C6 —- He didn’t want to offend Xie Peiran for a dog

Wen Han almost forgot that Lin Yi didn’t like the smell of smoke, and hurriedly put it away.



Lin Yi watched as Xie Peiran drove the car out of the parking space and onto the road, and all he could think about was Lu Xiaoning.



The person who saved him yesterday was actually Xie Peiran’s little boyfriend?



At this time, Lin Yi’s cell phone rang, it was a call from Luo Jiu.



Wen Han laughed out loud, “He must be calling to beg you to get Uncle Lin to help him go over to Xie Peiran’s side to plead for leniency so that Xie Peiran will let him go.”



Lin Yi hung up the phone with a sneer, this idiot, didn’t he know that his family was also dependent on the Xie family?



So what if they had the title of family friend? His parents still had to look at Xie Peiran’s face to act.



He didn’t want to offend Xie Peiran for a dog.



Luo Jiu soon called again.


Lin Yi hung up without hesitation.


Luo Jiu called again.



“Tsk.” Lin Yi directly blocked him.



At this time, a new WeChat message popped up on Lin Yi’s phone.



Lin Yi thought it was from Luo Jiu, and was about to pull the plug on even WeChat when he realized that it was a message from their family’s private investigator.



It was a message about Lu Xiaoning.



Lin Yi quickly read it.



Lu Xiaoning, like him was eighteen years old, a Gemini, born in a village with the worst economic conditions in the capital.


His dad was a cement worker, while his mom was a sanitation worker. From childhood to adulthood, he had been beaten and grew up being fed by other people.



Because his parents almost couldn’t send him to school multiple times, it was with the help of the village committee and school teachers that he managed to finish high school and get admitted to a key university.



Now he was relying on a part-time job as a tutor to support himself.



Lin Yi was surprised after he finished reading, this Lu Xiaoning was so miserable?



His parents didn’t love him, and from time to time he’d be beaten, yet he was able to earn money to support himself.



Was he really a real person?



Lin Yi suddenly wondered, wait, this Lu Xiaoning grew up in such a bad environment, why did he have such a good temperament?



That temperament was obviously something that would only come after being favored for a long time.



Moreover, Lu Xiaoning was born in this kind of family, how could he cross paths with Xie Peiran? Obviously they were from two different worlds ah.



The most critical thing was, if Lu Xiaoning was Xie Peiran’s little boyfriend or not.



If not, then he had to chase him.



In his opinion, it was easier to chase after this kind of person whose family of origin was unhappy and had no money.



Wen Han snickered, “You have a calculating look on your face, what, you have a new prey?”


Lin Yi: “Uh-huh.”



The dozen or so boyfriends he had talked to in the past were all from their circle, he hadn’t talked to a commoner like Lu Xiaoning yet, it was refreshing to even think about it.




Red Light.



The Rolls Royce was stuck in traffic.



After what just happened, Lu Xiaoning’s favorability towards Xie Peiran pulled up a lot.



Lu Xiaoning: “Why were you in that bar just now?”



Xie Peiran smiled, “That bar was opened by me, today I had an appointment with a client to talk about things, I didn’t expect to run into you, and fortunately I catch up with you when you were in trouble, otherwise if something happened to you in my territory, I would be embarrassed to see you again.”



“It shouldn’t have been too much of a problem, I can do judo, but I’m sure I’d have suffered a little bit of injuries, after all, there were a lot of them, but thank you for saving me.” Lu Xiaoning said gratefully.



Xie Peiran: “Hm? Then how do you want to thank me?”



Lu Xiaoning: “How do you want to be thanked?”


It was better to repay others by catering to their preferences.




Xie Peiran: “I haven’t eaten yet, how about treating me to a meal?”



Lu Xiaoning felt that this request wasn’t excessive, although his savings weren’t much, a meal wasn’t a problem: “Okay, what do you want to eat?”



Xie Peiran: “The pickled fish at the entrance of the neighborhood.”


Sauerkraut fish, both he and Xiaoning loved it.



Lu Xiaoning: “Okay.”


The two spent a pleasant evening and also added each other on WeChat.



Before going to sleep, Lu Xiaoning looked up Xie Peiran online and realized that Xie Peiran’s family was actually the richest in the country.



Half of the domestic finance, real estate, manufacturing, and entertainment industries were owned by Xie Peiran’s family.



Just last year, Xie Peiran, as the crown prince, had fully grasped the power of all the family’s industries.



Lu Xiaoning didn’t understand.


[Lu Xiaoning: Why do you think such a Prince like him moved to our neighborhood? Isn’t it good to live in his big villa and have someone to wait on him?]



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