C2 —- I Don’t Remember Anyone Living Across

It was December.


It was also Lu Xiaoning’s first semester of college.


In his previous life, Lu Xiaoning supported himself with scholarships and grants before he graduated from high school.


After graduating from high school, he started working part-time as a tutor.


Fortunately, Lu Xiaoning’s good grades on the college entrance exams and studying at one of the top ten double first-class universities in the country made his hourly wage start at three hundred, and there were a lot of parents who grabbed for it.


At first, Lu Xiaoning was living in the school dormitory, but because he often worked until it was too late to return to the dormitory, it was very easy to disturb the rest of his roommates, so he rented a small apartment outside.


Fifty square meters, two thousand a month rent, with only three bus stops, he could get to the gate of the university.


Lu Xiaoning got to the bottom of the apartment building and saw two moving company cars.


The movers were moving the furniture down one by one.


At a glance, it looked like a new neighbor had moved in.



He didn’t pay much attention and went straight up the stairs, and when he stepped out of the elevator, he saw a few movers moving furniture to the apartment across his.



This new neighbor lived opposite him?



[Lu Xiaoning blinked in confusion: am I remembering wrong, I remember that there was no one living across my apartment, it was empty until I was picked up by the Lin family].



[System: It must be that you remembered wrong, you were usually either in school or on your way to work as a part-time tutor, you wouldn’t know about the opposite side even if someone moved in].


Lu Xiaoning thought about it, just when he relaxed and was ready to go home, a man with a delicate and gentle appearance stepped out, wearing a pair of gold-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose.



He knew at a glance that the man in front of him was either rich or noble.


The man grabbed the suitcase outside and was about to walk back when his gaze unintentionally landed on Lu Xiaoning.


After being slightly surprised, he smiled and walked over to Lu Xiaoning, “Are you the neighbor who stays opposite me?”


“Uh,” Lu Xiaoning smiled and responded, “Hello.”



“My name is Xie Peiran, I’ll be living across the street from you from now on.” Xie Peiran extended his hand.


“……” Lu Xiaoning didn’t like to have physical contact with people he didn’t know well, but after thinking about it, he still extended his hand, “Lu Xiaoning.”



Xie Peiran shook Lu Xiaoning’s hand and took the initiative to draw back, “You look so small, are you still in high school?”


Lu Xiaoning, “No, freshman year.”



“In that case,” Xie Peiran pointed to the door on his side, “If you encounter things at home that you can’t solve on your own in the future, you can come to me for help.”


Lu Xiaoning: “Okay.”


“Then I’ll go and get busy first.” Xie Peiran smiled and left.



Lu Xiaoning returned home and closed the door, then boiled a pot of water.



[System: What do you think of this Xie Peiran?]



[Lu Xiaoning: Not good, based on my experience of breaking into the entertainment industry for so many years in the body of a small scum tells me that although he looks gentle and approachable, he is in fact a cunning fox, how one dies after being targeted by him is unknown.]



[System: But he definitely won’t set his sights on you.]



[Lu Xiaoning: Why?]


[System: At first glance, he has power and money. Even the outfit he wears has a seven figure base. What’s so impressive about a college student who has to work hard to barely make over ten thousand a month?]



[Lu Xiaoning: ……]


[System: So, if he’s good to you, it’s definitely from the heart, don’t be too wary of him].






Outside the operating room.



Lin Yi sat on the armchair with his family, he didn’t know why but after seeing that person outside the hospital, he couldn’t forget.




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