C24 – I Opened My Mouth


The Sife Opera House was originally a typical Gothic building, with a tall and elegant shape, showing its grandeur and delicacy.


The two towers pointing straight up to the sky symbolized the desire of mankind to communicate with God, and to transmit the music of the world of mankind.


The reconstructed Sife Opera House retained the towers, but the interior had been modernized and equipped.


Some of the overly gothic decorations – such as the small concert hall in front of Feng Huai’s group – were either knocked down or placed under cover during the reconstruction.



The reason was that it didn’t fit in with the current mainstream view, and was more like some kind of □□.


It was said that the operator of the Sife Opera House, because of this reason, had disputed with the government department and had a big fight in front of the department’s building, but in the end, it was fruitless.


A building that could be called the pinnacle of art in the Gothic style, but was ultimately criticized and even rebuilt because it was deemed by future generations that the mainstream of consciousness it represented didn’t conform to the present, this was simply a biting irony that had been carved into the building itself.



The pianist looked to the others, unhurriedly recounting the origins of the place.


“God, it’s so beautiful ……,” Ji Jian’s voice was extra low and mellow, but it echoed away in the small, abandoned concert hall.


Mu Zi nodded slightly in agreement, even without the lights, through the dome’s stained glazed glass windows, with the moonlight pouring down, she could vaguely see how gorgeous and full of life this concert hall had once been.


Only now, everything had returned to dead silence.


She subconsciously walked down the steps, getting closer and closer to every detail of the concert hall.


She had studied classical music in reality, but wasn’t a drummer, and was deeply impressed by such an artful building, and understood better why the proprietor of the place had gotten into such a rage.


This was the soul of the Opera House, but now the soul was deeply hidden, lifting the vaunted and substance-less surface and placing it – na.ked – under the eyes of the public.



“It’s simply humiliating ……,” murmured Mu Zi.


She reached out and gently stroked over the foreign beasts on the walls. The glass over her head depicted the characters from the Bible, making it even more ancient and mysterious under the light of only moonlight and flashlight.


Trumpeter Zhang Xiaofeng also carefully walked down the steps, he looked around at the beasts on the walls, feeling as if they were infused with souls, scrutinizing him as he walked.


Zhang Xiaofeng’s heart thumped, his steps became more and more careful.



However, the more careful he was, the more likely he was to have an accident. As he descended the steps, his feet slipped, and with a cry of “Ah”, he rolled straight to the bottom.



Feng Huai and Yu Rui rushed over quickly.


Zhang Xiaofeng covered his swollen forehead and crawled up in pain, but he didn’t bleed or break the skin, so his luck was considered good.


“Is everything alright?” Tan Lin asked.


“Just a little dizzy ……,” Zhang Xiaofeng shifted unsteadily on his feet and mumbled.


When he looked over at Tan Lin, he felt that the statue of the foreign beast behind Tan Lin looked more and more open, as if it was about to pounce at him.


He was shocked and took a huge step back.


“What’s wrong?” Tan Lin asked in wonder, looking back behind him, but there was nothing.


“…… No, nothing.” Zhang Xiaofeng said uncertainly.


Feng Huai surveyed the surroundings and said to the pianist in a deep voice, “The old site is considered a tour, so let’s call it a night for tonight’s little game.”


The pianist tilted his head and let out a sigh, but readily agreed, “Okay, anyway, there will be a rehearsal tomorrow, so let’s take an early rest, and the day after tomorrow will be the official performance.”


Upon hearing this, Zhang Xiaofeng was relieved and busily nodded in agreement.


As soon as he turned around, he saw that Mu Zi’s entire body was about to stick face-to-face with one of the beast reliefs, and without thinking, he pulled a hand on Mu Zi and muttered, “Don’t look at it, let’s just go. What’s there to see in the middle of the night ……”


Mu Zi staggered because of the pull, but she didn’t say anything, just obediently walking out of the concert hall with Zhang Xiaofeng’s quick steps.


Zhang Xiaofeng didn’t notice that Mu Zi appeared much quieter and more docile than usual. If his hand was placed before, it would have been flung away by Mu Zi.


So obedient …… like a puppet.


Ji Jian fell behind and was the last to step onto the top step of the concert hall.


“Ho aperto la bocca per farti vedere il morto che cammina dentro.”


I opened my mouth and showed you the walking dead in it.


“What are you talking about?” Yu Yu’s footsteps lurched and he twisted his head to look at Ji Jian.


Ji Jian gave a bewildered “ah” and pointed to the eaves of the door to the concert hall, on which was engraved a series of sinuous characters, “It’s written here.”



“You can read it?” Feng Huai also walked over, he looked at the flowery characters engraved there and raised his eyebrows, “What does it mean?”


“Game Identity Comes with Skills ……,” Ji Jian touched his nose and spoke its Chinese meaning softly.

Tan Lin shivered and shook his head, “Never mind what it means, let’s get out of here.”



Zhang Xiaofeng was even more frightened to the point that the corners of his eyes turned red, feeling more and more as if the stone statues of the beasts at the gate were going to lunge at him, devour and tear him apart.


The group whirled around and ran in the direction of the gate.


They didn’t encounter any more trouble, the night watchman was trapped in the backstage utility room in the stage area, since no one was crouching at the door, they ran out smoothly.


Feng Huai looked back at this grand theater again, beside the two towering spires were three smaller spires clustered together.


A bright full moon hung high in the sky, right in the middle of the two tall towers, and from afar, it looked like it was being held up in it.



With its back to the moonlight and the whole theater hidden into a dimness, the Sife Opera House looked like a silent, voiceless giant holding up a moon the size of a coin.



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