to make himself stand on the moral high ground and win completely, so as not to worry about being caught by the scum using a loophole one day.



However, the psychological hints that would cause the current situation were obviously also very favorable to He Yishu, for example, he hadn’t yet faced Elisa head on yet, and the others had already begun to silently make up a big drama in their hearts.



Unfortunately, for the rest of the day, no one contacted He Yishu through the private channel to provide him with useful coordinates.



Qiao An was treating He Yishu’s matter as his own, so seeing that there was no progress at all, he couldn’t help but suggest, “Xiao Shu, I think we should split up, maybe I’ll run into those guys later?”



“No need, now that Elisa is obviously hiding, the probability of us finding her is too small,” He Yishu shook his head and voiced his opinion, “I could find Alan with your help in this competition and directly eliminate him from the game, I’m already very satisfied, there will be many more chances in the future, there’s no need to care about this one.”



He Yishu had asked Adrian about Elisa’s strength before, and judging from Adrian’s evaluation of her, her ability to create rune cards should be really good.



In that case, the probability that they would be able to meet in the subsequent matches would still be high.



As for Brooke and Du Fangping, these two had actually been abused, after all, the entire Star Empire pretty much knew how scummy the two of them really were, so it would of course be better if they could meet them head on in the tournament, but if they couldn’t, it wouldn’t actually affect He Yishu’s mood.



After thinking for a moment, Qiao An asked again, “Now that there are still more than seven thousand teams left in the tournament, what are you going to do next?”



“It’s amazing that more than half of them were eliminated so quickly, it seems that in places we don’t know, this competition is also going on very intensely,” He Yishu raised his eyebrows, he had previously focused all of his attention on abusing the scum, and didn’t pay much attention to the number of people eliminated from the competition, “In that case, let’s get involved a little bit, otherwise by the time the tournament is over, we’ll have eliminated a total of just one participating team, which sounds a bit too lazy.”



The other three people didn’t have any opinions, so He Yishu said directly on the full channel, “Everyone, I’ll stop updating my coordinates because I’m going to start participating in the tournament, so I hope I’ll be able to meet up with you guys.”



The moment he said this, the whole match field immediately wailed, why don’t you focus on abusing the dregs, do you have to come to intervene in our match ah QAQ!?




So next, wherever He Yishu went, there were all sorrowful wails everywhere, and no participating group was spared. Under the sweeping of such a “cheating device”, the number of remaining participating groups on the field rapidly decreased at a very terrifying speed, until… someone, afraid of death, took the initiative to release the coordinates of Brooke and Du Fangping.



Then He Yishu finally stopped killing and turned his head to continue abusing the scum.



The moment he saw He Yishu, Brook’s first reaction was to run away, but after hesitating for a moment, he stopped his steps and turned his head to face He Yishu head on.



He Yishu gently tsked twice and laughed softly, “Seeing me, are you two feeling particularly surprised?”



Du Fangping gritted his teeth and looked at the mecha standing in front of him, his face had turned pale, in fact, from the moment he entered the competition, his expression had been very ugly, because Du Fangping knew very well what would happen to him if he really met He Yishu on the field.




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